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Now for the First Time Given to the World in a Lucid Form Published A. D. MCMIV by the

of New York


I take pleasure in here presenting to the earnest few of beneficent and uplifting purpose, this collection of valuable forms and medicaments, culled and transcribed into more lucid phrase from the chemical and Hermetic writings of such learned worthies as Paracelsus, Faber, Quorcetan, Hartman, Rul— andis, Mynsicht and numerous other philosophers in the Spagyric Art. That these preparations——and many similar ones which I hope to treat of in a subsequent work—— have remained absent from the officinal category is not a matter for wonder, chiefly because of a recognition by their authors of specific powers and potencies in natural processes of too arcane a nature to be apre— hended by the dense self—sufficiency of the materialistic and incredulous mind; and partly by reason of the fact that while dealing with obvious principles, though only occultly understood, they were couched in terms and meanings which were wisely veiled from those of disrespectful and antagonistic attitude. The importance to the occult chemist of working in harmony with astral law, that thereby the natural and artificial qualities of all things from the Universal to the Particular might be properly attained, may be the better appreciated in this extract from Salmon, an astro-philosopher and physician of the Middle Ages:

“1. The time of the preparation ought to synpathize with the native production of the thing to be prepared; which is in respect of qualities manifest or occult. “2. As to the Manifest Qualities, that time is to be chosen in which they naturally flourish; wherein you are to choose a hot and Itoist season for dissolution, digestion and fermentation; and a cold time for coagulation; a noist tine for distillation and melting; and a dry time for exsiccation and calcining. “3. As to the Occult Qualities, the preparation is to be begun when the planet governing the thing is strong and vigorous in his house or exaltation, and in good aspect of Sol, Luna, Jupiter, Venus or all of them. “4. The place of preparation must be the laboratory, which must be hot, cold, noist, dry, airy, close, etc. according as the nature of the matter to be prepared requires.
The significance of planetary influence, and its relation to the astral po— tencies involved in all natural operations, is too complex a subject to enter into here, except to say that the truth of the above brief intimations has been amply verified in the writer’s experience. Nor when the rationality


thereof is once understood, through careful study and investigation of the stellar hypothesis, will one marvel that it should be so. Likewise, in dealing with spiritual principles of things physical, the Spagyric artist was enabled to percieve the admirable analogies that helped verify the oneness of method throughout the spheres of manifestation, and its identity with those of the Higher or Causative realm, and thereby the necessary inter—action and dependence of the one upon the other. Proceeding thus, under the logical assumption that the One Law must express itself similarly upon all planes of activity, they demonstrated the reality of a physical trinity—spagyrically classified as Salt, Sulphur and Vercury-that corresponded with the Body, Soul and Spirit of the noumenal world, or the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of the devotional school; also the fact that these three primal principles embrace and comprehend the four elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water, the separation, purification and inseparable conjunction of which consituted a fifth of the purest potency, which they termed a Quintessence. This on the spiritual plane, as embodied in the esoteric teachings of the ancient reliqious mystics, is identical with Regeneration, a process the meaning of which modern churchianity knows as little of as the material scientist does of the above trinity in nature. With this attainment in chemical processes all poison has been eliminated from the matter operated upon, and the spiritual or curative faculty is exalted to the highest degree, as is shown in some of the formulas which make up this collection. The antimonial prescripts of Basil Valentine and the mercurial preparations of Paracelsus were not those which pass today as medicines, but which in reality are poisons most dangerous to the vital principle in the physical organism. The alchemists scorned the use of remedies that yet remained in such imperfect guise. In a later treatise I hope to elaborate more fully and practically upon the Hermetic Philosophy as concerns the preparation of metallic, mineral and vegetable medicaments, their spiritual bases, and whereby their different faculties may be developed into the highest vital energies. With these concise hints by way of introduction, I commend the contents of the following pages to those of earnest mind and particularly to such whose object is the mitigation of human physical suffering - one of the grandest missions to which an earthly pilgrimage can be consecrated.



(From ARCHIDOXIS) Modern chemists for the sake of expediency and convenience. A perfect exaltation of medicines can never in any wise be accxiplished through adulterated or imperfect mediums. or else through an utter disregard of the spiritual principles involved.a fact that contains the essence of a truth such as the modern chemists. and largely through ignorance of Nature’ s interior methods. injure its natural or curative potencies. I give here careful and complete directions for the making of such menstruums as are necessary in the medicinal formulas that follow. so that oftentimes the fault of a bad itenstrui.MENSTRUUMS According to Dr. unfamiliar with the astral principia. On the other hand. phlegm or water of the subject matter itself . Again. operate with mediums foreign to their matter. that the essential one may be utilized. Divers chemical experiments delivered by the ancients have been believed false only because the menstruums employed in the highly unsuccessful trials of them were not as highly rectified. and thereby. is both indisposed to concede and unable to apprehend. iii . generally by reason of the impurity of the substances used. for those of crunerce are undependable. one principal regard is as to their fithess for the particular purpose to which they are designed. barely by their being not sufficiently freed fran their weakening aquosity (phlegm). the use of the word menstruum originated in the notion of the old chemists respecting the influence of the Moon in their preparations . is injuriously imputed to a good artist. Thus. and nore especially where a Quintessence is the end to be attained. while the purity of these is a prime absolutely a requisite. the practitioner is advised to use only such nenstrua or dissolvents as are made in the private laboratory. as those that were used by the deliverers of those experiments. and so referred to therein in brackets. are successively numbered. so sate miscarry because such menstruums are but too exactly depurated. that the astral principles inherent therein be not fatally disturbed. as is very often the case with Spirit of Wine. or their efficacy impaired. As saith Paracelsus: “ Every fruit must die in that wherein is its life”. or otherwise exquisitely depurated. In all the formulae contained in this book. a homogene menstruum — as the spirits. must be differently complexionated for the better success of another. For which reason the different solvents. an Aqua Fortis that is proper in one operation. as here given for use in the succeeding formulas. In most instances of digestion and putrefaction. Many such purchased in the apothecary shop are wholly unfit. while sate processes fail to succeed according to the expectation because the menstruums employed about them were not pure enough.

i. This should increase the take twelve hours or longer. But note this in the purification of all . Prooeed with the first degree of till the phlegm disappears. It is known by its yellowness or greenish color. evaporate the crystallize which repeat thrice more. COMMON AQUA FORTIS ( communis) . and will be found of doubtful utility for the purposes needed. when putrefactive processes are more easily carrried forward. Repeat the operation until no more faeces will settle. place in a little reverbatory . and again set to Common and are purified by solution in ordinary followed by filtration and crystallization without the . Out of xvi of and undephlegmated Lbi. mix (1) and put into a retort two-thirds full. and its stinking smell. then by degrees till the spirit is drawn off. Dried Hungarian (prepared as for of ) Lbii. This can properly be separated from the faeces. This is a dissolvent for and . that after solution and filtration. till a crust appears at the top. for a medical month (40 days). it in filter and evaporate. you may have is made of p. According to Paracelsus. . For certain other operations. filtration and crystallization.The HNO of commerce lacks the es8ential disintegrative potencies of the above. you must . with a large receiver. then is necessary before the solution evaporate and crystallize. NOTE: . again.THE BOOK OF FORMULAS TO PURIFY The ordinary way of purifying all salt is by simple solution. AF. beginning at the wane of the Moon. place in a cool place to crystallize. when the red vapors fill the receiver. i. —l— p.

