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Every year all the Students face the challenge of examinations, when the time approaches they are alone and have to fight the battle with knowledge and confidence. Medical education is so complex all the MBBS students must realise they should know some thing of every thing, not necessary to know all minute details. When we were Medical students the subjects were little and time is longer to study. Above all, we had committed teachers. I request all the students to have confidence and knowledge to reproduce the answers is just a recall exercise. Just think to follow few guidelines you will make it Clear handwriting, organized thoughts and practicing are your weapons. Use them well. If you hand writing not up to minimal expectations write the important words in Broad Capitals then the examiner gets the idea that you know the importance of the answers you have written. Remember that the time given for the exam is more than enough. A 2 -3 minutes for a mark, which means that, is the deal. Most of the papers like Microbiology or Pathology are set for 40 to 50 marks, which you have to answer in 120 minutes As a result; you should not take less than that on each mark. You should do the following, Attempt with best Answers you know are familiar even though it is a short notes or a brief answer, Read the question. Read it carefully, and underline the

keywords. With a pencil many time it is instructed not to write anything on the question paper
Think about the answer. Rephrase it in your mind in a way that covers the needed answer.

Write the answer down. Start with an opening sentence, and use short ones do not complicate the matters, No examiner LIKE to know your complex ideas, A well-written ANSWER is the one that you do not go back to it when moving on. Which means that, you should write the best answer from the first Lime? This will give you extra time in the exam, and will increase your chance in getting more marks.

The examiners will not place an irrelevant question in the exam. All the papers are set as like your semester models
for that reason, remember that you can solve all the questions if you studied and memorized well. Remember the importance of Seminars you have attended and presented the topics you might take more time on one of the questions; however, you will get its answer if you analyze it a little. Write as many Diagrams, and flow charts as possible which will reduce strain on the examiner, he will be happy to award more marks than you deserve. Do not brood on the questions which you do not know well, and leave to the last hour, if you start worrying you will not able to answers well known answers and you loose the GOLDEN HOUR st that 1 HOUR of Examination which can make or break your success. Do not believe in help from others around you, Please remember you are under observation and I do not think your neighbor is

better than you.

Please remember 20% of the questions in any Examination are less known to even the best students, try your recall if you are regular to the classes you can make it. Never forget you are all becoming Doctors try to write the Clinical importance of the Question.

Examinations are path to progress in Life, face with positive spirit

With Good wishes Dr.T.V.Rao Professor of Microbiology ( Travancore Medical College, Kollam Kerala