GAME or TOY Sound Makers - chimes, rice in container, scratching sandpaper, bubble wrap, keys, a can filled with

beans even normal things in daily life like the birds, the cars going by, the leaves in the trees Show your baby where the special sounds are coming from so she can focus on them Repeat the sounds yourself and encourage him to copy your "broom broom" as the car goes by


Hearing / Listening Attention Skills Language

The Dangling Toy Hand-Eye - Position your baby in lying or supported sitting Coordination - Tie a piece of string to one of her favourite toys Visual Perception - Dangle the toy in front of your baby encouraging her to reach out and swat the Early Striking Practice toy Swim Tubes (on dry land) - To help your little one gain confidence sitting alone you can blow up 1, 2 or 3 -

Sitting Balance swim tubes and put them around her while she is sitting Trunk Strength She won't be able to fall with these on and she will have such fun balancing all on her own

Bubbles - Blowing Bubbles : blow bubbles and watch them float through the sky Mirror Reflections - The mirror is a great place for many games to try : Stand in front of a mirror with your baby - make some funny faces or help your baby play peek-a-boo with himself Tummy time in front of a mirror - position your baby on their tummy on the floor - set up a mirror in front of him so he can see himself - watch him delight in his reflection – his new "friend" – he might even decide to have a chat too! Photos (who do you see?) - Grab a photo album and see who you can find - Name mummy, daddy, siblings, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins - Teach your baby by helping them to point at each person as you name them Tummy Towel - Lie your baby on his tummy with a rolled up towel under his arms

Visual Tracking

Vision Language

Vision Cognition Hand-Eye Coordination Neck and Back Strength


Place some toys in front of your baby and position them just out of reach, so your baby has to stretch to grasp them Let your baby play in this position as long as they like as it is a great spot to help them prepare for crawling

Crawling Preparation Reaching Practice Grasp and Release

Object Hide-and-seek Object Permanence - Start by placing a cloth over a favourite toy and asking, "Where is teddy?" and Cognition wait for your child to take the cloth away (or help him if need be) Vision Sock Tricks - Grab a few old colourful socks, some texta pens or niko and some scissors to give these a go Sock Puppets Draw a face on each sock and put them on each of your hands Pop up your puppet sock hands from behind the couch and you will have the best show in town! Baby Gloves Cut finger holes in the toes of the socks so your baby can put the socks on as "gloves" Draw funny faces on the palms of each glove (or you could even sew on some different textured materials) Your baby will be fascinated by the new textures Visual Perception Hearing

Touch Discrimination Body Awareness

Pillow Kicking - As your baby starts to move more and more, she will love to kick her legs – a lot! Hold a pillow in the space where her feet are kicking so that she can feel something against her feet as she kicks out Opposites - Take your baby on a tour of the house and outside pointing out all the opposites as you go open/closed, on/off, light/dark, inside/outside, warm/cold etc…see where your imagination takes you Fancy Socks - Use colourful textas to draw pictures on some socks or even sew on some fancy attachments (very securely), like bells, buttons or sparkly material. Put the newly renovated socks on your baby and watch her find her feet and be amazed at what she sees Pillow Prop-up - You can help your baby learn to sit by propping him up with some pillows in a

Leg Strength Body Awareness

Cognition Language

Touch Discrimination Body Awareness

Sitting Balance Back Strength


ring around him Positioning pillows behind is most important, however in the early learning stages it is also wise to place some at the sides and in front too, in case he takes a nose dive forwards! This is great position to set your baby up in to play with his toys or read some books with you As he gets better and better at sitting, begin to take one pillow away at a time until you are left with none