Cerberus. Cahalatar. powder of flints lbiii.. lbii. Dissolve vi. A. (5) . (4) . Or. This not only dissolves but carries it with it through the receiver. the ordinary way is by an iron pot. A common that will dissolve is thus prepared: (2) lbi. Or. with a strong three or four times till all the every Spirit of (3) iii. distil by a retort in a naked fire. common decripitated iv. distil by a retort red hot with a pipe. Tentzelii... Like many other chemical preparations of commerce. Lbi. in thrice sublimed i. this latter being merely a mixture of chlorine and hyponitrous acid. Basi1's Dissolvent of Gold. it fails in the purpose for which designed... Anderonae. will yet be clearer. The Golden Dissolvent of Tentzelius. While it dissolves gold. . the alchemist of the XIVth century. powder of flints lbiii. viz. Salt of Hermes. Or thus: i. Or. according to Basil Valentine. with a large receiver. platinum. distil the water from them by a retort. in lbi. from the caput mortuum extract the the remaining ashes mix with hot water. Basilii. with lbi. of which iii comes over with the spirit. so you have which distilling in BM or ashes in a glass alembic.AQUA REGIA (Regis communis) This passes in the modern dispensatory as nitromuriatic acid and as chloronitrous acid (NCl2O3). Internal Salt. Anatron. Basil called it -2- . set into a naked fire. . digest. on which is placed an earthen cover like an alembic with a beak. etc it does not extract the spiritual tincture. Schroder saith. OF SAL The ancient chemists denominated this under barious names.

Potters earth p.See that the receiver shall be well and close luted to the retort. and be able not only to dissolve volatize it. If the above be strongly forced. The caput mortuum serves to . or Spirit of .. tending to paralysis. (6) Spirit of Pure lbi. v. give it fire by degrees to the highest for the space of 24. NOTE: . and is often adulterated by mixture with common .the Earthly Serpent. place it in a close reverberatory furnace. because it will be so small a proporation to the spirit as to make it lose none of its energy or force. It is purified by solution. for being fired upon a red hot tile or stone if it al] fly away it is pure. then the spirit in red vapors. butter of . That of commerce comes principally from Chili and Peru. the . (7) Bezoardic Spirit of . The Bezoardic Spirit of Common the foregoing. And Basil calcined common thrice with lime. with a capacious receiver. a fact that can be detected by burning. dissolve it in —3- . so Rectified spirit of have you the Bezoardic Spirit of make Bezoar Mineral of . (8) Common Oil. well luted up to its neck. with which fill up to the neck a glass retort. but also to spirit will be red. ana. hours. in a retort. The phlegm that is mixed with the spirit will do it no injury. which will make the receiver as red as a ruby. as their malignancy is very hurtful to the brain and nerves. is made similarly to OF COMMON This is purified by solution and crystallization till it be without faeces and sweet. Of French or Spanish Bay water as much as you will. mix them. lest being put into any hot vessel it should break it. it is common . lest the vapors should exhale. mixing with it every time as much fresh quicklime. Salmon says that should first be decripitated. filtration and crystallization in common water according to the usual way. the phlegm comes first with white vapors. it anything remain.

Some take common and distil it alone in a retort. bowels. sand or earth. coming as soon as possible to the last degree.and filter it.There are a variety of ways of preparing this oil or spirit. so shall you have in the receiver Oil or sharp Spirit of . fistulas. By this rule you may extract out of lbi. the retort being violently hot. mix clay. and give it a naked fire by degrees to the height. it is a specific against malign fevers. Others to p.. It is transparent and almost of a citrine color. i. then keep it in a vessel close stopped for use. then set it in a close reverberatory. This Oil or Spirit of is an antidote against the plague. reins and bladder. liver.. Dose: a gut. according to the opinions of various men. thence giving fire by degrees. Some to p. NOTE: . etc. sand. and is as a vehicle to it. etc. of near x. and resists all manner of corruption. well luted to a large receiver. secondly a phlegm. ftc. brick. according to our art. v. . for the phlegm coming first helps the acid oil or spirit. spleen. then the being taken out and sprinkled with water and distilled again. and without which you would attain to no acid spirits. mixed with a little water it whitens and preserves the teeth wonderfully. take of clay. rectify this liquor in sand by separating the phlegm. which rectify in BM. fitting to it a large receiver. both inwardly taken and outwardly applied. whence comes first a sour water. it quenches thirst wonderfully and consumes by corrosion without pain all corruptions in ulcers or other ‘old sores. earth. it is good in jaundice. and is of an acid taste.. it opens all obstructions of the stomach. you have thirdly an acid spirit. which is to be continued 24 hours or until the recipient feels cold. which you may repeat till all the is turned into spirit. and the most formidable enemy to the scurvy. nor the matter made red hot in the fire. and (without making of it into balls) fill a glass retort with it. then put the powder in a glass retort. whether continued or intermitting. double or treble the weight of the before dissolution. ii. iii. vi. p. set it in an equable heat and let the water evaporate away (continually stirring it) till it be very dry. p. of oil or spirit. ad xv. In these processes the ought not to be decripitated or separated from its phlegm. which they make into balls and dry and distill as before in a retort. This spirit is made strong and pure by dephlegmating of it in a sand heat. or xx. gouts. mix with this brine (in a copper vessel) fine powder of tiles or brick. thereby dissolving the stone and gravel and expelling of it. it is a powerful diuretic. luted up to half the neck.

common . and draw a spirit b a retort with a strong fire. to these salts thus dried lbx. ana. and . digest in a luted vessel for an mix and put to them spirit of hour. -4of that enters ..(9) Volatile of (lbi. add tripoli lbxxx. This is used as a menstruum in the making of the into the formula for Tinctura Antimonii cum Auro. then in ashes distil to dryness.). .

. add distilled three inches ii. and lastly a thick oil. diuretic. or vi. then cease and the liquor gently by a retort in sand. first you have a phlegm. This spirit cures quartans and powerfully provokes the Terms being stopped. OF (l0a) Spirit and Oil of Powder of white .The spirit is sudorific. The spirit you may rectify by three cohobations upon colcothar. of rare value as medicines. or by distilling it four times in a BM. The oil is reduced by adding to it a good quantity of water or distilled vinegar. and extract a tincture till it ceases to be colored the remaining in distilled extract its tincture with SV. which reverberate 24 hours upon a refiner’s test (but will be blue. Dose: ‘a gut. NOTE: . distil. So have you the of . then filter and coagulate. pour in again the SV. cloudy with red drops and a red powder at the Spirit of bottom. palsy. This spirit will dissolve . dissolves and opens all obstruction and is wonderful in leprosie. and by which gold is not only dissolved.NOTE: . separate and keep the oil for use. and cohobate 15 or 16 times. which separate from the spirit. Mix these four salts with this four times with fresh distilled rectified SV. dropsies. xx ad (l0b) Philosophic Spirit of of . -5- . at the third or fourth time it is taken. gout. distil it with a glass retort in sand (or a naked fire). do . scurvy. melt it not). in a still with an alembic and a funnel. in wine. It cuts. scabs. Dose: ‘a gut iv. and the above it. always washing the still with a strong lixivium. then a spirit like a cloud. and mix with it again good rose-water. itch and French Pox.. till the is very red.There are many other preparations of . till you see red drops fall. attenuates. distilled at the funnel to the tinctured . gather all these and them in BM. The hydrochloric acid (HC1) of commerce is of no utility in these processes. antiscorbutic and anodyne. but volatized and made potable. Separate the oil. and distilling in BM.

