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Voin Aurelia An II grupa 4

“To become acquainted with oneself is a terrible sock”
Carl Jung

It is much easier to observe and know those around you, then knowing yourself. We are in fact prone to categories and judge others, and accordingly “model” our interactions with them. But rarely are we turning our attention to ourselves and apply the same critical eye towards us. And when we do, we might be surprised or even terrified of what we can find out. We all have good and bad sides, and we find out, from our compartment or our judgment and thinking, something new about us it could please us, but it could as well surprise us quite negatively. The life itself is rather unpredictable and it brings us new challenges, new situations, to which we react in way that could be usual (familiar) or less usual for us. When life faces you with events that are totally new for you, perhaps with things that you haven’t experienced so far, well it is in such moments that you can find new things about yourself, things that could surprise you. For instance, in the movie Crash (from 2004), one of the characters is a policeman who is shown as having a strong racist character. However, when faced with a concrete event where a black woman is trapped under a crashed car that was to explode in seconds, the policeman puts his own life on the line and does the impossible to rescue the woman. This and some other similar situations motivate in fact the motto of this movie – “you don’t know who you are”. Indeed, you don’t know who you truly are until you are faced with the exceptional event that calls for your inner you. Besides being exposed to new situations, there are also other ways of discovering one’s self. There are those more subtitle aspects of life with which we get somehow custom and that we might not remark immediately, and yet which discreetly and steadily could lead us into taking actions or decisions which are unexpected to ourselves. And in this way we find out new facets of our personality. For instance, someone who lives with someone who drinks or who is violent, could start finding excuses for the behavior of the other person, covering up the mess, and accepting little by little something that is beyond the moral and normal standings. The woman from the book “The woman who walked into doors” (by Roddy Doyle) arrived at trusting her own lies covering the true story

then to accept yourself and to live with that terrible fact. sometime we have the power to change the event . what you have done. with his quote. We have to be conscious that everything is changing every day. .g. Of course we must be aware that the shock of discovery as well as the forgiveness for what has been discovered about ourselves could be felt and assimilated differently by different persons depending on their set of values and their moral standards (their “tolerance” to deviations from the norm). There are facts that are really grave as killing someone where forgiveness may not come either from yourself or society.behind her bruises caused by her violent alcoholic husband. Jung wants not only to say that discovering one’s self is difficult but also that what we discover about ourselves could in fact be very difficult for us to accept and live with. But. is a long and painful process. moral) as we thought we are. When facing others she was claiming that once again she has walked into a door. being less moral or ethical than it is thought as the norm). we have to embark in a journey of reconciliation and integration of the newly discovered and unpleasant aspects into our value system in such a way that they become comfortable and acceptable to us. Sometime we have to learn to forgive our own wrong doings and take them as lessons to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.g. In other words. the live is not static but we can influence the path of our lives through our actions and almost every time we have a choice to go in the directions of ours dreams and goals and to become what we want to be. That’s why we have to try to be as good as we can to make the right decision how to act and how to resolve the challenges of live. we need to learn to live with the utter discovery about ourselves. As the events can change us. the gravity of the wrong doing pays a major role in the time it takes to assimilate it and achieve forgiveness. Our lives are full of surprises and we have to be aware that a particular event can change the course of it. With each new discovery we make about our capacities and which could have a negative connotation to us or even to the norms of our sociality (e. Also. It is particularly difficult when we discover that we might not be as good (e.