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Penyelia (Organisasi)
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This portal is one of the famous in introduce the Majlis Perbandaran at Malaysia. It
is also of the popular among the others people to know this website. This website name
Portal Majlis Perbandaran Taiping at Wisma Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan. This portal
have more information to give all people knows about Majlis Perbandaran to develop this
The design of this portal is beautiful and simple. We develop this design follow the
clients want. It is also famous among the all humans at Taiping to give information and
complain. During the special season like celebration, or Christmas, the person becomes
more than usual for advantages. A lot of human will using in and attach the comment about
cleanness, safety and other.
Besides that, this portal also needs a Web page to introduce special this city to
interact more people coming to know like night safari and the same time get more income
to city. So we take the opportunity and initiative to build their Web page for helping human
at this area.

1.1 Problem Statement

We did this website because we want to help people to introduce their special in the
web site, so that the people who search the internet also can find and give comment their
problem. Besides that we also want to promote our client about Taiping to outside this area
for develop more construction. We also spread information by interactive way with the new
technology nowadays. The web page which we built also can make the person to give
complaint and suggestion this city more develop for future. This website also can easy and
save time to give information to Majlis Perbandaran.
Beside that, these website to develop for explain the Majlis Perbandaran function.
All people not know accuse without proof about Majlis Perbandaran for occupation and
environment area. This website must help the occupation to report or suggestion their
problem. All people not come and take more time to follow procedures for get what they
want. Just full form and register first to know identity and area place.

1.2 Project Objective

The objectives of this website are:

1.1.1 To give facilities for saving and achieve the data. With this system
all the work can be fast and easy to use.
1.1.2 To decrease the cost for paper, table and instrumentation inside
1.1.3 Also, user will be easy to give the suggestion and problem.
1.1.4 The administration, it will be easy to make the check up or up date
the suggestion and problem
1.1.5 To minimize the time of trading process, so that the person do not
have to queue up long to get feedback.
1.1.6 To minimize frustration and problem among person because the
system can store details of suggestion and problem of needing the
person to memorize.

The objective of the flash for introduction is a

1.1.7 To interact more person at Taiping to use website for their activity
with Majlis Perbandaran Taiping
1.1.8 Montage more interesting and fun to see
1.1.9 More meaning this introduction for occupation at Taiping.

1.3 Project Scope

Website Majlis Perbandaran Taiping has 2 parts for person must choice to
access this website. Person able to display introduction first before open
this website.

Motif introduction are:

1.3.1 To give all excess this website is know Majlis Perbandaran Taiping
duty to modernize and to heed.
1.3.2 To maintain fauna and fauna at Taiping like Night Safari
1.3.3 To permanent Taiping city

The target user of this system that we develop is people who use it. There
are clerk, manager and person.

1.3.4 Clerk
Clerk use this system to save and update data from customer without
use manual system such as fill in form. Clerk has a responsibility on
acquires customer detail for customer, information input, control the system
of data.

1.3.5 Manager
Manager can use this system to know about customer requirement
especially about the problem must be settle. Manager also can get all
information about the suggestion. Manager can get a check up if need. It is
depend to manager how or when want to use it.
1.3.6 Person
Person we are known they are busy with their business and they do
not have much time to go MPT so, with this system person will get
information easy without waste time. Person must give what they need to
clerk and then, clerk will be save the data into computer. After solve it, the
person can get what they want.


2.1 Project Development Methodology

In this system development, we have used the Relational Unified Process (RUP) as
the methodology for the system. RUP is a UML based object oriented application
design methodology. The modeling techniques that will use to represent the system are
using case diagram, class diagram, activity diagram, and sequence diagram. RUP
consists of four design phases, which are inception phase, elaboration phase,
construction phase and transition phase.

In this model it has four phases that includes:

2.1.1 Inception
The goal of the inception phase is to establish a business case for the system.
In this phase we need to identify all external entities (people and system) that
will interact with the system and define these interactions. Then this information
will use to access the contribution that the system makes to the business. If this
contribution is minor then the project may be cancelled after this phase.

2.1.2 Elaboration
The goals of the elaboration phase are to develop an understanding of the
problem domain, establish an architectural framework for the system, develop
the project plan and identify key project risks. On completion of this phase we
should have a requirements model for the system, an architectural description
and a development plan for the software.