put it into a cotton bag. which keep in a vial . As much of native or Hungarian or English as you please. and fit the receiver again without luting. then increase by degrees to the highest. which place in a retort that will endure a strong fire. the Hungarian being the best. The factitious is made out of or . the former being taken out of the earth either in its own form or in water. NOTE: . and makes it extract the virtues of any vegetable the easier. then filtrate. and Let of . separating the phlegm by a small retort in sand. separate in a glass curcurbit luted to a receiver. and hang it in a cellar or in some moist place to dissolve. and the spirit or oil comes. in distilling. rectify the distilled liquor. Place on an open fire. Or. of melt in a cellar or dissolve it in water. what comes after it is spirit and oil. as also what is said concerning its purification. drawing off about one half-part. which then remove. what remains at the bottom is the caustic oil of the true spirit dephlegmated. which rubbed upon bright iron makes it look red.A little of mixed with any menstruum facilitates putrefaction. continually stirring it till it is brought into a yellow powder. or close stopped. -6- . which continue till you perceive black veins trickle down the recipient. calcined white. severally or conjunctly. Of these kinds it will be good to choose that which has more than in it. which is the volatile and sulphureous spirit of . which give by degrees for three days or until the receiver (having been full of fumes) becomes clear. (12) Oil of . the phlegm comes first by a very small fire. is either native or factitious. to take the oil. decant the phlegm.(ii) Oleum i per deliquium. Note. OF Attention is here called to foregoing remarks on . filling it about two thirds full. melt it in an unglazed earthen pan and exhale away all the humidity. The phlegm being separated in distilling. or best of (?) coagulate to the just consitency.

so shall it be very volatile and white.. dissolve. cohobate it. separate this according to art (which is done by a small retort in sand). and will dissolve the stone if injected into the bladder with a proper syringe. that it may condense in the alembic. calcine. called philosophic calcination ) lbi.This spirit or oil put upon transmutes it in a little time into . coagulate and then dissolve again per deliquium. and volatized by often —7— .. . put it into a long-necked glass. distil by alembic in BM. in ashes or sand. from the spirit of rectifying it in sand. I include here only those needed in our praxis. . Distil in an alembic with a strong fire. (16) Volatile of The of a boy or young man. SV. and distil it with so small a heat. ana. by OF Of this is prepared some very rare dissolvents of singular force. which in the cold will coagulate. and there will come forth in the alembic a white spirit like snow.. cohobate it. and elevate the spirit in a glass body. i. (14) Spirit of Fresh or new made boy’s that drinks wine. This is a notable lithontriptic. and you have phlegm and spirit. (15) Oil of Of that gritty or tartarous matter which adheres to the bottom and sides of the urinal. and separate the SV. a half lb. but exceeding stinking. (13) Spirit of Hungarian Of Tentzelius calcined white (in the sun with a burning glass. This if given perfectly dissolves the stone. add to them (being in powder) SV. If this spirit be joined with the salt of the fseces. mix and evaporate to the consistency of a new honey. calcined black. in a convenient vehicle.

and ten day’s digestion. you must take heed of burning it lest your extracts smell of it. if it yet be digested with common . and so has the greater power of dissolution and is therefore called Philosophic . (17) Distilled Put it into a glass still in BM.. and by the addition of rectified SV. then add distilled and draw it off again in sand. till but a quart remains. . and drive it through a retort so have you spirit which rectified will be fiery and corrosive. make balls of thecrystals and bole. which will be near a quarter part. (18) Spirit of of Clossaeus. . it will resolve. If it be for physical uses. (19) Radicated or Alcalized Faeces of distilled of Sennertus. or ashes with a gentle heat. OF That of wine is best and yet better if vitriolated. it will be a good menstruum to dissolve . calcine them dry. cohobating so often till all its common of fixed ascend with the —8. it any essential oil of pyroligneous acid is present. cohobating two or three times upon the faeces. and purified by solutions and coagulations for about ten days and nights in By. it will be a notable menstruum to draw the vitriol of metals and cheifly of . for it has both an animal and a vegetable spirit. of metheglin is best for the dissolution of metals. Six quarts and distil in a luke-warm BM. then in sand distil violently until a red spirit ascends and all be come over. change the receiver and force over the spirit. The modern chemist of of the opinion that alcohol cannot be acetified. draw off the phlegm without taste. draw of the phlegm in a gentle heat in BM.. If you would have it yet stronger. If for metals. then in ashes draw off the remainder to dryness.cohobations.

as in all the foregoing preparations. if you rectify the spirit upon the same with several cohobations making a strong fire at the conclusion (casting away the phlegm that comes in the middle). and the watery fall back again. which cease when the phlegm begins to come. and it is best here. but once rectified. it is a sign of the goodness of the spirit. Distil in a bath full of sawdust or straw moistened with water so that the drops may fall leisurely. Sennertus says. it is weak and not sufficiently dephlegmated. you will rectify it the better. till the spirit is high. lbii. when they have been shaked together. let it be several times rectified in BM. of commerce is generally lacking in potency by reason of its aquosity. Of SV. if the flame fasten on the wick. and setting it on fire.OF SV As has been intimated. (20) Common SV. gives the following process. in powder i. One of the best ways to test its strength and purity is to dip a cotton wick like that of a candle. the experimental philosopher and Hermetic chemist of the XVllth century. to have resort to one’s own laboratory. and pour on it as much SV. drawing off the half. That known as Canary is best for these purposes. you shall have SV. you may repeat the former work. (A Kjeldahl bulb is excellent for this --hwn) (21) Tartarized SV. the SV. tartarized. with the addition of an ounce more of . Boyle. the spiritual parts only will penetrate. rectify it. that the orifice of the still being covered with a four-fold thin paper or thick cloth.. but it it does not. which is to be recommended. as will. Before rectification. as it dispenses with frequent rectification: “Put about an inch thick of calcined to whiteness (for I find it not necessary to reduce it to a salt) and very dry into the bottom of a tall and slender glass body. and if you have a still with a long neck or serpentine glass (worm). Distil by a vesica till the finest parts are ascended(which is known by the taste). swim above the -9a finger’ s breadth . but if the phlegm ascend with it. third of fourth part.. and no humidity will remain that will flame. Where note.

put them in a still and with sand or a reverberatory draw off an acid spirit of a golden color. which rectify in a long still. ashes p. then in a retort as with common with clay and make it . in which imbibe leaves of brown paper made into balls. iv. and therefore this alcohol of SV. till such time as all in a retort. as much as it will hold.. .and then the head and receiver being carefully fastened on again. Or thus: Mix the into balls. we peculiarly call the Alcalizate SV. which perhaps may be thought the properest name for it. Or thus: quench red hot brickbats in the solution of the is drunk up. which rectify until it is white or clear. then in fair . in a gentle heat draw off the SV. rectifying once more all that you distil upon dry calx of as before . Or thus: which makes a of : Impregnate wonderfully piercing spirit due to the vol. i. and the rather because SV... with . by an alembic in sand.. is employed by eminent chymical writers to signify a different thing. so have you a spirit. . Tartarizatus.10 - . shifting if you please the receiver when about half is come over and if need be. (22) Spiritus p.

SEVEN UNIVERSAL MEDICINES of THE ANCIENTS While there were many medicinal preparations of the Spagyric chemists and philosophers which they termed powerful and universal. and the results found to be identical in all cases. so will it look white like lime. precipitate it by the ri deliquium (11). In this form it is called: Aurum Fulminans. This is a — 11 — . Hercules Bovii. Aurum Vitae. i. and are here given in full and demonstrable manner. or may give 4 to 8 drops in any other vehicle. in a close luted vessel. at a time for several days. but the analogies and purport of the various processes were obvious. decant and add fresh spirit and repeat this work till there is no more tinged. then wash off the salts with common . separate the spirit or menstruum (to be kept for the same use) and at the bottom there will be left a red tincture like oil which will dissolve in any liquor. Tinctura Auri. in (4). These were accounted notable remedies in the treatment of most. Manna Mercurii and Bezoarticum Solare. (I) AURUM POTABILE Dissolve leaf affusion of oleum ss. Put the solutions together and for 20 days or a month. there were seven par-j ticular ones.. for a month. Paracelsus says strong sudorific. and is Aurum Potabile. then with a gentle heat in BM. i. for if dried in an oven heat. in sack (a type of wine--hwn) or SV. enumerated as follows: Aurum Potabile. or until there is a red tincture like blood. or often with . Precipitatus Aureus. and dry the gently by itself or in the sun. if not all. diseases. Dose. Take of this (reverberated to the highest browness and porosity. Different methods of procedure were generally observed by different authors. it is liable to explosion.). in spirit of (14) with a gentle heat. some of which were very complex and obscure.