Trunk Strength

Hats and More Hats - Collect as many different hats as you can (especially big broad brimmed ones or colourful ones) Then collect as many household items that could be worn as a hat (like a lamp shade, colander, saucepan, paper bag etc) Visual Perception Practise putting the hats on and making funny faces or talking in a funny voice Grasp and Release to your baby – try some character role playing! Body Awareness As your baby gets better at grasping and releasing objects, let her try to take the hats off your head or putting one on you or herself (caution : the household items may be too heavy for her to try at this stage so will need your help) Bath Games - Squeeze sponges or washers, feeling the water trickle over different parts of his body Poke holes in an old milk carton and use it to make "rain" Gently pour water over your child's head preparing them with "(name).. Ready…Go" Swim your hand like a fish under water towards your baby saying "Swim Little Fishy Swim" and then gently grab your baby's leg underwater Try using a bath ring (from your local baby store) to help your baby sit securely in the bath Spotlight Games - Sit with your child in your lap facing outwards - Have some interesting objects set up in front of you about 1-2 metres away - Use your torch to "spotlight" each object and tell her what it is you can even wrap coloured cellophane paper on the end of the spot light to make it even more fun Tube Scarves - Find an empty glad wrap tube and stuff it with a long scarf or a few scarves knotted together Leave the end of the scarf poking out each end of the tube Show your baby how to pull on the scarf and watch their amazement as the Eye Follow Vision Development Sitting Balance Hand Manipulation Touch Exploration Hand-Eye coordination Water Familiarisation Breath Control

Visual Tracking Cognition

scarf emerges – magic! Handkerchief Fun - Throw handkerchiefs or scarves up in the air and watch them float down - Or toss a handkerchief or scarf over your baby's head and say "where is (name)?" Kitchen Fun - Sit your baby in a supported position Hand-Eye - Provide some kitchen utensils for them to explore Coordination - Show them how to "play the drums" on some overturned bowls with a wooden Hand Manipulation spoon Make Your Own Roly Poly - Use an old round tin or biscuit barrel - Fill it 1/3 full with some rice - Decorate the outside with pictures from magazines or photos - Show your baby how to roll it along the ground and encourage them to give it a try themselves Point out the familiar pictures on the outside as it rolls each way

Eye Follow Object Permanence

Visual Perception Hand-Eye Coordination Hand Manipulation

Blanket Games - Blanket Swings : have two adults holding either end of a blanket and lie your baby in between. Hold the sides up like a hammock and then gently swing your baby to and fro. Blanket Feet : Sit down with your baby in your lap and place both your feet Vestibular Leg Coordination




and theirs under the blanket. Jiggle and wiggle your toes and feet until the Body Awareness blanket falls off…repeat until your heart's content! Rolling Practice Blanket Rolling : lie your baby on their back on a blanket on a soft surface. Lift Vestibular one side of the blanket slowly, but far enough to cause them to roll to one side. Repeat the other way and continue as much as you like. Arm Strength Blanket Crawling : help your baby into the crawling position on their hands Crawling Balance and knees then sling a blanket or towel under their belly to support their trunk. Trunk Strength Firmly hold both ends of the towel together and gently sway your baby forwards, backwards and side to side as they learn to take weight and balance through their hands and knees.

Washing Fun - Your baby will love to sit in the washing basket, especially if you fill it with lots of balls or her favourite soft fluffy toys. Or you can pretend it is a car….or a boat….singing "The Wheels On The Bus" or "Row Row Row Your Boat" (see "Learn the Words to Kids Rhymes and Songs" here at It's a great place to learn to sit alone – just prop pillows around the edges and your baby will be secure with your supervision….a great chance to get the

Sitting Balance Arm Strength



folding done. As he gets more steady in sitting, he will also love to pull everything out of the washing basket and then (hopefully) put it all back in again, time and time again.

String of Toys - Get a piece of rope or string and tie a number of your baby's toys to it (about -

Reaching 6-8 should be plenty) Grasp and Release Tie either end of the string to some furniture (like a chair leg) and position your Visual Perception baby underneath Back Strength She will have a great time reaching for her toys and playing in this position Neck Strength Repeat with her on her tummy with the toys positioned lower down the chair leg so she can still see them

Dance Party - Turn up your favourite music and have a boogie! - Hold your baby up with you and pretend to "partner dance" with her

Vestibular Rhythm Bonding

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