Construction Couture
March 21, 2013
* Holiday Inn * 5:30 Social * 6:30 Spotlight

2013 Construction Couture Model Entry
Company _________________________________________________________________________ Company Contact _________________________________________________________________ Student/Model Name (Please Print) ____________________________________+___________ Address _________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________ St _______________ Zip ____________________ Phone ________________________________ Email ____________________________________ By signing below I am submitting my Model Entry in the Vikingland Builders Association’s 2013 Construction Couture to be held on Thursday, March 21, 2013.

Model Entry $50 Signature _______________________________________ Date _______________________
I am a student and would like to apply for the Student Entry Scholarship. By signing the agreement I acknowledge that I am committed to this project as outlined on the reverse side of this form. If I do not fulfill my obligation I will pay the Vikingland Builders Association a $30 no-show fee. By checking this box I agree to let Vikingland Builders Association use photos of me from the Construction Couture held on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at anytime on their website or at the show.

Signature ______________________________________________________________________ Please provide a brief concept of your costume: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Please sign, make a copy for your records and return this copy to: Vikingland Builders Association Attn: Sandy Argetsinger 509 E 22nd Avenue #103, Alexandria, MN 56308 Phone: 320-763-3301 Fax: 320-763-3321 Email:

Contract Deadline: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Sketches Deadline: February 25, 2013
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Vikingland Builders Association 2013 Construction Couture MODEL and RUNWAY GUIDELINES
ENTRY RULES  Model agrees to be present at the event in costume by 6:00 PM. Time and order of appearance on stage will be decided by the Construction Couture Committee and handed out to models the night of the event.  Failure to appear for show will result in and additional fee of $30 and will be banned from entry and competition in upcoming style shows indefinitely.  Models must be 18 years of age or older.  Models should have costume ready one day before the event.  Models must be at dress rehearsal scheduled one day prior to the show. (March 20, 2013), time to be determined.  Outfit concept must be presented to and reviewed by the Construction Couture Committee for an un-biased consultation. This also helps to ensure that duplicate ideas are avoided. COSTUME DESIGN DETAILS  Nudity is not allowed. Nudity of any kind will result in disqualification of model with no refund on entry fee.  At least one aspect of the outfit must be made using raw building materials (examples, but not limited to quartz, tile, glass, wood, metal, paper, landscaping materials, anything you might utilize in the construction or furnishing of a home).  Costume idea and concept will be critiqued and reviewed by 2 designated Construction Couture Committee members to determine eligibility of costume as mentioned above.  Models must submit a minimum of 5 pictures by March 8, 2013 and 3 more pictures by March 18, 2013 (submit via email to preferably in jpeg format) of ensemble from beginning stages through final stages of costume creation. Pictures can be emailed anytime before the dates due. Have fun shooting them.  One assistant per model is allowed to accompany model behind stage. (Assistant not required).  Costume design is subject to ongoing critique of Construction Couture Committee prior to event to ensure costume abides by rules.  No Paint, over-sprays or flammables allowed to be brought on premises. If these are part of your costume, they must be completed before arriving at the show facility. HAIR AND MAKE-UP Hair and makeup is to be done at the models discretion to assure a look that is complimentary with their costume. However arrangements have been made with Ella’s Salon to do hair styling free of charge, and Herberger’s Cosmetics Department has agreed to do make up free of charge. Details for scheduling appointment and requirements are outlined on a separate form. Models are not required to use the services of Ella’s Salon or Herberger’s Cosmetics Department. The model agrees to appropriate screening process with Construction Couture Committee to ensure the model is abiding by the rules and guidelines of the Construction Couture 2013 at all times. These rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Construction Couture Committee. Neither the Vikingland Builders Association nor the Construction Couture Committee will be held responsible or liable for any injury that may occur to the model. Including, but not limited to creation of costume, practice run-through of the show or during the actual event. VBA and the Construction Couture Committee will not be liable for lost or stolen items. I hereby agree to the terms illustrated above for Construction Couture 2013. _______________________________________ Construction Couture Committee Member ________________________ Date __________________________________________ Model ___________________________________________ Company Representative

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