Mercury: Dangers and Detox

First, I need to put a HEARTY DISCLAIMER on this...This is presented for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the sound advice of a qualified medical professional. I have provided links, doctor searches, etc. so that you can find practitioners to help you in this area. The following was all written several years ago, before I started with my nutritionist that I am now using. I am leaving it up because it chronicles what I have been through. At some point I may decide I disagree with it so vehemently that I will take it down. In any case, please be aware that I have created an update page on it Detox Update which I hope you'll be sure to read. It didn't all turn out as magical as it sounds.

************ Ok, I've been wanting to write this for some time, so now I will! First, I want to say that there's quite a bit that needs to be said on this topic, and I'm not sure I'm up to it, as not only am I not an expert, but also I've been having incredible problems with my own health with increasing chemical sensitivities and EMF, etc. But here goes.

Mercury is evil. There are lots of links, but I'll save you the time. It's evil, it's toxic. If it's in you, it's harming you. You can go to google and read a ton quite easily, so I won't belabor you with links. In fact, when I was doing my own research, I bookmarked many but found that they were overkill for my needs. Mercury feeds candida. Mercury binds the thyroid. Mercury made my limbs so freezing cold and now they are quite warm (I even have sweaty feet! Not even thyroid meds did that for me!). Most of the best allergy treatments like EPD and NAET/BioSET do not work well if a person is still mercury toxic and has candida and other beasties. I have a whole page on candida.

So then I know someone's going to say "Well I know someone who detoxed and got no benefit from it". And further, the question of who even should detox. First, I've never talked with anyone who did a safe, effective mercury detox, really got it out, and then said "oh, please give it back!". But, I have talked with many people who've done this or that to detox and don't really have it out (for whatever reason) and they certainly don't feel any better. Incomplete or unsafe detox will leave you no better and may even leave you worse, much worse. So then for who should detox, I'm trying to remember if it's Huggins or Cutler, but one of them has some interesting observations. Sick people think abot their problems all the time. What to know if you're sick? Well, do you sit there and think about thyroid and such all day and are actually happy to? Healthy people have other interests and feel like doing them. Depressed people don't have those interests. Sick people have those interests but don't feel

This is what I get all the time.) until you have detoxed mercury. NOT NOT NOT. (sorry. that's just my personal opinion based on talking with people. If you know that you are mercury toxic and don't have the money to detox. There are methods and things out there that are WAY BEYOND what you're going to read about on the internet. then . Basically you don't want to start any candida treatment (antifungals. that's your best. Maybe something from NEEDS. If you read in my candida section you'll see it. In the meantime. That way you would not cause so much resistance by killing the easy ones and leaving the hard ones. Basically in all my talking I have talked to NO ONE who did it themselves who is now mercury-free. then at least know the implications. still mercury toxic. from the candida into check. but I would rank mercury detox right up there.) I know it's good to be an empowered patient. though I haven't used that in a long time. In my personal. I encourage all people to find a skillful. If you really can't. well. etc. small opinion. I advocate this to the hilt. safe . you may be able to bring a lot of your bloating. mercury "feeds" candida (has to do with chemistry. and feel great living on Nyastatin. but the general idea is that order is the most important thing. I think you have to balance it. etc.well enough to do them. If you are 80. then you still do it. (Sorry if you don't like that. I know some people get in a pinch. always glad for exceptions. or if it's not the thing causing you the most problems. But if you're 25 and are ruined. but rather use a good probiotics supplement like Primal Defense or Nature's Biotics to keep it in check. and often unsure of whether they're doing it right and if they're messing themselves up. then obviously you need to deal with everything. then great. I go back to Neural Therapy and the order of healing. I'll find the link). so I don't know how well it works. Yes. think you'll probably die in 10 years. and the reason is because you develop resistant bugs if you feed them while trying to kill them. and this is one of them. most expedient solution. Some guidelines: 1) Do NOT do it yourself. the million dollar question "How to Detox Safely?". If you at all can. Then. Do it before it's time and you'll have problems. If money is a problem. but that's the general idea. Some of these really incredible doctors are so busy developing and doing all this that they're aren't even books on it! So I do NOT advocate pursuing detox by yourself. And yes. but it's not original to me) As for who should do it. with a very good probiotics supplement. then you might choose to NOT take a lot of strong anti-fungals. but there are some things honey where the internet just doesn't cut it. still trying to find the magic method. That's why I brough my site up. Primal Defense or Nature's Biotics. take lots of a good brand of probiotics (good bugs). one layer at a time. yes money is very real. one layer at a time. Money. the NT can tell you if you actually need to. don't remember whether that was Cutler or Huggins. Now. Most of the people I talked with are frustrated. they "methylate" the mercury-if you are really plagued. Everyone here's you're detoxing and they say "how are you doing it?".