A light spongy of from which with spirit of (18) draw in BM. which beat with as melted. i. which 40 days in a gentle and equable beat in a vessel close luted. which sweeten by of (10 ) i. much common vi. . Potable Gold Of Clossaeus. into which put either the aforesaid spongy or sublimed.. Potable Gold of Quercetan. as Quercetan says. washing. and again repeat. which exalt by circulation with SV. (2 or 4) and perfect reverberation. and tin it is dissolved. p.Another way: of fine made by . till it be of the color of sandarach. The virtues of this are almost innumerable I Aurum Potabile Quercetani. the much is vanished. . xiii. of incredible virtues for almost innumerable diseases. which with eight times as . evaporate the with a gentle . decant and reiterate with fresh menstruum. Potable Gold of Grulingius. spirit of mix them and together. Aurum Potabile Grulingii. Repeat this seven times with fresh be like a red sponge. put the solutions together and month and proceed as in the above. then take SV. wash away the with warm . add volatile of (16). This is a tincture by also called Aurum Vitae and is. p.. . and the menstruum will become blood-red. If you abstract the SV. beat the remaining with common iii. make an amalgama. till all the till. which cement 3 or 4 hours in a crucible with a hole at the top. for a philosophical Aurum Potabile Clossaei. you will have a yellow powder.

of made by reverberation to the highest tenuity. which work often repeat.12 — . them 40 days. seal up the and and menstruurn hermetically. . upon which of (16) and put menstruum made of equal parts of volatile rectified SV. till the tinctnre rise red as blood. Put these general tinctures together and eighteen days. being mixed in a glass vessel. then by with a gentle heat . with an equal and gentle heat. (20) digested 12 days in BM.

in BM. having all the virtues of Aurum Potabile. with . These medicines are strongly sudorific. restores in consumptions. keeping it safe from corruption during the term of the natural life. causing their speedy healing. and which he says is almost of incredible virtues for innumerable diseases is thus: Spongy light spirit of . draw a tincture by -13. pestilent fevers. yet prevents miscarriage. it provokes the terms. (2) TINCTURA AURI Tinctura Auri Basiliana. then with rectified SV. Basil Valentine’s Tincture of of the most fine made by dissolution in Basil’s (8) acuated with spirit of (10 a). so universal are their curative faculties. This solution in sand so often till the tincture of come over. It is excellent in apoplexies. black earth. causes speedy delivery in child-birth. or by a gentle . epidemical diseases. but these will suffice here. This formula of Grulingius is of especial virtue. and abstract and Of the (5). for it restores and preserves the radical humidity both in quantity and quality entire. which . Another formula. spongy. and frees the power of the whole body from the malignity of diseases. it again in the aforesaid This is a Golden Liquor of great force. takes away the malignity of cancers. and there remain in the bottom nothing but a dry. is used as a universal remedy. of a most bloodred color. It is in vain to enumerate in particular all they are capable of doing. causing a sweat that carries away with it the seeds and roots of malignant and poisonous afflictions. which volatize with spirit of (22). then volatize with SV. There are many other preparations of Aurum Potabile.separate the spirit and the will remain in the bottom of the glass by a glass retort in the form of a moist red oil. palpitation of the heart. given by Quercetan. precipitate with oil of abstraction reverberate with flowers of and spirit of extract the of gently the spirits.

. and in a gentle heat and bring to a consistency . and purified wash it with retort and add and may be a till all the blackness be gone. then add fresh precipitate fumes not when laid on a red hot iron. . then from it SV. p. gout. a spirit. ss. Another formula given by Salmon: Aurum Fulminans (see first formula for Aurum Potabile). dries up all moist humors and opens all obstructions. that the . put to it SV. scurvy. it also in . vi. all. Leaf . six times and the matter gently.. (canary) with white extract to the color of a ruby. it cures the epilepsy. It purifies the whole mass of blood and the whole body. -14in ashes or sand. fine plates of ss.. colic. or filings of fine ss. you may use this: 9 lbi. Dose ‘a gr iv. draw off the same often. and evaporate to dryness.. take glass of iii. Aurum Vitae of Sennertus . (3) PRECIPITATUS AUREUS . and draw off the mixtion from a great alembic. volatile spirit of for 40 days or more. without cleansed by . quartan and all cancerous and malign ulcers. iv. it in it in (1).of (18) which exalt by circulation with SV. Note. well p. that the may be spent. if you have not the aforesaid spirit of . This called the Golden Precipitate. (4) AURUM VITAE Aurum Vitae Sennerti. it cures jaundice. decant the red tipged spirit. which . then put it in a (I) one pint. which mix with equal parts of SV. mix all the solutions and draw a . it in like powder. dropsy. with any convenient vehiculuni. make an amalgama.i. tin the an alembic. and you may . it provokes urine. in a warm bath sweetened. wash of the SV. ad v.

to vi. but to evaporate what is volatile. pox and gout. and still and that at the bottom is red hot. and there will be a red powder at the bottom. mix it in a pint and a half of they are black. A. leprosy. in some cordial essence. iii. then iron. and cohobate. but if to sweat. then heat an iron rod red hot and sprinkle on it the powder.. i. poison. till the spirits of the are gone. plague. Hartmann’ s Living Gold or Gold of Life. itch. It will easily. powder the matter and pour on the abstracted again. NOTE: the for this work is made: of . scabs. Filings of take them till xii. iv. safely and speedily cure any old malign and deplorable diseases. so have you Aurum Vitae. which keep. It is a wonderful arcanum in the dropsy. It begins. It has the virtues of the above. scurvy. Sennertus says: This is one of the most noble medicines yet this day known in the world. continues and perfects the cure alone. it in iv.. that the bottom of the retort may be red hot. and all the corrosive spirits come forth. then keep it in a closed glass vessel.the bottom in a powder. communis. often from it by cohobation. keep the solution hot. not only to dry it. all manner of defluxions. and will do as much as any whatsoever. then and increase the at the end. them in sand in an alembic. and all obstructions in any part of the body. i. . if to purge in purging pills. the vessel being cooled. Aurum Vitae Hartmanni. all fevers. casting away what was sublimed at the sides of al the retort. It is a great diaphoretic. elixir or electuary. as also in the jaundice. wash it with SV.. and may be given’a gr. in an alembic in sand with a gradual fire till the it with a red hot . the dosage is the same.

and after in the end with a .(5) HERCULES BOVII Hercules Bovii.15 — . cleansed iv. Filings of fine both together with a gradual fire. Hercules of Bovius i. both asunder in .

