4 p.m., Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Agenda: I. A. II. Call to Order Pledge of Allegiance

Board and Staff Reports: A. B. C. D. Finance, Audit, and Facilities Committee Meeting, February 5 – Patrick J. Powers, Kenneth F. Netto, and Michael R. Flick. Personnel Committee Meeting, February 8 – Kenneth F. Netto, Cindy Bufalini, and Yvonne Gebo. Policy/Legislation Committee Meeting, February 12 – Peter Monaco (Absent), Patrick J. Powers, and Michael R. Flick. Finance, Audit, and Facilities Committee Meeting, February 19 – Patrick J. Powers, Kenneth F. Netto, and Michael R. Flick.


Items for Board Action: A. B. C. Approval of CPSE Minutes. Approval of CSE Minutes. Approval of Nomination of a Candidate for Election to the JeffersonLewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Approval to enter into a five-year contract with Madison-Oneida BOCES CoSer 602 Administrative Computer Services Approval to donate/dispose of 266 small Facts and Symbols books. Approval to Adopt Board of Education Policies: Policy 4201, Borrowing Funds; 4202, Deposits; 4203, Investments; 4204, Insurance; 4301, Audit Committee; 4302, Annual Audit; 4303, Internal Audit Function; 4304, Auditing Claims for Payment; 4401, General Procurement Standards; 4402, Competitive Bidding; 4403, Non-Bid Purchasing; 4403.1, Procurement of Goods and Services Quote Form; 4404, Purchase Orders; 4501, Payroll Procedures; 4502, Payday Schedules; 4503, Salary Deductions; 4504, Expense Reimbursement; 4504.1, Expense Reimbursement Regulation; 4505, Contracting for Professional Services; 4601, Use of Credit Cards; 4602, Meals and Refreshments at District Functions; 4603, Petty Cash; 4603.1, Petty Cash Accounts; 4604, Gate Receipts and Admission; 4606, Student Fees, Fines and Charges; 4607,

D. E. F.

Accounting of Fixed Assets, Inventory and Tracking and 4701, Accepting Gifts from the Public G. Approval of Personnel Report Resignation Appointment Probationary Instructional Substitutes Non-instructional Substitute


Items for Information/Discussion: A. Superintendent of Schools’ Report. B. First Reading of Policy, 0022, Smoking and Tobacco Use. V. Upcoming Dates: • March 1 (Friday), Ohio School 1st Grade Concert @ 6 p.m. • March 5 (Tuesday), Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 p.m. @ D.O. • March 6 (Wednesday), Winter Sports Banquet, WHS @ 6:15 p.m. • March 6 (Wednesday), Sherman 4th Grade Musical @ 6 p.m. • March 8 (Friday), Personnel Committee, 12 noon, @ D.O. • March 8 (Friday), Starbuck Talent Show & Science Fair 6:30-8:00 p.m. • March 10 (Sunday), Daylight Saving Time @ 2 a.m. (spring ahead) • March 11 (Monday), Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee Meeting, 12 noon, @ D.O. • March 12 (Tuesday), Curriculum/Educational Technology Committee, 12 noon @ D.O. • March 13 (Wednesday), Music In Our Schools Concert @ WHS Gym @ 7 p.m. • March 15 (Friday), Parent Conferences (K-6) Early Dismissal • March 15 (Friday), First Day to Pick Up Petitions for Board of Education Election @ D.O. Adjournment


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