Master Project Application Form

Name: Rupin Mehta email:

telephone number: +4917655140825

In order to select the best teams for the Master Projects, we must know your theoretical knowledge and your practical experience. Theoretical knowledge mainly consists of the lectures at your university. Please tell us, which lectures you attended with respect to the subject given below and for how many terms per week (TPW). 1 TPW consists of a 45 minute lecture for 1 semester. Practical Experience can be experience gained in lab courses ( please tell us, how many TPW ), in any kind of thesis during or at the end of your study, or in professional work in a company ( please tell us, for how many months for the latter two kinds of practical experience ).


relevant lectures at the university theory

practical experience
TPW months

where did you get your practical experience ( e.g. lab course, professional work, bachelor thesis/graduate project )

Real-time Control using Embedded LINUX Powerelectronics for a Brushless DC Motor Controller Labview Programming (Versen) Programming of the mobile KUKA Youbot Electrodynamics Design and build up of labcourse experiment, sputtering, evaporation and characterisation Social Business Labview Programming (Neum.) 2 Electrical Motion control (Power electronics and Closed loop control systems in bachelor course) 1.5 0.5 Lab courses

: Installations of a Distance Protection Device: Simulating transients from Matlab onto a realtime system. please describe the subject. which you would like to work on during the Master Project. sputtering. : tems and Power electronics Closed loop control sys- Which of the offered projects would you prefer to join ( 1’st and 2’nd choice ) ? The answer is not considered to be binding for making the project teams. which was connected to Siemens a Distance protection Device Which professional experience in working for a company do you have ? Did you already take part in a project ? If yes.Please mark two of the mentioned subjects with an asterisk (*). evaporation and characterisation .com…………………… ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Which subject did you deal with in your bachelor thesis / graduate project ? Please describe shortly the technical aspects. the duration and the technical aspects of the project. if possible.m@hotmail. we will try to consider your preferences. However. Name Rupin Mehta…………………………………………………………… Email rupin. if there are two equally qualified applicants for a project. Regulating a DC Motor using a state Space controller. Power electronics. designing a Hochsetzsteller and Tiefsetztsteller Which fields do you consider to be your strengths ? Give two.: 1st choice: Powerelectronics for a Brushless DC Motor Controller 2nd choice: Design and build up of lab-course experiment.

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