Written by Christopher J. Martinez

INT. TRAINING ROOM Athletic trainers work a group of student athletes in a well worn training room. It’s a room devoid of vanity or glory. Players ice sore joints. Trainers stretch tight muscles. Tape wraps around various limbs. The usual battle scars. The excruciating sound of joints popping and muscles pulling is all that can heard. Then, silenceCUT TO: INT. COURT - EVENING ANTHONY (23) sits as every muscle on his athletic frame tighten to keep him still. His eyes obsessively scan something in the distance. Anthony’s face, tense and focused with his hand covering his mouth, engulfs the frame. It is completely silent. SuddenlyKEDGE Anthony, you're up! COACH KEDGE, a celebrity handsome man in his early 40's wearing a flamboyant cherry blazer, directs Anthony to move. PAN as Anthony, clad in his cherry red UNM jersey, walks onto a basketball court, the Colosseum. Tens of thousands of fans fill the stands. The cheers of the crowd flood the soundtrack. ANNOUNCERS (O.S.) Returning off the bench, number 17 senior, Anthony Fontaine! TITLE: UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO vs. IDAHO STATE NOVEMBER 30TH Anthony enters the game as Idaho State has just scored. A teammate passes the ball in to Anthony. Anthony drives the ball up the court and scores. ANNOUNCERS (O.S.) (CONT’D) Basket for Fontaine!

2. Anthony smiles, though it is less out of happiness and more from satisfaction. Idaho State's ball. They drive down court and take advantage a gap in UNM's defense. They score as well. Anthony grabs the ball and chucks it into play. His teammate, RJ (early 20's), gets the pass. ANNOUNCERS (O.S.) (CONT’D) Fontaine to RJ McDonald. A boy in a man’s body, RJ, muscular and tall, playfully moves up court. However, he gets in trouble and gives a lazy pass to Anthony. Anthony fights an Idaho State player to get the ball. Anthony’s knocked down, landing funny on his right leg. The whistle blows. Foul. ANNOUNCERS (O.S.) (CONT’D) Personal foul on number 26, Mark Holland of Idaho State. This is his second personal foul andCUT TO: Anthony, now at the free throw line, is passed the ball. As it comes into his hands, the game goes silent again. All you can hear is Anthony's breathing. Anthony looks up to the hoop. The crowd behind it disappears. Anthony is all alone at the line. Anthony smiles. He's got this. He shoots. Perfect release. Perfect form. And yet, the ball hits the hoop and bounces away. Anthony's face sinks. All confidence and happiness drains from him. The disappointed sigh of the crowd fills the court and persists asINT. COURT TUNNEL - AFTER GAME Anthony walks, alone, through the tunnel out of his arena. His shoulders are still sunken in disappointment.

3. INT. LOCKER ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Anthony sits on the bench and takes off his shoes. Holding it, he stares into his locker. Suddenly, he violently SHOUTS and THROWS the shoe into the locker. INT. ANTHONY'S DORM BEDROOM - THAT NIGHT Anthony lumbers into his dorm room. It's pretty sparse: just a bed, dresser, some sports gear, and a guitar. Anthony throws his bag against the wall and collapses on to his bed. As Anthony lays on his bed, arms over his face, fuming. KIM (early 20's) lingers in the doorway. Her empathetic hazel eyes look in, but her body seems to hold her out. Kim walks over to the bed and cuddles up to Anthony. BabyKIM

ANTHONY I don't want to talkI know... KIM

Kim runs her fingers across Anthony's chest. KIM (CONT’D) You don't have another game for what three...four more days? Anthony smirks. ANTHONY And you're point is? They both laugh and then roll over so that they are face to face. They begin to make out and remove their clothes. INT. ANTHONY'S DORM BEDROOM - DAWN Kim lays in bed, alone. The clock by the dresser say 6:00AM. EXT. CAMPUS - DAWN Anthony jogs, alone, with his headphones blaring.

4. INT. ANTHONY'S BATHROOM - LATER THAT MORNING Anthony stands in front of his mirror. He first looks at his face and feels his stubble, then looks dead into his own eyes. ANTHONY (to self) Thirty percent at the line. Thirty percent. High schoolers hits thirty percent. You're playing like a fuckin high schooler. Anthony sigh and then suddenly SLAPS his own face. ANTHONY You can't do that schools. You need Notre Dame. Step. (CONT’D) shit against D-II to be ready for It. Up.

Anthony slaps his face in cadence with the last words. Woah! ANTHONY (CONT’D)

Anthony, pumped, goes to the shower. INT. LECTURE HALL - THAT MORNING Anthony sits in a large (300 person) lecture. Anthony doodles in his notebook. Sounds from the game last night play in his head. The content from the lecture cannot be heard. Anthony's eyes wander. He sees a classmate passed out in his books. There is the remnants of sharpie from a night partying on the back of his neck. INT. WEIGHT GYM - AFTERNOON Anthony bench presses while RJ spots him. RJ, however, watches the TV, which is on ESPN. RJ Do you see that bullshit? Jerome Watts alley-oops over some East Coast white boy and he the top story. MeanwhileAnthony zones this out. He just breaths in, lifts, breathes out. Breaths in, lifts, breathes out...

5. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - THAT EVENING Members of team slowly assemble into the conference room. It has oak paneling, team photos on the wall, and trophy everywhere. A Valhalla for athletes. Anthony enters with RJ. He notices Coach Kedge sitting at the head of the table. Coach Kedge turns to Anthony. At least to Anthony, Kedge seems to be staring him down. Coach Kedge gets up and walks to the front of the table to talk with the team. Not making eye contact with anyone, he loudly pats his hand on the table. KEDGE Games like last nights are...always difficult to evaluateKedge pauses to clear his throat. KEDGE (CONT’D) -it's expected that we win. People treat it like it’s a given. No one. No one will accept anything less. Another beat. KEDGE (CONT’D) And while it's undeniable we kicked the living shit out of them, it also showed some kinks we need to work on before Notre Dame. (to the team manager) Get the lights. The lights go down. The projector beams the game footage on the projector screen behind Kedge. He begins his analysis. Slumped, as if to hide himself, in his chair, Anthony watches the footage. INT. COURT - LATER Kedge paces back and forth, whistle in mouth, leading practice. The team runs through the drills; joking, ass grabbing, and the such. KEDGE Faster! Faster! Yeah, keep laughing boys. Play grabass on national TV, we’ll see who laughs then.

6. Anthony's turn and, unlike everyone else, he's focused on a mission. Anthony completes the drill. No jokes. No games. He keeps looking to Kedge for approval. CUT TO: The ball bins roll out and the player jockey for a ball. Anthony grabs one and heads to a free basket. There, he stands at the free throw line. Just as in the game, the sounds fade out and it becomes just Anthony and the basket. Anthony preps to shot and release the ball. Again, perfect form. Perfect follow through. And this time, it goes in. Anthony takes another shot. Still just the basket and Anthony, he sinks another one. He sign and smiles with satisfaction. He takes another shot. Swoosh and it's in. We pull out to reveal the court is empty, except Anthony. Practice ended awhile ago. Anthony goes for another shot whenKEDGE (O.S.) (CONT’D) Are you ever gonna leave? Anthony turns to see Kedge walking towards him, holding his own bag and Anthony's. KEDGE (CONT’D) I’m never against staying late, but think of the janitors. ANTHONY Sorry, Kedge. Wanted to work on the free throws. KEDGE I saw that. I also saw you trying to outrun everyone else today. I like the hustle, but it’s called practice for a reason. I’d rather see it in the game. ANTHONY You will. That’s why it’s practice. I better. KEDGE

Kedge throws Anthony his gym bag. The two walk off the court. Anthony checks his phone.


Oh, fuck.

And Anthony sprints out of the gym. KEDGE Now you are in a hurry. INT. CONFERENCE HALL HALLWAY - THAT NIGHT A sign read EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATE ACCOUNTING BANQUET 6:00PM INT. CONFERENCE HALL Kim, dressed up, pokes at a slice of cake at a banquet table. Top 40’s songs play, but the party is obviously winding down. Anthony, still sweaty, bursts into the hall. He runs to Kim and takes a seat next to her. ANTHONY Kim, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Kedge had us stay lateKIM That’s Peter’s seat. ANTHONY Who is Peter? KIM The person who’s sitting there. He’s up getting food, but he’ll be back. ANTHONY Well, he can move. I’m sitting here now. I came for your award and sitting next to you. KIM Well, at least you made it for cake. Kim pushes her plate to Anthony and gets up. ANTHONY I’m sorry. It was fucking practice.

8. KIM Anthony, my dean is right there. Please, stopping talking like a teenager. ANTHONY Stop talking to me like I’m five. KIM Stop acting like it. Goodnight everyone. Kim smiles to those around her and leaves. Anthony follows her to the hallway. INT. CONFERENCE HALL HALLWAY-THAT NIGHT Anthony stops Kim while she waits for the elevator. ANTHONY I told you, I’m sorry. I’m here now, aren’t I? KIM Do you want a gold star? ANTHONY What the hell is the matter with you? KIM Maybe the fact that all I asked was for you to be here for me and instead you show up three hours late, sweaty, and expect me to be okay with that. The elevator doors open and Kim enters. ANTHONY At least I’m here. KIM My ten year-old autistic brother could be here too. And he would have been on time and showered. The elevator doors shut. ANTHONY Christ! That’s fucked up Kim! Anthony turns to see an older gentlemen waiting behind him.

9. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Please don’t be the dean. CUT TO: EXT. ANTHONY'S CAR - AFTER Anthony drives through a side street on his way home. white knuckles the steering wheel. He

An empty public park, complete with a small basketball court, catches his eye. Anthony pulls up and grabs a basketball from his backseat. EXT. PUBLIC PARK - IMMEDIATELY AFTER Anthony walks onto the forsaken court and starts shooting free throws, just like in practice. With each basket, the stress dissipates. A car pulls into the parking lot and blinds Anthony with the head lights. Two big, imposing figures get out of the car. Cops. OFFICER #1 Shit, you were right! Told you. OFFICER #2

ANTHONY Is something wrong officers? OFFICER #2 Only that a D-I athlete is shooting hoops at...11:23 P.M. on a Thursday in the Warzone, that's all. Some neighbors called, thought you were some hood or something. ANTHONY I'm sorry. I didn't realizeOFFICER #1 Don’t worry. By the way, great game last night. ANTHONY (growing uncomfortable) Thanks.

10. OFFICER #2 Good warm up for Norte Dame, huh? OFFICER #1 Wasn't enough obviously. (to Anthony) Kedge not letting you get enough shots at practice? ANTHONY No. Just clearing my mind. OFFICER #2 Well, do it somewhere else. These people, on edge, you know. The threesome laugh and Anthony head to his car. ANTHONY Sorry about that officers. OFFICER #1 No problem. Just win the damn game to make it up to us, Fontaine. Anthony gives them an awkward thumbs up and then drives off. EXT. ANTHONY'S CAR - MORNING Anthony steers his car while trying to text out a message to Kim with the other. It is taking forever, as Anthony has to keep looking up to the road. The Talk, a talk radio program dedicated to local sports, is on. DJ (O.S.) Alright, our next caller is Mark. MARK (O.S.) Hey, guys. Everyone seems to think there is going to be this upset against Norte Dame. Personally, I think we are in some trouble. What?! ANTHONY

Anthony throws his phone onto the passenger seat, message only half completed, and focusses on the caller. He keeps giving his radio cockeyed glances, like it is saying this stuff.

11. DJ (O.S.) Why's that? MARK (O.S.) Look at it. We got a fundamentally young, inexperienced team. You can see it just by the way they played against Idaho StateANTHONY Inexperienced? MARK (O.S.) -they aren't disciplined, they are still make young, kid mistakesANTHONY What the fuck do know, you fat fuck? You've probably never dribbled a ball in your entire life. MARK (O.S.) -and Fontaine. He's a good kid and a hell of a player sometimes, but I don't know if he is a leader. That's what this team needs going into the Notre Dame game. A leader. ANTHONY You piece of shit. You have no idea what I do. You don't even know what you're talking about. Cocksucker motherfuckerINT. LARGE CAMPUS DINER - LATER THAT MORNING Anthony, RJ, and another teammate, RONNY, have gathered for quick breakfast. Anthony stares out the window and repeatedly taps his fork against his ceramic plate. RONNY Dude, you're gonna break the fuckin' plate. Anthony stops tapping his plate, but transfers the repetitive motion to bouncing the heel of his foot. RJ What the fuck’s up, man? Nothing. ANTHONY

12. RJ I don’t think Norte Dame’s gonna bring it likeANTHONY You know this asshole on The Talk was calling us "young" and "undisciplined?" And... RJ

ANTHONY That's bullshit, right? I can tell you of all the teams we have playedRONNY Fontaine. It's The Talk. It's a radio show. It ain't even ESPN. Who gives a fuck what they say. Anthony leans back in his booth and begins bouncing his feet again. RJ Is this shit about Kim? Before Anthony can say anything defensive, a overeager FRESHMAN REPORTER, comes up to the guy's table. FRESHMAN REPORTER Excuse me. Kat. I'm a writer with the Daily UNM Blog. I was wondering if I could interview you guys, just real quick? Before Anthony can decline, RJ and Robby respond enthusiastically yes. The reporter scoots next to Anthony. Anthony shoots a "fuck you" glance to Ronny and RJ. KAT Thanks you for this. Could just get your names and years real quick? RONNY Ronny Hunt, sophomore. RJ Randy Jared McDonald, junior. ANTHONY (with barely concealed disgust) Anthony Fontaine, senior.

