Be it a reference to our country of birth or the perennial rivers which serve water to humans and fructify agriculture or the

formidable mountains which define the geography making a distinct mark in the atlas or the sophisticated and daunting missiles which keep the enemy at bay, we exemplify them by using feminine form. Such reference and reverence remains only in speeches and texts. Women are consigned forever to the culpable and heinous crimes which remain blatant in the society.

Like a pristine river which originates from mountains, flowing joyously clanking and burnishing the rocks making them cherubic, brushing against the tree roots and carrying the sediments, a girl is born. The girl grows up enjoying the lullaby of her mother, frolics of her father and apologues exhibited with gesticulation by her grandparents.

Like a river which gets polluted by the organic and inorganic wastes of industries, carcass and drainage, the girl on stepping into her adolescent age faces the malicious elements of the aberrant society. She has to encounter abuses, harassment, stalking and teasing. She suffers from depression and trauma. She even loses her life to ghastly acid attacks and knife stabs for turning down the proposals of stalkers.

Does the trauma end when she matures into an adult? It only intensifies with the offenders now being the part of her family. She suffers silently in the hands of her in laws. If her spouse shows apathy towards the hostile attitude exhibited by his family members, her condition becomes worse. She tries to ignore the trivial remarks of the entire clan when they grumble and complain about the way she dresses or cooks. However it invokes fury and anguish in her when she has to encounter the obscene and lustful remarks. Right from the lower sections of the society to the privileged and peerage classes, the condition of the woman remains the same sparing a few who end up with a solicitous spouse. The irony is that the spouse exhibits gallantry and charisma towards his female colleagues. His innermost misogynist attitude takes form against his wife when she tries to defend her stand.

It is the woman with whom the social stigma is attached with if she does not give birth to the child. She is besmirched and belittled as being barren and fallow when it is her spouse who suffers from medical complications. It is the woman who shields and protects her girl baby when her spouse and in laws render vituperative remarks and thrash her for giving birth to a girl baby. She has to face the intimidation when her in laws threaten her to give birth to a boy lest marry their son to another woman.

The society concocts stories when she is unable to bear with the trauma. In spite of having umpteen laws and amendments to protect women against the clutches of domestic violence and harassment, the laws just remain in the paper form as the disparity starts right from our own home where the girl is made to do the household chores whereas her brother is made to study. Let us shun this didactic attitude of ours to evolve as a responsible society in the upcoming years to envisage an era where our own women can cherish for what they are and enjoy being a part of a society filled with responsible men.

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