Management Report on BAKEPARLOR

Course: Management Principle Submitted to: Fahad Zuberi Submitted By: Zohaib Manzoor Zain Afridi Daniyal Pasha Mujtaba Aslam Shah Muhammad Usman Ahsan


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“In the name of ALLAH the most Gracious and the most Merciful” We are thankful to Almighty Allah who gave us the strength and power to complete this report on time. We were told to make this report in our management principle course by Sir Fahad Zuberi (our instructor). We are very thankful to him for his guidance, support and everlasting encouragement throughout the report. The making of this report was a memorable and a learning experience for us. Therefore I would like to mention the names of Mr. Mian Mahmood Hasan (Managing Director), Mr. Rub Nawaz (GM sales and Marketing) and Mr. Saeed (GM Finance and HR) of Bake Parlor for being kind to us and providing us with the information we needed, on our visit to Bake Parlor.


leading. social and technological factors that can affect running of the Bake Parlor BCG matrix helps them identify their product positioning in the market. which helps them in making strategy accordingly. their product positioning in the market and a small part covers some other management related topics. However. Leading is the leadership styles used at Bake Parlor. opportunity and threats. 5 . The planning part of this report consists of both short term and long term plans for their running of a business. It came in to existence in 1926. Major stakeholders and the culture of the company are also discussed as a part. SWOT and PEST analysis. in Pakistan is mainly involved in providing consumer goods to the general public. this report is a research on Bake Parlor operation in Pakistan with its history and introduction included in it. Organizing. economic. SWOT analysis is listing of the Bake Parlor strengths. flour goods and snack product. The other management related topics includes motivation factors which helps Bake Parlor to motivate its employees. whereas PEST analysis covers political. controlling. Italian food products. weaknesses.Executive Summary Bake Parlor. This report basically focuses on the management related topic which includes Planning. The main objective of Bake Parlor is to provide its customer with good quality consumer goods which includes bakery products. sauces. Organizing is the way the company is organized with reference to hierarchy which shows the chain of command. Controlling includes the policies which the company adopt to control its employees. inaugurated by Mian Ghulam Hasan.

Market penetration and development are there first priorities at present and their product portfolio is believed to have a global audience. confectionary. quality standards and the passion for growth in the local market have propelled them to the top of the Pakistani food industry. spaghetti) and snacks. where 6 . Since they are a large wheat producer and major player in the food industry they recognize their responsibility lies in protecting consumer standards. They believe that a global food crisis could occur in the near future and that their job. Lites. Bake parlor believe that they have the advantage as they envision their organization as an integrated whole with all departments interconnected and working in combination and harmony with each other. a complete range of pasta items (Marconi. It is the family business of Mian Ghulam Hasan. to tackle this issue they have established a import and export department to explore the foreign markets for product positioning strategies. Today the product portfolio of bake parlor consists of flour. The product Diversification and market development strategies have enabled them to grow tremendously within a decade. inaugurated by Mian Ghulam Hasan in 1926. are the only products provided in the snacks range Bake parlor have one of the largest flour mills in Karachi and in encouraging environment they utilize their setup to import wheat through international links. Bake Parlor’s current installed production capacity and expected additional increments mean that they are in an ideal position to expand into foreign markets while still providing top quality services to local consumers in Pakistan. The management techniques. More than 1000 employees constitute the workforce of bake parlor nationwide. vermicelli. which are packaged chips. However economic stability must persist for this to take place.Introduction of Bake Parlor Bake parlor is a brand name of Rasul Group Industries. as a responsible corporation. Bake parlor believes that their employees are the main differentiating factor and the effective use of the latest leadership and management techniques are important in making a professional and corporate environment. is to protect customers by developing strategies that maintain the standards of their products at affordable prices. this approach includes specific crossfunctional teams and permanent teams. Bake parlor has a thriving culture of teamwork to accomplish specific tasks and co-ordinate with other departments. They practice both horizontal and vertical integration by owning all the entities from flour mills to trading companies.

We decipher opportunities and make most out of them. community and environment and that is how we aim to sustain it. Innovation: Explore the farthest boundaries of the nutritious diet plan. 7 . We acknowledge the global commodity needs and consider it our responsibility to make the most out of limited resources through optimization. Core Values Integrity: We are always true to our promises and committed to deliver. scrumptious and diversified food product range”. FDA and SFA. employees. business partners. with harmony and cooperation as the basic business foundation. Mission Bake Parlor offer’s ‘more for less’ by providing a diversified range with premium quality and extra quantity at an affordable price. in order to ensure that good quality foods are provided at low prices. Vision “To attain sustainable competitive advantage at a global front by associating ‘Bake Parlor’ with nutritious. Cohesion: we are an integrated whole. In doing so they have successfully acquired membership to ISO 9001. Our operational efforts are subject to continuous improvement and our success trickles down to our customers. Passion: To establish Bake Parlor as an internally recognized brand by delivering superior values and ensuring customer satisfaction. We consistently monitor our ingredient mix by analyzing our customers eating habit so as to provide food that is easy to cook and fun to eat. Change and innovation are daily goals that they hope will advance the food industry they operate in into greatness.environmental scanning is given top priority.