13. KAT I'll start with you Anthony. Could you tell me about the game a few days ago? How you felt it went? ANTHONY (like a robot) It was a good game. Just because they are D-II does not mean they weren't tough andKAT There's already talk that you guys will bring UNM back to the tournament for the first time in ten years this year. Your thoughts? ANTHONY (again robotic) Well, every year we strive to get some post-season play. I always feel we are deserving of a spot. KAT Do you personally feel any added pressure? It being your senior year and all. ANTHONY I thought we were talking about the game. KAT Well, I’m curious about the captain is going through. How do you feel? ANTHONY I don’t think about it. There. KAT So you’re not looking at what lies beyond this season? Anthony squirms at these questions. He mumbles to himself, trying to think of a good, vague answer. Nothing is coming to him and he looks to his phone as a decoy. The half typed message to Kim is still on the screen. Anthony exits out of it to check the time. ANTHONY Where did the time go? I'm so sorry but I have to get to class. I'm already running a little late.

14. Anthony quickly shimmies free and starts to leave. KAT Can I ask you one moreANTHONY Nope, sorry. No time. (to Ronny and RJ) See you at practice. Moving as quick as possible without running, Anthony exits the diner. He pulls out his phone. CUT TO: INT. KIM'S APARTMENT - EVENING Kim’s phone sits like a loaded gun on her dresser. Kim silently psyches herself up before picking it up and making a call. Kim reluctantly puts the phone to her head. It rings for an excruciatingly long time. Finally, it picks up. Kim’s face sours. Hello? Hi, Mom. VOICE (O.S.) KIM

KIM’S MOTHER (O.S.) Kim? I’m on my way to pick up Steve from soccer. What’s up? KIM Oh, just seeing if you were okay. I didn’t see you at the banquet last nightKIM’S MOTHER (O.S.) You know Thursdays are Steve’s Cub Scout meetings. KIM Yes. Yes I know. I just thought, it being a big award and stuff, you might have wanted to come.

15. KIM’S MOTHER (O.S.) (laughing) I couldn’t leave him there all alone, sweetie. That would be ridiculous. KIM You’re right. I’m being ridiculous. KIM’S MOTHER (O.S.) Well, is that all you called for? Yup. KIM

KIM’S MOTHER (O.S.) Great. I’m running a little late so I’ve got to go. Love you. Bye. Bye. KIM

But she hangs up before she gets the words out. Kim falls back onto her bed. CUT TO: INT. ANTHONY'S BATHROOM - NIGHT Anthony lies in his bed, wide awake, staring at his empty ceiling. His bed seems oddly empty. Anthony gets up and grabs his basketball. He dribbles it into his pitch black common room. For a few seconds, it completely dark. The bouncing of the ball can be heard. Then, a CLICK and the room lights up. INT. COLOSSEUM - NIGHT Anthony is standing in the Colosseum, in uniform, still bouncing the ball. In the stands, the radio show caller Mark sits alone. He is grossly obess and smugly looking down at Anthony. Anthony gives him a nod of acknowledgment. ANTHONY Undisciplined? Could an undisciplined player do this?

16. Anthony then charges down court, juking his way past imaginary players and makes an lay-up. Anthony then turns to see the entire Norte Dame team sitting on the sideline, quietly judging him. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Yeah guys. Didn't think a small school kid could do that, did you? Probably don't think I could do this either. Anthony then charges again through the crowd of imagined defenders to the three point-line and makes a fade-away as if someone was guarding him. Seated in front of him, Kat furiously writes in her notebook then looks up to him. ANTHONY (CONT’D) That's what's in my future. A lot more of that. Anthony then sinks three after three. On the sideline, Kedge stands in his cherry red blazer. ANTHONY (CONT’D) And that is what leadership looks like. Actions. Control. Decisions. Anthony continues manoeuvring around the goal and imaginary players, as well as a static RJ. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Because someone has to do it. Someone's got to want it. Anthony then looks straight ahead. Under the basket, Kim stands, arms crossed, as if waiting for something. Anthony charges the goal and dunks the ball. As he comes down, he lands inches from Kim's face. Anthony stares her right in the eyes. She stares back. Their eyes acting as magnets, Kim gives him a peck on the mouth. Satisfied, Anthony walks backwards, ball in hands. Anthony proceeds to throw it in the air. It does not come down. Anthony then stretches his arms out and falls backwardsBACK TO BEDROOM

17. -onto his bed. Grinning to himself, Anthony curls up, shuts his eyes, and falls into a deep sleep. FADE TO BLACK: EXT. COLOSSEUM - NEXT DAY A sea of cherry floods into the Colosseum. The game day symphony roars from the arena. INT. LOCKER ROOM - THAT MOMENT In the locker room, however, it is quiet. The players are preparing themselves. Some stretch, other pace with headphones on. RJ sits on the bench, hands claps in silent prayer. No one dares speak. In a dark corner of the room, Anthony hovers over a trash can. His hands rest on his knee as if he is about to vomit. However, Anthony stands upright, looking perfectly fine. KEDGE (O.S.) It's showtime boys. And with that, the teams goes onto the court. INT. ARENA TUNNEL - LATER The team MARCHES through the tunnel from the locker room to the arena with purpose and confidence. The ROAR of the crowd get increasing louder until the team reaches the court. Then the full force hits. The cherry red stands, the chanting fans, the pulsing pep band. It is an awe-inspiring moment. The teams line up for tip-off. Anthony’s up for UNM. The ball is tossed into the air and the two players jump. Everything freezes right before either team can touch it. TITLE: UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO VS. #13 NOTRE DAME DECEMBER 3RD The game restarts with Anthony knocking to ball back to his players. We see HIGHLIGHTS of the game.

18. UNM plays like champions: making it look easy. Their plays are executed like choreographed dances-graceful and smooth. But this Anthony's game. He is hot. He sinks every shot, out runs every player. He is in his element. He is genuinely smiling. The scoreboard shows UNM pulling further and further ahead as the game continues. The CROWD and the MUSIC blend into a pulsing beat. With seconds left in the second half, Notre Dame makes a desperate play to score. RJ intercepts the ball and passes it to Anthony, who is wide open down court. With no one defending him and the basket wide open, Anthony dunks the ball. The crowd erupts in cheers. Cameras flash. The buzzer rings. The game is over-UNM has defeated 13th ranked Notre Dame in a landslide. Anthony hugs RJ and then Kedge runs up to embrace them both. Anthony shakes hands with the Notre Dame team. REPORTERS and OFFICIALS run on court to talk with the players. The student section breach past security and rush the court. Cheering, they hoist Anthony into the air. Anthony is glowing. It is the happiest night of his life. INT. OUTSIDE THE LOCKER ROOM - LATER The team exits the locker room bristling with energy. A small gathering of friends and family wait for them. RJ and his girlfriend, REAGAN, embrace. Kedge hugs his wife. Congratulations are shared amongst the group as it slowly dissipates. Anthony looks around the ever thinning group-looking for Kim. Kim is nowhere to be seen. Anthony stands alone as the team has dispersed with their significant others. That glowing quality has vanished.

19. INT. ANTHONY'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Anthony lies awake in his bed again, tossing and turning. Finally, he grabs his cell phone and makes a call. Hey... ANTHONY CUT TO: EXT. STUDENT GHETTO - LATER THAT NIGHT Anthony parks in front of a typically unkempt apartment complex. From the second floor, Kim sheepishly exits in pajama bottoms and an overcoat to brave the winter night. ANTHONY The big chem final? Kim sheepishly nods. KIM Congrats on the game. Thanks. that. I matter. and I'm Okay. ANTHONY Look, I messed up. I know had a doesn't What matters is I messed up sorry. KIM

ANTHONY Okay. It was weird, not having you to share it with. KIM Sorry I ruined your night. ANTHONY It's not like that. I mean, being with you. Having you. Us! Having us be together. KIM Anthony, I'm tried of being the mistress. ANTHONY You're not. You never were.

20. KIM And I should believe that because? ANTHONY Because. Tonight I was missing something. I could feel it. I wasn’t sure what, but now I know. And it’s a hell of a lot more important to me than a fucking game. KIM (slight laugh) Are you drunk? ANTHONY No, I’m apologizing. Anthony stares up at Kim like a hurt child would to his mother, looking for forgiveness. Kim bends. She walks down to Anthony and puts her hands on his face. Anthony goes to kiss her, but she stops him before. KIM I'm serious. I won't be the afterthought. ANTHONY You never were. I'm going to prove that to you. Anthony flashes a smile that Kim can't resist and she gives him a peck on the lips. Anthony tries for more, but Kim stops him once more. KIM I really do have a lot of work still. ANTHONY Work will always be there. KIM And you won’t? Anthony laughs and grabs Kim. The two start making out and head upstairs. FADE TO:

21. EXT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S HOUSE - CHRISTMAS EVE Anthony and Kim pull up to a small, single-story home in a working class neighborhood. There are cars everywhere, even the front lawn, and tacky Christmas lights on the roof. Anthony walks Kim, who is carrying a platter, up to the front door. INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S HOUSE ENTRANCE-HALL THAT MOMENT Anthony and Kim enter the house, which is packed with relatives. Faint generic Christmas songs hovers over the chatter. An older woman, AUNT MARY, walks past the two. AUNT MARY Well look at handsome! Good to see ya. Merry Christmas ANTHONY Merry Christmas to you too Aunt Mary. You remember Kim. AUNT MARY Of course. How are you dear? KIM Great. Merry Christmas! AUNT MARY (to Anthony) You're mom's in the kitchen and god know where Kenny's at. ANTHONY I'll find him. Anthony and Kim make there way through the living room towards the kitchen. INT. ANTHONY’S MOTHER’S LIVING ROOM The family's quiet a crowd. The men give off a blue collar vibe in speech and dress. They have well maintained beer bellies and faces that make them look older than they are. Many are gathered around the TV, watching the basketball game. The women are more spread out, as if in cliques, talking amongst themselves.

22. Most look uncomfortable, as if they’d rather be anywhere but with these people. They put on a good smile though. Some of the cousins are young children running around. But when Kim and Anthony walk through, they're like celebrities. Everyone makes an effort to greet them. UNCLE RORY (50's) and COUSIN PAUL (late 20's) are the first. UNCLE RORY Number 24! Nationally ranked! Look at you bud. COUSIN PAUL 24? That's pussy shit. ANTHONY How’s it going Uncle Rory? (to Cousin Paul) Sorry, Paul. Tell me again what the Sanitation Department softball team is ranked again? COUSIN PAUL Funny, asshole. The two share a laugh and hug. Kim timidly waves at the few people she recognizes. Some other off hand comments are overheard, like "Did you see the dunk?," "Apparently Kenny applied to Brown too," etc. Anthony and Kim keep making their way to the kitchen. We stop on TWO FEMALE COUSIN having a conversation. FEMALE COUSIN #1 Do they give scholarship if you have a DUI. FEMALE COUSIN #2 I don't know. For his sake, I hope so. INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S KITCHEN Anthony and Kim enter the kitchen. Family matriarchs have gathered around the table, where ANTHONY'S MOTHER (early 40's) is showing on some home-made jewelry. Anthony's Mother is a short woman with perfectly done, blond highlighted hair, through the graying roots are showing.

23. ANTHONY'S MOTHER (to the table) the woman with the neck-mole thing, she asked if I made anything with turquoise. (under her breath) East Coast, naturally. Obviously, Anthony's Mother is very involved in what she's going. Anthony slinks around to get her attention, when one of the aunts notices him. Anthony! AUNT

In unison, the table stops what they are doing and turns to Anthony. Anthony! ALL

Anthony's Mother throws the jewelry and jumps up to kiss him. ANTHONY'S MOTHER Merry Christmas! ANTHONY Merry Christmas to you too! ANTHONY'S MOTHER Oh God. I feel like I only see you on TV anymore. She places her hands on his face and pulls him towards her to whisper in his ear. ANTHONY'S MOTHER (CONT’D) (whispering) Have you seen your brother yet? ANTHONY (whispering)


ANTHONY'S MOTHER (whisper) Keep an eye out for him. I wanna be careful, with the booze and all. Anthony nods and Anthony's Mother pushes back.

