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A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILY January 13, 2013


REMOVE yourself in the picture When I was a young preacher, an older preacher told me, Just preach Jesus. Dont even prepare. Dont think too much of what youll say. Just let er rip I was astounded by his advice. It struck my heart so much, I was inspired to follow him. So the next time I preached, I didnt prepare. I didnt study. I didnt read. I just prayed and prayed and prayed Today, I receive all of Gods Result? My talks were okaaaaaay. love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, Not fantastic. Not powerful. Not impactful. limitless, overflowing abundance of Gods But just okay. universe. Today, I open myself to Gods blessings, I wondered what I was doing wrong. healing, and miracles. Today, I open myself to Years later, God told me, Bo, I anoint you not only when youre preaching on stage but also Gods Word So I would when youre preparing in your study! And almost overnight, my preaching leapfrogged. I read, become More like Jesus researched, and rehearsed for at least 12 hours for every 45-minute talk I gave. Immediately, I felt every day. Today, I proclaim that I am Gods beloved, the powerful impact my talks had on the audience. I am Gods servant, I am Gods powerful champion. My point? I believe God works through your work. And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world. In Thats just how He does things. Jesus name. Amen. The Other Extreme There is, however, the other extreme that you should avoid. Some people just work towards their dreams and violate Gods Laws. Usually, it is because theyre impatient. They feel Gods way is too slow. So they take matters into their own hands, violating one or two of Gods principles. Sarah did it. Moses did it. Saul did it. All of us do. Today, youll learn how to receive Gods solutions by being patient and waiting on Gods perfect, longterm solution. Have a glorious Feast today! May your dreams come true,


Taking Matters into My Hands

Blaise Gomez

PROMISE! James Aguilos, as Friendly Robot, and Miguel Aguilos as innocent Boy, act out Supply, Talk 1 of the Guaranteed series. More of Gods promises for you on pages 2-3. OVERFLOW! On the first Feast of 2013, attendees overflow on the second floor lobby of the Plenary Hall!

Ces Arcilla



BRO. BO SANCHEZ introduced the new series titled Guaranteed: 3 Things God Promises You. He said Gods promises come with a guarantee. When God promises you something, He never changes His mind. In Talk 1: Supply, we learned that God supplies us everything that we need to fulfill our dreams. Bro. Bo referred us to Philippians 4:19: And God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. Bro. Bo said that sometimes, we experience shortage of wisdom, so we end


up giving up on our dreams because we dont know what to do with them. But its okay that you experience shortage of wisdom, because if you look around you, there is wisdom everywhere. Bro. Bo said, There is no shortage of wisdom in Gods universe. Another Bible passage about Gods supply is 2 Corinthians 9:10: Now he who supplies seed for the sower Bro. Bo said God supplies all our needs with seeds, not fruits. You need to plant the seeds, take care of them, and they will bear fruits.

FR. Froilan Briones, SSS, said the central message of last Sundays Gospel from Matthew 1:1-11, is that the Epiphany means Jesus revealed as the Light of the World. Fr. Froilan started with the story of a man and a woman who become friends through Facebook. They decide to meet. To be able to identify each other, they agree that the man will wear a green shirt while the woman will wear a red dress. The woman, who is not really good-looking, arrives in the meeting place in her red outfit. She sees no man wearing a green shirt. But she spots this handsome guy wearing a white shirt. She asks him if he is the guy she is supposed to meet. He replies, Hellerr, dont you see, Im not wearing a green shirt?! Yes, the man deceives the woman. But unlike the man, God does not deceive us. We may be in the dark and the darkness may make it difficult for us to see the Presence of God. But we have the Ephipany, which, Fr. Froilan said, comes from the word epiphaneia, meaning, the revelation and the appearance of the glory of God. During the Epiphany, Jesus is revealed as the Light of the World-- so that we will no longer be in the darkness. Fr. Briones said Jesus is revealed as the Saviour not only of the Jews but of the Gentiles as well-- indicating that Salvation is for everyone. Fr. Froilan said as we live in His Light, we eventually become Gods instruments in sharing His Light, the Good News of Salvation, with others. -- Cessna M. Papas


What Should You Do When Your Dreams Are Bigger Than Your Resources? When your dreams are bigger than your resources, you have two options: 1. Adjust your dream to match your resources. 2. Adjust your resources to match your dream. To decide which option to take, you need to discern the source of your dream. With Bro. Bheer Ochoa, Bro. Bo demonstrates how to adjust our dreams to our resources:

Our dream comes from two sources: 1. Pride. If your dream comes from pride, then you should adjust your dream to match your resources. Bro. Bo shared that he and his wife Marowe wanted to move to a bigger house. So they prayed and discerned where that dream came from. And then, they decided to stay in their house and have it simply remodeled, instead of moving to a different house.