iii. elevate it by often . then it on a red hot iron to fix all the corrosive spirits. ad iv. cures the French disease. and sweetened by abstracting often from it strong d inspirit of then (8) ) ii. (7) BEZOARTUM SOLARE Bezoarticum Solare. -16- . and sweeten it by ablution in SV. of which take . megrims and other diseases of the brain. v. Mercury Dulcis is the sweet sublimed Mercury or Tamed Dragon of Quercetan. butter of xv. with sugar of violets. then with fresh the precipitate at so long the bottom and the sublimate in the neck of the retort and till all become a precipitate. smallpox. mix them. iii. it is the best of all purges. and is made of wonderful virtue for curing vertigos. Dose:'a gr. It is a good sudorific and cures chiefly by sweating. in a retort. unite by cohobation. q. broth or in purging pills. and of fixed crystals. leprosy. It is a great specific and secret against the French-pox.greater fire. it kills all worms. and all manner of venereal evils. quartans. ed ii. or Solar Bezoare Tincture of (extracted from the oil-like solution of . (6) MANNA MERCURII Manna Of Mercurii. Dose: ‘a gr. mix and . and many other diseases otherwise incurable.. which into a liquor. Bovius saith.. By this is brought to the highest degree for physic. cobobate till it melt in the still like wax. It is in no ways inferior but contains all the virtues of Aurum Vita. for 40 days. till it turns to a vi. plague. or Golden Panchymagogon dulcis. ad viii.

x. unite and fix them by often distillations. and is the seventh medicament in name. Or thus. it in (spiritualized by the bezoardic spirit of (3). spirit of (2). where note that the tincture of menstruum of Basil (5).17 - . and abstract the menstruum by degrees. or vi. This is a wonderful medicine.. Thus Hartmann. of purple color you will have a Bezoardic then abstract. it performs all that the others will do. in the same butter of iv. it in (8). then take fine leaf of both. which is better than by often distilations..-hwn) Or thus. Thus Crollius. mix both. (7) rectified Spiritual ss. or with a strong the former. (Oswald Croll. spirit of Spiritual or in (ut supra). reiterate it often. wash. abstract.. It is a great sudorific. and pour it on again. and may be given from gr. and by and great force. add fresh spirit of the with . Thus Tentzelius. to gr. it by pouring on it gradatim ss. is extracted with the ing them a month. add to it butter of d in . Or thus. ii. then with a gentle colored powder. mix Butter of lbss. Thus Schroder. number and nature of those which may be called pcwerful and universal. dry and fire rectified SV. . abstract the menstruum by a retort bring it to a violet to a purple.

which with a gentle heat (what remains keep to make a drive through a retort increasing the of). (17). apoplexy. ad iv. dry it. Dose:’a ii. abstract the SV. and after at the bottom. coughs. This is the greatest secret in . it in spirit of in distilled (8). which . colds.. cancers and the like. stone and gravel in the reins and bladder. bowels and kidneys. you shall have an oil of possesses all the virtues of the oil. consumptions. etc. and wash it with . It cures most diseases of the head as the megrim. to the and abstract in ashes. Inwardly it cures. in SV. in BM and you shall have at the bottom a fragrant sweet oil. French pox and other ill-habits of the body. whether continual or intermittent. SV.. THE STAR OF seven times with a gentle heat sweeten and boil the d rain d and as often rectified with quicklime. abstract the spirit. ulcers of the lungs. and ft. epilepsy. vertigo. pleurisies.. and the it.CHOICE SPAGYRIC PREPARATIONS ABSTRACTED FROM THE TEACHINGS OF THE ANCIENTS Transcribed into clear Formulas of Practice THE VULNERARY OF Pure rectified oil of (12) i. It opens all obstructions of the stomach. ulcers. . and cures green wounds at one dressing. and is a wonderful thing in all manner of sores. in any proper vehicle. and extract the of . which according to Basil is the Star of . The of is made thus: put Of the body that remains after the preparation of the Stella upon same its fragrant oil. and all sorts of fevers. decanted extraction. rectified lbii. asthmas. Mix and . pour SV. cures the scurvy. purifies and sweeten s the mass of blood.

gr. it cleanses the blood and cures all scabs and tetter and ulcers. iv. a gr. Dose: (of oil).. . in which it is a great secret.It is a diapheretic. of the — 18 . although old and malign. and is a proper specific in venereal troubles. i. though it be ever so old. ad iii.

. let the cohobation and will come over in a liquid form and have all the virtues of the most exquisite Aurum Potabile. or of . repeat four or five times. it alone. cohobate with SV. then take filings of pure or steel. gout. and often moisten or sprinkle them with aforesaid .THE ALBION POWDER (Pulvis Anglicanus) Of the best and q. or filings of in the Bezoardic Spirit of common ss ad i. THE ANODYNE MAGISTERY OR OF of . colic. repeating this so long till the filings are reduced to a rubicund mass. (7) rectified of (8). small-pox. . and ana. .. till it is oily. abstract the menstruum and add fresh. it opens all manner of obstructions. cures surfeits. it in a sufficient quantity of rain-water. lastly. or the best Hungarian lbii. adding . then this solution in a glass retort with a strong to force away the spirits. Lastly. and the third time. which beat into a subtle powder. as often drying them with a very gentle beat. upon which affuse spirit of — 19 — . which filter. by a gentle heat (lest the spirits should ascend too fast). provokes the terms. repeat this last work again.v. wash: it with hot water till it is sweet. all sorts of agnes and fever whatsoever. white over. dropsy. wormwood or any other vegetable spirit and by an be often repeated and the al. etc. Dose: ‘a TO VOLATIZE leaf . having freed the solution from all corrosive spirits. It is accounted a universal medicine against all diseases. then take of the aforesaid lbss. cohobate and repeat this work till the be blood-red. mix and till the detonation is ana lbi.embic.

ad x. with a sufficiently intense heat till the tinged which.(17). and with (11) precipitate the yellow of . you must instead of common take the of . prepared according to at. From this Magistery or with SV. ii. with the phlegm draw a from the . melancholy. so much as may overtop it the breadth of five fingers in a great and large glass. which separate from the by . Take of this p. and in a sand it to redness which will be done in a short time. madness. NOTE: . often cohobating and digesting. and 9 of 1] is prepared a noble medicament and essence of so great virtues that they exceed the sphere of my commendations. i. affuse more fresh spirit which repeat so often till the new affused is will be no more tinged red. It is a perfect cure for the falling sickness. decant. till liquor. MAGISTERY of (According to Sennertus) Spirit of rectified with the oil (12). performing all and more than any preparation of opium can do and with far greater safety. which will be done in sixteen or twenty days. and exhale the humidity in BM which repeat so long till the has sucked in its equal weight of oil. Then decant in a luted glass matrass for eight or ten days. per deliquium Mix these solutions or tinctures together. which then there be found no taste either of dry. of the aforesaid spirit and oil p. This is a great diuretic. and use it as aforesaid upon the filings of steel. from which decant the supernant warmed. lastly coagulate in sand or ashes. mix. vertigo. not precipitating it with oil of but evaporating in BM. Dose: a gr. opens all . or xii. whilst warm. breaks and expels the stone. gout and other chronic and radicated diseases. sealt it up hermetically. and edulcorate with many affusions of fair or to remain. put it into a bolthead. vi.if you would have the inflammable.

iv. Dose: ‘a gr. scurvy and etc. cools the heat of fevers and cures dropsy.manner of obstructions. of ii. at .20 - by a retort. mix and . chiefly of the spleen. OIL OF THE OF of iv. ad vi.