Have some clue about what safe protocol is and then make sure he is doing it. ask a lot of questions. DMPS Backfire. And other people are attempting to draw conclusions based on small bits of info here or there. safest ways to detox. I heartily agree. Mercury detox feels terrible if you're actually pulling anything out. It is VERY important that you read extensively before jumping in and doing anything any doc says. There are various opinions. not the doc). There are various chelation drugs that are used for various problems. but what I thought was most beneficial was his warning that you NOT start mercury detox until you have stabilized other things and are feeling generally as well as possible (thyroid. effective option that will work for you in your situation. Ask how long it will take. and whether you should actually feel better afterward. but I heartily agree that many doctors (or at least too many) are doing things that are unsafe and you need to be very wary and wise about this to save your hide. If you are having a hard time finding a safe practitioner. Most of his book is too hard to read. Ask him about how many "backfires" he/she has had. adrenals.).practitioner who can guide them into safe. I know that's a rough situation. Ask what aspect of his detox regimen is what's keeping you safe (safeguards). More about that later. The point is to do things in a safe. This is the kind of stuff that can really mess you up when it's done improperly. Docs in ACAM do chelation. see "Amalgam Illness" by as I said. Ask how he'll determine how you're clearing and when you'll know you're done. Take that site as my word of warning.. cost (ask the desk. PROTOCOL. but this does NOT mean that they all specialize in the same things. Some people are doing hard swings and saying. he even observes that there is the potential that a person who starts off on detox and doesn't feel well enough to begin with could even become suicidal or get locked up in the psychiatric system. Ask lots of questions. In fact.". "well. this will make you feel great. with all kinds of info. That's really not going to get you anywhere. he better not make it sound like "Oh yeah. 2) Find a SAFE practitioner. money can also make it very hard. I hope you can find a safe. effective detox. . 3) Read a lot. You can try ACAM. And frankly. easy as pie". I don't agree with all their conclusions (opinions differ as to the best approach/protocol with mercury detox). I'll do. Mercury detox is very hard on you. etc. etc. someone's opinion based on what they read in a book somewhere.. Having gone through mercury detox. if dmps has caused backfires and ruined people. vitamin deficiencies. then I won't do dmps. Nuf said. about the best.

-Some people do not tolerate this if they have problems with sulfur metabolism. 2) Sulfur containing stuff--Garlic. etc. Most people don't have the knowledge and time to put together a detox regimen of 20-25 supplements. There are no miracle cures for this. In fact. algae. there are some very expensive supplements that people are touting (NDF. but what I think you will see is that I have been on not one magic cure. sulfur. etc. fiber.-This is important cuz it keeps stuff moving out.). etc. This should explain detox better. Now. various supplements that contain cruciferous veges. I assume based on Klinghardt and others). shortly I will lay out for you the basic outline of my doc's regimen. complete result. I am very reluctant to simply scan this in and add it to my site because I consider this to be part of my doctor's intellectual property.) But what I think will be helpful to people is to see the categories of things that the supplements fall into. I have the sheets from my doctor and obviously I know the supplements that he has had me on and what's on those sheets (dosing. that I have not talked with a single person who did it themselves that has had a wonderful. . etc. So I'm not going to list all the supplements one by one and tell you what he does. I go back to this. Here is a very basic article that Mercola wrote together with Klinghardt detox protocol. which is what my doc has had me on (his protocol.) that actually do help with mercury detox. 1) Green stuff--chlorella. etc. You should be having 1-3 shot BM's per day. brands.-Some of these things are particularly allergenic. 3) bulking/cleansing agents--colon cleanse. hence the need for testing to determine which are appropriate and also rotation so you don't become sensitive to them. etc. Each thing works on a different place. but ALL the "magic cures". (Besides the fact that the practitioner you find may like to do things differently. MSM.effective manor. porphyra-zyme. In fact. but they are not the ONLY thing necessary. cilantro. including ability to then kick candida. I think one thing that happens to people who are trying to do this themselves is that they are looking for that "magic pill". so it's all these things together that provide the end result of clearing you. that herb or supplement they can take and this will all be gone.