2. Purpose. If your dream comes from purpose, then you should adjust your resources to match your dream. Bro. Bo shared that when he was still leading the Feast in Valle Verde, Pasig City, he felt the need to move to PICC because of the growing number of attendees. He said that it could have easily come from pride because PICC is one of the best convention centers in the country. But when he searched his heart, he realized that building the Feast in PICC would reach more people. So, with the support of the Feast Executive Council,

Bro. Bo built Feast PICC which is now on its third year, with three sessions, with over 8,000 attendees and counting. God has supplied all the Feast needs. The Council members did not lower their dreams. They adjusted their resources. Bro. Bo said God is telling us the same thing. Right now, we may have dreams that are bigger than our resources. Our supply room may be limited, but Gods supply room is limitless. So let us do what we can with our dreams and God will do the rest. -- Regiele Anne Cruz --Photos by ELS

2 THE FEAST January 13, 2013

Maniwala Kang Muli

Bro. Bo said that knowing that God will supply our needs, we can then dream again in 2013. Bro. Alvin Barcelona interpreted Talk 1: Supply with his newly composed song, Maniwala Kang Muli.

Miguel Aguilos as an innocent Boy, plays with a toy robot oblivious of a veiled giant Robot, played by James Aguilos, behind him.

Naalala mo pa ba? Nung ikaw ay bata pa Kay rami mong pangarap At wala sa yong hindi natutupad.

At mayrong isang Kaibigan na sa iyoy nagbabantay Hindi ka Niya iiwan, Kasama mo sa yong paglalakbay.

A Bully, played by Michael Mison, tries to grab the boys toy, but the Robot scares away the bully. For the first time, the boy notices the Robot, and makes friends with him.

The Boy embraces the Robot, and the Robot carries him.

Chorus: Naniniwala ka, Lahat ay magaganap At may kasama kang Kaibigan mong tapat At palaging may ngiti, Kay saya ng buhay mo At mayroong magandang nangyayari sa yo

Lumipas nga ang panahon, Kay rami nang naganap, At ang iyong mga pangarap Ay unti-unti na ngang natutupad

The Boy grows up. The Man, played by Christian Aroza, graduates from college, gets a good job, meets the Woman of his life, played by Arya Perez, but pushes the Robot who the Man now regards as irrelevant.

The Man sees the toy robot of his childhood, The Man is fired from his job, peers avoid him, makes it moveThe Robot moves, and the woman leaves him, and Man embraces him. he finds himself down Chorus 2: on his knees

Flashback The Man as a Boy again, embraces the Robot, plays with him again, and they both victoriously raise their hands.

Ngunit kay bilis ring, Tila naglalahong lahat At ikaw ay nagtanong, Dito ba magwawakas?

At naalala mong, maniwalang muli At may Kaibigan kang, naghihintay lagi At nagbalik muli ang ngiti sa puso mo Dahil mayroong magandang mangyayari sa yo!

At naalala mong, maniwalang muli Na may Kaibigan kang, Nariyan lamang lagi At nagbalik muli ang ngiti sa puso mo Dahil mayroong magandang mangyayari sa yo! --Song by Bro. Alvin Barcelona --Directed by Aio Barcelona (top right)

THE FEAST January 13, 2013


I Decide To Marry My Purpose

Illustration by ELLIE BANEZ

I WAS an average, laidback student when I was in grade school. In high school, however, I suddenly realized the value of studying. I found joy in Math more than any other subject. I loved solving one math problem after another. One of my aunts studied Accountancy, so she shared her books to me. Another aunt who was living with us also had basic accountancy subjects so I inherited her books when she graduated. I started skimming through the materials. I learned that accountancy is not only all about Math, numbers and counting, but also involves business transactions. Eventually I

took up Accountancy in Silliman University. I knew from the very beginning that Accountancy wont be that easy. But I believe God had planted in me the passion for numbers. Seeing my interest in Math, my family encouraged me to take up Accountancy. Then, it helped that one of my instructors, who is a graduate of Silliman University, motivated me to pursue the course. From the very beginning, she guided her students relentlessly, focusing on one goal: that we would all pass the board exam and we would become Certified Public Accountants. I am now a CPA. It seemed impossible that