THE ENS OR BEING OF (Ens Veneris) The red of . From this powder you may make an essence or tincture. by degrees of . so the essence will swim at top like oil. i ad iv. extract all its fair which dry and powder. it — 21 — . v ad x. it strengthens the womb. cures dropsies. ESSENCE OF THE OF Precipitate of the oil of the of (ut supra). takes away barrenness and causes fruitfulness in both sexes. stir it and dry it well. grind and mix them well. It expels all humors by sweat. Dose: a gr. then powder it and mix it with purified p. which you may mix with its equal quantity of colcothar or . This Essence is sweet and according to Hartmann is of great power and force as the Tincture of Antimony. and the stone. which from the SV. pour thereupon the spirit of (22) or (14) . Both oil and powder open obstructions of the lungs and cure almost all diseases afflicting those parts. for which see following.. you have a pectoral powder which edulcorate and dry. and causing rest. ii. and in a glass retort in sand. externally it cures wounds and ulcers. Given with essence of balm and choice canary wine. Does: ‘a gr. in SV. and once or twice more. repeating this work seven times. it doth great wonders in the art of healing. It cures the rickets. for half a day. consumptions. It is a noble and worthy anodyne. performing those things beyond any other medicine. so have you a red oil. If you drop spirit of (18) upon this oil.last make a of supression. stopping the mouth of the retort with cotton or wool. and in the neck of the retort you will have the E n s V e n e r i s of a yellow or gold-like color. easing all manner of pain. It has no equal in pleurisies and in suffocation of the womb. in a hot place in a close vessel for eight or ten days. kills worms in children.

are not to be thrown scent. in canary wine or other convenient vehicle. a few drops taken in a glass of wine for several days together. its juices in their whole vigor. consequently. Put this liquid in a gentle bath that the remaining gross particles may perfectly subside. which is to be hermetically sealed. place it in a dungbill or gentle heat equivalent thereto. Take of both Uqu ors ana and mix them thoroughly. and extract the fixed of the grosser parts (which remained after the is to be joined to the liquor when above ) which fixed filtrated. then put it in a stone mortar.. gather at the fittest time of the day. comforts the animal spirits. THE FAMOUS ELIXIR OF LIFE (Prepared from Balm) In the proper season of the year.opens all obstrucitons and exbihrates the heart. . a sufficient quantity of Balm. The author who records this curious discovery remarks: “If after the medicine is thus prepared.being similarly prepared. Then away. gives ease in the stone and dissolves it and cures such as are in a consumption. it will and become clear and limpid. well purified. (when Jupiter is rising and the Moon in Cancer is applying to a conjunction. and. sextile or trine aspect thereto). for it will entirely change the juices of the hman body. reviving the decaying frame of life and restoring the spirits of long lost youth. wipe ft clean and pick it. in the warmest season of the year for about six weeks. the virtue of this preparation will sufficiently appear. where it must for forty days. melt it and by setting it in a cold place. and by laborious beating. which however. Dose: ‘a gr. At the end of this space the primum ens of the balm will appear swimming at the top like a bright green oil. . When it is taken out. or x. ad viii. by the changing of their coats and other incontestable changes. This is of the nature of a Quintessence . let them be carefully exposed to the sun. reduce it into a thin pap. and having hermetically sealed them in a proper glass. if any doubt be had of its efficacy. will bring to pass those wonders that are reported of the Countess of Desmond and others. and in less than a fortnight. or of its manner of operation. the matter will appear clearer than ever. Next. let a few drops be given every day on raw meat to any old dog or cat. Of this oil. the alchemical praxis for which will be fully and clearly expounded in a work I now have in preparation. and have a quicker the grosser parts. or xii. when the herb is at its full growth. In the meantime dry. which is to be carefully and then preserved. Take this glutinous substance and put it into a bolthead. take sea . iv.

pour on SV. then . tartarized (21). — 22 - . . and at last force it with a violent .THE PHILOSOPHER'S WATER (Aqua Philosophorum) till it be greenish-blue or sky-colored.

whether out of vegetable or mineral. exalting Nature to her highest degree of purity and clarity be quickening the internal fire and heat. . and bring the azure or blue tincture to a powder which in rectified SV. melancholy. and restores in consumptions. evaporate and crystallize. pour on and set it to shoot into crystals. till this. spleen and bowels. Three or four drops of it is given with essence of saffron gives ease and rest. then . of water of lilies of the valley. This is a wonderfull and excellent medicine against the epilepsy and most other diseases of the head. (20) actuated with spirit of 9 (8) and spirit of (6). which keep apart. which dry. quartans. If it be circulated in a bolthead hermetically sealed. and extract till the is nearly all d. asthma. You may also make Potabile Luna after the method of Clossus in that of already given. 40 days in ashes. and add more spirit of acuated With spirit öf the menstruum is of a greenish blue. -23— . from whence draw first a phlegm and spirit of force over the spirit of . Put the solutions or tinctures together. put these dried crystals into a retort. as the Moon bears astrological rule over the brain. dropsies and obstructions of the liver. being as it were a Balsam of Life and Vital Powers. and lastly an oil. Plates of which often with . them into a spirit by rectified SV. it becomes balsamic and sweet-smelling. ARGENTUM POTABILE (Potable Silver of Clossaeus) . of i. SPIRIT OF (Spiritus Argenti) Of the crystals of (ut supra) being twenty times d (that it may yield its spirit the easier).. It is the best menstruum to make all purgiig tinctures and extracts. in the scurvy. of . then with a stronger . and from a crystalline color it becomes that of a ruby.This is wonderful in curing diseases arising from tartar. or you may take crystals made of filings of fine with iii.

It helps all diseases that come from cold and phlegm. and is good against all cold and moist diseases afflicting the bead. . madness and all melancholic disorders. it digests. and cheering all the spirits. The best way to take chemical oils is to drop the intended quantity on a piece of refined or loafsugar. and set it to in a gentle heat for about ten days. for it is a unition of the three principles.. which lute close. and stops all fluxions from the head and brain. in balm.If this spirit after its . letting it soak into it. it specifically strengthens the head and comforts the animal spirits. . and then dissolve the sugar in wine or some cordial water proper to the distemper. will . and perfectly cureth consumptions. ad x. comforting nature. in any convenient liquor. OIL OF CINNAMON Take cinnamon grossly bruised Lbi. it with a small by degrees.It is a thing found by experience that this Luna Spirit takes away the falling sickness by the roots. so you by will have a heavy oil which will sink. The oil taken gut iii or iv. Put them into a blind head. It is good against palpitation of the heart. and after they are sufficiently united by . which cover with SV. it helps coughs and asthmas. yields but. some in milk some in canary wine. be joined to its own proper . being very hot and dry. or else having as much put into it as SV. . or else of d. makes thin and provokes the terms and brings away both birth and after-birth. it would presently recover him. Lbi ii. This in a true sense is a fortified quintessence. It is one of the greatest vegetable cordials. and a spirit which setting in a cold cellar for 14 or 16 days after they are which time the oil will settle to the bottom. rosemary or peony water. Dose: ‘a gut ii. circulated with its own proper chemical oil so long till all become united and one entire body. or little over of oil. then apply an alembic close luted with its receiver. reviving the heart. sage. This oil pierceth even the flesh and bones. and together with the essence. heart and other principal parts. vital and animal. Some give it in cordial waters some in broth. natural. made very sharp with spirit of (8). in so much that if one lay speechless and almost breathless. by . is more effectual to all the purposes aforesaid. so have you an elixir. NOTE: .

saffron. i. (21). myrrh. moisten all with tartar ized SV. 21). and bring them to an alcohol (see Note on Boyle. with a .ELIXIR OF PROPERTY Of aloes. put all into a glass body. a.24 - .

