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Life Bliss Meditation (LBM) at a Glance

The Life Bliss Meditation (LBM) technique is a simple, natural procedure to connect to your vast inner reservoir of creativity, energy, intelligence and bliss on a daily basis. There is an ocean of bliss within each of us. Connecting to this reservoir of overflowing joy can help bring out immense creativity, energy, and intelligence within each of us. The degree to which we are able to draw from this inner space of life, we grow in health, happiness, and success in our outer life.

Life Bliss Meditation helps to get the best of the inner and outer worlds.

Science Behind Life Bliss Meditation

The Revelation
Before I explain what Nithya Dhyaan is, I would first like to give a brief background about how this revelation happened to me. Post enlightenment, I was in silence for an extended amount of time (months may be), when I was doing research on meditation techniques, to see how I can reproduce the same experience that happened in me, onto others. I came up with around hundred different meditation techniques through all my programs and each meditation technique was an attempt to raise the individual consciousness by working on some aspect of the being. People always asked me whether I have a meditation technique that I would recommend for everybody; which they can practice daily. This question was raised again and again. And I began to ponder deeply to come up with a technique which is a complete representation of my philosophy, teachings and my experience.

I had envisioned a meditation technique, which is holistic and complete by itself and instead of focusing on any particular aspect of the being; it should work on the entire being to transform it and make is ready for the ultimate experience to dawn. And one day, this meditation, Life Bliss Meditation (Nithya Dhyaan) was revealed to me in a flash. In an instant I could clearly see the different components of this technique; how each one relates to the other. I could clearly visualize in my inner space how this would help raise the individual consciousness in its entirety. Life Bliss Meditation technique consists of five steps.

Step One - The Breath

Feel the lightness at the being level
The breath has the capacity to eliminate deep rooted engraved memories (samskaara) that are the reason for the lack of clarity in decisions and thought processes, irrational emotional reactions, and many such processes which are activated from a subconscious level where engraved memories ( samskaara ) are located. You might have observed that the quality of your breathing changes depending on the state of your mind. Your emotions have an impact on the breathing process. When you are anxious your breathing changes. When you are angry youre breathing changes. So your breathing is directly related to your emotions. It keeps changing as the state of the mind changes. When you are tense the normal advice given is to take a deep breath. And the moment you take a deep breath, you feel light, more relaxed and the less tense. Mind and breath are closely inter-related. You can see that when you stop breathing, it becomes very difficult to think. Breath becomes the fuel for the mind. Likewise, if we were to control our breathing or bring about some change in our breathing pattern it will directly have an impact on our emotions; our state of mind. Similarly suppressed emotions in the being are also a cause for an abnormal breathing pattern where the breath becomes shallow. When the breath is shallow, the suppressed emotions are not released and their memories get stored in the being. The breath doesnt touch every part of the body. This kind of breathing becomes a fixed pattern. This way our past samskaras, our past memories which are suppressed in our being create a particular type of breathing pattern in our system. And as a result we attract similar emotions. The suppressed anger in the system has a tendency to surface and create a breathing pattern for its survival. This becomes a vicious cycle. The breathing pattern is nothing but a cumulative effect of the past Samskaara or the engraved memories of emotions. The breathing technique in the first step of the Life Bliss Meditation (LBM) expels the engraved memories from its roots deep within. It is like shaking a tree with dead leaves. All the dead leaves fall down when shaken vigorously. This stage of the meditation leaves the body feeling vibrant and fresh due to the increased bio-energy. Our body is never really alive if it is always under stress and tension. With the expulsion of deep rooted negativities and increase in bio- energy one can feel the lightness at a being level, immense mental clarity and awareness.

Step Two - The Inner Chatter

Experience deep mental rest
The constant inner-chatter in the mind leaves one feeling drained and tired due to lack of mental rest.