Planning 8 .

There was one question that we were very eager to ask was that SHAAN and NATIONAL made plans up to 10 to 15 years. However they remain the market leaders with more than 50% market share and aim to maintain this in the near future. one of the major goals of the Bake Parlor is to remain a market leader in the food industry in Pakistan. According to the manager of bake parlor. Their other basic short term goals are to deliver low priced products to the end consumer by cutting their costs of production and improving quality. However these plans can vary according to the situations being faced by the economy or by Bake Parlor and are usually set for one fiscal year. They have diversified into the production of pasta. where they face competition from Kolson and Crispo. 9 .Planning Planning is a process in which the organization defines goals and objectives and thus making an overall strategy to achieve those goals with the coordination of people in the organization. Another short term goal of theirs is to increase employee motivation because they believe that their workforce is one of their most important assets. They do not have any affiliations with any political parties and therefore aim to maintain friendly relations with any government that comes into power. GOALS: Goals are defined as desirable outcome which the want to achieve in the upcoming years. then why don’t you. Secondly the goals are set taking in to consideration the factors of production available to them. He said that time never remains the same as told earlier Pakistan is very unpredictable and it is difficult to organize such huge plans. Therefore planning is done in Bake Parlor in a way in which they first set out the objectives and goals which they want to achieve and then they make strategies to achieve those goals and objectives. He then said that we focus on yearly plans because they can be executed perfectly to a great extent.

The market research includes determining their customer’s demands so as to introduce new products into the market that meet consumer needs.Another desirable long term goal of theirs is to increase the number of products in their snacks range. weaknesses. 10 . One basic procedure they always follow is the carrying-out of a SWOT analysis. Since their employees are their biggest assets they aim to keep their workforce motivated by giving them both financial and non-financial benefits. however due the decrease in the market share of “slanty’ there are trying to capitalize on this by introducing new flavors and expand their distribution channels. They also take advice from the Bake Parlor management team in planning. For example. According to these the management does a few brain-storming sessions with both the upper level management and the middle level management. a potato starch product. They look at all their strengths. It varies according to the plans they make. This has also helped their customers remain brand loyal with to products. They set out the plans which they want to achieve in the coming year and put them forward to the management team. as they currently have only one product in this range which is Bake Parlor Lites. They are carrying out market research to determine what products to add to their snacks range. With the ideas born out of these sessions various changes are made in the initial plans. To cut their cost and provide their customers with low and improved quality products they have installed the latest Italian food plants at their factories and have adopted quality assurance and control techniques such as quality circles. a respected professional chef who helps them with the innovation of their products. Basic Rules and Procedures: According to the Managing director of Bake Parlor Mian Mehmood Hassan they do not have fixed procedures or rules that they always follow. They have hired Mehboob Khan. They also recognize the employee’s efforts which in turn increase job satisfaction. Strategies: With the aim of providing better quality products to their customers Bake Parlor has adopted certain strategies that they hope will help achieve this aim. employees receive fair wages and there is job rotation at the production line. Their main competitors for their snacks product “Lites” is Kolson’s “Slanty”. opportunities and threats and then according to that make rules and procedures which are followed in the Bake Parlor.

In every private limited organization around the globe the final decision rests in the hands of the CEO of the organization. they have certain channels from which the plans pass through for implementation. This is because they are the main people who are dealing with the sales and finance of the company.Rab Nawaz. and thus they have a clear picture of the company and it’s performance. Any decision made by the Bake Parlor Chairman can be challenged by the GM of Sales and Marketing Mr. The final decision to implement a plan or the approval of a plan is in the hands of the Chairman of Bake Parlor. Therefore this is the process through which the plans are implemented in Bake Parlor. the HRM and the four other directors) who then further convey those plans to their lower management in Bake Parlor. GM of Finance and Human Resources Manager Mr. The same is the case at Bake Parlor. The Chairman tells the final plans to the Managing director. Therefore if they think that the plans contain certain aspects which are hard to achieve or are not in favor of the organization in the current time period they have the authority to challenge the decision at Bake Parlor. Saeed. GM of Finance. Once the plans are finalized at Bake Parlor. The way the plans are implemented at Bake Parlor illustrated: CEO Managi ng directo Direct ors GM sales and marketi GM finance and HRM Lower level under 11 . so that he may convey the plans to those at lower levels under him (GM of Sales and Marketing.

