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ABC activity based costing ABD all but dissertation ADP Automated Dumb Process AGV automatic guided vehicle AIM Agile Intelligent Manufacturing AMC Army Materiel Command AMH automated material handling ANOVA analysis of variance ANSI American National Standards Institute AOQL Average outgoing quality level APICS American Production and Inventory Control Society APT Automatic programmed tools AQL Acceptable Quality Level AQL average quality level AS/RS automated storage and retrieval system ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASQC American Society for Quality Control (name changed to ASQ in 1997) ASQ American Society for Quality (ASQC prior to 1997) ATP available to promise


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BFCE Better, Faster, Cheaper, Easier BM Benchmarking (1/2 credit if you guessed a famous bodily function) BMOC big man on campus BOM bill of materials BPO Business Process Outsourcing BPR Business Process Re-engineering


 C&E Cause and Effect

insurance.                                           CAD computer aided design CAM computer aided manufacturing CAE computer aided engineering CAIT computer aided inspection and test CAPP computer aided Process planning CAR Corrective Action Request CASE computer aided systems engineering CAT computer aided testing CCR Capacity constrained resource CEO Chief Executive Officer CFO Chief Financial Officer CFPIM certified in production and inventory management at fellow level CIB computer integrated business CIF cost. and freight CIM computer integrated manufacturing CIO Chief Information Officer CIP carriage and insurance paid To (named destination) CKO Chief Knowledge Officer CLO Chief Learning Officer CLSP capacitated lot sizing problem CMM capability maturity model CMM coordinate measuring machine CNC computer numerically controlled COB Close of Business COQ Cost of Quality CPA certified public accountant CPI continuous process improvement CPIM certified in production and inventory management CPK A worst one-tailed process capability index CPM certified purchasing manager CPM critical path method Cpm Process capability measure similar to Cpk but with taguchi methods incorporated CPU central processing unit CR critical ratio CPA certified public accountant CRP capacity requirements planning CRT cathode ray tube CQE certified quality engineer CQI Continuous Quality Improvement CQT certified quality technician CSP continuous sampling plan CWQC company wide quality control CWQI Company-Wide Quality Improvement .

analyze. DNC direct numerically controlled DOA dead on arrival DOE design of experiments DRP distribution requirements planning DSS decision support system DTF demand time fence DDLT demand during lead time E                  EAP Employee Assistance Program ECN engineering change notice ECO engineering change order ECR engineering change request ECR error cause removal EDD earliest due date first EDDLT expected demand during lead time EDI electronic data interchange EEO Equal Employment Opportunity EFQM European foundation for quality management EI employee involvement EIS executive information system ELC Employee Learning Centre EOH ending on-hand inventory EOQ economic order quantity EPLS economic production lot size EQA european quality award . measure. and control.D                DEA data envelopment analysis (1/2 credit for drug enforcement agency) DFA design for assembly DFD data-flow diagrams DFM design for manufacturability DFT demand flow technology DFX design for X (X being the goal or attribute of your choice) DIC document identifier code DMAIC define. improve.

 ESC Executive Steering Committee F                FAS final assembly schedule FCFS first come first serve FCS finite capacity scheduling FEW Federal Employed Women FIFO first in first out FMBA Financial Management & Business Analysis FMC flexible machining center FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis FMECA Failure mode effect and criticality analysis (same as FMEA) FMS flexible manufacturing system FOB free on board FOE Factory Overall Efficiency FPO firm planned order FTA Fault Tree Analysis FTZ free trade zone G     GAAP generally accepted accounting practices GIT global information technology GITM global information technology management GT group technology H     HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HALT Highley Accelerated Life Testing HLL high level language HOQ House of Quality .

)  HRM Human Resources Management I  IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification. a data interchange standard for CAD/CAM systems  IIE institute of industrial engineers  IMHO In My Humble Opinion  IMO In My Opinion  IMS Integrated Management Services  IMS Intelligent Manufacturing Systems  IRR internal rate of return  ISO International Standards Organization J  JIT Just in time  JUSE Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers K  KM Knowledge Management L  L4L lot for lot  LAN local area network  LBO leveraged buy out . HMI Human-Machine Interface (Also used as MMI = Man-Machine Int.

