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What is Imagine Cup?
Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is the world’s most prestigious student technology competition, bringing together student innovators from all over the world. Over the past 10 years 1.65 million students from more than 190 countries have participated in Imagine Cup. If your students have a great idea for a new app, they can bring it to life through Imagine Cup – and win travel, cash prizes and worldwide recognition!

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$300,000+ in Prizes for the Next Great Student Apps it all starts at

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and motivates technological change more than Imagine Cup” Janet Bailey – Assoc. Professor University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) . 3rd: $3.imaginecup. challenges innovation. Transform online shopping. Petersburg. Engage your students in Imagine Cup Through Imagine Cup your students acquire knowledge that aligns with academic goals and technology courses and achieve recognition for themselves and their school. It’s time to take that crazy idea of yours and ship it. and communications skills through challenging real-life projects • Test themselves against the brightest students in the world – and make new friends • Win cash prizes – and a free trip to St. Cash Prizes for Competitions: 1st: $50. problem solving. PC. moderate discussion.000 USD. Games Competition Put a smile on the face of the world. health. Russia.000 USD. Make the next great game and see people playing it all around you on a console. Pick your cause: the environment. Cash Prizes for Challenges: 1st: $10.000 USD. monitor progress. Integrate Imagine Cup into your Curriculum: Learn how professors around the world have integrated the Imagine Cup projects into their teaching. Experience music in a new way. Russia. 2nd: $10. education. One Professor Says: “Outside of the intrinsic reward of watching your students Step 3: Ask your students to register and sign up for one or more competition(s) or challenge(s) Step 4: Start building your App! How can I get involved? Mentor a Team: Mentoring a team competing in Imagine Cup is a rewarding experience. 3rd: $5. the value of the knowledge you will gain and the relationships you will form as a result of working with industry professionals from leading corporations and nonprofits is beyond measure. and developing and enhancing your own skillset. Live it.Dream it. Do something amazing with GPS. What are the prizes? Top teams are awarded a trip to compete in the Worldwide Finals in St. phone. If your team wins the local/online finals you will be invited to join them for the worldwide finals in St.imaginecup. Build it. Windows Phone Challenge Awards the best apps that feature startling functionality. Windows 8 App Challenge Tests your ability to design and build a Windows Store app that takes advantage of Windows 8 features and design principles to deliver an exceptional experience on the platform. No other competition stretches the global mindset. 2nd: $5. Students Can: • Increase their technology.000 USD. How do my students benefit? Through Imagine Cup. turning student class assignments and development projects into something with a real-world outcome that could change your students’ lives. Ready to get involved? Take the Following Steps: Step 1: Explore our faculty resources at www. device-focused utility. slate – wherever people play games.000 USD. combined with a delightful Windows Phone user experience. Use technology as an agent of change. Windows Azure Challenge The Windows Azure Challenge is about getting your team started on the “next big thing” by leveraging Azure platform features to build a web application. What are the competition categories? Student teams can compete in three competitions and three challenges: World Citizenship Competition Make an app that could change someone’s life. organize tasks and timelines. Russia to compete at the Imagine Cup 2013 Worldwide Finals! • Gain valuable experience that impresses potential employers Past winners have secured positions with leading Companies – and some have even received help to launch their own startups through the Imagine Cup Grants Program.000 USD. you name it. Petersburg. Innovation Competition Reinvent social Step 2: Register as a mentor at www. Petersburg. As a mentor you help your team brainstorm project ideas. and clarify answers.

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