What the Netball Premier League will cost

Human Resources Facilities Travel PR, media and marketing Entertainment Accommodation Safety and security Hospitality Merchandise and kit Administration Food and beverage Branding and signage Support services Legal and compliance Access control and accreditation R5.14 million R4.71 million R3.78 million R2.45 million R2.42 million R2.19 million R1.69 million R1.46 million R753 485 R628 000 R591 250 R572 500 R311 775 R12.59 million R8.31 million


R47.63 million

Miscellaneous R32 000 Management fee calculated at 10% of total value Contingency calculated at 1% of total value, excluding management fee for Diamond Challenge tournament and 0.5% for Netball Premier League R238 140 R4.76 million


R52.63 million

Some numbers are rounded

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