the need for employees is usually satisfied by the concerned departments by themselves. snacks. Quality checks are carried out at different phases of the 12 . By identifying their demand through these methods they produce enough to meet these demands. Denmark). They look at sales trends and according to these they carry out their production. A proper computerized inventory system is in place to minimize the risk of theft of raw material. flour and sauces divisions’ managers carry out planning for raw materials in a timely manner to ensure a fluid production process. The department looks for possible candidates by market research which they carry out themselves. They have proper storage houses where they store their raw material and from where they are also provided to Production Department. Afterwards an interview is taken through which they short list people according to their needs. the use of automated production lines helps them to carry out production in an efficient and effective manner. Otherwise HR searches the market for people that fulfill the requirements. Usually they make sure that the raw materials are available on time for the production process so that no delays are caused in the production process. The market information they gather from retailers helps them in the planning for the production process. Production: Bake Parlor plans for its production in various ways. for example the Bread Division manager makes sure that they have enough flour available at the Bake Parlor flour mills to fulfill their requirement for the production of bread. This includes interview and shortlisting.Workforce: Whenever possible. the concerned department finds a suitable candidate. Holland. Otherwise they meet their needs by importing the raw materials from abroad (Germany. he or she then goes through the hiring process which the HRM department conducts. If however. If a suitable candidate is not found they then relay their need to the HRM department. Raw Material: Bake parlor owns flour mills therefore whenever there is a need for raw material it is efficiently and accurately met. They also check the market background of these people during this time before hiring an individual. This is how raw material planning is carried out at Bake Parlor. When raw material stocks fall to a certain level an order is placed to fulfill future requirements of the business. Apart from this. This is how workforce planning is carried out at Bake Parlor. Similarly the pasta.

13 . Finance: Bake parlor’s planning for finance is carried out by the finance department. Therefore if they require additional capital. the directors of the Bake Parlor company. To get finance for their LC they also use banks which offer good terms and conditions at low interest rates. In case of any huge capital requirements they plan to obtain loans from different banking institutions. The finished products at the storage houses are then sent to Bake Parlor’s own distributor chain who further distributes the products to the retailers. and every month at a micro level so that the company does not face any shortage of finance when there is need for it. They aim to cut costs by reducing wastage and ensure that the best quality products are produced by the use of these quality checks. Therefore they also generate finance in the form of new capital invested by the owners and by reinvesting retained profits. The finance department checks the need for finance at a macro level every quarter. the first source is internal.production process. For the purposes of finance they usually take loans from selected banks. They also have to make sure that all their finance does not come in the form of loans from the bank as these increase their interest rate expenses and create cash flow difficulties for the company. i. After the products are completed they are sent to the storage houses where accurate inventory checks are carried out. This is how Bake Parlor plans for the production of their goods till they are delivered to the retailers. AlHabib). They estimate the need for finance accordingly.e. Capital: Bake Parlor is a private limited company and therefore they cannot sell their shares at the stock exchange for additional capital. which have low interest rates (Standard Chartered. An inventory report is then sent to the Finance Department.

14 .T. analysis.W. STRENGTH: • First of all they have their own flour mills so they can use a proper quantity of flour in their products as per their requirements. This makes them completely independent and can therefore work freely. opportunities and threats in short we shall be taking its S.T. Here we shall be discussing about its strengths.O. weaknesses. ANANLYSIS Bake parlor has been in the food industry for a long time.O. With the passage of time it has grown into a strong firm and these days it has a lot of competition in the local market.W.S.

They have a great distribution network which is spread up to 350-400 retailers 7 days a week. • • • • • WEAKNESS: • As they are not the only operating industry in Pakistan so ultimately they cannot be the price maker.C. Their brand ambassador is the leading chef in the market.). There is a price barrier so they cannot set the prices themselves Economic and political conditions can play an important role because these conditions are unknown and can occur any time mysteriously. The decision system is imposed to the heads. This technology ensures them the best quality of the product and it also seals the perfection as well as quality of food. There is no communication barrier between the top managers and the first line managers. He endorses and markets their products in a fashionable way. 15 . • OPPURTUNITY: • If eating habits change then it can be an opportunity for the firm in any of their product range. As they have lots of work on the same hand they have distributed the work properly to get the maximum output. In short there is no transparency between the employees and the managers and everyone has information what is going on Man power is the X factor for their success.T.• They are also one of the pioneers in the Pakistani food industry to use Italian Computer Technology (I. They have the best Italian pasta range which makes them the leading Italian food range in the Pakistani food industry.