24. ANTHONY'S MOTHER (CONT’D) Our basketball star. (to the women at the table) Oh, that piece I'm making for this little old Mexican lady. Sweetest thing. Seventy-five and still dyes her hair. Anthony's Mother then notices Kim by Anthony's side. ANTHONY'S MOTHER (CONT’D) Kim! You look fantastic. Merry Christmas! KIM Merry Christmas to you too! ANTHONY'S MOTHER You're over 21, right? 22. KIM

ANTHONY'S MOTHER Not like it'd stop me, but let me get you some eggnog. Come on. Put that down over here. (to the table) I'll be right back. Anthony's Mother pulls Kim towards the booze counter. Kim flashes Anthony a HELP ME glance before disappearing into the kitchen. Anthony looks up to KENNY (17) greeting an aunt. Kenny is tall like Anthony, but skinnier, almost sickly looking. He has a beer in hand. Anthony watches Kenny very closely. Kenny sways slightly, suggesting something more than beer is getting to him. The aunt leaves and Kenny fixates himself on reading the Christmas cards on the mantle. This is Anthony's chance. INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S LIVING ROOM Anthony comes up behind Kenny and puts his hand on his shoulders. ANTHONY Merry Christmas man!

25. KENNY Jesus Christ, about time you showed up. Thought I'd have to deal with this shit solo. (raising his beer) Cheers, to Christmas. ANTHONY Mom'd kill you if she saw you with that. KENNY Her own damn fault for buying them. Kenny takes a big swig and slips some beer on himself. ANTHONY I'd expect you to be less a lightweight. KENNY Please, this is only my second. Popped a couple viks. Wasn’t sure I’d be able to sneak away one of these. What’ll you do? ANTHONY What in theKENNY You've heard Uncle Al's Korea stories. I just can't deal with that shit. Again. ANTHONY I managed for twenty-three years. So you're liver takes the abuse instead? KENNY Look at Mama Tony. Trust me, not my first rodeo. COUSIN PAUL Kenny! The little wannabe Harvard boy. Paul! KENNY

Kenny puts on a fake smile for Paul but turns to Anthony to reveal his true disgust. Anthony just shakes his head.

26. INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S LIVING ROOM Anthony’s Mother plays with a toddler. Kim sits next to her, smiling but avoiding interacting with the kid. She’s obviously uncomfortable. Anthony’s mother lets the toddler run off. ANTHONY’S MOTHER Isn’t Jake the cutest! KIM Yeah. Who’s his mother? ANTHONY’S MOTHER Lisa. The blonde, kinda chubby one. KIM God, she still looks so young. ANTHONY’S MOTHER It’s a Dobb family tradition of sorts. I was eighteen when I had Anthony. Wow. KIM

ANTHONY’S MOTHER Children are very important in this family. Anthony’s Mother clasps Kim’s hands. ANTHONY’S MOTHER (CONT’D) I would’ve never thought it, but I’m so grateful I had them when they did. Honestly, these boys are the best thing that’s happened in my life. Kim politely smiles, nods, and finishes her drink. INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S LIVING ROOM Anthony sits with men watching the basketball game. He looks bored out of his mind. UNCLE #1 What kind of defense is that? (to Anthony) (MORE)

27. UNCLE #1 (CONT'D) I wanna watch you on that court next year showing those guys how to block the damn ball. I'll try. ANTHONY

Just then, a SLAM comes from the kitchen. Everyone turns to see... INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S KITCHEN Kenny just ran into the kitchen table and stumbles his way towards the sink. Kenny vomits into the sink before collapsing to the floor, still clasping the counter. INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S LIVING ROOM Anthony jumps up and runs to the kitchen. INT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S KITCHEN Family has gathered around Kenny. He tries to stand up like everything is fine. Anthony's Mother stands back, too disgusted at her son to help. Anthony parts the crowd and grabs Kenny. ANTHONY (to the family) I've got him! I've got him! NeedKIM

ANTHONY I'm fine. (to Kenny) Come on, bud. KENNY Fuck you, I'm fine. Anthony drags Kenny through the kitchen to the bathroom. COUSIN #1 So much for sobriety.

28. INT. BATHROOM Anthony drops Kenny next to the toilet. Anthony then grabs Kenny by the hair and forces his face into the bowl. CUT TO: INT. AGENT OFFICE - A MONTH LATER A picture of ADAM, Anthony’s “agent,” with a newly drafted player hangs on his office wall. ADAM (O.S.) We’re sort of in a legal grey area here. You understand that right? Anthony sits across from Adam in his office. ANTHONY Yeah. I just want some advice. ADAM Understandable. You guys should get that. Now, a few contacts say there is some interest in the NBA about you. Some being the key word here. ANTHONY “Some” meaning could I or could I not be drafted? ADAM I didn’t say you couldn’t. The word is that you have “potential,” but so do a thousand other guys. They want to see that achieved. They want to see what makes you special. That’s what first round takes. ANTHONY (contemplating) Who said this? Which teams? ADAM We’re already flirting with your amateur status right here. Let’s not push it. I’d feel uncomfortable naming names. What matters is that you make a name.

29. INT. ATHLETE’S WEIGHT ROOM - LATER The UNM squad lift weights. Anthony spots RJ as he lifts. ANTHONY Have any pro teams contacted you? Maybe. RJ

ANTHONY Fuck you, maybe. Who? RJ Who? Does it matter? It’s not like I’m going for the draft. ANTHONY Okay, sure. RJ Alright, who’s contacted you? ANTHONY It’s complicated. INT. LOCKER ROOM - LATER The team gathers around ANDREW, a freshman who looks like he should be in high school. Everyone except Anthony. ANDREW -And her roommate was still typing away with headphones on. And by now, I’d been fingering her for, like, ten minutes. And she whispers in my ear ‘Go down on me.’ The whole team cracks up. Did you? RJ

ANDREW Well, yeah. The team hoots and hollers again. RONNY You’re a bold fucker, Drew.

30. ANDREW Her roommate had to have heard us. She was moaning so fucking loud. RJ Man, you do what you got to get laid. Right, Fontaine? ANTHONY I don’t know. I don’t really do it that much. RJ What? You don’t give Kim that lovely oral pleasure? ANTHONY Nah, she doesn’t like it. RJ bursts into exaggerated laughter, pacing his way to face Anthony head on. Anthony doesn’t see the humor. RJ ‘Doesn’t like it.’ That’s classic. ANTHONY What? She doesn’t. RJ That, my friend, is Grade A bullshit. Girls either love getting eaten out or they’re lying. ANTHONY You’re saying you know my girlfriend better than me? RJ No, but I do know women better than you. ANTHONY Oh, fuck you. Anthony half-playfully shoves RJ. Everyone laughs and jokes. Anthony just shakes his head. CUT TO: INT. ANTHONY'S DORM BEDROOM - THAT NIGHT Anthony and Kim lie in bed watching a movie.

31. Anthony leans over to kiss Kim’s neck while moving his hand up and down her thigh. KIM Stop teasing. I’m not. ANTHONY

KIM Right, Mr. Superstitious. Anthony kisses Kim on the mouth now, while feeling up her shirt. KIM (CONT’D) Quit playing games. ANTHONY I’m not. Really. Anthony proceeds to remove Kim’s top. He kisses her again, slowing kissing her down her body. ANTHONY (CONT’D) I told you, you’re not the mistress any more. Kim smiles and lies back. Her face radiates with pleasure. INT. LA POSADA - NEXT DAY Anthony and RJ glide through the cafeteria, which is decked out in cherry red banters and posters. Every once and a while, someone will wish them a good game. Anthony politely smiles, while RJ proudly thanks them. RJ Chance the number girls paint of their face are the players they’d fuck? ANTHONY Tough breaking it to them we’re taken. RJ Looks, like you’re winning. AwesomeANTHONY

32. A distracted Anthony runs into SARA (22), probably the only girl in the place not showing school spirit. Her books fall, as does Anthony’s drink. Sara picks up her books. Neither Anthony nor RJ help. SARA (sarcastically) Oh, don’t mind me. It would be a tragedy for one of you to pull a muscle lifting these heavy books before the big game. And with that, Sara parts from the guys. Anthony notices the rebellious streak of green through her hair. RJ The fuck was that? INT. COURT - EVENING Anthony and the players run through drills with an assistant coach. Anthony turns to see two men in suits in the stands. They point over towards RJ as they talk. RJ shows off his skills to a group of players that have gathered around him. Despite its playful nature, RJ’s talent and skill are obvious. Anthony glares in disgust. Kedge glares down the men in the suits. KEDGE (blowing his whistle) Alright, on the line. RJ, knock it off. Anthony, glaring down the men in suits as well, goes to the line for sprint drills. ANTHONY (V.O.) Not achieving my potential, huh? Just you watch. Kedge blows the whistle for sprints. Anthony lunges into action. MATCH CUT TO:

33. INT. COLOSSEUM - NEW GAME Anthony charges into another player, knocking him to the ground. The ref blows the whistle. ANNOUNCERS (O.S.) Foul. Fontaine. That is his first personal foul and second team foul of the half. As Anthony moves aside, we see the press box in the distant frantically typing. TITLE: #19 UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO VS. TEXAS TECH JANUARY 24TH Anthony stares down the player as his teammates help him up. Anthony heads to his place for the free throw, Kedge can be seen behind him, yelling. CUT TO: Texas Tech moves down court at what seems like breakneck speed. Anthony illegally blocks a player and the whistle blows for a foul. CUT TO: A Texas Tech player dribbles through the UNM defense and goes for a lay up. Anthony tries to stop him, but knocks the player. Another whistle, another foul on Anthony. CUT TO: Anthony charges up court, maneuvering through players, and not passing to his teammates. Heavily covered, Anthony makes a poor shot that bounces off the rim. RJ rebounds and scores. CUT TO: Texas Tech goes up court. Anthony aggressively tries to defend the player with the ball. Too aggressively. Another foul is called. Kedge subs another player in for Anthony. KEDGE (whispering) What's the matter with you?

34. ANTHONY I'm just playing! The refsKEDGE (whispering) It's never the fucking refs. Kedge walks away. Anthony watches as RJ successfully prevents the team from scoring. RJ moves down court, playing composed, and passing to his teammates. RJ gets stuck with the ball and covered by defenders, but scores. Anthony seems dismayed by this. CUT TO: There are forty-five seconds on the clock and the game is tied. Anthony is back on the court. UNM has a chance to score. Anthony drives into the paint and puts up a lay-up. He makes it. Regaining confidence, Anthony charges down court to prevent Texas Tech from scoring. There, Anthony aggressively defends NUMBER 45 with the ball. Number 45 teases Anthony with the ball. In a split second, Number 45 jukes past Anthony to the basket. Anthony trips him, but not before the shot goes in. A foul is called. ANNOUNCERS (O.S.) Foul on Fontaine. That is his fifth foulANTHONY (to the ref) Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me!? That wasn't a foul! The ref just ignores him. Player 45 shoves past Anthony to the free throw line. ANTHONY (CONT’D) (to the ref) Come on! That's a bullshit call and you knowThe ref turns to Anthony, ready to reprimand him, but-



Kedge furiously motions for Anthony to go to the sideline. Anthony complies and walks to the sideline. The crowd claps, not like in mattered to Anthony. ANTHONY That call was bullshitKEDGE (into Anthony ear) No. It fucking wasn’t. Don't ever, EVER, pull shit like that again. Not at a time like this. Anthony timidly nods. Player 45 makes his extra point. There are only fifteen seconds left on the clock-only enough time for one last possession. RJ is heavily guarded outside the three point line. He dribbles, waiting to make his move. Five seconds remain. RJ tries to move, but is blocked. He has to shot behind the line. It goes in. UNM wins! The crowd ERUPTS. UNM players gather around RJ to congratulate him. Anthony begrudgingly joins. The two team meet to shake hands. Player 45, however, passes over Anthony. Anthony turns to him, ready to fight. Before he can, Kedge shakes the players hand. Kedge smiles. KEDGE (CONT’D) Great game son. But you need to be a better actor if you want to make it in the NBA. PLAYER 45 Oh yeah, you know a lot about that. KEDGE Yes I do. So you’d be smart to listen. PLAYER 45 What will you do about it?

