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Health Teaching/Recommendation

The proponent, provided a vital information about the disease, breast cancer stage 2, through extensive study about the case. Hence, the proponent would like to recommend the following. To the patient Knowledge is significant, thus, patient must know the necessary details about breast cancer. To be able to grasp the understanding of the importance of continuity of taking prescribed medication, though the symptoms and signs are no longer felt or present. It is also a must that patient will continue to adhere to check ups set by the physicians or whenever the client feel that something is no longer normal, especially with her reproductive system. The patient should be educated of what is the signs and symptoms the illness. It could be done by explaining the nature, causes, possible complications of her illness, or by encouraging the patient to read and study the natures of her illness. To the Patients Family: In human context, family is essential in every individual, they are the basis of certain attitude of person especially in the context of socialization and coping up in certain stigma or life event. The family plays a very important role in molding an individuals character and attitude in certain things. Thus, the family must be oriented about the condition and changes the patient undergoes, for them to know how and what to do in a proactive manner. Through this, they would be able to understand and give their support in the recovery of the client. To the patients community: Community is important in every person; hence it is essential that the commission of legal. For them to have an understanding about the cause, symptoms, signs, effects and other complication brought about by the said condition. We would like to encourage the members of the community to be emphatic and humane, in able to help the client recover from her condition. To the student nurses: The main goal of this case presentation is for the student nurses can acquire from what they observe and learn from their patient. May this research paper become a tool in widening their understanding, knowledge, and skills as future professionals. May the students continue to research about the disease in order to gain more understanding and information about the said condition and future encounter with patients who has a similar condition and be more equip in dealing such. To the Ateneo de Davao UniversityCollege of Nursing

The faculty and staff of the College of Nursing in Ateneo de Davao University are encourage to provide the student nurses with equal opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in the medical field, by assigning them in different areas. By which, the students may acquire deep understanding about the different hospital settings. Lastly, the clinical instructors who are accompanying their students in the exposure are encourage to enhance their skills so that they could render the highest quality of care and the highest quality of teaching to the student nurse To the Medical World: Professional health care providers are also encourage to study and research more about the ways on how to manage the condition stae 3 cancer. They are also highly acknowledged to give the highest of care that they are giving to the patients in their institution. The health care providers must always keep in their minds that they here in the medical world in order to give the urgent needs of the patients. Hence, this care is not limited in VS taking and charting alone. The health care professionals are reminded that they are in the medical world to serve their patients and render the highest quality of care