The Body Lovers

A Swans Related Project

The Body Lovers was Michael Gira's first project following the dissolution of Swans. This atmospheric excursion from 1998 traverses extraordinary psychic terrain as it meanders through alternately menacing, soothing, harrowing, eerie, soulful, anguished and uplifting soundscapes.


although these are helpful for describing the chronological progression. astral air. 2 .Industrial passages alternate with swirling symphonic textures but often a particular movement incorporates widely disparate elements like mechanical drones that give way to traditional instruments that fade in turn for solo segments.html The first & longest one is a wall of sound integrating polyphonic drones. synthesizers & stringed instruments plus the ghostly hint of choral vocals – samples or synthetic constructions – that lends it a spacious. http://www.nicoleboitos. The word "movement" is more apt than "track" since the album is one continuous piece uninterrupted by its superficial division into 10

her 2008 collaboration with Cedric Victor.The initial chimes and accordion of the next movement are startlingly disturbed by Jarboe's sobbing which sounds uncomfortably authentic and quite harrowing. To me they sound mechanical although Jarboe is credited on the sleeve notes with "trapped insect vocal. before she joined Swans. upon its cessation the track turns pastoral with an acoustic guitar playing a simple melody accompanied by flute. avian and insectoid sounds recorded three decades ago. Divine Protection and Summoning Tigers in Dark Eden display an other-worldly collage of mammalian. These sounds are difficult to identify or describe as they don’t fit into any known frame of reference. where tracks like Black Dream II. 3 ." The full cornucopia of these would be revealed on Dark Consort. the chiming pattern is interrupted by a drumming tempo so rapid that it resembles machine gun fire. In the 4th movement. Insect-like noises occur frequently throughout.

Until 2012 when The Seer appeared. Psychic TV. the music occasionally resembles the work of experimentalists like Popol Vuh.Söhne des Lichts.Characterized by rising & falling patterns & undulating rhythms. especially their album Brüder des Schattens . Tangerine Dream and Peter Baumann but the overall nature is quite unique. an album that does contain textures and passages reminiscent of Number One of Three. in particular certain singular sounds never & nowhere heard before. 4 . Can. Michael Nyman. Holger Czukay. Throbbing Gristle.

The profusion of voice samples includes a Yippy Hi Hey chant and the wailing of a baby (during circumcision as the sleeve notes obligingly inform us) on the penultimate track where the only singing occurs as Gira drawls a few worldweary lines in half-spoken vocals. Song for Dead Time from White Light from the Mouth of Infinity.html I wouldn’t call the music "dark ambient" as it contains episodes of tranquillity and outbursts of exultation.nicoleboitos.Sometimes a familiar spectrum of Swans sounds is discernible as in the 5th movement which reflects Jarboe's spectral vocals on the oneiric or ethereal pieces such as In My Garden from Children of God. and Dream Dream & A Mystery of Faith from World of Skin’s Ten Songs for Another World. http://www. The crests caress the clouds whilst the troughs reveal the murky depths of the psyche where demons still 5 .

they are seldom individually discernible in the mix. Number One of Three is a challenging work that grows on you. 6 ." The instruments include accordion. bells. drums. it took me 10 years to fully appreciate it. Celtic harp. piano.When measured against the entire Swans oeuvre this album comes closest to The Seer which moves even deeper into uncharted areas "where be dragons. flugelhorn & harmonica but except during the aforementioned acoustic interludes. dulcimer. acoustic & electric guitars. percussion.

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