36. KEDGE What will I do about it? PLAYER 45 What will you do about it? KEDGE I’ll tell youPLAYER 45 What will you do about it? KEDGE I'll tell you you're an asshole! Kedge storms away from the handshake line. Anthony just smiles to himself. INT. PRESS ROOM - AFTER GAME Anthony, RJ, and Kedge sit on a panel as the press grills them on the game. The three fight to contain their emotions, as different as they are. REPORTER #1 Coach Kedge. The team struggled a bit tonight. How does that affect you moving forward? KEDGE Well, Texas Tech is a strong team and we expected them to put up a fight. But I think we showed that we are tougher and more determined than other team perceive us. We showed our will to win. I'm making sure that toughness is only going to intensify with each game. REPORTER #2 Anthony. Did your foul trouble at such a critical point influence how you played? ANTHONY There is always a lot of emotion doing through any game and I feel it's important to channel it. And that’s what I kept doing.

37. REPORTER #2 But did channel your emotion, as you said, maybe put a greater strain on your teammates? ANTHONY I think I wouldn't be the player I am if I didn't play with emotion. I guess that the risk I run. REPORTER #3 RJ. Great finish. What was going through your mind in those final second? RJ You know, just keep your cool and play like it were any other time. REPORTER #4 You really stepped up your role as a leader tonight. Can we expect more of that in the future? RJ (laughing) I mean, my main goal is to help the team in each game. I'll fill whatever role my team needs. ANTHONY My teammate's being humble. (to RJ) There is no need to be shy. (back to press) We always need guys to help guide us on the court. Guy’s who we can look to in the future. Guy’s who want to help build this program and not use it as some platform. I'm glad to see that you stepped up tonight. I certainly hope to see it more often. RJ shots Anthony a sideways, but Anthony just stares ahead at the press with his photo ready smile. INT. SPORTS BAR - LATER THAT EVENING Anthony focuses on RJ's shoes. They're impeccably white, their first night out. A recruiters gift.

38. The starters sit at a booth in a crowded sports bar. It’s silence. Food is in front of everyone, but no one eats. Anthony looks up to see RJ staring at him from across the table. ANTHONY I mean what I said at the press conference. It's great you want to be a team leader. But a real leader’s going to stay loyal his team. He’s not looking for his next big break. RONNY How about Kedge in theANTHONY -Are you even in this for the team? Can we trust that you’re going to keep the team first? RJ For someone who fouled outANTHONY He fucking faked everything! You saw it. I was playing to fucking win and keep us fucking ranked! Not for some contract! Anthony has inched forward at this point. Everyone else has back off. Anthony recognizes this and leans back as well. ANTHONY (CONT’D) I'm sorry. That fucking call. It's just messing with me. That was uncalled for. Let's just drop it. Anthony starts to eat. No one else is. Anthony keeps eating, as if that will calm the situation. INT. BANQUET HALL - NIGHT It is a large fund-raising banquet with alumni and donors. The UNM team is dressed in tuxedos and posing for a picture. Everyone is smiling, but as soon as the photo is taken the smiles drop and everyone parts. Except Anthony, who remains standing as everyone leaves. At a table, Kedge, his wife, Anthony, Kim, Regan, and RJ sit and talk with VIP's.

39. VIP (to Kedge) That was damn disrespectful of him to talk to you that way. I'm glad you told him off. Screw the conference? KEDGE Why isn't he on the board? Everyone chuckles. Kim leans over to Anthony. KIM I'm getting a glass of water. Want anything? Anthony shakes his head. Kim gets up to leave. VIP No wonder they play so strong. You boys' have ladies like that to go home to every night. Everyone blushes and awkwardly chuckles off the comment. Kedge leans over to his wife. KEDGE I’ll get us another glass. Kedge walks up to Kim at the bar. KEDGE (CONT’D) Thanks for being a trooper. They pay for my suits and I still don't like them. KIM I'm not having to make jokes about being fined. KEDGE It comes with the territory. KIM We learn to live with it. KEDGE You know, we lecture the guys how to deal with the public, but the girlfriends, it’s like we feed them to lions.

40. KIM I mean, we are just here to smile and look pretty. KEDGE Don’t say things like that. KIM Well, it’s true. KEDGE They’re old and take thing for granted, but even they have that someone by their side. Their rock, so to speak. And they appreciate it, even if they don’t say it. KIM Guess we’re destine to be martyrs. KEDGE I don’t think you believe that. Why? KIM

KEDGE When you're loyal to someone through ruff patches, it shows something. KIM Does it get easier? KEDGE You'll have to ask my wife. I can speak for him, though, and as long as he's playing, it's gonna be these same ups and downs. KIM How long you think he's gonna keep playing, then? KEDGE Everyone finally lets it go at their own pace. Speaking from experience, though, probably longer than's good for him. Kedge grabs his glass of wine and returns to the table, leaving Kim. CUT TO:

41. The tables have been moved aside to create a dance floor. No one is dancing, however. The player have all huddled to the side tables with their dates. The VIP walks to the center of the floor and takes the mic from the DJ. VIP (into mic) Come on! You don't have another game for a couple of days. Kedge offers his wife a dance and the two start dancing on the floor, along with some older guests. Kedge looks to the guys, gesturing for them to get on the floor. They don't get up. None of them want to dance to this. Kim gets up and grabs Anthony's hand. Come on. KIM

ANTHONY (whispering) I don't know how. KIM I'll show you. Kim practically drags Anthony onto the dance floor. KIM (CONT’D) (to Anthony) Now, I put my left foot back and you put your right foot in and then switch that. Anthony tries, but steps on her foot. I'm sorry. It's fine. ANTHONY KIM

Anthony tries to keep dancing, but keeps messing up. This makes him more nervous. He looks around the room in a panic. ANTHONY We can stop now.

42. KIM It's fine. Spin me. Anthony is at least able to spin her. KIM (CONT’D) Perfect. Just look at me. Anthony still looks uncomfortable, but he is getting better. Over time, Anthony eventually cracks a smile and looks like he is actually enjoying it. INT. ANTHONY'S DORM BEDROOM - THAT NIGHT Anthony leads Kim into his dorm. The two are still dressed up. KIM God! I would trade you sprint drills to not wear heels. ANTHONY Obviously you didn’t play sports. KIM You're not walking home in them. ANTHONY You're going home? Spend the night. KIM I don't have any clothes to sleep in. And? ANTHONY

Kim just gives Anthony a knowing look. Anthony grabs a big shirt from his dresser and throws it to her. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Wear this. I promise, it's clean. Better be. KIM

Kim heads to the bathroom to change. Anthony sits down on his bed and unbuttons his shirt. Kim does not close the door all the way. Anthony can see part of her through the doorway as she strips off her dress.

43. Anthony stops unbuttoning his shirt and just stares at the sliver of nude flesh he sees through the door. Kim enters into the bedroom, with the oversized T-shirt as a nightgown. Anthony is still staring at her. KIM (CONT’D) Something wrong? Come here. ANTHONY

Kim moves to Anthony and he pulls her up to him. They stare into each others eyes for a second and then kiss. ANTHONY (CONT’D) You know, I love you. I really do. Kim doesn't know how to responded but to keep staring into Anthony's eyes. They look so sincere. KIM I love you too. With that, the two begin making out and fall onto the bed. Anthony moves his hands up Kim's shirt and Kim starts to undo Anthony's pants. Kim then straddles Anthony while the two continue making out. They are really getting into it. Then, Anthony gets out of it. Like the spell he was under broke. ANTHONY I'm sorry. I need to...I need to... Anthony gets up and rushes to the bathroom. Kim flops herself over on the bed and lets out a deep sigh. INT. ANTHONY'S BATHROOM - THAT MOMENT Anthony gets into the shower and turns it on to cold. He stands under the water, shivering, fists clenched. Kim walks into the bathroom. Anthony is too ashamed to look at her. ANTHONY I'm sorry. It's just...with the game-

44. KIM Not for three days, I thought. ANTHONY I know. But I really want to be on the top of my game. I need to be. From now on. KIM It's fine. I get it. Anthony's head is still sunken in shame. He finally looks up to Kim. Kim politely smiles then returns to the bedroom. Anthony returns to his shower. EXT. CAMPUS - MORNING A fresh layer of snow has blanketed the campus overnight. Anthony goes for his morning run. Anthony winces with pain. It forces him to slow to a stop and nurse his right knee. Anthony stretches it out on a bench. SARA (O.S.) Cold enough for ya? It's Sara. She's taking flier off a community bulletin board behind him. ANTHONY Could be worse. SARA Look. Sorry about being kinda a bitch that time. Not a good day. ANTHONY Don't be. I should be sorry for being a...whatever. Bygones, right? Anthony goes back to stretching. Sara finishes pulling off the fliers and walks over to the bench. SARA I don’t know the schedule or anything, but if you're free tonight, we're having a performance. It's free.

45. ANTHONY Performance? SARA Yeah, this play some friends have been working on. Might be fun. Some culture. ANTHONY Culture, ah? I think I can get into that. SARA We always like students in the crowd. Anthony tries to hand her the flier. SARA (CONT’D) I know. Keep it. I'm taking them down anyway. I’m Sara. Sorry, I forgot that part. Anthony. I know. ANTHONY SARA

Sara walks away, waving and flashing a big smile. INT. ANTHONY’S DORM - THAT NIGHT Anthony puts on a dress shirt, checking himself out as he does. Behind him, Kim naps on his bed. Anthony puts a large, winter coat on to hide the shirt. He wakes Kim up. ANTHONY Hey, hon. I’m going to meet the guys for dinner. Kim wakes up, groggy. KIM (disappointed) CUT TO:


46. INT. KIM’S APARTMENT KITCHEN Kim pours herself wine into a plastic cup. INT. KIM’S APARTMENT BEDROOM Kim sits on the couch and sips her wine. Kim flips through her textbook on the coffee table. She’s instantly bored. KIM (shouting to her roommate) Sharon! What’s going on tonight? CUT TO: INT. THEATER - THAT NIGHT Anthony enters the performing arts center, which looks in dire need of renovations. He wears UNM sweaters and, for the first time, no one else is. Anthony takes a seat. His long legs squeeze into the tiny seats. The lights go down and the play begins. The production is almost comical in how serious it tries to be. Anthony watches with passive bemusement. The play ends and the lights come up. There is a standing ovation. Anthony applauds as well, but like he’s at a game. INT. THEATER LOBBY - AFTER SHOW Anthony waits in the lobby as the actors exit the dressing room. Sara exits with fellow actors, ED. She spots Anthony. SARA Holy shit. (to Anthony) You actually came. ANTHONY Of course, I said I would. SARA What did you think?

47. ANTHONY It was interesting. Like the premise was like interesting...You were great in it. (to Ed) You too, man. They are all a little shocked to see Anthony here. ED Thanks. (to Sara) We're gonna head over now. SARA Great. You know, we're having a wrap-party-thingy. If you wanna come? ANTHONY Is it okay? SARA (sarcastically) No, I just invited you as a joke. ANTHONY I was gonna just make sure I could go, but I guess nowHere. SARA

Sara takes Anthony's phone and puts her number in. SARA (CONT’D) I'll text you the address and I'll see you soon, if that’s cool? Naturally. ANTHONY

Sara and Anthony giggle. Sara goes to talk to other people. Anthony follows her with his eyes. EXT. HOUSE - LATER Anthony pulls up to the house.

48. INT. HOUSE - LATER The wrap party is small and intimate, much like the house. People are smoking, drinking, and talking back in the living room. Anthony cautiously enters the front door. Ed and another actor, PHIL, sit and smoke just inside. Anthony and Phil make uncomfortable eye contact. ED (to Phil) Sara invited him. (to Anthony) What's up, man? I'm Ed. Phil. PHIL

ANTHONY Hey, guys. Anthony. We know. PHIL

ANTHONY Where's Sara? ED Other room. Drinks are in the kitchenANTHONY I don't drink. Ed and Phil are shocked by this. ANTHONY (CONT’D) I meant what I said though. You guys were great. Like professionals. Ed and Phil laugh. Anthony's confused by it. What? ANTHONY (CONT’D)

ED Flattering, but I still don’t think I’ll be switching to a theater major any time soon. Anthony doesn't really process it.

49. ED (CONT’D) It’s just a thing we do. Nice change in pacePHIL -Exercise the right brain. ANTHONY You guys seemed good enough. Sara enters the room, red cup in hand, and sits between Ed and Phil. She puts her arm playfully around Ed. SARA (to Anthony) Did our terrible host not offer you a drink? ED Said he doesn't drink. Sara looks up to Anthony, perplexed. ANTHONY Not during the season. SARA Weird. Come on, let's be social. Sara gets up and leads Anthony into the living room. SARA (CONT’D) Cool, guys. ANTHONY Yeah. Are they really not in acting with you? SARA I'm not an actor. What? ANTHONY

SARA Please, I don't want to live in a cardboard box out of college. INT. LIVING ROOM Anthony and Sara enter the living room full of people. Sara stands back, arms stretched at Anthony, presenting him.


Everyone. Hi. Hello.