I can't imagine doing it every week personally. though with porphyria. Experiences will vary. IV's--opinions vary on the best way to do this. test for sensitivities and weaknesses. You need to talk this over with your doc about why he is suggesting what he is. but that was mine. etc. what it's advantages and dangers are. alpha lipoic acid and glutathionine. and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I will say that this is what my doctor is doing and it has been find for me. so obviously the more a practitioner has studied it. and DMSO). (which I discuss below) it may not be the best or even a safe option. the more you will be attacking it from all angles. etc. DMPS is VERY STRONG and pulls out quite a bit. There is info about this on Mercola's site if you do a search and also at Neural Therapy. etc. My doc does a form of muscle-testing called "Neural Therapy".com. Also I think it is noteworthy to mention how my doctor determines which supplements to use. 6) DMPS. determine which things will help it. Just for perspective. I think they are various kinds of amino acids. I don't know how much he puts in as I never asked. I would definitely ask. etc.4) trace minerals--Mercury and other heavy metals fill vitamin/mineral receptor sites in the body. adrenals. the more skillful he will be able to be (advanced. because it pulls out a lot of mercury and is such a feast for them. This is also why it's important to deal with basic stabilization of thyroid. it will hamper your body's ability to detox properly. It's really quite complex. you might find it interesting to note that because of my doc's NT background. etc. My doc uses the NT to determine . the more well-rounded the detox supplement regimen. my doc does it 1/month. that you could get very overgrown. That's what you talk over with the doc. Also note that there are several stages of the courses. 5) weird detox supplements--sorry for the unfortunate name. In my experience. Opinions vary on frequency and dosing as well. I've heard of other docs doing it more frequently. Once again. Also. etc. Presumably they are using smaller doses.). betaine HCL. but that's all I can think to call them. such that it usually took me ~3 weeks to recover. the proper minerals need to be coming in to fill those spots. he puts other things in the IV as well (including procaine. so in order for the body to detox properly. as they are flat weird. C. Also it's very important to take extra probiotics around the DMPS. Other drugs do exist. because if you have not done that. The NT is really fascinating as he can use it to determine all manner of problems.

malaise. Same for the feet. the Unknown Disease and Porphyria. At one point my hands were covered in a weird. Here are some links on porphyria: Porphyria. as it can affect what detox protocol will be safest for you.which problem is your worst. It is something you should research and also ask your doctor about. NEVER NEVER safe to use chelation drugs while you have mercury (or maybe any metals at all?) in your mouth. it is NEVER. they became warm. TIPS This might seem like such a small thing. Next. I have had to increase my fatty acid intake considerably to alleviate some of the strange symptoms I've gotten. Also. I had symptoms of brain problems. I went from my doc's recommended 2 capsules fish oil per day up to 6. If I ever find it. CAUTIONS I think there are several cautions in order. etc. he can track where the mercury is. Please do not do it. . fatigue. and needs to be considered. I could actually FEEL where it was because my legs would be warm above (where the mercury had cleared) by freezing cold below. there is a whole category of problems called PORPHYRIA that I don't know much about except to say that it exists. Run from a practitioner who suggests this. which supplements will help it. I'll put it here! Anyway. By the time it got to my legs. with the NT (muscletesting) he could tell that my mercury was clearing from my head down. we're STILL not done! Let me back up. I had found a good link that clued me into this and have lost it. a Patient's Guide. and that corrected it. not the dinky stuff in daily multi's). First. is very common in people with our afflictions. When the mercury cleared. but you get my point. See. then when it's the mercury. THE SAGA COTINUES or GOOD TO THE LAST DROP Now the most fascinating thing has been that even though my mercury has cleared all the way down to my toes. but mercury detox really depletes your B-vitamins and fatty acids. while I have been doing my mercury detox. I don't mean to be gross. I don't lie. camel skin scaley stuff so bad I wondered if it was ezcema or psoriasis! Turns out it was fatty acid deficiency due to the depletion by the mercury. that were bvitamin deficiency and corrected very quickly by getting onto a good B-vitamin supplement (with significant amounts. which apparently is typical. as he is very dangerous. My legs (especially the thighs) used to be so cold you could have cut them with a knife! Now they are nice and warm. etc.