Id become one, considering that I started as a so-so student in grade school. I am grateful that Id reached my goal. But the Kerygma Conference 2012 call, Champions, Arise!, and the recent Feast talk series, I Am a Miracle Worker, have encouraged me to pursue another dream. I am planning to go to law school. I dream of becoming a champion in court. I dream of going to the University of the Philippines College of Law. I believe that the institution can keep the fire in me ablaze-- to do more than I could give.

I have some concerns-like whether I have enough money for my schooling, or whether I am really cut out for the course. I hope and pray that I will be able to overcome my difficulties. Ive had my doubts. But today things will be different because Im part of a community that influences me

Pride, Purpose, and My Phone


I HAD the chance to spend the last few days of 2012 with my high school friends in Ilocos as we celebrated our more than a decade friendship. Then I noticed something... My friends-all Digital natives-- carried prized possessions. You know, SLR cameras, ultrathin laptops, iPad2, iPad mini, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Samsung Note2, Blackberry. Me? I like to travel light so I had with me my best friend: a Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Nope, I dont intend to promote the brand. Its

just that last Sunday at the Feast, as I listened to Bro. Bo Sanchezs talk on Supply, the first of the Guaranteed series, I realized it applies to my situation when I bought the Galaxy Pocket. Bro. Bo said God has all the supplies we want

to have. But sometimes we think God is not giving us what we dream of. The thing is, our dreams come from two sources: Pride-- we just want to be proud of our possession; and Purpose-we have a good, noble purpose, like we need money for a Mercy mission. Bro. Bo added that if our

dream comes from pride, we should adjust our dream to match our resources. If our dream comes from purpose, we should adjust our resources to match our dream. When I planned to buy a new phone, I mulled over the kind I needed: small, so I could easily slip it in my pocket or keep it in a pouch; with a camera; can record talks and interviews; can download useful apps for e-books or music; with easy access on social networks and can check emails. I am a member of the Media Ministry so I needed

4 THE FEAST January 13, 2013

to become a champion and, as Bro. Bo Sanchez, Bro. Alvin Barcelona, and Bro. George Gabriel reminded us in the Miracle Worker series, the World, the Wise, and the Word are always there to lend us a hand. I am grateful for the Light of Jesus Family-- a community that instills in me this lesson: if you dream, you dream BIG because God will respond to it the best way He can. It will take me two and a half years to become a lawyer. Quite a long time. Things and decisions may change. But right now, I decide to hold on to Bro Bos message: Marry Your Purpose, and Hire Your Strategy. As I write, I hold on to the promise in Matthew 19:26: With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

Talk 2: Solutions Choose Gods Long-Term Solutions

Exodus 2:11-13


One day, after Moses had grown up, he went out to where his own people were and watched them at their hard labor. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his own people. Glancing this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand Genesis 21:19 Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water. So she went and filled the skin with water and gave the boy a drink. Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man.

Personal Reflection and Group Discussion: Can you share an experience when your impatience made you solve your problem wronglybut in due time, you received Gods long-term solution?
_________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
THE FEAST January 13, 2013

a phone with easy Internet access because ministry announcements, threads, and group discussions all happen online. But the price of the phone should not be more than my available cash. I didnt want to buy on installment basis. Thats when I saw in a newspaper an advertisement on the Galaxy Pocket. I went ahead and bought one. I bought my Galaxy Pocket not out of pride, but for a purpose.
Editors Note: Have you reflections on the Feast talks? Share! and let the world know miracles still do happen today to give hope especially to the lost. For details, email feasteditor@, or call 09399044065.

