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A BRIEF HISTORY OF GUIDING IN SABAH The Formation of a Guide Company is like throwing a stone into a pond rings widen in every direction until the whole pond is affected so your enjoyment must spread around you till the Scouts and Guides have a definite effect on the place in which they live. Lady Marjorie Dalrymple Assistant Commissioner for Aryshire Sandakan, 2 April 1925 THE BEGINNING The story of Guiding in North Borneo began after the arrival of Lady Rycroft and her cousin Lady Marjorie Dalrymple, the Assistant Commissioner for Aryshire, who was well known for her interest and involment in Guiding in both England and Scotland. Their Ladyships arrived in Jesselton from England on 9 January 1925 and inspected the Boy Scouts and the Scout Headquarters. On the same day they left for Sandakan. Shortly upon her arrival at Sandakan Lady Dalrymple devoted her energy and her considerable experience in initiating the Girl Guide movement in Sandakan.


On Thursday 2nd April 1925 the enrolment ceremony of 30 members First Company of Girl Guides in North Borneo was held at the Government House, Sandakan. On 22 August, The Girl Guides under Mrs. H.S. Bond were presented for inspection to Her Governor, Mr. A. C. Pearson and Mrs. Pearson The presentation ceremony of 32 guides was held at the Government House on Saturday 10 October 1925, followed by the enrolment of 3 new Guides. The Girl Guides under Mrs H. S. Bond observed Charter Day Celebration on 2 November By participating in the usual parade.



Mrs. H. S Bond left Sandakan for Jesselton, The first Girl Guide company in Sandakan lost their original captain and Miss Rigby took over the post. On 27 July Miss Rigby took 13 Guides from St. Monicas School to Jesselton for their first out of Sandakan excursion. While in Jesselton the Guides gave a fund raising concert in the local cinema on 9th August.


1928 The Girl Guides of Sandakan took part in a ceremony to welcome H. E. Sir Hugh Clifford Governor and Commander in Chief of the Straits Settlements on 12 May.


Two playlets were presented to the public by the Rangers and Guides at St. Monicas school on 24 June.


An enrolment ceremony was held on 10 May for 14 new Guides at the Government House by Mrs A.F. Richards. On 3 June a company of Girl Guides attended the Kings Birthday Parade.


A farewell ceremony was held for Mrs. J. Phelps, the captain on 9 May and Mrs C.R. Smith took her place.


On 17 August 26 Guides boarded SS Kinabalu and set sail for Tawau. It took them 2 nights to reach Tawau for camp. On the return trip they made a short visit to Lahad Datu. At a Tea ceremony held on wed 14 October, 3 warrants of appointment were presented. At the same ceremony Proficiency bagdes were also presented to the Guides.


In May King George VI was crowned. The Scouts and Girl Guides were given their Coronation treat by Mr. M. Cohen, whose son and 2 daughters were Scout and Guides. In June various Health Proficiency Badges were introduced. A memorial service was held in St. Michaels Church for the late Lord Baden Pawell on Saturday 19 January.



The first public appearance of the girls was made on May 24. Led by Miss Genevieve, a group of 30 guides, attired in white uniform turned up to welcome His Excellency Mr. A. F. Richard in Sandakan. This company of Guides was started by Lady Margaret and she was assisted by Miss Genevieve Ou, the daughter of the then Chinese Consul. Guiding activities were temporarily interrupted by the 2nd World War.



1947 Guiding activities were revived in Sandakan. The girls had standard uniforms of Khaki outfits and scout hats. The first Ranger Company was started in Kota Kinabalu by Mrs. Garsford with the objective of training the girls to be potential guiders. The first Kota Kinabalu Guide Company was started




The first Brownie Pack was started in Kota Kinabalu. The original khaki uniform was replaced by a blue uniform. The Girl Guides Headquarters named after Mrs. H. Garford was opened on August 6. The Pioneer Camp was held in Labuan Island from 13 to 21 August. It was attended by guides from Jesselton, Sandakan and Kuala Belait.



Miss Mode, a world Association Commissioner from England visited Sabah (then North Borneo). The first international event attended by the girl guides of North Borneo was the Centenary World Camp in the Philippines. The representatives were Bridge Hong, Alice Kim, Yee Wing Eng and Alice Kim. The first Girl Guide Company was started in Semporna by Madam Fong Miew Ying. The world Chief Guide, Lady Baden Powell visited Sabah in April. She was accompanied by Miss Helen McWiney, Deputy Chief Commissioner for Overseas Territories in the Commonwealth.




A training camp was held at Gaya Island organised by Miss Wendy Boden a trainer from United Kingdom. A Jubilee Camp was held in Kota Kinabalu to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Guiding in the World. The first two local guiders to receive their Guide Guider Training Certificates were Margaret Yong and Shirley Yung. The first District Commissioner's warrant was given to Mrs. Bridget Chen.




Miss Grete Collyns, Assistant Commissioner for overseas territory for Commonwealth Headquarters visited Sabah. Miss Mary Wheeler a Guide trainer from England, came to conduct trainings in Sabah. 1962 The Sandakan Headquarters was officially declared open. The first Girl Guide company formed in Papar by Miss Theresa Athanasius


Another 2 local guiders, Pang Su Lee and and Alice Tan received their Guide Trainers' certificate. Miss Helen McWiney visited Sabah for the second time.


The Girl Guides association of Sabah joined the Girl Guides of Malaya, Singapore and Sarawak to form the Girl Guides Association of Malaysia. The first Sabah Guide, Li Yo Wei, received her All Round Cord. The first Queen's Guide Badge was awarded to Miss Chai Moi Len.