• 16 . This can be the only possible opportunity according to our research.• As they hold a position in the food industry they can also alter prices of some products to a certain extent. which can again bring competition in the market that can hurt their sales and thus profit. they can certainly introduce new products. THREATS • Multinational companies can be a threat to this firm because as new companies enter. Banking interest rates can be a major threat because all their transaction are through the bank.

Syrup Range. lasagna and macaroni. Apart from these product ranges they also deal in a Vermicellis Range. Lites Range and a Bread and Flour Range. Vinegar Range. noodles. Recipe-mix Range and a Pasta food Range which includes spaghetti. Ketchup Range. Therefore according to Bake Parlor their product ranges lie in different sectors in a BCG matrix.BCG Matrix Bake parlor deals in a variety of products such as an Italian Food Range. 17 .

these products have a high demand in the market and therefore generate a large amount of cash for Bake Parlor. This is because they have more room for market growth as compared to other products of Bake Parlor. Therefore. CASH COW (Low market Growth and High Market Share) Bread and Flour. Bake Parlor are thinking of investing more finance in the product to find ways to cut its price and make it competitive in the market. This is because these products have passed through the cycle of star products and the potential market growth has decreased significantly. Recipe mix Range and Pasta food Range are the star product ranges for Bake Parlor. Firstly.STAR (High Market Growth and High Market Share) Italian Food Range. 18 . However he also thinks that it can become a cash cow product for their company if they are successful in their strategy. QUESTION MARK (High Market Growth and Low Market Share) The Lites Range lies in the question mark or problem child category for Bake Parlor. as these products have high potential market growth they need more investment in their promotion/advertising to make them an established brand in the market because of which the cash is net out. This is because this product has the potential to grow but because of the increasing cost of the product and other factors it has a low market share. Therefore these products have already created their names in the market and give Bake Parlor larger returns as compared to their star products. Secondly. Ketchup and Syrup Ranges are the cash cows for Bake Parlor. A few of their products lie in the category of question mark but none of their products lie in the dog category and need to be closed down. DOG (Low Market Growth and Low Market share) According to the GM of Sales and Marketing Bake Parlor they do not have any dog product till now. However according to the Bake Parlor GM Sales and Marketing Rab Nawaz the profit which they get from these cash cow products are invested into the research and development of other products and also into those products which lie in the question mark category. according to the GM of Sales and Marketing.

PEST Analysis PEST analysis determines the political. social. PEST analysis is the examination of the external macro environment in which the organization operates in. Employees Laws 19 . According to bake parlor management. The increasing importance of environment and other external factors has given rise to the importance of the PEST analysis. The Bake Parlor PEST analysis is as follows: Political and legal factors: The political and legal factors that could affect the Bake parlor company are as follows: 1. Stability in the economy 2. economic. and technological factors that can affect the running of Bake Parlor Company.

However Bake Parlor takes it as a challenge and feels motivated to work even harder to achieve its desired goals and objectives.3. This keeps the government and other stakeholders away from the company activities. in order to take a correct step to spend or save for the future time period. They formulate their work and strategies according to the current economic situation and the trend of people purchasing power in Pakistan. • Bake Parlor is providing the country with so many of basic services that it does pollute the environment. Bake Parlor also takes government economic policies in to consideration. Thus they are not affected by employee’s law by the government. Taxation 4. Therefore Bake Parlor is finding ways to cut their prices down in order to satisfy consumer needs at lower prices and to survive in the market. Economical Factors: • The inflation rate in Pakistan is increasing rapidly. 20 • . • Bake Parlor is consistently paying off taxes to government and all their activities and transactions are audited. which keeps the government away from interfering in their business. This keeps them away from any and all political issues which can affect their business. thus the purchasing power of the people is decreasing. Political situation • Bake Parlor Company is operating in an economy which has become unstable in recent years. • Bake Parlor Company is not involved in any ethical work with its employees. • Bake Parlor restrains itself from political issues in the country and it does not have any type of affiliation with any political parties. Environment protection laws 5. In return they try to cut down the harm to the environment and pay government proper taxation for harming the environment.

Internet Telecommunication Faxes 21 . According to the GM sales and marketing they recently contributed some social work for children’s at Darul Sakun by distributing free of cost company products. Every industry in today’s world is dealing with technology. Some of the social works apart from go green is that they do offer their products to the poor people of Pakistan. because of which they are trying to cut down the waste disposal in to environment. Thus Bake Parlor has also adapted to the technological change to survive in the market.Social Factors: • Bake Parlor is very much concerned for the social welfare of the environment. Major technologies used are as follows: • • • • Italian computerized technology in machinery. Therefore they are in favor of a green environment. Technological Factors: Technology plays an important role in company success or a failure. They look towards making Pakistan a green place.