That's what I was telling you about. Fun. But that's why I'm putting this here. do a search if you're curious). That got weird. but some of this stuff is weird. some is . Then he used the NT (muscle-testing) to determine the correct dosing and how many days I was to take it.Now before I tell about the homeopathics. I know people who do a lot weirder stuff (talking to crystals to get answers from their body. First. inadequately educated opinion) allow a doctor to desensitize you to something that is TOXIC that you want to get rid of. I know some people have had NAET practitioners do this to them. First. and then approx. Now note I did not say DE-sensitize. It has to do with vibrational medicine (there's a book by a similar title) and I don't know anything more except that it "sensitizes" your body to the mercury so it will feel it more and kick it out better. and I'm not sure it's the best. A section next in line would be freezing. but it took 4 IV's just to do my legs. Sorry.). My husband was ready to just say leave it! :) Second my doctor did something interesting each time I came in which was to test me against "tone tapes". But it took FOREVER on my toes. doing the NT (muscle-testing) to track it's clearance (your arm with go weak if it's a problem for you at the place where he puts it). particularly people of faith. that not everything you need to know is on the web. So now you know. be careful even with docs who look like they know something! You should never (in my small. So now that the bulk is out. then how is your body going to "feel" it in order to get rid of it? It's not. Desensitize is not what you want. Just like that! Wow. found one in particular that was the one I tested weak too. two more things. but a Michael Jordan jump. I will digress and say a couple things. Viewpoints vary on this. then what's left. So he tested with the various doses of the homeopathic levels of the metals. Sorry. it is true that not all of this is good. 1 week after a DMPS IV. See. I understand that many people. And some of it is definitely not appropriate. I cleared down to my legs in 3 IV's (3-4 months). At least that's what I call them. he whips out all these vials of HOMEOPATHIC levels of the metals. which is desensitizing to things that are toxic like chemicals. So by the time you've done the bulk of the removal. etc. In any case. bam. may be very uncomfortable with this. it's very common for the legs to take longer (maybe cuz of all that bone? I don't know). In fact it was not an escalator. Just be careful! Back to my last drops. My toes in particular seemed to take forever. It was mind boggling to me. I was sure we were on the right track because I could feel them getting warm. if you desensitize to it. So previously all this time my doc had been testing me with actual mercury. the itsy bitsy drops! Haha. And that leads into a larger discussion which should one day appear on the MCS page. it would go warm. and he laughed and said there's not. Now I asked him if there's a book on this. and that one he made a homeopathic preparation for (discussion of which is beyond the scope of my site.

"All truth is God's truth. some probably actually goes too far and is into the realm of New Age/demonic. amounts. It's just that we don't understand how it works. I know it's weird. Now I was horrified to realize that he had come up with 81 days for this first round of homeopathic drops. a boughten homeopathic supplement makes no differentiation of the level of the remedy needed. ie. So I know it's all weird. Sorry. I'll be sure to keep you posted. but others will not. God made it that way and we can accept that. but some of this (not all but certainly some) is actually grasping a bit of created truth. maybe more) who are doing various homeopathic products for mercury. The primary reason for this is "unmasking". Fun. . you can't feel the ones underneath. then no matter what it is and no matter how weird it is. complete mercury detox. And those onions make you cry! In my case I have found all manner of sensitivities including chemicals. I'd like to point out some differences. For many people. not large). I have talked with people (at least one person. is very helpful. you're unmasking. if he's not conjuring up demons. Some people do it and find that although they get no initial symptomatic improvement. then obviously he'll have to test the rest of the vials to see if I've cleared at those levels or if I need to do those also. it removes the barrier to them dealing wth the things like candida. Next. First. that you have unmasked more problems that were underneath. Some people do feel better with getting the mercury out. some not until it's all out. I've never heard of anyone doing it on their own who then tested for dose strength. You're not worse. that are causing their symptoms. etc. the homeopathics are done after the bulk has been removed (they are for homeopathic levels. in my case "intercellular". If it's true. The product my doctor made for me was the level my body indicated it needed. It's not conjuring up demons. and I'm happy for you if you don't feel comfortable with it. but in fact there could be more!! Once we finish this. Some people feel better quickly. Obviously you don't get that distinction if you buy something. But I will then say this. but mercury detox is only a means to an end. Some people will feel better after a thorough. Also note that experiences vary. When you have many problems piled one on top of another." So here me plain. and how many days to take it. Then when you take something off (like peeling an onion) you find more underneath and seem worse. Fun. etc. EMF. and is ok.coming from very wrong philosophies. mercury detox is going to be vital in getting well. Back to the homeopathics. Next. Some things are just beyond what we understand. He said that the levels then correspond to various locations in the body. but he did that. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Do you feel better? No. it is not the end.

