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FULL NAME: Ong, Bernadette T. Address: 17 Baler Street, SFDM., QC. Year & Course: 1 AB MEc Contact Details: 09228747525 E-mail Address: Age: 17 Birth Date: 04/03/95 Top two desired positions: (state them in order of preference) Other Co-Curricular Activities and Positions: Member since: June 2012 Nationality: Filipino 1. Education Deputy 2. Training and Development Deputy 3. Externals Deputy

Management Economics Organization (MEcO), 2012-2013, Machine Lumiere, December 2012, Creative Executive. Celadon, 2012-2013, Marketing Executive 2nd GA, December 2012, Marketing Executive Dental Mission, September 2012, Programs Co-head CKrismusmos, December 2012, Sponsorships and Marketing Co-head I want to be part of a “WE” – with the kids and with the other members of Musmos for the remainder of my stay here in Ateneo. I want to be involved deeper within the organization and the lives of the kids as we work together as a family to make them better. I am a skilled writer in English and this ability encompasses news articles, feature articles and literary works. It is a hobby of mine to read and write stories. I produce results well under pressure. I am resourceful. I am creative. I write. I can use Photoshop. Distraction and the resulting procrastination is the temptation of each modern being’s existence. And Math. I remember seeing during the English tutorials a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the older kids to learn English. As older kids, they somehow

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feel ashamed not to know English fluently enough. However, instead of having a reason to take the initiative to learn, they seem to close themselves off and decided that it suits them better not to learn. My vision for Musmos is simple. I want a Musmos where the kids are okay that they don’t know anything because they have the initiative to fill that gap. I want a Musmos that successfully educates the kids to help themselves as we want to help them.

I, Bernadette T. Ong, certify that I am running for the 2013-2014 elections for Musmos Corps of Deputies filed this day of February 22, 2013. Attached is my duly accomplished resume accomplished in full honesty and truth to the best of my knowledge and belief.

________________________ Bernadette T. Ong 1 AB MEc

Noted by: ________________________ Teresa Kristel V. Banta Coordinator, 2012-2013