Draft Script

The executioner escaped from the concentration camp during the Holocaust, to the UK, where he was welcomed, however the horrible memories have been haunting his thoughts. he story starts when the executioner was about to sleep when he starts hearing strange noises and thinks it's coming from the window, he gets out of bed running, closes the window and goes back to bed, the noises continue, he rushes to the attic hatch and closes it. He takes a deep breath after the noises have stopped. Suddenly, louder noises start again and he looks around the attic trying to find the source of the noises. A few moments later, the noises become unbearable, making him breathe heavily and jump out of bed to find matches in order to fight the darkness and find out what's hiding in the attic. He picks up a match and light it up, it creates a flashback showing persons in horrible state, scared to death, he drops the match and picks up another one which creates even more scary flashbacks. The man desperate to get some light, he doesn't give up trying, however the flashbacks keep showing up, the scene ends up with a scream of the man and a fade out. The next morning, the man is lying on the floor, the camera moves slowly toward the wardrobe where his clothes are, we notice a small badge with the Jewish flag on it and a text saying Sonderkommando.

Step Outline
1. The man lying in his bed, hears noises in the attic 2. He gets out of bed and walks toward the window 3. He closes the window and goes back to bed 4. he Turn his head and notices that the attic hatch is opened. 5. The man gets out of bed again rushing toward the attic hatch to close it. 6. He goes back to bed and takes a deep breath of relief 7. Loud noises start again 8. The man start looking around the attic, the ceiling, the side of the attic. 9. The noises get too loud, He jumps out of bed 10. He picks up a match from the floor and lights it up 11. POV camera, he sees people in a very horrible state 12. Scared, he drops the match and grabs another one 13. He sees other horrible persons

14. He drops the match again and light up another one which puts him in shock and makes him scream. 15. The next day, he is lying on the floor, the camera goes toward the wardrobe and zooms in 16. we notice a badge with a Jewish flag and Sonkderkommando as a title.

A battle between a man and his regrets.

Log line
The main character is a Sonderkommando, an executioner who used to work for the Nazis during the Holocaust. He managed to escape from the concentration camp but couldn't escape his haunting thoughts.

Character Biography
The Executioner is a Jewish young man who was imprisoned during the Holocaust and was picked from the prisoners to serve the Nazis to be a Sonderkommando because of his good health condition and strong body. As a Sonderkommando he couldn’t refuse the tasks given to him such as greeting the new arrivals, lying to them and saying that they would take a shower before receiving food and drink while they are being taken to the gas chambers. He used to help the guards throw the Zyklon B, the gas used in the chambers, come back later to remove the bodies and take them to the Crematoria and cremate the bodies after shaving them, extracting their gold teeth and taking any valuables. After 4 months of work, he knew that he was due to be murdered so that Nazis make sure no information reaches the outside and successfully escaped to Britain, though he was elected to be a Sonderkommando for his good health, the Sonderkommandos were never given masks to wear before entering the chambers to remove the corpse, and this affected his physical and mental health gradually.

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