Organizing 22 .

In Bake Parlor we observed an organized environment. As it is an organization with no communication barriers. An organized environment always brings positive change to an organization. Bake Parlor organizes its work on daily basis. anyone can share their ideas freely without any hierarchical barriers interfering in the process. The plans made in this company are on a daily basis because of the environmental uncertainty prevailing in Pakistan. the organizing plans are approved by the General Managers of every department. It is one of the key roles performed by the company. It fashions itself as a traditional and learning organization. At Bake Parlor there exists a well-organized environment which they believe helps maintain efficiency as everybody works as a family-unit. This type of an environment has great benefits on the company and the overall morale of the workforce. because proper organizing leads to proper functioning of the business which in turn results in profitable operations Bake Parlor is one of the current food industries operating in Pakistan. The basic tools required for maintaining such an environment according to the managers are authority. an organized environment is beneficial because each and everything is monitored and problems are solved eventually if not immediately. However. After the plans are organized they are 23 .Organizing: Organizing is one of the most important activities of this company. It’s organizational culture is a mixture. In an organized environment such as Bake Parlor there is a proper hierarchy in place and if a problem occurs it goes to the top management. One of the most important tools used in this environment was appreciation. This is the core reason that why an organized environment is necessary. After the approvals of the CEO and M. If any goal is achieved by someone his or her work is appreciated by the awarding of bonuses. From production to finance as well as distribution. openness and a positive approach. One of the problems that may occur at this point is that the problem may take some time to be solved. organizing is very important.D.

The annual meeting is headed in Dubai under the managing director where various new ideas are discussed in order to improve the company and improve its mindset. For example. There are supervisors and a Production Incharge who supervises the workers employed in these departments. The General Manager Factory has two divisions which fall under his jurisdiction. which are the Pasta and Lites Divisions. an internal auditor and a group financial controller report to. the IT manager has a Software Engineer and Hardware Technician. The Pasta Division much like the Bread Division has been segmented into different departments. The Group Financial Controller is also responsible for the Commercial. These include the Dispatch. Molding and Packing. Atta and Ketchup divisions of Bake Parlor. All these managers have people under them for whom they are responsible. Oven. Organization Structure Underneath the Chairman. not including the managing director and are all brothers. To maintain such environment they hold monthly meetings where all the issues are discussed thoroughly so that they can come up with a suitable solution. Atta Production In charge and the Ketchup Production Incharge respectively. The heads of these divisions are the Bread Production Incharge. There are also helpers in place to be used by all of these departments. If anyone has issues with the plans he has the authority to raise his concern to the relevant people. He reports directly to the Managing Director as well. The Bread Division is further segmented in to the departments of Mixing. The Administration/Human resources manager reports to the Group Financial Controller.forwarded to the departmental heads and employees. There are 4 directors in all. a managing director is in place that every director. Bake Parlor’s Human Resources department includes an Administration/Human Resources manager who has an assistant in place for administrative purposes. Together they comprise the IT department of Bake Parlor. Finance. Maintenance and Administration departments respectively. 24 . Inventory. There is one Department manager who is in charge of all these departments and is responsible for the helpers as well. The Atta Production Incharge has two assistants who both have clerks underneath them and for whom they are responsible. In the Ketchup and Sauces Division there is a Section Incharge underneath the Ketchup Production Incharge who is responsible for the Machine operator and the junior and Senior Helpers that are there as well. IT and Material Managers who all reports directly to him. One of the directors is in charge of the Bread.

The culture with its employees is semi-formal. They make sure that they pay their suppliers on time in order to make sure that the raw material supplies are also received on time. however in order to increase their motivation and productivity they get both monetary and non-monetary benefits. Bake parlor. Corporate Culture and Behavior of Bake Parlor with Its Stake Holders The culture of Bake Parlor is formal in nature. Therefore the behavior adopted for its stakeholders is also a formal one. in ensuring its formal culture.The Finance Manager on the other hand has two Assistant Managers. purchases or finance is done formally. they make sure that the appropriate accounts are audited and approved by their head. And according to the audit they pay government the comprehensive tax in order minimize government intervention in their business. we also see the formal culture being applied. 25 . For example. As Bake parlor has a formal culture they make sure all its stakeholders are content with them. makes sure that all transactions the business does. They can be penalized for unethical work. we see that Bake Parlor makes sure that they pay their bank interest on time so that they can easily get additional finance at lower rates in the future. any urgent need of additional raw material can be ordered if available. Taking into account how they maintain their relations with the government as a stakeholder. This has helped Bake Parlor in maintaining their name in the market. A healthy relation with creditors has helped in building a good image in the market and helped Bake parlor in different ways. If we look at its relations with different banks. Now if we look at the suppliers of Bake Parlor. whether related to sales. both of which have further Accounts Officers underneath them.

