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Overpopulation Script

Hello, today I am going to talk to you about one of the vital global issues we are facing today. So my topic is Overpopulation (slide change). I chose this topic because I was really wondering that when we will stop growing our population rates. Every second 5 people come into this life while 2 people leave so that means every second 3 people come into this world. How will our planet earth feed them with the limited resources it has. I really wanted to explore more into this topic and so I thought global issues is a great chance to do this. (Slide change) My research question is:1. Why is there a concern about overpopulation and how does it impact us and surroundings?

(Slide Change) Overpopulation is an easy word to guess, over means above and population means people so if we think this means people above limit but actually it means when the world has too much population. The population of the world is increasing very rapidly. In the 1830s the worlds population was 1 billion and then 100 years later it became 2 billion. It took 200, 000 years to get 1 billion and just 100 years to get another billion. Now we take only 11 years to add 1 billion people to this world. (Show World Population clock) To give you an idea of how big 1 billion is here are some practical examples. This was written in 2008:
A A A A billion billion billion billion seconds ago it was the year 1959 minutes ago Jesus was alive. hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age. days ago no-one walked on two feet on earth.

(Slide change) This issue has many impacts which include both positive and negative impacts. The good impacts it has our because of this issue scientist are trying to develop new things so that we dont run out of resources. The bad impacts are that animals are being forced to live somewhere they are not used to living just to develop more urban areas. A lot of pollution is happening to provide resources for us such as: Cars emitting polluted air and the huge amounts of industrialization happening around the world. (Slide Change) Many scientist and organizations have predicted that by the year 2050, the worlds population will be within 10 Billion to 13 Billion. Out of which 7.7 billion will suffer from extreme poverty, lack of freshwater, hunger and illness. (Slide Change) (Explain Map) The top ten most populated countries are: China- 1 India- 2 United States- 3

Indonesia- 4 Brazil- 5 Pakistan-6 Nigeria- 7 Bangladesh- 8 Russia-9 Japan-10 Choices we should make: Raise awareness by celebrating World Population Day on the 11th of July. Unfortunately, we have dont have school on that day but you can just celebrate it at home. By raising awareness about this issue in some form. We can donate or fundraise to organizations that help this cause. For ex. is one of the sources I used and they have a list of reasons why we should contribute which includes contributions to carry out their research, campaigns, expert associations, staff salaries and publicity materials. We can attend the events they organize to raise awareness. One of the forthcoming events are:
Overpopulation The Greatest Threat? Oxford, UK 11 February 2013

If someone of your family lives there you can tell them to go and watch it. We can have small families, which is not having many babies or having a family of 3 members. We wont obviously do that right now but we can tell parents or family members about this. This will help because then the amount of people will decrease. (Slide Change) Connections with Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand is the 20th most populous country in the world with a population of Thailands Population: 67,091,089 (July 2012 est.) , which is not that much of a good rank if we look at the size of the country. Thailand also has many bad impacts from this issue. More population means more cars which mean more pollution and more traffic. The air quality will worsen because of car pollution. If population increases then amount of food and water resources will decrease. Connections with other global issues: Deforestation to meet demands of population. Endangered Species because their habitats are being destructed- We learnt this in Science. (Slide Change) Connections with what weve been learning in class: In Humanities, we are learning about forces of change and one of the topics in it is Population and how it has changed throughout history. (Slide Change)

My conclusion is that there is a lot of concern about this issue because if our population continues to increase then soon our resources will start to finish and we wont have any other option then to die. Someday or the other we have to take action for this so why shouldnt we start now. So from today lets open our eyes and be aware of what might happen in future and how we can control it now.

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