There is a constant talk going on within our minds. We may not be talking to anybody external but internally there is always something that is going on. The second stage of the Life Bliss Meditation aims at reducing this inner chatter. Normally people find it very difficult to sit without thoughts. When you venture into meditation the first thing you encounter is resistance from the mind. The mind tends to revolt as it does not want to be quietened. It has been habituated to maintain a constant stream of thoughts for so many years. In fact people often complain that in an attempt to be thoughtless, they encounter more thoughts. Any initial attempt to make it silent is like swimming opposite to the river current. This is the time when many people tend to stop the practice of meditation since they get discouraged. They think that meditation is not possible at all for them. But let me tell you that this is the experience of all meditators initially. In the mythological story of Churning of the Ocean ( Sagara Manthana) the Gods and the demons are together trying to churn the ocean to extract the divine nectar of immortality. But to their surprise the first thing that emerges from the ocean is the deadly poison. Eventually many other things emerge due to the churning. And finally they are gifted with emergence of the divine nectar. This is a very metaphorical story which has a deep significance in the process of meditation. When the mind is churned in the process of meditation to extract the experience of enlightenment, the first thing to come out is always the deep rooted negativity suppressed from the past. Do not feel discouraged; this is an indication of progress that the negativity is been thrown out. Continue practicing meditation till you experience the supreme state. This second stage of the Life Bliss Meditation can be an extremely useful tool to help silence the mind. Mind is nothing but the inner chatter. And when the inner chatter reduces, you start progressing towards a deep restful thoughtless awareness. You start experiencing a different dimension of your being. Our body and the mind are mostly out of sync. While our body has its own innate intelligence guiding it all the time, its the mind that refuses to corroborate with that intelligence. The mind forces the body into certain actions which later on manifests as a disease. Disease here means absence of ease ( in the body ) . If the body is made to run forcibly, then it is going to revolt some time or the other. Many a times we tend to overeat. The body sends out signals that it is full but the mind is not satisfied. It wants more. And we end up eating more creating more and more damage to the body. The repercussions of this action are then felt later. So creating a harmony between the body and the mind is very essential to go beyond both. Else we would be caught in this psycho-physical entity and transcendence would be difficult. This second stage of the Life Bliss Meditation is one of the best techniques to maintain the synchronicity between the body and the mind.

Step Three - Energy Centers

Radiate positive emotions & well-beingness
We have seven key energy centers in our body that are associated with specific emotions in our being. These emotions in turn are a result of the deep rooted engraved memories or samskaara which have been accumulated from the past. These samskaara block the particular energy center causing physical and mental disturbances. When the energy centers get unblocked from negative emotions and then we start emitting positive emotions like love and compassion. Many of our diseases are psychosomatic. They have their roots in the mind. What we see is its effect and so we never really understand this mind-body connection. When a particular energy center gets blocked, the part of the body near that energy center gets affected. You might have seen that when you worry too much there is sense of tightness around the stomach region or the

stomach gets upset. So it is important to keep the energy centers cleansed for good physical and mental health. Emotions like fantasies, imaginations, fear, worry, attention need, jealousy, ego and discontentment have negative existence. If you are asked to take an object out of the room, all you have to do is to pick up the object and take it out. So in this case the object has positive existence. But let us say that there is a dark room and you are asked to take the darkness out of room. You cannot really carry the darkness out of the room. Because here, darkness has a negative existence and cannot be removed physically. You just have to turn-on the light to dispel or remove the darkness. All these negative emotions also have a negative existence just like the darkness in the room. Bringing awareness and understanding about the system of energy centers can help eliminate negative emotions. This naturally allows the positive emotions to flow and radiate. Once Buddha tied a knot and asked one of his disciples to untie the knot. The disciple tried to pull the knot in different directions which only tightened the knot further. Then Buddha asked another disciple to untie the knot. This disciple first examined the knot carefully and slowly untied the knot. Buddha then explained that if you have to untie the knot of ignorance in your being, you first have to learn to observe and examine it carefully. You have to flood your being with awareness and the negativity will be instantaneously obliterated. This third stage of the Life Bliss Meditation is one of the best techniques to allow the positive emotions to surface and be expressed. To know more about the science of Energy Centers, you can attend the Life Bliss Program or the Ananda Spurana Program that elaborately discusses each Energy Center and the emotions related each of them and prescribes a meditation technique for each Energy Center.

