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g.E.E. .Good Kannada . Power System First class with Distinction July-83 Feb-88 Bangalore Institute of technology India B.. Universities and other Institutions attended) From To Institutions attended Country Qualifications Obtained (Indicate date and class of degrees/diplomas and attach relevant certificates and transcripts) April -94 Aug-97 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong PhD Nov-91 Sept-92 Annamalai University India M. Electrical Engineering First Class CURRENT PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND FELLOWSHIPS Since (Year) Description of Qualification / Fellowship Formal Abbreviation Awarding Body Formal Abbreviation SCHOLARSHIPS / AWARDS Year Type of Award / Awarding Body Period of Bond (Indicate if currently serving a bond) LANGUAGES (Please indicate spoken and / or written and degree of proficiency e.Good .EDUCATION (List Secondary Schools. excellent/good/fair/poor) English .

03 EE Dept. Power factor correction techniques. place and date of publication and number of pages. Please attach reprints of 3 of your best publications. Power Electronics: Soft-switching techniques of DC-DC converters. Electrical Circuits and Electronics c. Bangalore. including title. Three-phase Power factor correction circuits. High voltage Enginnering State the areas of your specialisation and current research: a. EMI. TEACHING AND RESEARCH List courses you are able to teach: a. India Part time Installation Engineering trainee. In respect of books published. please include period served in National Service and enclose a copy of NS certificate) From To Employer (name and address) Position Held Sept -01-00 June -30. Electronic Ballasts. journal and date. submit the abstracts. Lecturer Oct-92 March-94 EE Dept. Bangalore India Lecturer Nov-84 Feb-90 Sarala Engineers and Fabricators. The Bangalore Institute of Technology. Hong Kong Present Gross Annual Salary (specify currency): 60000 US$ If appointed: Resigning from present appointment Taking leave from present appointment Duration of Leave: __________________ If appointed: Earliest Date Available: Mid July___________________ PREVIOUS APPOINTMENTS (If Singapore citizen or PR. Power Electronics and Drives b. PUBLICATIONS (List publications in chronological order on a separate sheet. Others: Sensorless control of Induction motors. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Temp. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Research Associate Feb-98 July -98 EE Dept. in the case of lengthy reports. Electrical machines d. Kowloon.PRESENT APPOINTMENT Appointment: EE Dept. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Date of Appointment: Name and Address of Employer: Sept-01-2000 EE Department The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hung hom. Lecturer Oct-98 July-30-00 EE Dept. indicate name of publisher. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Temp. Inverters. Active filtering .

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