it expels melancholy and makes the heart glad. consumption. inflame the 3. add tartarized SV. OIL OF (Oleum is per Campanum) According to the old dispensatories it is prepared in a large bell still by the burning and consuming of a large quantity of . it cures the vertigo. then with a red hot iron. flying from the kindled and beating against the sides of the still (carnpanum) will turn into liquor and flow down like water or oil. and these thus disposed be set in the midst of a great earthen pan. and again for a month (without circulate them. vi. and so much oil of per campanum (made by means of a glass bell-like device. so long till the bitterness of the aloes is not with SV. That these be covered with a great glass bell. or glass funnel. epilepsy. conserving nature in extreme age. palsy. in wine or other convenient vehicle. it should break it. that the be put into an earthen cup having sand in it lest. gout. Lastly. to the matter remaining. It cures quartans and dissolves the stone. Others extract the tincture with of volatized . That this be placed upon another earthen cup.--hwn) as may flow two or three inches above all. the bottom turned upwards. lethargy. containing all the virtues of the natural balsam. 2. headache. by perceptible. catarrh. it strangely cureth. extract the tincture and decant it. pestilent fevers and sciatica. This is the famous Elixir Proprietatis of Paracelsus. then the faces that ) remain. which seems to be a better way than the former. or more. convulsions..-hwn) by which a sharp spirit. (natural mined sulphur. ad xxx. extract again and decant it.pint of tartarized SV. This noble medicament is of very hot and thin parts. Dose ‘a gr. . jaundice. being inflamed. it quickens all the senses and strengthens the brain and memory. not obtained by steam or Brasch method-. and add it to the former. diseases proceeding from either heat or cold by a certain occult property. Here it is to be noted: 1. close it well and circulate all for three months. pleurisy.

that the flowers may fly away. moist place (as in a cellar) and on a moist day. 5.with a neck as long as that of a bolthead. That it be done in a close. That you leave an empty space between the brims of the bell and the pan. That by . 4. by which means you will have a greater quantity and more effectual oil. having a hole at top to give breathing. 6. that there may be air enough to keep the .25 inflamed.

(not dried apparantly. which no sensible body is able to resist. or xx. SV. 7. whose virtues are not fitting to be declared only to the Sons of Art. not being able to rise so high. in broth beer. It strengthens the nerves and muscles and cures a confirmed leprosy. vi. In the French-pox it is excellent and may serve instead of a diet. put all of these into a pelican. it for a month and keep for use. ale. Dose: ‘a gut. of spirit. 8.-hwn) bruise all in a mortar diligently. expelling putrefaction. It cures hectics.reason of the hole at top of the bell or funnel. rectified and tartarized (21). then all the phlegm from the oils. It not only resists putrefaction but also preserves all things from putrefaction which appertains to animate bodies. wine or cordial juice. Sage. Lavendar. That from lbi. Thyme. in the you will have It eases all pains of the gout. of drawn from a vitriolic i.. while the acid spirits. and that only by bathing (mixing of it with water or Sv.. and all pestilent and malign fevers.). This is the Elixir Subti1itatis of Paracelsus.26 — . This is the Balsam of Philosophers. Angelica. condensed against the sides of the glass. ad xvi. Marjoram. restores radical moisture. all full of juice. it opens all obstructions in the body after a wonderful manner. Taken alone it kills. That this spirit is nothing more than a spirit of . which will be distinguished by the colors. honey. ana them all together in ashes. There is nothing more powerful in expelling of poison. Bairn. (be careful here. plague. with many other things.--hwn) ELIXIR OF SUBTILITY Of olive oil. pour on a sufficient quantity of maimsey-wine (some say of their own spirit or tincture). it being subtile and able to penetrate everything. and add to them a third part of the essence of balm and celandine. It makes the teeth white. then in a vessel with a blind head set it to in Balrieo. THE GREAT ESSENCE (Essentia Magna) Rosemary. extinguishes all preternatural heat. and renovates the whole body. the more phlegmatic part evaporates. with a gentle beat . asthmas and ulcers of the lungs. purifies the blood. consumptions.

perfectly cures consumptions. then of . of the make a what remains in sand. and cast away the phlegm. for it strengthens all the inward parts. all diseases of the head. it preserves from the stone. so have you the volatile which take.27 - . convulsions. rectify the spirit in a glass with a long wide neck. epilepsy. poisons. It is vain to enumerate its virtues (as curing the vertigo. This expressed juice or wine for two months. heart breast and lungs. So have you a fine. a crystalline or sweet the faeces. it cures plague. and ceases. which decant adding to it the aforesaid crystals and a little oil of cinnamon.for two months. malign fevers. express all with a press. upon which drop rectified spirit of (8) so much as will coagulate and unite with a prevailing sapor and force above the spirit of . till a glorious liquor be separated from the faeces or sediment. and cures consumptions wonderfully. Dose: gr. for 40 days that it may putrefy. and a more volatile fixed them. megrini. pleasant and delectable . which mix with thrice as much clay. so have you the spirit of the fixed . taken once a month before the new moon. palsy. and makes a sad drooping spirit merry. as crystals of before. and extract . place it in a glass body in BM. or. and expels all ill humors. morning. noon and night. till the noise . small-pox. x. etc. fragrant wine or milk. This cuts and dissolves the tartarous coagulum in the whole body. in MAGISTERY OF Defecated . Dose: ad broth. form it into balls. ss. dry by a retort. . into which drop the former spirit of volatile . etc) but rather advising all to have it by them upon any occasion. the true Magistery of in sand. Its virtues are so great that they can scarcely be numbered. arises. then with a gentle fire in BM. MAGISTERY OF (According to Mynsicht) Crystalline of wormwood. which add anon (or instead thereof . tin the phlegm is drawn off.

vi. 3. taking away all flatulent. Put this al into a bolt-head so it is all turned into large as it may fill about an eighth part of it. leprosies. ad xvi. and boiling them in fair filtrating and coagulating by evaporation. which operation so often repeat till becomes very liquid and appears truly spiritual. discusses and cleanses from all putrefaction. It breaks and expels the stone. Dose: ‘a gr. 4. At last. of which large quantity. is prevalent against the iliac and cholic passion. having a balsamic property. Prepare an alkali from regale with the and regale by cementing the to make a lixivium. the jaundice. all sorts of fevers. Let pure Spanish or Hungarian be beaten with the alkali. This distil thrice in a tubulated retort closely joined with spiritual lutum sapientiae to two other vessels with necks at both ends.It is a most excellent medicine. with a receiver luted well to it. prepare a . worms. LIQUOR ALKAHEST (Paracelsi) 1. 2. gouts. in a can be seen. It is one of the most efficacious diueretics and a specific against the dropsy. apoplexies. watery and tartarous viscosity. heart and stomach. . purifies the blood. etc. ruptures. the latter of which let be well luted to a large receiver. opens obstructions of both liver and spleen. till . In a few days it dissolves the dropsy tympanites. cuts. The putrefaction shall continue until the froth vanishes. the let be cast into the receiver by the tube. it renovates the whole man. rectify it once or twice by a retort in sand and keep it carefully for use. stone mortar a little warmed. so long till none of the which put immediately into a glass retort. till all the is converted into froth. and the liquor in the bottom of the vessel be again clear. which for some months place in in an equable heat. palsies. and the with a naked . which tube ought to rise above the furnace and after the injection of the every time to be close stopped. which win then pass with its aquosity into its receiver. strengthens the head.

extraction of all sorts of tinctures and essences. so also it was reported to cure effectually all diseases. and to root out the sem. is very doubtful.Whether this be the Alkahest of Paracelsus with which he did such wonders. and which Helmont so praises. whether out of minerals. for as that Alkahest was destinated to the preparation of all sorts of medicines. even to the skies. vegetables or animals.28 - .

jaundice. it sharpens the eyesight. iss. (lOa). X. oil of (8). stone. ana i. with a glass stoppen.. and strengthens a weak stomach. Q. of Mugwort. it is profitable against leprosy. i. Spirit of No. filter and evaporate again. ALL—HEAL OF PARACELSUS (Panacea Theophrasti Paracelsi) Of the highest rectified spirits of Bairn. per totam vitan integrum. opens all obstructions of the liver and . cures the apoplexy. stays vomiting. This noble medicine preserves the body as Hortius says. Spirit of rectified (8) in which let ii. in health during the whole life. or Burnet. Dose: ’a ss. and keep the mixture in a glass sugar candy. mix them. The above is made thus: regale mentioned the of the simple spirit. It takes away heaviness of the head. plague. palsy. or now (which you please). and many other diseases. dissolve. make a lixivium in water. ad i. of . SPIRIT OF FIVE THINGS (Spiritus Diapente ) Paracelsus’ Elixir of Property camphorated. . rectified iss. colic. E. it corrects the vices of the liver and spleen. epilepsy and other dangerous diseases of the head. filter and evaporate. disaffections of the womb. and small-pox. is an antidote against poison. Spiritus theriacalis i. and to do miracles above any other medicine except the Philosopher’ s Stone. Spirit of rectified leaves of (flu. of Valerian. Mix all together and This powerfully resists all putrefaction. be d twenty days and keep it for use. where he may indeed receive a very great deal of satisfaction. in a potter’ s furnace.inations of every malady. if it be not white enough. white vi. He that desires to know more hereof may fetch it out of the most learned Helmont. of Juniper. (13). it helps asthmas and most diseases of the lungs.