          LCL less than car load LCL lower control limit LSL lower specification limit LIFO last in first out LIMIT lotsize inventory management interpolation technique LOB line of balance LTPD lot tolerance percent defective LT lead time LTL less than truck load LTT M                            MAD mean absolute deviation MANOVA multivariate analysis of variance MAP manufacturing automation protocol MAPE mean absolute percentage error MBF management by fear (not MBO) MBNQA Malcolm baldrige national quality award MBWA management by walking around MBWA management by wandering around MDR master data record MFO material flow operator MSE mean square error MBO management by objective MDS material dominated scheduling MEOST multiple environment overstress tests MI manufacturing instruction MIL SPEC military specification MIS management information systems MNC multinational corporation MNE multinational enterprise MPS master production schedule MRB material review board MRO maintenance repair and operating supplies mrp material requirements planning MRP II manufacturing resource planning MRP III Money Resource Planning MSE mean square error MTBF mean time before failure .

 MTL manufacturing team leader  MTM motion-time methods N          NC numerically controlled NIH not invented here NIST national institute of standards and technology NLT not later than NMJ not my job NOAC next operation as customer NPV net present value NSN national stock number NTED no touch exchange of die O           OC operating characteristic (curves) OCD organizational change and development OCR optical character recognition OEM original equipment manufacturing OIH organizationally induced helplessness OJT on the job training OMB office of management and budget OPT optimized production technology OS/D over. short. or damaged OTED one touch exchange of die P  PAC Production activity control (1/2 credit for political action committee)  PDCA Plan-do-check-action  PDQ Pretty Darn Quick .

                   PERT program evaluation and review technique PFS process flow scheduling PI Personal Involvement (As used in TQM and people management techniques) PIMS Profit Impact of Market Strategy PLC programmable logic controller PLOM product line operator manager PM Preventive Maintenance PO purchase order POC Point of Contact POM Production & Operations Management PONQ Price of Non-Quality POP Proof of Principle POQ periodic order quantity POS point of sale PPAP product parts approval process PPB part period balancing PPM parts per million PSI pounds per square inch PRW parts retrieval window Q       QA Quality Assurance QFD Quality function deployment QC quality control. quality circles QMS Quality Management System QOS Quality Operating System QWL Quality of Working Life R      RAB registrar accreditation board RBI runs batted in RCA Request for Corrective Action RCCP rough cut capacity planning RFP request for proposal .

        RFQ request for quote RFT Right First Time RMA Return Merchandise Authorization ROP reorder point ROA return on assets RPD robust product design RPM revolutions per minute ROI return on investment S                     SBQ standard batch quantity SBU strategic business unit SCAR Supplier Corrective Action Request SEI Software engineering institute SFC shop floor control SFM surface feet per minute SIC standard industrial code SKU stock keeping unit SME small and medium sized enterprises SNAFU situation normal: all fowled up SOP Sales and Operations Planning (Profusely used by APICS) SOP Standard Operating Procedure SPT shortest processing time first SPC statistical process control SPC stop producing crap SQC statistical quality control SMED single minute exchange of die SQL structured query language SQM strategic quality management SRP service requirements planning T  TCIR total case incident rate  TEI total employee involvement .

                 TINSTAAFL there is no such thing as a free lunch TNE transnational enterprise TQM total quality management TWK total work content TPM total productive maintenance TMI Team Management Index TOE Theory of Everything TOP technical/office protocol TKO technical knock-out TL truck load lot TLA Three Letter Acronym TOC theory of constraints TRC total relevant cost TOP technical/office protocol TPOP time phase order point TQI Total Quality Improvement TQC total quality control U  UCL upper control limit  UNA Use No Acronyms  USL upper specification limit V     VA value analysis VDT video display terminal VDU video display unit VE Value engineering W .

 WCM world-class manufacturing  WIIFM What is in it for me  WIP work in process .