customers. As Bake Parlor deal in flour they make sure that they don’t participate in any unethical activity which would allow the government to interfere in their operations. As stakeholders. competitors and the community. Another aspect of Bake Parlor’s directors that is different from public limited companies’ directors is the aspect of retaining control over the business. However in the case of Bake Parlor this is not possible since there are no other shareholders apart from the directors themselves. The government which is another stakeholder of Bake Parlor is concerned about the tax revenue it receives from the profitable operations of the business. usually directors have to worry about other shareholder’s taking majority share in the company and electing new directors. Bake Parlor one of the major sate holders is its competitors. Since Bake Parlor is a private limited firm the shareholders are replaced by the directors of Bake Parlor as important stakeholders of the business. It is also important for the government to ensure that Bake Parlor’s operations do not violate any national laws such as the black market of flour. suppliers. media. Therefore the directors themselves become important stakeholders of the business’ daily activities and have double the stake in the affairs of Bake Parlor than regular directors.Stakeholders: Like any business Bake Parlor also has its fair share of stakeholders. people that are affected by the operations of Bake Parlor. Therefore government is concerned about all revenue producing endeavors that Bake Parlor undertakes and that all of these are accurately presented in the company’s year-end financial statements. Their mission statement “Bake Parlor offers 'more for less' by providing a diversified product range with premium quality and extra quantity at 26 . They make sure that all the steps taken by Bake Parlor competitors are fully analyzed and step are taken accordingly to that. The customers of Bake Parlor want to receive good value for their money and to this extent Bake Parlor aims to deliver. Stakeholders include the government. workforce.

an affordable price” is a good example of how Bake Parlor aims to satisfy its customer stakeholders. Bake Parlor also has to take into consideration its workforce. Media is also one of the important stake holders for Bake Parlor. as it can help in creating an image of a business at a same time can lead to a failure of a business. They take care that they do not indulge in any unethical work with any one which would allow the media to interfere in the business. Therefore they make sure that the employees have a well-organized environment to work with and that all their legitimate demands are fulfilled to help increase their motivation level. they use the media as a tool to promote their products and thus maintain good relations with them. because if they harm the community or have poor relation with them. They always try to reduce their pollution wastage which could harm the local community of the area. However apart from these concerns. As discussed earlier Bake Parlor uses motivational techniques it deems fit to be used in a particular situation. The workforce is their biggest asset which they believe has allowed them to progress to such a well-built organization. Bake Parlor has more than 1000 employees employed at their organization. Apart from that they try to generate employment in the local community. in turn they can cause failure of Bake Parlor organization by boycotting their products or by holding strikes. Bake Parlor has always been positive towards the community. However it concludes that they have tried to maintain good relation from the start of their business. 27 .

According to the managing director Mian Mehmood Hasan ‘The healthier the relationship is between employees.Motivation Motivation is a technique which every organization around the globe uses to increase the enthusiasm and interest of workforce. These are also employed at Bake Parlor to motivate employees to do their jobs with more enthusiasm. This means they usually try to practically apply any and all motivational theories that they feel will be appropriate to a particular situation.’ Obviously the most effective motivational tools that any manager possesses are financial reward systems. When dealing with employees they try to motivate the employees by financial motivators which include bonuses to the employees of Bake Parlor on their performances and giving them respectable wages. Other than the financial motivators they believe more in the use of non-financial motivators to encourage their employees. more successful our organization will be in term of performance and success. this in turn causes employees feel job satisfaction and remain loyal to the Bake Parlor organization. For the sales person they have a basic salary and a commission which is given to a sales person for going beyond their 28 . because according to the managing director of the company they feel the biggest asset they own is their workforce. Team working is also applied at the bake parlor organization in order to foster a healthy relationship between employees. Different employees are reimbursed differently for different skills that they employ in the organization and therefore the financial motivators used for them are also different. These include appreciation of the employees on doing a good job. Bake Parlor’s management employs what it terms as “bookish concepts” to their motivational strategies. To ensure that the employees don’t feel alienated at the production line department. they apply job rotation technique to improve the productivity of the employees and create an appropriate and friendly working environment.

