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My journey started with our clients comments for designing the frame and we had no input for MCT

frame but have all the cable schedules and relevant information were available with us . Lots of documents to be refer and complete the exercise with minimum time.

After review of all the input, idea of MCT and started ........This is the First time I had got an opportunity to design the MCT Frame sizing for entering cables from field to Control Room. This designing is generally done by Vendor but we have decided to do at our end as we are developing the procedures for our organization Mott Macdonald Consulting India Pvt Ltd. Which may be benefited for me in future.

Really I was wondering where from I should start....after spending 2 hrs I started with listing all the Cable description and its OD sizes and then geared up for further designing.

Brief Description:

Multi Cable Transit Block (MCT) protects against fire, water, gas, smoke, pressure, shock, chemicals, EMC, damaging insects, cold and human error. The product consists of two components- a frame and packing blocks. The efficient seal is achieved when the packing blocks are pressed together around cables and pipes in the frame with the aid of a compression plate. The heart of the MCT system is a rubber material called Lycron, from which the insert blocks are made. It is extremely resistant to fire but MCT is much more than a fire explosion barrier. In addition to extreme heat and enormous pressure chtransithe transits withstand smoke, extreme temperature changes, vibration, sound, damaging insects, chemicals and the effects of ageing. The original standard block, together with the newly developed, flexible Add block, creates even better opportunities for fast, simple and safe installation. The U-blocks simplifies and improves certain types of installation and is a complement to both the other block types.

STANDARD BLOCK SEAL BLOCK The Standard Blocks is based on the original patent. It's the first choice when one is certain of the cable diameter. Cable diameters other than standard dimensions can be supplied to order. ADD BLOCK SEAL BLOCK

The Add Blocks is the solution when you are not sure in advance of the exact dimension of the cable or pipe. Each Add Block can be adapted to five different cable dimensions. The block has four insert sheets, which can be peeled off. With these fitted in the block it can be adapted to five different cable dimensions. Thanks to the locking devices the insert remain in position and there is no risk of "telescoping". U-BLOCK The U-Block is complement to both the Standard Block and Add Block. With the U-Block it is possible to change the outer dimensions of a block so a narrow cable can be placed beside a larger on the same row. MCT SIZING CALCULATION Step 1: Input Cable details including cable type, cable size and overall diameter of cables. Step 2: Segregate the cable as per philosophy. IS and Non IS cable, DCS, ESD cables, F&G cables etc. Step 3: Deciding the Basic MCT Frame design requirements.

a. Selection of standard frame type from available catalogue. RGBO/RGGO/RGS. depending upon the application requirement.

b. Multiple Frames selection. Horizontal multiple frames, Vertical multiple frames and combined Horizontal and Vertical multiple frames etc.

c. Components Stay plate, Compression plate, STG end packing, PTG press wedge and End packing puller for STG.

Examples: STAY PLATE: To be placed between each row of blocks.Stayplates simplifies installation, increases Stability and anchors blocks within the frame. Plates come in galvanized or stainless steel,

Aluminium and brass.

COMPRESSION PLATE: Usually assembled above top row of blocks. The plate bolt is tightened to compress blocks around cables, while providing room for STG end packing. Comes in GRP, Glass fibre Reinforced polyester.

STG ENDPACKING: Installed between compression plate and the top of the frame, completing the Seal. Made of Lycron with galvanized or stainless steel fittings.

PTG - PRESSWEDGE: Can be used as an alternative to compression plate and STG. Can also be placed any where in the frame .Made of Lycron, with galvanized or stainless steel fittings. Must always be Installed in combination with stay plate.


d. Material for Frame Material to be defined for the entire range of items listed above to proceed further. (Available materials are SS, Galvanised, Mild steel, aluminum etc)

Step 4: MCT Sizing a. Prepare table as shown below for cables OD and its Block size.

Cable Description O.D Cable Gland size Block Size 1P X 1.5 MM 15 M20 20/15 2P X 1.5 MM 17 M25 30/17 6P X 1.0 MM 21.5 M25 30/22 10P X 1.0 MM 24 M32 30/24 20P X 1.0 MM 32.5 M40 40/33

b.Based on the above information like number of cable and cable OD; select window size.

c. Some of the reference frame dimensions are given in below table.

d.Weight in kilograms

e.Example frames are shown below.

Step 5: Larger size cable to be routed from bottom and smaller size will be on top of the bottom layer as shown in below frame.





Even my seniors are very happy to see the manual calculations for MCT sizing.

Really I feel very proudly to publish this post..on MCT sizing design

Never hesitate to make an effort to do something. Think of efforts and appreciation will follow you automatically.

Regards, Dattatray K.Nikam