ITS the most wonderful time of the year. People rushing to the malls to buy gifts and food for a series of parties. Its Christmas! The Feast Singles, however, started the season the way it should begin: an Advent Recollection last December 2, 2012. Led by the powerful and witty Fr. Eric Santos, the recollection centered on our Advent preparation. Advent comes from the Latin adventus which means coming, and for us Christians, the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In his talk, Fr. Eric stressed on the preparation that we all should do before the second coming of Christ-- for He will come stealthily so that even the angels would not know when. Fr. Eric said the Jews have a special gate which will be opened upon the Messiahs arrival, for Jesus isnt the King of grandeur they expect Him to be. But for Christians, salvation has come, and now we await His second coming. Ones preparation may be likened to ones preparation for death itself, Fr. Eric

Singles Welcome Jesus


said. He added that when one knows of certain death, he prepares for Heaven-- he forgives and asks forgiveness, he loves without inhibitions. For him, there is no room for hatred. Heart empties his heart of all negative feelings so that his heart is filled with love alone. Fr. Eric stressed that love and love alone can conquer all evil. Love has no end, the kind of love we bask in. Fr. Eric one beautiful symbol of the season is the Advent Wreath which is a

ring, signifying that God is eternal, covered with evergreen leaves, symbolizing Christs everlasting love. The wreath has three violet candles, which are lighted in the first, second, and fourth Sunday of Advent. Fr. Eric explained what the candles symbolize: Hope for Christs second coming; Peace -- that His coming brings us; and Love for our Messiah. The pink candle, lighted on the third Sunday, signifies joy the joy of celebrating Christs birth.

MERRY PRE-CHRISTMAS, clockwise from top: Servants of the Feast Singles Ministry hold a recollection; Fr. Eric Santos explains the meaning of Advent; Bro. Tom Yokingco, head of the Family Cluster, which includes the Singles Ministry, welcomes attendees; the Advent Recollection poster.

Fr. Eric left something vital in our soul: the true essence of Advent-for Christ who has come, and who will come.

6 THE FEAST January 13, 2013

By NATY NATIVIDAD WHEN I get a chance to come face to face with God someday, I have this to ask: Lord Jesus, when you took the deaf man away from the crowd (Mark 7:33), did You use sign language to explain to him where you were going, and why you should be away from the crowd? While I still do not know the answer, I am very much convinced that sign language is a marvelous and the most amazing gift that God has given the Deaf*. Just as Jesus uttered Ephphatha, meaning be opened to the deaf** man (Mark 7:33-35), that miracle is happening at the Feast PICC as God opens the heart and mind of the Deaf attendees through the Liturgy, the praise and worship songs, the teachings of Bro. Bo Sanchez and Bro. Alvin Barcelona. But it doesnt end there-- as the blessings extend even at the Caring Group fellowships, ministries, and retreats. At the Jesus Encounter retreat last August 18, four Deaf got to participate, a remarkable first for the Feast PICC. I believe God speaks to the deaf through this beautiful sign language He has given them. God touches their life in powerful ways only He knows how. Sign Language Interpreting for the Feast PICC is something God has prepared me to do 20 years ago. I was in high school when I first met Deaf kids and shared Biblical stories to them in my very limited sign language skills during our outreach Catechism class. The stint started my involvement with the Deaf Ministry in our diocese in Iloilo City where I interpreted for the Sign Language Mass, and organized Deaf retreats. It was in February of 2012 when I said yes to an invitation by my fellow board member at the Philippine National Association Sign Language Interpreters, Nicky Templo-Perez, to serve at the Light of Jesus Family as co-interpreter with her at the first session of the Feast PICC. Serving at the Feast PICC today is like coming full circle. I am not only interpreting for the Deaf during the Feast, I am also heading a Caring Group for the Deaf and hearing interpreters, as well. Our CG, with 16 members, meets every Sunday at PICC after the first and third sessions. As CG head, I have an amazing time with my Deaf friends as they share their unique perception of the world and of their relationship with God. Despite experiencing social isolation due to communication barriers, putting up with the stigma of being ridiculed as pipi, experiencing difficulty of access to information, quality education, and job opportunities, my Deaf brothers and sisters at the Feast PICC are joyful, hopeful, and like you and me, strive to attain a higher level of spiritual understanding. In particular, Anabelle Salazar, Basil De Leon, and Daisielynne Reyes are three of my CG members who bless and inspire me. Anabelle, because of her maturity and life experience, is able to easily understand and relate to Bro. Bos teachings, sometimes even



HAND TALK. Naty Natividad (top left) and Anabelle Salazar signing I love you. Above, members of the Deaf and Interpreters Caring Group signing Jesus loves you, from left: Chrian Manipol, Anabelle Salazar, Eugene Sordilla, Kristine Joy (Anabelles daughter), Daisielyne Manipol, Anton Luis Dela Cruz.

