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10-20 volunteers with high blood pressure needed

I went to Kroger food store last week where I got a free blood pressure test with an
automated blood pressure testing machine provided by its pharmacy department. The
reading of my systolic pressure was 109 mmHg and my diastolic pressure was 69 mmHg.
It was quite low indeed. The result was obtained after that I had calmed down in the store
for 5 to 10 minutes.

To avoid any possible mistakes caused by possibly inaccuracy of testing machine itself, I
went to Wal Mart super store to have another free blood pressure test yesterday (6/18/07).
This time I directly walk from the parking lot to its automated blood pressure machine
setting by the side of its pharmacy department. It was hot out side in June in Dallas,
Texas. So, I expected that this time my blood pressure shall be higher than before, since I
had to walk for 120 feet under the sun and I did my test without short resting to calm
myself down. I tested twice continuously. The reading for the first and the second tests
were 123 and 111 mmHg for systolic pressure and 72 and 69 mmHg for diastolic pressure
separately. And my hear beating was around 70 pulses per minute for both two tests.
Then, I made a calculation based on those three tests. The average of my systolic pressure
should be (109+123+111) /3 = 114.3 mmHg and my diastolic pressure should be
(69+72+69)/3 = 70 mmHg.

We know that the normal blood systolic/diastolic pressure is below 130/85 mmHg. High
normal blood pressure is 130-139/85-89 mmHg. High blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or
higher. A medical doctor once told me that the low reading of my blood pressure for a
person at the age of 70 was extremely good. I am happy for my good health.

There are many factors that may play influence to the blood pressure. A high blood
pressure may be harmful to the health. A very high blood pressure is dangerous. My low
blood pressure may partly attributed to the constantly practice of the “Ten Minute
Exercise for Longevity and Good looking” , which uses two hands to create two extra
“hearts” to help increasing the micro-circulation. The exercise incorporates message,
acupunctural point press, deep breathing, animal style imitations, which may help to open
capillaries wider in tissues and to reduce the resistance of blood flow in vein.

The English sub-titles of those postures are listed at URL below.

Several of those postures were specially designed to stimulate the micro-circulation and
nurse the heart and flush the brain. I wonder that such an exercise can help those people
with moderate high blood pressure to decrease their blood pressure, since to increase
micro-circulation means to decrease blood flow resistance. To verify if my speculation is
true or not, I need 10-20 volunteers (who have high normal to high blood pressure
readings) to join a research i.e. observation for a testing in a period of four weeks, and
record 5 blood pressure tests before and after practicing the “Ten Minutes’ Exercise for
Longevity and Good Looking”.

Each volunteer will receive a free face-to-face instruction, either in English, or, in
Mandarin, or, in Shanghai, of the “Ten Minutes’ Exercise for Longevity and Good
Looking” given by J. K. Gao, but, he or she needs to write down 5 blood pressure tests
and e-mail to the instructor at One reading shall be before learning
the “Exercise”, another four readings record the four consecutive weeks’ testing of blood
pressure at a fix place and fixed day of each week (such that Wal Mart or Kroger in
his/her convenience).

Every volunteer needs to let me know the name, e-mail address, and phone number in
order to arrange a face-to-face free instruction of that “Exercise” either individually or in
group. But, they must live in Plano, Richardson, or, Garland, TX. Alternatively, one who
is not living in those three cities (that I can not offer a free face-to-face instruction) but
who wants to enroll in the program can self-learn that “Exercise” through a media
material of my talk, which is downloadable at URL below:

Or, CD at URLs: and

And he or she can contact me for phone instruction through e-mail.
Volunteer’s registration Form
(The dead line for the first group is June 30, 2007. It will be rotational for other groups.)

Registration number: ___________________

(First letter of your surname and the last four digitals of your phone number)

Date of registration: ___/___/____ (m/d/yr)

Name: _____________________________

Age: (who must be within 18-65 years of age) ________________

Phone number (optional): _____________________________

E-mail address:

Best time to get a face-to-face instruction: _________________________

Hereby, I understand that this is a volunteer research program to learn and practice the
“Ten Minute Exercise for Longevity and Good looking” instructed by J. K. Gao to see if
is will have some benefit to decrease the blood pressure after four weeks exercise. But, I
know that the result, either a positive one or a negative one, will not be predictable at this
I also realize that, like any sports, it may cause muscle pain or even hurt in certain
unpredicted situation. I have my medical insurance. I will not request the instructor to
bear any responsibilities for any medical expenses, if any hurt happened for any reason
during and after the four weeks learning and practice process of that exercise. I shall not
request any compensation for the researcher to use the data that I offered for calculation
or charting or publication.

Please type your name again here as a signature: ________________________

(Please mail the filled in form to ASAP.)