Anthony and Sara sit down on the couch with a group of partygoers. The party-goers discuss politics while passing around a hookah. Anthony tries to not get involved in either. CUT TO: Anthony heatedly argues with STUDENT ACTIVIST. STUDENT ACTIVIST It's the circus like the fucking Romans! Don't worry about the shitty facilities, here are free tickets to every football game! ANTHONY You honestly think student tickets ruin the budget that much? STUDENT ACTIVIST It's the principle! Fund sports! Subsidize tickets! “Foster school sprite!” It’s all just bullshit to guarantee donations. Anthony gets distracted by Sara, who is seated across from him. She’s having a private conversation with Ed. Anthony fixates on them. Suddenly, someone starts playing acoustic guitar loudly...and badly. ANTHONY There's always that one guy... STUDENT ACTIVIST Could you do better? ANTHONY Yes, actually, I can. SARA You play guitar?

51. ANTHONY I said I can. It's been awhile. SARA Play something! ANTHONY I'm rusty andSARA Play something. Come on. Play something! Sara gets the party to begin chanting "play something." The guy who was playing hands Anthony the guitar. ANTHONY Like I said. I'm rusty. Anthony strums the guitar and laughs at how out of tune it is. He quickly tunes and starts playing. Anthony is actually good. Really good. The whole party silences to hear him play. Anthony gains confidence. He starts to play faster, more complex notes. He messes up one. Anthony shakes his head and restarts, but soon messes up again. He stops. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Okay, that's enough. SARA No. Keeping going! ANTHONY Really, I...I don't want to do any injustice, you know. Anthony hands the guitar back to the owner. The party applauds him. Sara jumps up to give him a drunken, friendly hug. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Can I talk to you outside? Sure. SARA

Anthony and Sara go to the back yard.

52. EXT. HOUSE BACK YARD Anthony opens the door for Sara and they walk outside. Sara lights up a cigarette. ANTHONY Interesting party. SARA It's how we theater nerds do. You never told me you played? ANTHONY I told you, I don't. SARA Sure don't play like you don't. ANTHONY Took lessons when I was young, but fell off the wagon, so to speak, in high school. Guess it's like riding a bike or something. SARA Well, color me impressed. ANTHONY Is that Ed guy your boyfriend? SARA (laugh) No. I love Ed, but he's not my type. ANTHONY Really? What's your type then? SARA God if I know. ANTHONY I think you know. Anthony places his hand on Sara's upper thigh that moment. Sara laughs-part from shock, part from disappointment. Anthony misreads the laugh as a go ahead. He moves in for the kiss. Sara coolly stops him. SARA You realize that door has a window?

53. ANTHONY Want somewhere more private? SARA Okay. I'm going back in. Sara gets up and heads to the door. Anthony reaches to hold on to her arm, but she quickly pulls it away. ANTHONY So that's it? Why did you even invite me? SARA You know what? That's a really good question. Sara turns around and heads inside. Anthony leans back in the lawn chair. He punts an empty bottle by his foot. INT. HOUSE - RIGHT AFTER Anthony returns to the party, still lively as ever. Anthony charges to chair with his coat. ED What's the hurry? SARA I think he has practice early, right? Yup. ANTHONY

Anthony grabs his coat and walks out the door. EXT. ANTHONY'S CAR - LATER Anthony speeds down the residential street like a bat out of hell, until his phones rings. It's Kim. Kim? ANTHONY CUT TO:

54. EXT. ANTHONY'S CAR - LATER THAT NIGHT Anthony's car now holds Kim, almost passed out, in the front seat and Sharon, who is completely passed out in the back seat. INT. ANTHONY'S BEDROOM - LATER THAT NIGHT Anthony carries Kim to his bed. INT. ANTHONY’S DORM Anthony pulls out a sticky pad from his bag. He writes something down. Suddenly, ‘Constant Conversation’ by Passion Pit blares from his bedroom. INT. ANTHONY’S BEDROOM Anthony enters to Kim drunkenly dancing in the middle of his room. ANTHONY Kim, turn it off. I’m exhaustedKIM No, no. Dance with me. Kim grabs Anthony and starts slow dancing close to him. Kim mumbles along with the song. Anthony’s has enough. Anthony forcefully starts making out with Kim. He’s particularly aggressive about it. He starts trying to remove her clothes. KIM (CONT’D) No. Not now. ANTHONY I thought you loved me, Kim. I do. KIM

ANTHONY You know, I could be resting. I should be. But why am I not? Kim relents. She starts to undress herself.

55. The two move to Anthony’s bed. Anthony undoes his belt. They start having sex. There is no eye contact, no kissing, no intimacy. We hold on Kim's face. The SCORE overtakes the music. CUT TO: MONTAGE The music continues through a montage of newspaper clipping of the various away games UNM plays. They include photos, most of Anthony. They start with: BIG WIN AS CONFERENCE PLAY STARTS They run through two months of games and show UNM's rising rankings. The final image is: TOUGH LOSS: UNM LOSES IN OVERTIME AGAINST BYU CU from article: FONTAINE EXITS IN SECOND QUARTER WITH AN INJURY, BUT RETURNS AT THE START OF THE THIRD. INT. ANTHONY'S BEDROOM - MONTHS LATER That article, along with others, is taped to Anthony's bedroom wall. Anthony sits and stretches his right leg. His room is militaristically organized. Sticky notes with training schedules and pep talks are everywhere. A sticky note just reads ‘SARA.’ On his dresser, his cell phone starts vibrating. At first, Anthony ignores it. It rings again. Anthony picks it up. Dad? ANTHONY

RANDY (O.S.) Hey, son. Are you free this afternoon?

56. EXT. NATATORIUM - AFTERNOON It is late winter/early spring now as Anthony walks up to a large brink natatorium on a school campus. A man waits at the entrance. He is in his mid-50's, tall and lanky, with a leathery face. This is Anthony's father, RANDY. Randy spots Anthony and goes to hug him. RANDY God, it's good to see you. It's been awhile. ANTHONY Good to see you too, Dad. INT. NATATORIUM - LATER A heat of high school girls pounce from the diving boards into the pool for a race. Anthony and Randy sit in the bleachers, away from the other spectators and watch. RANDY See. In the third lane. That girl. Mackenzie McIntire. 3rd best in the national for her age. No shit. ANTHONY

RANDY Stanford swooped her up real quick. Obviously. ANTHONY Caroline ever go against her? Sometimes. RANDY

ANTHONY Must be ruff on her. RANDY You know Caroline. She's like her mother. She does it for the friends, I think. There is a pause as Anthony remains focused on the race and Randy tries to figure out what to say.

57. RANDY (CONT’D) Then again, I don't know what she thinks half the time. Teenage girls are a different beast. I wasn't meant for girls. You boys' were easier. I understood you and Kenny. I didn't always like what Kenny did, but I understood it. God knows I understood it. Anthony is visibly uncomfortable with the direction the conversation is going. RANDY (CONT’D) But you. I never worried about you. You always had that focus. You knew what you wanted and you never let things distract you. I don't know where is came from. Had to be your mother. And now at look at you! I'm so proud of what you've become. ANTHONY (sharply) I know, Dad. RANDY I know you know. But I'm you're Dad and you have to deal with it. And I'm just proud of you. Shit, you're the captain of the 8th ranked team in the fuckin nation. That's something to proud of. That my sonANTHONY I think that's Caroline. Sure enough, Caroline walks to the boards with the other high school girl competitors and gets in the position to race. Anthony and Randy cheer for her from the bleachers. The gun goes off and the girls dive into the pool. CUT TO: INT. DEPARTMENT STORE - SAME TIME Kim is trying on a dress in front of a mirror. KIM'S MOTHER, a 50 year old woman trying to pass as 30, hovers behind her.

58. KIM'S MOTHER I just don’t think red looks flattering on you, that’s all. KIM It’s cherry and it’s the school colors. KIM'S MOTHER Well, if you had gone to Boulder they would have been that ugly grey and gold. Would you have worn that? Probably. KIM

KIM'S MOTHER The yellow one just looks so nice. KIM Just give it to me. Kim’s Mother hands her the yellow dress. KIM'S MOTHER I’m going to call the sitter. Be right back. Kim's mother walks away. Kim gestures as if she would strangle her mother. INT. CHANGING STALL Kim throws the yellow dress to the floor and immediately changes into her normal clothes. Suddenly, there is a slamming on the door. KIM’S MOTHER (O.S.) Wait, Kim, try this one. KIM Mother, I’m changing. KIM’S MOTHER (O.S.) You’re my daughter. Just one second. Kim’s Mother opens the door to find Kim still without her top on. Kim’s Mother’s jaw drops. REVEAL Kim has a LONE WOLF tattoo on her rib cage.

59. INT. FOOD COURT - LATER Kim and her mother sit in a shopping mall food court. Kim coolly eats. Her mother looks shaken. KIM'S MOTHER Any others I should know about? No. KIM

KIM'S MOTHER How long have you kept this from me? KIM I just got it a few months ago. Sharon suggest we do something for our last semester. KIM'S MOTHER I know you’ve doing this because you think I’m a horrible mother. KIM I don't think you're a horribleKIM’S MOTHER I’ve just tried to raise you right. It’s hard, you know, being a single mother. Seeing that, it just scares me. I thought I did everything right. I use to think I knew the girl you’d become. Now, I just don’t know. KIM (to herself) The girl I’d become. Kim and her mother sit in awkward silence. INT. GYM - THAT NIGHT A three-on-three scrimmage is under way with Anthony and RJ on opposite sides. Anthony finds an opening a sinks a basket. KEDGE Come on, Drew! Stay with him!

60. Anthony aggressively guards RJ, not letting him out of his sight. RJ tries to move past him, but Anthony pushes him to the floorboards. The team rushes to his aid. RJ The fuck man! ANTHONY Oh, come on. It was a pat. Think BYU will go soft on you? RJ Oh, that's what this is? Okay, here a fuckin pat! RJ shoves Anthony. Anthony lurches in to shove back. The teams rushes in to stop them. Enough! KEDGE

Kedge separates the fighting dogs. KEDGE (CONT’D) Is there a reason why two starters, two upperclassmen, a captainANTHONY I'm just trying toKEDGE I don't want to hear another goddamn word out of your mouth. The gym falls dead silent with the stern order. Anthony sinks his head. KEDGE (CONT’D) I don't know what happened between you two and quite frankly I don't give a shit. I will not tolerate this sort of behavior, especially from you. Everyone on the line. Suicides. RJ We have a game! KEDGE I don't want to hear it! On the fucking line! All of you! Kedge turns to his assistant coach and directs him to take over.

61. The players bitch and moan their way to the line. RJ flashes Anthony a dirty look before joining. EXT. PARKING LOT - AFTER PRACTICE The team drag themselves to their cars. Despite this, RJ laughs and jokes with a pack of players around him. Anthony walks a few feet back. ANTHONY (to RJ) Yo! Can I talk with you? RJ turns to Anthony and the other players keep going forward. Anthony walks up to him. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Look. It was fucked of me, what I did. It's just...the game tomorrow. It's got me tense. It's got me hyped, you know. I...I shouldn't take it out on you though. I mean, that's dumb. RJ Whatever man. It was stupidANTHONY No, you were right. There's been this tension, since the Tech game. It's fucking with the team gel. I think you had the right idea. We just need to fight it out and be done with it. RJ can't believe what he heard. He can only laugh. ANTHONY (CONT’D) I'm serious. We fight it out right here and move on. Get it out of our system. RJ You've got to be shitting me. ANTHONY Come on! No ones here. It's just us. I'll give you the first punch. RJ Man, go home. Rest. RJ starts walking to his car again.

62. ANTHONY Don't fucking walk away! Hit me! Come on and hit me! RJ Go home Anthony! ANTHONY Fuck you! Hit me! Anthony's arms are stretched wide. He snorts like a bull. His eye wide with rage. RJ just shakes his head and drives off, leaving Anthony in the desolate parking lot. INT. DORM HALLWAY - LATER THAT NIGHT Kim drags her feet down Anthony's dorm building hallway. She looks mentally drained. In the distance, a muffled shouting can be heard from an unknown room. She turns the corner to Anthony's room. It intensifies. Who else. Kim forces her body closer to the door. Her arm fights itself to knock. Suddenly, a CRASH can be heard inside. Instantly, Kim's arm recoils. She slowly backs away. Kim does an about face and leaves. INT. KIM'S APARTMENT - THAT NIGHT Kim gets home. It's a messy reminder of how overwhelmed she feels. INT. KIM'S BEDROOM - MOMENTS LATER Kim collapses, face first, into her pillow. Kim lies, motionless, for a few second. She lets out a long, pent up scream into the pillow. CUT TO: INT. KIM'S BATHROOM - LATER Kim stands looking in a mirror. KIM The girl I’d become.