Step Four - The Mind

Liberate from the clutches of the mind
The mind is nothing but a collection of thoughts. These thoughts rise up in succession like the bubbles in a fish tank. All these thoughts that rise in the mind also appear to be connected. But just like the bubbles in the fish tank the thoughts in the mind are also independent and unconnected. You can do a small exercise. For ten minutes sit silently and observe the thoughts that arise in your mind. Dont try to control or stop thinking. Just be silent and witness the thoughts coming. The moment a thought comes quickly write it down on paper. At the end of ten minutes read out whatever is written. You will see that its a mad mans diary. There is utter chaos. There is no connection between the previous thought and the next one. All the thoughts are un-clutched and unconnected. Only when you write down your thoughts you come to know that the thoughts have no real connection. You may be thinking about having a cup of coffee and the next moment you may think about some office work which is pending. There is no real connection between having a cup of tea and the office work. Both are independent events. Even if there are two consecutive thoughts about the same event the thoughts are unconnected as there is no continuity. There exists a silent gap between these thoughts of which one is not aware. The thoughts by their very nature are un-clutched. The problem starts when we start connecting these thoughts. When these independent and unconnected thoughts are linked up, we create illusions of pleasure or pain based on the nature of thoughts that we choose to link -up. This is a play of the mind that is constantly happening within us. For example; you might have eaten ice cream ten years ago, you might have eaten ice cream seven years ago and you might have eaten ice cream two years ago and you might have eaten ice cream yesterday. All

these experiences might have been very pleasurable for you. You might have enjoyed the ice cream on each of that occasion. The trouble starts when these experiences are connected and an imaginary shaft or an understanding is created that eating ice cream makes you happy. But sometime in the future eating ice cream may not be as enjoyable as on the earlier occasions. Even if you dont enjoy the ice cream you will make yourself believe that you like the ice cream. Because you have got into the habit of connecting the thoughts; you unconsciously start accepting that you enjoy ice cream. Here the imaginary joy is one aspect of the illusion while the other is the recording of the false emotion deep within you. Similarly so many such incidents and thoughts are connected and recorded as illusions rather than as independent moments of pain or pleasure. Similar is the case with painful experiences. The pain which you experienced ten years ago, the pain which you experiences seven years ago, the pain which you experienced three years ago and the pain which you experienced yesterday are independent events. There is no connection between these events. But through connecting events of similar nature you are creating a shaft that gives you the feeling of prolonged agony. This will leave you feeling that your life has been miserable and painful all along. Similarly connecting all the pleasurable experiences in your life gives you the feeling that that your life is pleasure. But actually neither of it is true. Your life is neither pleasure nor pain because the very process of connecting these events is a mistake. The idea that the thoughts are connected is a misconception. Ironically we dont connect all the thoughts. We only connect those that we remember and create the shaft. It is similar to how a bouquet is created by picking just a few flowers from a garden. When we create the shaft we suffer. If you have created a shaft of pleasure we try to extend it because you want to experience the same pleasure again. But if you have created a shaft of pain then you try to break it because you want to avoid the pain. You can neither extend the shaft nor break it because it never existed in the first place. The shaft itself is a myth. All your experiences are independent experiences. The moment you have connected these experiences you have created suffering too. Now you will understand why suffering is also imaginary. It is based on something imaginary. It is based on something unreal. Its just an appearance. The shaft is unreal; it does not exist. So the suffering that is created due to the shaft is also unreal. Once you realize this you are liberated. So by our very nature we are un-clutched. We are enlightened and just we have to realize it. When we perceive every incident is a new incident we see life in a more beautiful way. Everything seems joyful and blissful. You stop taking things for granted. Once you start accepting life from moment to moment, bliss happens to you naturally. In this step, carry this understanding with you that your thoughts are unconnected, irrational and unclutched. There is no horizontal connection between your thoughts. Even if you have thoughts neither try to suppress the thoughts nor try to react to them. Just watch them with the understanding that they are unclutched. Automatically witnessing consciousness will start happening in you. You will go beyond the two identities. You will realize that you are neither the shaft of pleasure nor the shaft of pain but you are the background on which these shafts are drawn.

Step Five - Chanting

Melt into the arms of existence with gratitude
The vibrations from chanting can have a profound impact at the being level. Mantras create energy that can calm and soothe the mind. The Chanting in Step 5 of the Life Bliss Meditation can help you journey to the deeper levels of peace from where gratitude overflows towards existence for all that we have been bestowed upon for. The attitude of

gratitude can provide a jumping board towards experiencing a deep connection with existence and the peace energy that exits around us The chanting of mantras carry vibrations, which can transform your being to make it more pure and blissful. Practice of Life Bliss Meditation at least once a day can help you experience a new dimension of your being. This technique will help you to prepare your body and the mind to experience the state of pure consciousness and bliss.