Dose: i.. purges both reins and bladder. palsy. is excellent against the dropsy. jaundice.29 - .spleen. etc. . and all manner of hot and burning fevers. in generous wine.

so much as to overtop it the breadth of four fingers. ad iv. cloves.. ELIXIR OF (According to Mynsicht) Of galanga the less sage.. nutmegs. and keep it for use. rectified so much as to make Put all into a glass.. and according to the spagyric art extract an essence.s. in appropriate liquor. choice cinnamon. for it comforts all the inward parts and principal members. red iii.. catarrhs. iii. PHILOSOPHIC SPIRIT OF q. at length decant the tincture and filtrate. It is a great secret in all affects of the ventricle.THE MERCURIAL EAGLE (Aquila Coelestis) Sublimated corrosive (made with and ) from which extract d in ten weeks and abstract the liquor. so have you Aquila Coelestis in a red powder. of rectified iv. pain of the head. First there comes off a phlegm. then put the . This medicine is commend by Paracelsus almost in the highest degree for curing the French-pox. upon the remaining faeces put SV. a yellow tincture with which you have decanted. gout epilepsy. citron peels. q. ana ii. Mix and make a ss.. for 20 days. apoplexy. circulate in BM. Dose: ‘a ss. ana powder.. ana cubebs. mix both these together. calamus aromaticus i. 40 days. and put thereto or spirit of of the of or . to dryness. phlegmatic disposition of the whole body. ginger. add white sugar candy it thick like honey. it is most excellent in the epilepsy. .30 - . often rectified. given in mint water. rooting them out by sweat.. SV. lethargy and fevers. mint. iss. ad i. Dose: h gut ii. Experience testifies that there is scarcely a more noble and efficacious stomachic in the whole republic of medicine. xyloaloes. it cools heats and causes appetite.v. and most diseases of the head. suppose for of the matter into a viii. i.

so shall you have . This spirit has many uses in chemistry for dissolving bodies. thin and light. them in a glass filtrated vessel with a gentle heat for four or five days. it cures the leprosy. retort and in sand. and is a potent remedy against the plague. and such as have been spoiled by mercurial unguents. it opens. THE SILVER HELL-STONE (Lapis Infernalis Argenteus) -31- . and in extracting tinctures. No. and moves to sweat. will remain in the bottom in the This mixed with wine will give it the color of gold. Thus Paracelsus. OIL OF (Oleum Solis vel Auri) of and made by reverberation with royal cement. so will you have the most exalted spirit of of alcali or . and then reverberate till the caix becomes as aforesaid. Dose from 10 drops to 20 in any proper liquor or vehicle. Thus may you proceed infinitely. mix and in sand as before. Or thus: Of the sharpest juice of lemons vi. ale or water. It wonderfully resists putrefaction. Take of this acid spirit ii. NOTE: . leaves of fine . and increase the quantity of spirit with little or no charge as long as you please. of spirit. it also purges.The above reverberation may be done by putting the filings of alone into a crucible in a reverberatory furnace and burning them (without melting) till they come to a caix of a purple color. etc. often dissolution in does the work as well. cleanse it of it 24 hours in rectified Aqua Vitae. Furthermore. and to dryness. resists putrefaction. But the will be coagulated in the bottom of the retort with the of the common . It strengthens the stomach.. takes away all manner of fevers and unnatural heats. then change the receiver. fortifies the heart. Inwardly taken in wine. spirit of vinegar. then filter and abstract the juice by and the form of butter. Thus Gesner.. or you may mix with the filings or flowers of . cheers the spirits and refreshes wearied and decayed nature.. so win you have iii. (dissolved in ) i. precipitating of things dissolved in . cools.

leaving a blackish scum on it. white . melancholy. then filter into a glass vessel. Both the liquid extract and the powder have a wonderful force in opening all ob -structions.32 — . or for steeled wine. cures most distempers happening to them. and in a sand heat inspissate to the consistence of a liquid extract. Taken inwardly in Rhenish wine. ad 1. by a retort. Dose: wine. (Vitriolated) then coagulate. and strengthening all the internal sicera. It consumes by touching warts. and dropped in the eyes. powder and mix them. MAGISTERY OF (According to Salmon) filings of steel in purified lemon juice. ulcers. cancers. quartans. It opens onstructions of the liver and spleen and cures the jaundice. mixed with a sufficient quantity of rose-water. WATER AND OIL OF d to whiteness lbii. ad ii. in a small matrass with a long neck luted half way. etc.. They are an excellent cure for melancholy. then give a melting heat till the fumes cease. evaporate the humidity in a circulary to dryness. proud and dead flesh. ss. it dyes hair and skin an unchangeable black. quartans. of the powder:’a MAGISTERY OF i. and all diseases of the womb occasioned through obstruction. for a month. and the green sickness. take off the matrass and forthwith cast it into little brass or iron moulds. or spirit of . p. then The rectified water.ii. dry and reduce into a subtile powder for the same use. Dose of the extract: a ss.Filings of fine . dropsy. remaining fever if kept from air. if you wet them with a little water. good . the water separated from the oil. It is caustic. . rectify same.. in Rhenish lbi. The remainder of the chalybs which will not go through the paper. and dissolving all tartareous and coagulated matter. so Dissolved steel in rectified spirits of have you a magistery green like vitriol.1. p. it opens obstructions and cures the green sickness.

and the sublimate will fall to the bottom. wash of the flowers of with such a . melt and powder them together. ii) and Either of these Phadegaenick waters are good against inflammations. filter it into a glass bell. pustules and other breaking out. as also the itch. scabs. to which put till the star of ascends. It cures consumptions. black jaundice. (made of Mercurius Vitae. fistulas. Mercurius Dulcis a sufficient quantity (viz. But Fallopius makes it by putting into lime Lbi. WATER AGAINST CANKERS (Aqua Phagedoenica) Make a strong lixiviurn of in boiling . and a useless earth and remains at bottom.. and put the remaining in the bottom into an Hermetical Egg in a fixed capella. the quantity of g. A. malignant and venereal dicers. curing them without danger. cankers. OR GOLDEN ELIXIR OF Regulus of fine . sores. hypochondriac melancholy. cicatrized and made well. Extract these flowers with spirit of then draw out the tincture with SV as done before. Dose. twice a dau in some proper syrup.ELECTRUM. and as much and ) ss. in lbi. leprosy and the like. so will the proud flesh (if there be any) be consumed. a linen cloth dipped therein. and at last by its drying quality. as may not melt them but may make them of a yellow alcalized and citron color. ii. FINIS —33— . first wash well with the water. gout. then apply to the affection. i. and scurvy. dropsy. dissolving it by boiling. stir them and there will be an orange color. the putrefaction corrected. the sore cleansed and incarnated. of which corrosive sublimate ss. If the be too strong put upon it more lime till it is as you would have it.