63. Kim runs her fingers through her long, straight, brunet hair. Kim, now with scissors, holds out a long, thick strand of hair. SNIP. As the hair droops away from her head, Kim cracks a faint smile. CUT TO: INT. COLOSSEUM - THE NEXT DAY Anthony and the team march through the tunnel to the court. His face is stone-cold serious. Everyone's is. They reach the court. A few players on the fringe of the group grin. The grinning and laughs spreads throughout the team. It reaches Anthony, who can't help but laugh as well. PAN to the student section, which is packed with spectators dressed in white button-ups, black ties, and bicycles helmetsMormon attire-cheering the team on. Anthony runs through warms-ups with his team. He seems prepared. After making a basket, Anthony turns to the stands to see his father, step-mother, step-sister, and Kim, whose hair is now short, all sitting together. Anthony's face goes blank. The cheers and pep band go from natural sounding to loud, feral, and savage. CUT TO: PLAYER 12, particularly imposing BYU player, engulfs the frame. He guards Anthony,. Anthony makes a poor shot because of the defense. It misses. BYU recovers. Everyone charges down court, except Anthony, who look utterly lost. TITLE: #8 UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO VS. #10 BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY FEBRUARY 7th BYU players seem to effortlessly slice through UNM's defense and score a three pointer. Kedge calls a desperate time out.

64. ANNOUNCER (O.S.) Timeout, UNM. BYU lead 68-58. CUT TO: UNM struggles to make any baskets. Attempted passes are stolen. Shoots don't go in. Luck is not on their side tonight. RJ manages to get in a lay-up, but is knocked to the ground by PLAYER 12. A foul is called on him, but Player 12 almost seems to laugh at it. Anthony notices this. Rage is visible in Anthony's eyes. Anthony lends RJ a hand. As RJ gets to his feet, Anthony pulls him in for an embrace. ANTHONY (whispering) I'll worry about twelve. You just stay open for me. RJ nods in approval. He goes to the free throw line. RJ sinks the extra point. CUT TO: The scoreboard shows UNM is now only down four-points with 25 second remaining. BYU recovers the ball and looks for who to pass it to. Anthony blocks Player 12. Player 12 makes a break, the ball is passed to him. Anthony lunges at the ball. He knocks it out of the players grasps RJ recovers it. He scores a quick lay-up. The crowd erupts. BYU calls a time out. ANNOUNCER (O.S.) Timeout, BYU. As the team gathers to embrace RJ, Anthony spots Player 12 glaring him down. CUT TO: BYU gets the ball to Player 12, who charges up court. Anthony stays right on him. Player 12 plays with Anthony, trying to run out the clock. Anthony waits patiently, until he sees his opportunity.

65. Anthony knocks the ball out of Player 12's hands and gains control. Anthony charges towards the basket. Nothing stands in his way. Nothing can stop him. KIM (O.S.) Let's go baby. Kim's voice drowns out everything else. Anthony instinctively turns to her in the crowd. Everything seems to freeze for a moment. In that moment, The ball bounces off Anthony’s foot and out of his control. A BYU player dives for the ball. He passes it to another player. Time runs out. A loud sigh fills the arena. ANNOUNCER (O.S.) And that's the game. BYU wins 88 to 86The BYU players jump up and down in ecstasy. Player 12 makes sure to give Anthony one last "fuck you" look before joining in. Anthony doesn’t even respond. He stands, crushed, in the middle of the court. INT. LOCKER ROOM - AFTER Anthony sits, hands coiled as though to keep them from punching something, with the rest of the team. There is complete stillness. Kedge stands at the whiteboard in front of the team. He too grips the board as if to keep his anger in check. Despite the dejected silence of the locker room, faint but ever present "BYU" cheers can be heard from outside. KEDGE You know guy, fuck it. It happens. We gave it are all and we can... HOLD on Anthony's face. The cheer get louder and louder, drowning out Kedge. It as if they are about to march into the locker room that very second. It's too much. Like a rattlesnake, Anthony gets up and throws his chair into a locker.



Everyone remains quiet. There is a certain understanding about things like this. But it doesn't make Anthony any calmer. His breathing remains tense and strong. INT. SPORTS BAR - LATER THAT NIGHT Anthony, Kim, RJ, Reagan, Ronny, and others sit in an isolated booth in the restaurant section of the bar. Typical Friday night drinking is going on in the other area. None of the teammates want to talk. The girlfriends, however, look for anyway to break the silence. Finally... REAGAN Love the hair. KIM Thanks. Wanted to do it for a while. Fits you. REAGAN

Kim just smiles. The team continues sulking. KIM So...when do you hear back about grad school? MALE VOICE (O.S.) (sarcastically) Good game, Fontaine! As if awoke from a trance, the entire team whips their heads around to see where that came from. A group of FRAT GUYS, wearing the Mormon costume, enter the restaurant area with their beers raised to toast. Anthony gets up, looking ready to kill someone. Everyone springs to hold him back. RJ Ignore'em man. Just sit down. KIM Baby, just sit down.

67. ANTHONY It's fine. I'm just gonna talk to them. KIM Anthony, pleaseANTHONY Everyone. It's fine. I'm just going to talk, get them to leave us be, and that's it. Relax. Anthony seems relaxed as he says this. Everyone else remains skeptical, but they can’t stop him. Anthony walks up to the Frat Guys calm and collected, too calm and collected. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Good game Fontaine? Clever, real clever one. FRAT GUY #1 Come on man, it's a joke. ANTHONY No, no. It's funny. It's good one. A real good one. You use it a lot? What? FRAT GUY #1

ANTHONY I mean, it's about me. Kinda curious about the milage you get off it. FRAT GUY #2 Chill out. He's fucking with you, in like a joking way. ANTHONY I get it. I get it. No, he seems like a good guy. Anthony puts his hand on the guys shoulder. Both the Frat Guys and the table tense up. FRAT GUY #2 Get your hands off him, bro. ANTHONY Sorry. I mean, I thought we were friends, bro. (MORE)

68. ANTHONY (CONT'D) We're kidding around here. Making jokes, bullshitting? Friend to friend, right? KIM (O.S.) Anthony, just sit down. FRAT GUY #1 Come on bro, it was a fucking joke. Listen to your girl. Or what? ANTHONY

The Frat Guys all cock their heads. Did he just say that? Or what? FRAT GUY #1

ANTHONY Yeah, or what? Are you gonna hit? You gonna fucking punch me in the face? Anthony crazed eyes glare at the Frat Guy. Everyone holds their breath. ANTHONY (CONT’D) That's what I thought. Can't back it up. Anthony turns to head back to his table. FRAT GUY #2 Should have said ‘Fontaine, Fonataine. Fucked in the ass.’ That’s it. Anthony turns and throws the guy from his stool. His brothers pounce on Anthony. The team jumps to his aid. It's an all out brawl. Neither side are adept fighter, so it's mostly wild haymakers and shoves. Few punches actually land, just shouting and knocking over tables. The girls forcefully scream for the boys to stop from the table. A small crowd of onlookers from the restaurant peer over. The bartender races to the phone to call the cops.

69. Anthony has Frat Guy #2 by the collar and tries punching him. Anthony finally lands a punch...on the guys helmet. He recoils in pain. Kim gets up and runs to Anthony. Kim tries to restrain him. Anthony spins to punch, but stops once seeing Kim. It doesn't stop Kim from flinching. Anthony charges towards the exit, leaving the team to handle the brawl. Kim’s fear boils over into anger as she opens her eyes. She storms after Anthony. EXT. SPORTS BAR PARKING LOT - THAT MOMENT Kim exits the bar to find Anthony paces around her car like an animal in the zoo. Kim hesitates going forward. Siren can be heard in the distance. Anthony spots her. ANTHONY Hurry up and open the door. No. KIM

ANTHONY No? Kim! We need get the fuck out of here. Open the door. No. KIM

ANTHONY The fuck is the matterAnthony approaches. Kim steps back. KIM Get away from me. What? ANTHONY

Kim still stands away from Anthony.

70. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Oh Jesus Christ, Kim. I can't be here right now. Stop fucking around and open the door. Kim doesn't move. She deliberating in her head. ANTHONY (CONT’D) Don't fuck me over like this. You already fucked me over once tonightKIM You're the one fucking yourself over! Stop pushing it on me! Kim pushes past Anthony and moves towards her car. Anthony grabs her by the arm, but she recoils and slaps him. KIM (CONT’D) Don't touch me! I not your goddamn guardian angel or whatever the hell you think I am! I don’t want to do it anymore! Kim charges to her car. Anthony stands in shock. ANTHONY So that's it? KIM Yeah, that's it. With that, Kim slams the door shut and drives off. As she pulls out, Kim remains calm and collected. Anthony stands, dumbstruck, in the parking lot. The siren have gotten progressively louder. Anthony bolts towards a near by alley. EXT. ALLEY - LATER THAT NIGHT Anthony stomps down the abandoned alley. He holds himself to contain his rage. Finally, it is too much. Anthony breaks down, punting a trash can and shouting. INT. ANTHONY'S BEDROOM - NEXT MORNING Anthony wakes up, groggy. For someone who didn't drink, he looks hungover.

71. INT. ANTHONY'S BATHROOM - LATER Anthony throws himself into his shower, letting the water wash over him. He examines his knuckles: cut and swollen. He looks down to his toe, which is purple and enlarged. Anthony’s legs give out and he sit down under the running water. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - THAT MORNING Anthony sheepishly enters the conference room. All the players are seated at one end of the table. Kedge and the AD stand at the other. No makes eye contact. As Anthony takes a seat, he looks up to Kedge. Kedge has scraped off all the paint from his pencil with his thumb. AD (to an assistant) The door. Now, you all know why we are here, correct? Can IANTHONY

KEDGE Don't say a goddamn word! Kedge nods to the AD to continue. Anthony shrinks into his chair. AD Like I was saying, what transpired last night is not acceptable for anyone at the University of New Mexico, especially athletes. You sit in the public sphere, now more so than ever, and should conduct yourselves accordingly. That is why, after consulting Coach Kedge and university officials, they have recommended a two-week suspension of all involved athletes effective immediately. Looks of disappointment, surprise, and anger flash across the players faces. Except Anthony. The worst punishment had already been dealt.

72. INT. ATHLETICS BUILDING - LATER The players funnel out of the room, sulking and whining. Anthony exits and looks to the group. No one talks to him and they leave as a pack away from him. INT. LIBRARY - LATER THAT DAY Anthony searches the outer edge of the interior, peering into each private study room. Finally, Anthony finds the one he is looking for. Kim sits inside going over flash cards with two other girls. Anthony knocks on the window to get her attention. Kim notices him, but tries to ignore it. Anthony doesn’t give up that easily. Finally, Kim jumps up and opens the door to Anthony, but only slightly. KIM I have nothing to say to you. ANTHONY I have something to say to you. KIM I don't want to hear it. Kim tries to shut the door on Anthony but he keeps it open. KIM (CONT’D) (exasperated) I'm tired of your apologies. It hasn’t worked. And it won’t work again. Kim tries to shut the door again. Anthony blocks it. ANTHONY Just hear me out! Someone shushes them. KIM Anthony. We're done. If you care about me, like you say you do, you’ll let this go. It’ll be better.

73. Again, Kim shuts the door. Anthony doesn't fight it this time. Kim rejoins her study group. Through the window, Anthony gazes at her one last time before walking away. FADE TO: INT. KEDGE'S OFFICE Anthony enters Kedge’s office. It, like Anthony’s room, is free of clutter and distractions. Kedge intently watches a basketball game he recorded. He barely acknowledges Anthony’s entrance. Anthony sits in the chair next to Kedge. He too starts watching the game. Neither one looks at the other. ANTHONY Look. I wanted to apologizeKEDGE Don't. What happened happened. Can't change it. What else? Anthony silences. KEDGE (CONT’D) See number one for South Indiana? Guess how tall he is? ANTHONY I don’t know. Six footKEDGE Five-eight. Damn. ANTHONY

KEDGE Damn is right. Watch this. Boom. That five-eight, skrawny-ass white boy just out-manoeuvred two six-six brothers. He’s done it all game. All season. Name is Alex Hubbard. Wow. ANTHONY

74. KEDGE I love watching player like him. On paper, this kid couldn’t make a varsity squad. But look, he’s the best player on that team. In that conference! The team’s not great, they’ll be lucky if they get an NIT bid, but still. That kid plays the game his way. He made his niche. He makes everyone else play in that niche. And he’s a stud for it. ANTHONY Think there is a place for that niche in the pros? Kedge faces Anthony. KEDGE No. No I don’t think there is. ANTHONY At least he has now. INT. STUDY HALL - AFTERNOON Athletes from the various sports team sit in a large study hall for mandatory student-athlete tutoring. Of course, no one takes it seriously. Anthony sits at his computer, browsing Facebook. An invite for a party pops up on his screen. He quickly minimizes out of it as the tutor walks by. Anthony's phone vibrates. It's his mother. At first, Anthony ignores it and returns to Facebook. His phone vibrates again. Still his mother. ANTHONY (to tutor) Can I take this? It's family. INT. MAIN BUILDING HALLWAY - MOMENTS LATER Anthony exits the room and answers his phone. A large poster advertising the Conference Tournament covers the wall behind him.