2.1.3 Construction
The construction phase is essentially concerned with system design,
programming and testing. Parts of the system are developed in parallel and
integrated during this phase. On completion of this phase, we should have a
working software system and associated documentation that is ready for
delivery to users.
2.1.4 Transition
The final phase of the RUP is concerned with moving the system from the
development community to the user community and making it work in a real


2.2.1 Software and Hardware

a. Hardware

We were used many hardware for developing the system. Without

this hardware we cannot develop this system. The hardware is:

i. Windows Workstations
 Intel (R) Pentium (R)M, processor 1.70 GHz class computer or faster
 Minimum memory 504MB RAM; 64MB or more recommended
 Hard disk requirements: Minimum of 40 MB for System Manager.
 2X CD ROM drive or faster
 Nero Express
 A Microsoft compatible mouse
 Operating Software:
o Microsoft Windows XP

ii. Printers:
 S100SP Canon

b. Software

I considered several different options when initially deciding

how to implement this Portal Majlis Perbandaran Taiping. So, I decided
to use PHP News, Adobe Photoshop, and MySQL to develop this portal.

i. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

I decide to use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX for create the user

interface and coding for this E-News. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX is
best way to create professional websites is and is the easiest way to build
powerful Internet applications. By using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX,
we can create the user interfaces easily and more creatively. The code
editing of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX also support the home site. It is
base on object Oriented Programming. System, developers did not necessary
to write the complete coding during use the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
because it just uses English comment for launching the function or task.
Other than that, it was user-friendly system.

ii. PHP Nuke

I choose PHP Nuke is a template website that some example or

content management system. The goal of PHP-Nuke is to have an automated
web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Main features
include: web based admin, surveys, top page, access stats page with counter,
user customizable box, themes manager for registered users, friendly
administration GUI with graphic topic manager, option to edit or delete
stories, option to delete comments, moderation system, Referers page to
know who link us, sections manager, customizable HTML blocks, user and
authors edit, an integrated Banners Ads system, search engine,
backend/headlines generation (RSS/RDF format), and many, many more
friendly functions. PHP-Nuke is written 100% in PHP and requires Apache
Web server, PHP and a SQL (MySQL, MySQL4, msSQL, PostgreSQL,
Access, ODBC, DB2, Oracle and SQLite). Support for 33 languages, Yahoo
like search engine, Comments option in Polls, lot of themes, Ephemerids
manager, File Manager, Headlines, download manager, faq manager,
advanced blocks systems, reviews system, newsletter, categorized articles,
multilanguage content management, phpBB Forums included and a lot

iii. Adobe Photoshop 7.0

I planed to use Adobe Photoshop software for creating the background for
the interface and edit all pictures sources. This software have many effect
editing and more easier to use.
2.2.2 Budget of the system

Item Description Qty U/Price (RM) Total Price(RM)

1 Content Research and Utility I./Sum 25,000.00 25,000.00
2 Portal Website Interface Design
3 Development, Modification and
Content Integration
-Flash Intro
-MPT Information
-News from MPT
-Statistic and Lottery
-Suggestion and Commenter
-Tender and Price
-Calendar and time
-Forum Room
4 Content Collaboration and
Project Management
5 Installation and Configurations
6 Testing
7 User Training
8 Maintenance and service support

2.2.3 Project Plan


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Data collection
Inception Objective
Understand problem
Specification problem
Report analyst
Elaboration Data design
Interface and output
Specification design
Design report

This website has some importance and contributions to the user and staff. Then, the
portal can easier for Majlis Perbandaran Taiping staff know complain from problem public
people. This portal is a user-friendly because I am going to develop the E-News by using
PHP News and MySQL database. This system can reduce the staff’s burden by save their
time and energy. It does also can manage portal professionally. This portal has more
functions compare to the other system such as accessing each of association activities at the
same time.


I hope this portal give some contribution to the organization not only for now but
also for future. This portal will help the staffs to refer and distribute the information of the
activities in the each association with more efficiently. This portal will solve the problem
and weakness of the previous template system. It is also able to support their authorities,
exclamation in technology implementation management. It is also a user-friendly system.
The user fined it easy to understand and operate this system.