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Scraping a material form production

Muhamed Faisal 645 posts since Dec 15, 2008 Scraping a material form production Jun 15, 2011 5:30 PM


during production of a assembly part one product found as scrap , to capture the cost of the job pls see the work i done

While creating a Q3 NOTIFICATION i create a QM order QN01

activity was recorded in KB21N transaction

now we can see the cost report

my dout is that what about the cost of material and operation from were we can see this

any report is available to see the inspection cost as well as thematerial cost and operation cost

Thanks in advamnce


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In such scenario again there are 2 options to book this. Kindly check their feasibility and pertinence for your requirement. it (the material) must be consumed in system. 2011 1:02 PM try KOC4 Anand Rao 938 posts since Oct 25. 2011 9:22 AM Your PP & FICO consultant can help you as there is std T codes like J1ID etc are maintained for production cost etc.423 posts since Mar 7. kindly have your valuable comments on this.Scraping a material form production Sujit Gujar 5. Generated by Jive on 2013-02-01+01:00 2 . 2011 7:28 PM Dear Faisal. I am quoting here 2 different methodologies. 2. 2008 Re: Scraping a material form production Jun 16. All experts. 2009 Re: Scraping a material form production Jun 16. Case 1 . In order to capture material cost. THORAT 556 posts since Mar 10. As per scrapu2019s system definition. QM order captures non conformity or appraisal cost which mainly concerns with activity confirmation using CO component.Scrapped material will not be available for selling 1. YOGINI B. whenever you scrap any material. 2009 Re: Scraping a material form production Jun 16. I think. the stock of that material reduces and will no more be available either for recycling it or selling it as scrap.

The variance in production order is your material rejection cost. Not okay quantity should be posted to location SL01 by changing the location against unrestricted stock in QA32 stock posting. In background it performs 553 movement. As a result of which rejected (materials to be scrapped) will be accumulated in SL01. Actual cost would be lower that the planned cost. While carrying out inspection you declare material as scrap. Production declaration of say 100 PC through 101 / 131 movement. System generates one inspection lot of 100PC against this production order. Now material flow should be as follows 1.You recycle scrapped material or you sell it as scrap against different material code. you declare production without confirming scrap in CO11N. 5. which includes operation cost also. The material cost gets booked against the production order. under scrap field. 1. The order type should be u201Csalvage orderu201D. you need to book the scrap against inspection lot under stock posting option in u201CScrapu201D field. Case 2 . In other scenario. Generated by Jive on 2013-02-01+01:00 3 . 2. Here. While confirmation in CO11N you may declare scrap per operation. You need to do all plant level relevant assignments for this new order type in customizing.Scraping a material form production a. You post okay quantity to unrestricted use of the same storage location where production GR is done. b. and scrap gets booked against production order. Create new storage location for u201CIn-House Rejectionu201D say SL01 Create new order type in system as u201CSalvage orderu201D 3. The variance is your rejection cost. 3. 4. Create the order without material. 2.

The actual cost of this order would be your cost of rejection.Scraping a material form production 6. While consuming give storage location as SL01. 8. Issue your material which you want to scrap to this order by 261 movement. A good PP or CO consultant can guide you in more details how to view these variances. There are many order variance reports. Here. KKO0. You may receive another material say u201CXYZu201D as scrap which you want to sell. 7. KOC4 are few of examples. But this would be possible once you freeze the path through which you book scrap. 9. Regards. KKBC_ORD. Anand Rao Generated by Jive on 2013-02-01+01:00 4 . for example the stock of finished goods reduces in PCs while stock of material u201CXYZu201D increases in KGs. You can sell this thereafter though SD module.