75. ANTHONY (on phone) Hello...he what...oh...that's...that's wonderful...yeah, yeah I can be there. What time? INT. KITCHEN - EVENING Anthony sits at the kitchen table with his mother, Kenny, and Aunt Mary. His mother brings out a home-made cake that reads "KENNY FONTAINE-COLUMBIA STUDENT." ANTHONY'S MOTHER It's not much, but with the short noticeKENNY (embarrassed) It's fine. AUNT MARY I didn't know they still gave full rides? KENNY Almost full, but still. ANTHONY'S MOTHER Can you believe it? We're going to have an Ivy Leaguer in the family. Anthony's mother gives Kenny a big hug. Though embarrassed, legitimate giddiness beams across Kenny's face. Anthony sits across from all this, grinding his fork on the place mat. ANTHONY Have you booked a room in Vegas yet? Some of the guys were saying they’re filling up quick. ANTHONY'S MOTHER I don't know if we can go to the tournament this year. I mean, we need to book a trip to New York soon. KENNY Don't worry about it. Beside, gotta see him play in the big tourny, right?



Kenny knows Anthony is pissed. KENNY I'm gonna step outside real quick. (to Anthony) Wanna join? Anthony shrugs and gets up with Kenny. ANTHONY'S MOTHER Don't be too long. The chicken parm is almost ready. EXT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S BACKYARD Anthony and Kenny walk outside and sit on the porch steps. Kenny lets out a big sigh. KENNY Fuckin hell, man. You think this is bad? When I told Mom she went apeshit. ANTHONY Fuck them for caring, I guess. KENNY Not like that. It's just, you know, I can’t stand them living vicariously through me, you know? I can't be my own person with them over my shoulder. It'll be nice to do my own thing. Live my own life. ANTHONY It's not like anything has stopped you before. KENNY Jesus. You'd think the guy who's bought me handles of vodka when I was fifteen would be less selfrighteous. ANTHONY I never put you in a car and said 'Drive home." I never said try these pill my junkie friend gave me.

77. KENNY No, no you didn't. I did. But you know, I doesn't matter anymore. I moved on. Mom's moved on. Everyone pretty much has. 'Cept you. The guy whose got everything together, right? Anthony's had enough. He get up and returns inside. Kenny follows suit. INT. KITCHEN Anthony's mother checks the oven as Anthony enters. ANTHONY Hey. Sorry, but I've got to go. ANTHONY'S MOTHER No no no. The parms almost ready. ANTHONY I know, but I'm feeling tired and I just remembers there's this paperANTHONY'S MOTHER It's for your brother. KENNY Chill out Mom. He got a plane ride in a few days and games, games, games. Plus it's all televised. Needs his beauty sleep, right? Right. ANTHONY

Anthony kisses his mother and Aunt Mary on the cheek. Anthony gives Kenny a firm handshake. Kenny responds with the same. EXT. ANTHONY'S MOTHER'S HOUSE Anthony walks to his car and sits there for a moment, contemplating what to do. Faint pop-rap can be heard slowly RISING asCUT TO:

78. EXT. ADDISON'S HOUSE - LATER THAT NIGHT Anthony pulls up to a large, modern house in the student ghetto. The music BOOMS from inside. Anthony heads to the front door, weaving through the many park cars. Anthony rings the door bell. ADDISON (21), a short, muscular skier, answers. ADDISON Anthony, what is up brother? ANTHONY Nothing, just wanted to stop by the party. Is that okay? ADDISON Yeah, of course. Didn't think you'd come cause of the tournyANTHONY I'm just gonna stay a little. Get my mind off the game. And with that, Addison guides Anthony into the house. INT. ADDISON'S HOUSE The place, while obviously new, has the grimy coat of several years worth of parties. A hazy of smoke fills the whole place. A game of beer pong takes up the bottom floor. Addison guides Anthony upstairs to where the real party is. Music blares, small groups awkwardly dance, and a hookah is on the kitchen table. INT. BATHROOM In the bathroom, a keg has been setup in the tub. ADDISON Get a beer, if you're... ANTHONY Yeah, I'm having one. Chill. ADDISON

79. Addison leaves Anthony in the bathroom with two other skiers and a random girl. The skiers try to get the keg going. They barely acknowledge anyone. SKIERS (TOGETHER) (to Anthony) ANTHONY

Sup. Sup.

RANDOM GIRL You look so familiar. Have we had a class together? The two skiers start creaking up at the girls cluelessness. What? INT. COMMON AREA Anthony wanders into the common room passed a make-shift bar. A group take shots out of glasses glued to skies. Anthony quietly gulps the beer at hand, giving those he knows the simple head-nod. A HIGH SCHOOL GIRL, defiantly not in college though she dresses like she is, sways to the music with her equally young friends. She targets Anthony and sways over. HIGH SCHOOL GIRL Anthony Fontaine. You've had an amazing season. You've played so well! Thanks. ANTHONY RANDOM GIRL (CONT’D)

HIGH SCHOOL GIRL You guys will definitely win conference. Easily. Anthony gives a friendly nods and continues drinking. HIGH SCHOOL GIRL (CONT’D) like these parties?

80. ANTHONY Sorry. How old are you? HIGH SCHOOL GIRL (trying to make it sound better) My birthday’s only in a couple of weeks. That's enough for Anthony. He downs his beer and grabs a shot from the bar. Anthony politely passes the girl, whose awkward smile hides her deviousness. Anthony spots Addison smoking joint on the balcony with some friends. EXT. ADDISON'S BALCONY Anthony joins the smokers. ADDISON Gonna finish that? ANTHONY Why there are high schoolers here? There are? ADDISON

ANTHONY Those girls. ADDISON The recruit will like that. ANTHONY He might, but that one was hitting on me. ADDISON (laughing) Hey, man. Welcome to the single life. Addison goes back to smoking with his friends. Anthony resides himself to downing the shot. CUT TO:

81. INT. COMMON ROOM - LATER Anthony slams an empty shot glass down to the table. He is now noticeably drunk. A group has gathered to play Never-Have-I-Ever. ADDISON Alright, next. RECRUIT Okay, never-have-I-ever...had sex the day of a competition. Most of the player put down a finger and take a drink, except Anthony. SKIER #1 Fuckin recruit. Liar. ANTHONY Fuck no we aren't. (high fiving Recruit) I'm all with you on that one brother. Stay strong. RANDOM GIRL Alright. Never-have-I-ever cheated on someone. Many of the athletes drink, but not Anthony. ADDISON (to Anthony) Bull-fucking-shit. That Colorado girl. ANTHONY No. We weren’t technically together. It was right before the break-up, but Kim was talking to’s complicated. Anthony spots a guy carrying a handle of vodka and calls him over. ANTHONY (CONT’D) (to the guy) Can you pour me some? More. I'll tell you when I'm good. CUT TO:

82. INT. DOWNSTAIRS - LATER Anthony lights a cigarette for the High School Girl. He already has one in his mouth. A game of beer pong goes on behind them. As they smoke, both cough. HIGH SCHOOL GIRL God, these are really strong. ANTHONY I know. It's been so long, I forgot. Someone brought an iHome into the garage and a new song comes on. The Girl grabs Anthony and they sloppily grind across the garage. They bump into the beer pong table, which Anthony just kicks over, mid-game. SKIER #2 What the fuck man? We were playing a game here. CUT TO: INT. COMMON ROOM - LATER Anthony hugs the High School Girl, for support as much as affection, as they slowly walk down the stairs. The party has devolved into a shit show with couple hooking up and empty cup covering the floor. HIGH SCHOOL GIRL #2 (to High School Girl #1) Are you sure you can get home? HIGH SCHOOL GIRL #1 We're good. We're good. Addison rest at the bottom of the stairs with the Recruit around his arms. Addison just gives Anthony a devilish grin. Anthony responds with the same. ANTHONY (to Recruit) Hey, man. You should really come here. These guy's are great. They're winners!

83. ADDISON Fuck yes we are! Get home safe. And good luck in Vegas! RECRUIT Yeah, good luck! ANTHONY I don't need luck. EXT. HIGH SCHOOL GIRL'S CAR Anthony slumps over in the High School Girl's passenger seat while she fights to get her keys in the ignition. HIGH SCHOOL GIRL I...I can't do this. Should I call a cab or something? Anthony's glazed eyes stare at her, then her breasts. He moves into to kiss her and, in the process, mounts her. They begin drunkenly making out. Anthony unbuckles her jeans and then his own. The girl reclines the seat, only to have it fall back violently. None of this matters. Anthony continues on. Until... Whiskey dick. Anthony tries in vain to get himself hard. Goddamit. It's okay. ANTHONY HIGH SCHOOL GIRL

But it's not, not for Anthony. In a sudden snap, Anthony PUNCHES the side window, shattering the safety glass. The Girl shrieks in shock. CUT TO: INT. BATHROOM - NEXT MORNING Anthony painfully opens his eyes to the blinding fluorescent lights. He lies, fully dressed, in a bathtub. Ronny stands at the sink, brushing his teeth. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices Anthony start to move.

84. RONNY (shouting) He's up! RJ bursts into the bathroom. RJ Morning, fucker. A little hungover? ANTHONY Hey fuck you. What time is it? RJ No, fuck you. The tournament is in two days and you pull this shit. ANTHONY Fuck, I should to run. Anthony finally stands up, though only barely. He's still fairly drunk. RJ Are you serious? ANTHONY I just need to run. I'll be good. Where's my car? RJ Oh, you’ll be goodANTHONY Shut up! Shouldn’t you be sucking some recruiters dick right now? Anthony musters up the energy to move past RJ and out the front door. RJ No, because I don’t fucking need to! CUT TO: EXT. CAMPUS - DAY Anthony, dressed in gym clothes, sprints down the street as if something is chasing him. He also looks on the verge of vomiting.

85. Finally, it's too much. Anthony stops at the corner. He holds himself up by a Stop sign. He starts massaging his right knee. Suddenly, the drinks hit him. Anthony VOMITS profusely on the street. Anthony shakes, less from physical sickness than a deep, sinking fear. CUT TO: INT. COURT - NIGHT A basketball glides through the air and perfectly into the basketball hoop. We pulls back to see San Diego State has just made the basket against UNM. TITLE: #10 UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO VS. #18 SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY FEBRUARY 20TH - MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE FINALS ANNOUNCER (O.S.) That's three for number 7, Andre Hopkins. That puts San Diego up two pointsUNM goes on the offensive. Anthony lags towards the back of the team. INT. SPORTS BAR - THAT MOMENT A group of college students gather around a flat screen televising the game. Kim is in the crowd. The camera focuses on Anthony. He turns and looks directly into the camera. Kim makes eye contact with televised Anthony. BACK AT THE COURT Time seems to freeze, as Anthony stares into the camera. It is as if he knows Kim is looking back at him. Anthony! RONNY (O.S.)

Anthony turns towards Ronny's voice.

86. Ronny, in heavy coverage, passes the ball towards Anthony. Anthony can't react fast enough. The ball bounces off his hands and into the reach of an SDSU player. The player runs down court and scores. Kedge motions for a time-out. The team hustles in. Anthony runs much slower, as if actively trying not to hurt himself. KEDGE Guys, get you’re heads in it! We’re down seven points now. We drop down more, we’re done. Now, RJKedge goes over the play, but Anthony can’t seem to concentrate. The crowd, the noise, it’s overwhelming. And his right knee. KEDGE (CONT’D) Fontaine. You got that? Anthony just stares blankly at him. KEDGE (CONT’D) Alright. ConnerANTHONY No, I’ve got it! I’m good! KEDGE No you’re not. Conner, get stretching. ANTHONY I’m fine. I tweaked it on that play, but it’s better now. I’ll be fine. The buzzer sounds for the end of the time-out. ANTHONY (CONT’D) I’m just a little cold, that’s all. Just need to keep playing. Kedge reluctantly lets Anthony back on the court. CUT TO: The game is just a blur of balls, sprinting players, and buzzers. Anthony appears hopelessly in the middle.