Bake parlor has a good pay policy and therefore financial motivators do not work as effectively in the case of higher level management. However this is not applied for employees at higher levels in the organization. Therefore they are motivated by giving them a feeling of job security and by giving them a proper status and independence in the organization. to motivate them to sell more of Bake Parlor’s However non-financial motivators do not end here. if they have been performing well for many years they are also given promotions in the Bake Parlor organization. Leading 29 .

We do not have a large numbers of employees but I believe that a learning environment in an office or at the production site will definitely help us to grow and better our organization.’ Bake Parlor strongly believe that their employees constitute their main differentiating factor and that effective application of the latest management and leadership techniques is essential for creating value in the corporate environment. As a traditional organization’s head it is believed that the company head’s only concern is revenue but I believe through what I have studied. that it is imperative to run an organization like a team and family. It is my prime duty to recognize the prevailing morale of the workforce and motivate people to achieve high levels of performance in alignment with the overall business goals. 30 . Their product heterogeneity and market development strategies have enabled them to grow tenfold within a decade. standards of quality and passion for growth have moved them to the top of the Pakistani food industry. Bake parlor knows their social responsibilities and try to fulfill them as much as they can at their factories and in their offices. Bake parlor give good opportunities to employees and envision their organization as an integrated whole with all the parts acting in conjunction and good will with each other.Leading Policies Bake parlor has developed a history of enterprising excellence ever since its inception in 1926. This is essential in gaining a competitive advantage. That’s why I wanted to make Bake Parlor a learning organization too. Their management techniques. Bake Parlor’s CEO strongly thinks that every manager should have leadership qualities that lead the organization in to a better future. According to the CEO of Bake Parlor: ‘I consider myself as a leader and as a company head.

5. Developing employees: By providing opportunities for acquiring or enhancing desirable knowledge. 8.Leading plays a very important role in the success of an organization. The leadership qualities that are inherent in all managers at Bake Parlor are as follows: 1. Managers at Bake Parlor believe that there should be open discussions about issues with employees in order to lead effectively. body language. Displaying emotional intelligence: Managers are always ensuring that physical reactions. skill and abilities. 6. A good manager who is a good leader is necessary for every organization so that their employees can work effectively and efficiently. and personal statements promote constructive dialogue among sub ordinates. peers and superiors. Coaching employees: 31 .positive and specific feedback to employ for the better work 2. Encouraging two-way communication: Seeking input from employees about products and their qualities and acting on that input. 4. Maximizing employee performance: Managers make sure that tasks are given to those employees whose capabilities are sufficient for completing the tasks. and giving emotional support that matches employee needs. Facilitating positive interactions among employees: Encouraging a pleasant atmosphere and reducing conflicts. 3. 7. about the organization. Reinforcing contributions and achievement: Managers always take timely . Acting as a positive role model: Executives and managers of the company talk positively to their peers. about the customers and about their products.

this is of course if and only if the employee wants help from Bake Parlor and brings it to their notice. For example. most employees are free to discuss issues etc. However there are some decisions that come from the top that most probably cannot be challenged by the lower level employees.e. At Bake Parlor managers possess the ability to recognize whether or not their subordinates are satisfied or not. i. Therefore mangers learn whether the wage rate or environmental conditions etc. Nevertheless. During this process the information gathered gives the manager an idea of how to go about satisfying the employee if he or she seems unsatisfied. because unsatisfied workers produce unsatisfactory results. goal achievement and career development. The democratic process is in place here because the management believes that the employees have much to contribute because of all the work experience that they possess at a particular level and also because it increases the staff’s motivational levels to do their job more effectively. It could be that someone is having domestic problems and managers at Bake Parlor are also willing to help out with these if they can. with their superiors. This process only works due to the fact that the Bake Parlor management has good communication skills and understands their workforce well. Leadership Style The leadership style of Bake Parlor is primarily democratic in nature. 32 . if some employee has a death in their family Bake Parlor ensures that they help out by covering any costs and pays the employee for the days they do not work. are the root of the problem or not. mill or the factory. the management aims to involve the employees on a conversational level on decisions being taken. It is a must that managers take constant feedback from employees whether at the office.Managers provide advice about individual performance.