Tap Into your True Potential

The Life Bliss Meditation technique is a simple, natural procedure to relax and rejuvenate and connect to the vast inner reservoir of creativity, energy and intelligenceto gain its support in all you do and to enrich your life day by day. Everyone can learn to practice the Life Bliss Meditation technique successfully. Its easy and funjust 30 minutes a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It requires no effort or concentration, no special skills or change of lifestyle. You dont even have to believe that it works! Meditate once a day and experience the results!

Establish In Bliss
During the practice of the Life Bliss Meditation technique, the mind and body settle down to experience a unique state of restful alertness. As peace is infused into the mind, the body is energized and yet restful. This helps the mind and body to transcend all barriers to experience, the state of Eternal Bliss. This state of Bliss is correlated with greater creativity, improved learning, higher IQ, better grades, higher moral reasoning, increased brainwave coherence, and improved neurological functioning of the body. It helps awaken the unlimited potential of your mind and body and enjoying greater health, happiness, and success in life. Optimize potentiality Expulsion of negativities from the body and mind increases potentiality to achieve more in every sphere. Expanded awareness and deep rest Increasing amounts of peace is infused into unconscious levels of mind enabling mental clarity, body is relaxed and rejuvenated. Natural and effortless The Life Bliss Meditation is practiced once a day for 30 minutes.

You Can Meditate Successfully

If youve tried other types of meditation that involve effort or concentration, youll be pleasantly surprised with the Life Bliss meditation. Its one of the easiest things youll ever learn. Theres no effort involvedjust a simple step by step procedure that lets the body and mind slip into deeper states of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Why The Life Bliss Meditation Is So Easy

What is the natural state of the mind? Most times it seems like the nature of the mind is to wander, constantly moving from one thought to another. The mind oscillates between thoughts from the past or the future. This brings immense stress due to regrets from the past or anxiety about the future. Man is born a blissful being, but loses this state rapidly due to various external factors that condition the mind and disrupt this true nature. Bliss is the true nature of every being. Enjoying the present moment to the fullest is our birth right. There is an unconscious constant yearning to connect to this source of bliss that is hidden deep within us. Layers of mental patterns and emotional disturbances act as barriers when we try to reach this ocean of bliss. Connection to the ocean of bliss enables us enjoy immense creativity, energy, and intelligence available within each one of us. We only need to present the opportunity to connect to our source of bliss and move inwards towards it. The step by step process in the Life Bliss Meditation removes an obstacle which then naturally allows the bliss energy to gush forth helping us relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. Presenting an opportunity to move inwards towards our true nature is the first step in realizing and experiencing the ocean of joy within us. A glimpse of this bliss can only help you move deeper and deeper helping you establish in it forever. Its just like divingall we need to do is take the correct angle, and gravity does the rest.

It Works For Everyone

You can learn and practice the Life Bliss meditation successfully because your true nature is Bliss. You simply need a technique to start that process comfortably, reliably, and on a regular basis. You can experience this state by practicing the Life Bliss meditation from the CD or through a three hour program that will guide you with the help of a trained teacher. The program will take you through the experience of effortless meditation, provide a clear understanding of what is happening in mind and body during the practice, and prepare you to meditate successfully for the rest of your life. And you will have access to lifetime follow-up.

Life Bliss Meditation (LBM) - What it is

The Life Bliss guided meditation is a simple, natural, effortless, easily learned technique practiced for 35 minutes a day, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. The practice is not a religion or philosophy, nor does it require any change of lifestyle. The Life Bliss Meditation is:

SimpleThe Life Bliss Guided Meditation technique is not difficult or complicated to learn or practice; its a simple procedure.

NaturalThere is no manipulation of the mind or suggestion. EffortlessThe Life Bliss Guided meditation technique is easy to practice and requires no ability to concentrate or control the mind. Easily and quickly learnedAnyone beginning from age 10 can learn the Life Bliss Meditation technique easily. The guided instructions have 5 easy steps. Practiced for 35 minutes once dailyThe Life Bliss Meditation technique is practiced once in the morning to relax and rejuvenate you for the whole day. Sitting comfortablyNo awkward or uncomfortable positions are necessary to practice the Life Bliss Meditation technique. Practice in your own space Find your own space and pick up a convenient time to learn and practice.