87. Anthony blocks PLAYER 7, but is knocked down as he moves around him. Player 7 scores. RJ helps Anthony up. Anthony sees Player 7 smiles to a girl in the crowd. A fire ignites in Anthony. Ronny passes the ball into play. Anthony races down court unlike he has all game. Ball is passed to Anthony who maneuvers with ease around the SDSU players to an open spot and scores. The crowd erupts. A smile flashes on Anthony’s face. His teammates congratulate him. Anthony quickly shifts to defense, quickly attaching himself to Player 7. SDSU faces trouble moving up court, with RJ aggressively defending the ball. The defended player makes a forced pass to Player 7. The shot clock is almost out. Anthony and Player 7 leap into air simultaneously to grab the ball. Anthony tries knock Player 7 off-balance mid-air. Everything slows. Anthony misses Player 7. Anthony falls to the ground, landing on his right leg. A CRACK fills the soundtrack, quieting everything else. Anthony falls to the ground in agony. Behind him, Player 7 catches the ball and processed to dunk it. The back board breaks. Glass rains onto the court. The game returns to normal speed, as Anthony struggles and fails to stand up. Kedge commands his way onto the court. RJ runs up to Player 7 to confront him. RJ Hey! Asshole! The fuck was that! Kedge grabs RJ await from the potential fight and continues on toward Anthony.

88. KEDGE Let me see. (to the sides) Get a trainer out here! (back to Anthony) Can you stretch it out? Anthony tries but recoils in pain. He groans and punches the court. INT. SPORTS BAR - THAT MOMENT Chatter and gasps fill the bar as everyone nervously watches the scene unfold. Kim steps away from the crowd. As Kim walks away, she sighs and lets out a tortures, but relieved giggle. BACK IN THE ARENA A group of trainer’s rush out with a stretcher. Kedge and RJ help Anthony to his feet. KEDGE Guys! Back up! Back up! Anthony fights back tears as they help him to the stretcher. Once on the stretcher, the crowd begins slowly clapping for Anthony. Anthony blocks his face. It’s too much for him right now. As the stretcher exits down the tunnel, a new hoop is rolled in to replace the broken, old one. MUSIC STARTS. CUT TO: INT. TRAINING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER The trainers help Anthony onto a table to examine his knee. Anthony fights off their attempts. TRAINER Let go of your knee! Let us see it! There we go.

89. ANTHONY God...fuck. CUT TO: INT. LOCKER ROOM - AFTER GAME Anthony, trying to be happy, congratulates the team on the victory. The team struggles to hold back their excitement in front of Anthony. BACK TO TRAINING ROOM TRAINER Here let me see...Does this hurtYes! Ah! ANTHONY CUT TO: INT. BASKETBALL COURT - WEEKS LATER Anthony, dressed in shirt, tie, and a knee brace, sits on the bench watching the game. A large NCAA Tournament sign is directly behind him. BACK TO TRAINING ROOM TRAINER Looks like it’s the ACL. We’re going to need an MRI, though. Hang in there. But he can’t. Anthony’s face drains, as if the world gave in under his feet. CUT TO: EXT. PARKING LOT - EVENING Anthony stands with crutches around his entire family-Kenny, mother, father, step-mother and siblings. They are all dressed in near identical, conservative grey dress clothes. Except Kenny. Kenny wears a regal, purple graduation gown and proudly displaying his diploma.

90. VOICE (O.S.) Alright, get close together. The family huddles for a picture. Once again, Anthony fights to put on a happy face. The camera flashes. FADE OUT. FADE IN: EXT. LARGE PARKING LOT - DUSK Sanitation workers exit the building. They make their way to their trucks. The stream slowly splinters off until we get to Anthony, hunched and quiet, who turns and enters his truck. EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET - MORNING Anthony and Cousin Paul look onto an overstuffed trash bin from their truck. COUSIN PAUL Fucking assholes. We should just leave it. ANTHONY No, I got it. Anthony gets out of the truck and goes to lift up the bin. As he squats to lift it, his knees tremble. CarefulI got it! COUSIN PAUL ANTHONY

Anthony does lift the heavy bin and carry to the back of the truck. INT. PHYSICAL THERAPIST’S OFFICE - DAY Anthony performs a stress test as a PHYSICAL THERAPIST examines the results.

91. PHYSICAL THERAPIST (O.S.) Have you been taking it easy at work? Of course. ANTHONY (O.S.)

PHYSICAL THERAPIST (O.S.) And it has been giving you any trouble? ANTHONY (O.S.) Not whatsoever. Anthony and the Physical Therapist now sit face to face in his office. PHYSICAL THERAPIST Well, you’re strength appears to be back to normal. Well, as normal as it could be after that massive of a surgery. ANTHONY So, I’m good. PHYSICAL THERAPIST Yes, but this is only one week. Next week, it could show signs of stressANTHONY But I could come in if that happened? It wouldn’t have to be a weekly thing, right? I guessPHYSICAL THERAPIST

ANTHONY I’m just not in a financial place to keep on coming in. Especially if I’m good. The Physical Therapist takes a deep sigh and closes Anthony’s folder. INT. ANTHONY’S MOTHER’S KITCHEN - EVENING Anthony sits at the table with Kenny and his mother. He watches a woman play with her rottweiler.

92. ANTHONY’S MOTHER (to Kenny) Have you registered yet? I heardKENNY No, Mom, I haven’t. Freshman registration isn’t for another two weeks. ANTHONY’S MOTHER (to Anthony) How has the apartment search been going, hon? ANTHONY You know. It’s been going. INT. BASKETBALL COURT - DAY Anthony sits alone in the stands. He watches UNM run through a summer scrimmage. The new recruits almost resemble children, so young and happy playing the game. RJ, meanwhile, confidently guides the young players. There is a maturity in how he holds himself. INT. BASKETBALL COURT Anthony walks onto the court he used to dominate. KEDGE Glad to see you’ve recovered. ANTHONY That’s what the doctor says. So RJ pulled himself from the draft. KEDGE Yup. Amazingly, I think he’s actually looking to the long term. Shocked me. ANTHONY Me too. Looks like a leader out there. KEDGE Leader is a big word. It’s used too much. How’s life been treating you?

93. ANTHONY My cousin got me a job for the city. KEDGE I heard. Is that what you want? ANTHONY The pay’s goodKEDGE I don’t think you’ll be saying that ten years down the line. ANTHONY So, what should I do? KEDGE You have the freedom now. What do you want to do? Anthony meditates on the question. ANTHONY I mean, I’ve got a fucked knee. Who wants that? KEDGE Have you looked? ANTHONY I’m a little late, don’t you think? KEDGE You’d be surprised. I’d talk to an agent. You can now, legally. But that’s all your choice. Do what makes you happy. You can’t really regret that. INT. AGENT’S OFFICE - DAY Adam passes Anthony pamphlets on U.B. LA PALMA, a Spanish professional basketball team. ADAM Third best team in Spain and located on the Canary Islands. Enjoy your summers and once it cools, you have nothing to distract you from training.

94. ANTHONY An island’s kind of a big change. ADAM Yes, but they’re looking for a player. And you’re looking for a team. ANTHONY Just cause they’re looking doesn’t mean I’m what they’re looking for. ADAM But they are. I contacted them. They’d been following you since you’re third season. They’d been emailing your coach all last season. It’s perfect. Anthony surveys the pamphlets. The images of beaches, women, and basketball aren’t convincing him. ADAM (CONT’D) Look. The people here. What do you think they do during the winter? They go and watch U.B. La Palma play. You’re going to play in front of a pack house every game for the rest of your career. And you will be starting your first game. Guaranteed. Anthony comes to an image of a player shooting a basket. His eyes move up and linger on the large crowd that watches, enthralled, behind him. INT. BAR - NIGHT Anthony, Ronny, RJ, and a few friends have gathered at an upscale bar. Ronny orders a round of whiskey shots. RONNY To my brother, going to the Canary fuckin Islands to play basketball. Cheers to that. Cheers. ALL

The group takes their shots. Everyone is in a parting mood, except Anthony, who seems miles away already.

95. RJ Perk up man. ANTHONY I’m just in shock. It hasn’t hit me yet. RJ It will soon enough. I glad, after everything, this all worked out. I’ll miss you. ANTHONY You too. Why’d you pull out? RJ I was barely in. Why do I want to be a hot potato in the NBA when I have this squad? ANTHONY True. (beat) You think what I’m doing is goodANTHONY’S FRIEND (to two women entering the bar) Wanna a pic with the next Spanish superstar? Anthony gets interrupted by his friend trying to guide two women who entered the bar over. The WOMEN, both in their mid-twenties, are made-up for a night on the town. They bite the hook. RJ The face of U.B. La Palma, right here. ANTHONY (going along with it) Oh, yeah ladies. WOMAN #1 A superstar? In Spain? WOMAN #2 How come we’ve never heard of them then? ANTHONY You will. Once I’m there.

96. WOMAN #1 Is that a promise? Anthony. ANTHONY

ROSE I know. Rose. ANTHONY The “I know” never does not get weird. The two laugh. The rest of the group has slowly moved away from them, giving them some space. ROSE So this is a superstar’s send off? ANTHONY It will be, now that you’ve joined in. (to the bartender) Two more shots of tequila, please. CUT TO: INT. BAR - LATER Anthony and Rose sit apart from the group in an inmate table. Rose seems quite interested. Anthony just fakes it. ROSE Does it still hurt? ANTHONY It’s a little stiff in the morning, but I just stretch it. Actually, it’s numb around where they cut it. ROSE So can you feel this? Rose semi-suggestively starts rubbing Anthony’s right knee. Anthony takes a big gulp of beer. ANTHONY You know, I’m not actually officially signed or in contract for the team. I could not go. ROSE Why wouldn’t you?

97. ANTHONY I just don’t know if it’s what I want. To put myself through this, again. ROSE I’m sure it’ll be fine. ANTHONY You’re right. It’ll be fine. Why am I upset? I’m going to Spain tomorrow. To pursue the dream. Anthony’s voice drains of enthusiasm. His face does as well. Rose stops feeling Anthony’s knee. ROSE I’m going to go the ladies room. Rose leaves the table. Anthony barely acknowledges it. He pounds back his fairly full beer. EXT. BAR PARKING LOT - LATER Anthony stumbles through the parking lot, hammered drunk. He fumbles through pocket trying to retrieve his phone. Anthony finally pulls it out and makes a call. He uses a car to prop himself up. KIM (O.S.) Anthony? Jesus. What timeANTHONY Kim, it’s me. You need to pick me up. KIM (O.S.) What? Anthony, it’s 2AMANTHONY Kim, I’m too drunk to drive home. KIM (O.S.) I can tell. Why are you calling me? ANTHONY I need you to pick me up. I need you. Please.

98. KIM (O.S.) Anthony, this is beyond ridiculous. Why didn’t you call a cab orANTHONY Please, Kim. I need you right now. Can you please come pick me up? KIM (O.S.) Anthony, what...what’s going on? ANTHONY Kim, I’m going to Spain tomorrow. They want me to play for a team out there. Kim, I...I don’t think I can do this. I don’t think I can. I can’t. I can’t keep doing this. I don’t want to anymore. I don’t want to go. I want you. I need you. I need to be with you. Please, Kim, please. Take me back. Please take me back. I’m sorry, Kim. I promise, I’ll treat you right this time, I promise. You treated me so good. loved me. You didn’t care about the other stuff, you loved me. I loved you. Please, Kim, if you take me back, I’ll stay here. I’ll take care of you. Just don’t let me go. KIM (O.S.) Anthony...I...You know that it won’t work. You know. You’re drunk right now, but when you’re sober I realize that. ANTHONY Please, Kim. Please. KIM (O.S.) I’m going to call you a cab, alright? Where are you? ANTHONY Barley Room. KimKIM (O.S.) Anthony, you’ll be alright. I know you will. Here, I’m going to hang up now and call the cab, okay? Okay. ANTHONY

99. KIM (O.S.) You take care of yourself, okay? Okay. ANTHONY

Kim hangs up the phone. Anthony’s watery eyes look hopelessly into the open night sky. INT. ANTHONY’S CHILDHOOD BEDROOM - NEXT MORNING Anthony wakes up in his high school bedroom. Still drunk, Anthony sits up in bed and surveys the room. It is exactly as it was when he left for college. Same posters of basketball stars, same jerseys, same wall of trophies and medals. Anthony lingers of the trophies. Like a timeline of his life, every phase is recorded in the medals, awards, and team photos on that wall. Anthony ends on the most recent picture: an image of Anthony and Kedge shaking hands with him signing to UNM. Anthony lets out a deep, resigning sigh. EXT. AIRPORT - DAY Anthony drags a large piece carry-on luggage behind him as he enters the airport. His extended family is not far behind. INT. AIRPORT Anthony hugs and says his goodbyes to his whole family. Everyone looks happy for him. Anthony has his well practiced happy mask on. As he finished up, Anthony waves goodbye and sets onto the moving walkway. He finally lets the mask drop. RANDY (O.S.) Make us proud over there, son! Anthony turns around one last time to see his family beaming with pride. Anthony smiles at them. It is not a smile of happiness, or satisfaction. It is a smile of acceptance.

100. THE END

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