keeping in mind the boundaries and policies of the organization. notices. and marketing and Saeed for finance and HR. However the doors of the chief operating officer and founder of Bake parlor are always open for the general managers who are always welcomed on seeking advice relating to the controlling side of the department. They have been given authority to control their own departments respectively. Also control motivates employees by keeping a certain target to receive a bonus. If newer scenarios arise then seeking advice from the COO is a common option general managers adopt to maintain a controlled environment. Rab Nawaz for sales. Hence there is an indirect type of controlling that prevails through the organization.Controlling policies At bake parlor the organizational structure is highly decentralized. Through the emails the board of directors and the general manager are directly connected which is the medium or you could say tool that aids in the controlling process. Many a times the chief operating officer also points out and suggests ways during weekly meetings in which he feels controlling can be made more efficient. There are no legal framed controlling procedures that control employees. If need be warnings. Also since the organizational structure is de-centralized there are no tools that are used in controlling. 34 . answers to specific controlling ways are commonly sent out through the email system that immediately gets the message across and brings about in a change in controlling the employees/issue. This way the superiors not only motivate the employees but keep them controlled – “they are all like family”. The general managers have the authority and have to devise ways as to how they have to control employees. The main tool that is used for controlling is the internet mailing system. The employees are controlled according to the general manager’s rules and regulations. The general managers appointed have high level of authority in their departments.

decentralized structure uses a bit of feed forward control. This type of control ensures whether employees in the production lines are working efficiently and effectively and whether they are producing the right good in the right quantities and qualities. from where he looks at all the activities. The reason there is no set contingency plan is because Bake Parlor’s decentralized organization feels sitting and coming up with a solution with diverse and multiple opinions is the best way to tackle a problem. Concurrent control comes into action while an activity is in progress. which covers the whole area inside the offices and factories. through which the activities going in the boundaries of Bake Parlor are monitored. Security Policies Video cameras are installed in all the offices and the production factories of Bake Parlor. forecast ahead etc. Some managers may not even be aware of the types of controlling that they are using. Lastly they make use of feedback control methods much more compared to the other types of control. Proper working equipment for production line workers is provided for their safety. If a catastrophe does take place which is extremely rare then the board and general managers sit together and come up to a solution of how to tackle and control a certain problem. Taking extra precautions and fewer risks keeps them away from the mishaps that may occur. However it is inherent in the nature of businesses that anything can happen and so for that contingency plans are beneficial in keeping the company safe. concurrent control and feedback controlling methods. The general managers and board of directors try and plan to avoid mishaps as much as possible. Feedback control deals with outputs and gives them feedback when they require it upon a certain good or product. at Bake Parlor there are no jotted-down contingency plans. However.Controlling usually helps organizations to prevent or minimize mishaps. Bake parlor does not have a specific controlling method they use. Managing Director has direct camera coverage of all the factories and offices in his room. Security Guards are their serving 24 hours a day to provide the security to the management of the Bake Parlor. 35 . The board and general managers make use of the feed forward control when they have joint meetings to set targets. resolve issues. The cultural.

The reason of high work ethics is to provide 100% work as well as customer satisfaction. Dress codes also stand with men. This company has been in the market for a quite long time so it tries its level best to maintain discipline. They also provide their employees with fringe benefits so they always stay motivated and always work to their fullest 36 . about work ethics he said that they recently fired one of their employee because his attitude with the female employees was very uncouth and was thus fired. Bake parlor use best quality raw material because if they don’t give good products then gradually the sales would go down which could ruin the company’s image. parlor work ethics are very string. One can clearly say that in Bake parlor proper work ethics are followed.D.Work ethics in Bake parlor In bake. When females are hired. they are asked to follow certain dress code so that they maintain the company’s decorum. They are provided with job satisfaction so that they work diligently. In Bake parlor. they consider their employees as a very important asset. In Bake parlor when we were talking with the M.

Product List Bakery products • • Bread Fruit bun Tea Rusk Burger Bun Sheer Mall Hot Dog – Single slice • • • • Italian Food Range Noodles and Spaghetti • • • • Macaroni Elbow Macaroni Big Elbow Long macaroni Small Elbow Hot and sour Noodles Chinese egg noodles Fancy Spaghetti Fajita Spaghetti 37 .

• • • White Spaghetti Kajun Spaghetti African Spaghetti Khawsue Lasagne Pasta Green Tikka Macaroni African Spice Macaroni Thai Green Biryani Macaroni • • • Sauces and Ketchup • • • Vinegar Soy sauce Tomato ketchup Vermicelli • • • Roasted Vermicelli Pasta Cut Color Vermicelli Traditional Vermicelli • Atta 38 .

Mary Coulter.bakeparlor. Managing Director of bake parlor (Mian Mahmood Hasan) 39 .com/site/ Management principle. Neharika Vohra. 10th edition by: Stephen P. Robbins.• • Super Fine Atta Fine Atta Lites • • • Salty Veggie Tomato ketchup Other Products • • • Suji Maida Paratha Bibliography http://www.

Gm Sales and marketing Bake parlor (Rub Nawaz) 40 .

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