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Performance appraisal methods
Performance appraisal management material.

I. Performance appraisal methods
(Tools of ) Performance appraisal methods include 11 appraisal methods / types as follows: 1. Critical incident method This format of performance appraisal is a method which is involved identifying and describing specific incidents where employees did something really well or that needs improving during their performance period. 2. Weighted checklist method In this style, performance appraisal is made under a method where the jobs being evaluated based on descriptive statements about effective and ineffective behavior on jobs. 3. Paired comparison analysis This form of performance appraisal is a good way to make full use of the methods of options. There will be a list of relevant options. Each option is in comparison with the others in the list. The results will be calculated and then such option with highest score will be mostly chosen. 4. Graphic rating scales This format is considered the oldest and most popular method to assess the employee’s performance. In this style of performance appraisal, the management just simply does checks on the performance levels of their staff. 5. Essay Evaluation method In this style of performance appraisal, managers/ supervisors are required to figure out the strong and weak points of staff’s behaviors. Essay evaluation method is a non-quantitative technique. It is often mixed with the method the graphic rating scale.

Performance ranking method The performance appraisal of ranking is used to assess the working performance of employees from the highest to lowest levels. instead of making comparison of each employee with some certain standards.6. 7.Forced ranking (forced distribution) In this style of performance appraisal. Related documents • Performance appraisal examples • Purpose of performance appraisal • Performance appraisal procedure . Behavioral Observation Scales The method based on the scales of observation on behaviors is the one in which important tasks that workers have performed during their working time will be assessed on a regular basis. 8. 11. II. This post also information that can be used as references for such methods of performance assessments of 720. The form is a mix of the rating scale and critical incident techniques to assess performance of the staff. 180… 10. For instance. 9. employees are ranked in terms of forced allocations. and finally make rewards based on the results achieved. Managers will make comparisons of an employee with the others. 540. it is vital that the proportions be shared in the way that 10 or 20 % will be the highest levels of performances. This method mostly cares about the results achieved (goals) but not to the way how employees can fulfill them. while 70 or 80% will be in the middle level and the rest will be in the lowest one. Behaviorally anchored rating scales This formatted performance appraisal is based on making rates on behaviors or sets of indicators to determine the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of working performance. Management By Objectives (MBO) method MBO is a method of performance appraisal in which managers or employers set a list of objectives and make assessments on their performance on a regular basis. 360 degree performance appraisal The style of 360 degree performance appraisal is a method that employees will give confidential and anonymous assessments on their colleagues.

anonymous feedback from the people who work around them.. Employee Performance Review: Tips.• Performance appraisal handbook III. or trackback from your own site.] employees receive confidential. . Source: Performance appraisal methods Best regards __________________ All interview questions – All job descriptions popo July 21st. Phrases For Performance Appraisals 2. 2010 at 3:34 am Thanks for providing valuable information TALAT ZAHRA August 10th. 2010 at 9:09 am and is filed under Performance appraisal methods.. Managers Guide to Performance.Human Resource Management Forum YourHRWorld. 2010 at 8:52 pm What is the different between appraisal and evaluation or are they the same.Com April 22nd. Best performance appraisal resources 1. 2009 at 6:54 am In which situations would each type of performance appraisal technique be most effective? jahid July 25th. You can leave a response. 10 Responses to “Performance appraisal methods” methods of performance appraisal . 2009 at 11:48 am very very 10q jahid July 25th. March 20th. 2009 at 6:55 am can anyone tell me In which situations would each type of performance appraisal technique be most effective? Rocky February 10th. Advertisement This entry was posted on Saturday. Employee Performance Appraisals Forms 3. Templates & Tactics 4. Your Performance managment is very interesting and i understand it eassy. 2009 at 5:32 am [.

2010 at 1:12 am very nice thanq u sir vandana January 11th. 2011 at 11:13 am methods r really gud nd expained clearlly which is very helpful JESUDAS P January 26th. 2010 at 5:45 am pl send a reply for above quistions PEDDANNA December 18th.wimal priyantha October 18th. 2011 at 6:06 am pls send the questionare for the chekking of the performance of the stffs (performance appraisal) Leave a Reply Name (*) : Email (*) : URL : Comment (*) : 773 partner-pub-7429 UTF-8 Search -------------------- .

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