Can I just use my regular dentist? No. There are extensive protocol for safe amalgam removal.How much does it cost? Depends. Patient compliance (taking your supplements) is another issue. A detox of 1 1/2-2 years is very typical for most people. it's all bad. and hence will go slower because they aren't able to do the full program. You don't want this. and now I am doing the homeopathic levels which I anticipate at least 3 months obviously with my current round. There may be other orgs I don't know of. etc. You're cost could be significantly more or significantly less depending on your doctor. When in doubt. Some people detox more easily. I started off with 5 VERY small amaglams and just a typical amount from vaccines. Sometimes metals are put in composites to make them "radiographic" (show up on x-rays). etc. Just as an example. fish. What kind of materials should replace my mercury amalgams? There are various composite materials. The key is no metal. so take advantage of it. porphyria. Some people cannot tolerate all the supplements due to food allergies. aluminum. my detox supplements have been running $250-300 per month plus ~$150-180 for an office visit and DMPS IV every month. IAOMT can give you referrals if you call them at (407) 298-2450. barium. If he puts mercury in. please don't. Not everyone who does this gets it all the way out. the longer it's going to take. and your own situation. . What kind of doctor does this? Look for doctors in ACAM. and that's the honest truth. and a regular dentist has not been trained and probably won't do it. Some of them are better than others. Once you start you don't stop until it's done. What kind of dentist do I need? You want a dentist who is "mercury-free" and is in the IAOMT or on the list from DAMS. Just for an example. The more mercury you start off with. they should be able to pull an MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) and show you. find out what's in the stuff that's going in your mouth. This is one time the law and OSHA are actually helpful to us. Flouride. readily than others. maybe more if I test as needing more levels. How long does it take? That depends. how he discounts supplements. The bulk was out in ~7-8 months. then he doesn't believe in it's dangers enough to be trusted to take it out safely. I personally like my doc who is in ACAM and also does Neural Therapy as I feel it improves his detox regimen. This is definitely something you need to ask about.

which had the virtue of being free and provided exactly the information we needed. I've heard one person comment that the large amount of options was actually too much because then you couldn't narrow it down. (If you didn't get that. feel free to get yourself a site and have at it! Cordially. If you want to say something different. For non-sick people. to help people as they research.) Some people have gotten back questionable results with the EAV/EDS. Take that for what it's worth. If anyone has more questions. I'm writing down what I've learned because it works. generally well-accepted material. have no medical qualifications. My doctor studied with the man who invented it and basically says that many practitioners are "stretching what it can legitimately do". there should be some testing to determine which material you use. For the sick and sensitive (which you are or you wouldn't be reading this!). not any form of medical practitioner at all. don't worry. etc. I've read a ton just like you've read a ton. Note that I am NOT NOT NOT a doctor. Well. Clifford blood tests. feel free to E-Mail Me!. Act on it at your own risk! (sorry. So it seems like a person ought to just talk with their prospective dentist and see what he prefers or suggests. My dentist did muscle-testing right in the office. Clifford blood labs cost ~$250 and come back with a huge list of all the materials that according to their blood results will work for you. or muscle-testing. have fun reading. and am merely presenting this for informational purposes. but I have to say that) Also. etc. but if you like it and want to pay the money. I have bad vibes about EAV/EDS (ha. on the vibe machine!). please don't send me hate letters about how you think what I've said is horrible or you know a "better" way. Elizabeth . no testing is necessary and a dentist will just use a safe. go for it. bad vibes. People have different opinions and I'm very happy if whatever you do works.I've heard of various kinds? How do I know what is best for me? There are various ways to choose the material: EAV/EDS (computer with a bar that measures your body's response).

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