moved to tears. She helps me explain Bro. Bos talk to our CG clearly. She delights in signing the worship songs and the readings for the Liturgy. Basil is like Andrew, the apostle. He has invited more Deaf to attend the Feast and become regular attendees than any that I know of. So eager and enthusiastic, he even participates in the Creative Events Group Ministrys (CEG) activities without an interpreter. He communicates to the hearing CEG members by using a cellphone or by teaching them basic sign language. Daisielynne had already been attending the Feast regularly together with her hearing family even before there was an interpreting ministry at the Feast. She just observed and watched but not really comprehending the talk or following the Mass responses. She was very happy when interpreters were provided for the Feast which started last November 2011. Daisy said going to the Feast gives her strength-- thats why she makes it a point to attend every week. Looking back, I see all my detours and desert wanderings as part of Gods plan in my life, which strengthened me to be the person that I am now and to obediently follow His Divine-appointed task-- that is, to shepherd for His Deaf people at the PICC Feast.

God had already fulfilled His part of our covenant. He has answered my prayers in my Novena to Gods Love completed a Deaf Human Rights project, a teaching job for the Deaf, an apartment which is one ride away from PICC and walking distance to work, a renewed relationship with my family and a deeper encounter with God in the Light of Jesus Family. __________________________________ *Deaf. (with the capital D) refers to those who use sign language as their natural language and is very much involved in the Deaf community. Terms like deafmute, hearing-impaired, deaf and dumb or pipi, are socially unacceptable by the Deaf Community. The Filipino Deaf who belong to the Deaf community use Filipino Sign Language (FSL) in particular as their language, with its own syntax, grammatical rules and order. FSL is not Signed English. **deaf. Generally refers to people with hearing loss.

THE FEAST January 13, 2013

Mia Catan

Mark Tejares


A Prophecy and A Wedding


DIVINE DESIGN, clockwise from top left: Serving during Christmas Donation Card sale, from left: Kim, Jane, and Janelle; Newly-wed Kim and Albert with Bro. Bo Sanchez, one of their principal sponsors; Jane with husband Boy, and Janelle at the wedding reception.

BE RENEWED. A priest will hear your confession at the second floor lobby, Reception Hall side.
The Awesome Kids ministry takes care of your children while you attend the Feast. After the 10:45 Holy Mass, bring the children to the Awesome Playroom, 2nd floor of the PICC main building.
LOST and FOUND If you lost or found an item, please approach any of the ushers who will guide you to our Lost and Found section.

IN 2011, during one of those Sundays at the Feast PICC, Kim Pamplona and I manned the table where our Media Ministry was selling Christmas cards, proceeds of which was to be donated to Feast beneficiaries. During a lull period, Kim showed me pictures of her recent travel abroad and at the same time shared that she was praying for a resolution of a trial she then faced. In that instant, I was inspired to say something but since we just recently got acquainted, I hesitated. Not now, Holy Spirit, bad timing, I said in my mind. Perfect timing, I seemed to hear the Holy Spirit reply. So, I declared, Hay naku, Sis. Kim, God has better plans for you. God wants a Feast attendee for you. Look, next year, we will be looking at pictures very much different from these pictures youre showing me. Kim pouted, apparently unimpressed by what I was saying. Just then, I saw Albert Zabala, one of our servant leaders, as he passed by our area for the nth time. So I teased him, Sir Albert, youve been passing by for a number of times already. Are you looking at the Christmas cards or one of us serving here?

I called Albert Sir because he happened to be the Philosophy professor of my daughter Janelle, who took up Fashion Design and Merchandising at the College of St. Benilde. I dont know whether he heard me when I teased him, or if he understood what I said. But Albert simply smiled. That morning, he passed by our table a number of times again. I sort of guessed that Albert was Mr. Right for Kim. But I dared not speak out, lest I make Kim or Albert feel embarrassed. But in Gods perfect timing, everything fell into place. Fast forward to January 2, 2013. Kim, radiant in a gown my daughter Janelle designed, marched down the aisle of the Nuestra Senora de Gracia church in Makati, to exchange marriage vows with Albert. Nowadays, Kim, Albert, and I, and the rest of our Media members are looking at their wedding pictures posted on our Feast PICC Media Ministry Facebook.
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8 THE FEAST January 13, 2013

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