Life Bliss Meditation (LBM) - What it isn't

The Life Bliss guided meditation is not a religion, a philosophy, or a lifestyle.

Its not a religionThe Life Bliss guided meditation is a simple, natural technique practiced by millions of people of all religions, including clergy. Practicing the Life Bliss meditation does not require or involve faith or any particular set of beliefs. Its not a philosophyIts an effortless, scientific technique that is universally applicable, repeatable and verifiable by anyone, anywhere. Its not a lifestyleIts an enjoyable technique. You dont have to change your lifestyle in order to start the Life Bliss meditation. Just learn it, practice it, and enjoy the benefits.

Learn Life Bliss Meditation (LBM)

Practicing the Life Bliss meditation is one of the most enjoyable things youll ever do. It is a 5 step guided meditation that can be practiced through the instructions on the CD or through an organized workshop. You are also eligible to take advantage of a free lifetime follow-up program with the group practicing Life Bliss meditation in the center closest to you.

Enjoy a Wide Range of Benefits

People stat meditating keeping various objectives in mind. Some may learn because they want to use more of their full mental potential. Others may start because they want to improve their relationships or help create a more peaceful world. Others start at the recommendation of their doctor to help treat a specific stress-related problem, such as high blood pressure. No matter why you choose to learn, regular practice of the Life Bliss meditation will naturally bring a wide range of benefits at the mental, physical and emotional levels. The Life Bliss meditation is one simple procedure based on the solid foundation of inner science . Its like building a home on a strong reliable foundation.

What are the Benefits of Life Bliss Meditation (LBM)

Practicing Life Bliss meditation on a daily basis can help you to:

Manage stress Reduce anxiety

Improve your relationships Create inner peace Awaken your intuition Lower your blood pressure Become less judgmental Connect to spirit Enhance your sleep patterns

Meditation is a tool for the re-discovery of bodys own inner intelligence which helps to relax and rejuvenate. Based on a science that has been practiced for thousands of years, it helps connect to the bliss within and making it a part of your daily life.

The space within is a source for immense happiness, creativity and infinite possibilities. From this field of pure potentiality we get our bursts of inspiration, our most intuitive thoughts, and our deepest sense of connection to the Universe. Practicing meditation on a daily basis allows you to weave relaxation and rejuvenation into your mind and body to create a life of greater compassion and fulfillment. Meditation is a journey to the center of our very being; a journey to emotional freedom; and a journey to the reawakening of our unconditioned self.

How can LBM help in improving my Health

Nowadays, doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illnesses. Even though meditation should not be considered a cure by itself, research has shown it to be beneficial for a wide range of health problems. As a great amount of stress is eliminated through the Life Bliss Meditation, our minds and bodies begin to function with maximum effectiveness, creating health, vitality and happiness.

Life Bliss Meditation (LBM) - Why is it Unique

The Life Bliss Meditation has elements drawn from ancient practices of inner science from the Vedic culture, and modified to suit the modern man. This meditation is based on research and development done by 1 million inner scientists over 10,000 years in more than million inner science laboratories.

The Life Bliss Meditation program is unique because of its source, practice, proof, and universality. LBM is cognized by contemporary spiritual master, who in his inimitable and unique style has presented yet another solution for toadys man and his desire to experience abundant joy. With millions practicing the LBM everyday all over the world, this technique has improved the mental, physical and emotional health, making it a refreshing new practice to experience and sustain ever lasting joy.

A Timeless Tradition
The Life Bliss Meditation technique has its roots in the Vedic tradition of Indiawhere research and development in the inner science has been done for 10,000 years by 1 million inner scientists. The efficacy and trust in this science has been maintained and proven again and again over time as millions gravitate towards it for solutions.

Effortless Practice
Taking you effortlessly beyond the traditional struggles of the mind and body to meditate, Life Bliss Meditation lets you slip into deep levels of mental and physical rest and rejuvenation. The easy and step wise guided meditation is designed to suit todays man and his mindset.

Scientific Proof
Studies have been carried out by a team of doctors and mental health specialists to analyze some of the amazing data and statistics collected before, during and after the practice of Life Bliss Meditation.

Universal Benefits
Today, Life Bliss Meditation is practiced by more than 2 million people across the globe. Its various benefits and ability to establish an overflow of joy in every individual is attracting more practionners every day.