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User Interfaces and Desktops Insall and Configure x11 verify that the video card and monitor

are supported by an x server check ma nu's website, check HCL list verify video card compatibility check version(X -version), the video chipset, what about monitor? need to know monitor's hsync freq, v.refresh freq and re solution in pixels awareness of the X font server where to install fonts on /usr/share/x11/fonts or /usr/share/fonts what are 2 variety of fonts on linux bitmap fonts and scalable fonts describe bitmap font uses pixels to represent characters, easy to use but sca le poorly. you need different version on the same font for each screen resolutio ns what is the subdir used by bitmap 100dpi or 75dpi describe scalable fonts uses dynamically sized vector lines to rep. fonts. only need single font file. what are 2 commonly used formats for scalable fonts postscript type1 and tru eType describe postscript type1 fonts stored in type1 subdir, ext used .pfa or . pfb describe truetype fonts are stroed in truetype subdir, ext used .ttf how to create font description file? switch to font directory, endter mkfonts cale followed by mkfontdir what are the commands to make index of font files? mkfontscale and mkfontdi r which port is opened in firewall for x font server? 7100 in font installed in diff dir, what to do? add FontPath directive with new dir to xorg.conf under Files section how to make fonts available to remote X server? edit /etc/X11/fs/config file, se t # to no-listen=tcp, check your dir is in catalogue= section how to start X font server? go to init script dir, enter "./xfs start" what is xfs? X font service how to start xfs daemon when system boots? use insserv or chkconfig command s, then restart X server configure remote X servers to access font server open x Server config fil e, xorg.conf and update "Files" section. how to add new FontPath to x server config file? Section "Files" ... Font Path "tcp/server_address:7100" ...EndSection Basic Knowledge of X Configuration File where is the X config file? in (/etc/X11/xorg.conf) in XFree86 (/etc/X 11/XF86Config) in config, how each sections begin and end "Section" name directive ... "En dSection" what does the "Files" section do? tells the X server where to find files X server needs sample Files section? Section "Files" \n Font Path ... InputDevices .. EndSect ion what is ServerFlags section? optional section specifying gloabl X server opti ons Sample ServerFlags? Section "ServerFlags" ... Option "AllowMouseOpenFail" "o n" .. EndSection what is the Module section? tells X server which modules to load samle Module section? Section "Module" Load "dbe" ... Load "type1" ...EndSecti on (notice module name is given, not the filename) what is InputDevice Section? multi, tells what input device X server should u

defines video modes X server may use Syntax for Modes? Section "Modes" Identifier "name" Modeline parameters En dSection Sample Mode? Section "Mode" Identifier "Modes[0]" Modeline "1024x768" 65.0 1024 1048 1184 1344 768 771 777 806 -hsync -vsync what are the 4 components of Modeline? Pixel clock (rate MHZ.. hsyncstart. Horizon tal timing. hdisp.. EndSection Sample Modeline from Mode Section? "1024x768" 65. one directive for each device. monitory type onfig-display run keyboard utility system-config-keyboard system-c . config file contains multiple InputDevice sections syntax for InputDevice? Section "InputDevice" Identifier "name" Driver "driverna me" Option "options" EndSection sample InputDevice? Section "InputDevice" Driver "kbd" Identifier "VMware Ke yboard" Option ".. HorizSync frequency range supported in KHz.0). VertRefr esh range supoorted by monitor in KHz what is the Screen Section? screen section binds video board to the monitor syntax for Screen. Section "ServerLayout" Identifier "Layout[all]" Option " clone" "off" Option "Xinerama" "off" Screen "Screen[0]" InputDevice "VMware Keyb oard" "coreKeyboard" InputDevice "VMware Mouse" "CorePointer" EndSection what is the Identifier? defines uniq name for server layout what is Screen? defines screen parameters to use for server layout what is InputDevice? device3 to be used for server layout. vsyncstart.. Section "Screen" Identifier "name \n Device "deviceid" \ n Monitor "monitorid" \n SubSection "Display" .. vdisp." Option . what is ServerLayout Section? binds Sreen Sections and InputDevice sections samlple ServerLayout. hsync and vsync sets the polarity of hsync and vsync sig nals what is the Device Section? this section is for each video adpater installed on the system sample Device? Section "Device" Identifier "VMware SVGA" Driver "vmware" EndSec tion what is the Monitor Section? defines parameters for the monitor connected to display adapter sample Monitor Section "Monitor" Identifier "vmware" VendorName "Vmware.hsyncend and htotoal describe the 4 vertical EndSubsection EndSection syntax for Display SubSection? SubSection "Display" Depth "colordepthinpixel" M odes "videomodesshouldmatchMonitorsection" ViewPort x y (sets NW corner of displ ay) sample Display SubSection? SubSection "Display" Depth 16 Modes "1024x768" V iewPort 0 0 note on deviceid used in Device directive? deviceid used in Device directiv e must match Identifier directive within the Device section. -hsync -vsync \n ModeLine .. Inc" Ho rizSync 1-10000 VertRefresh 1-10000 EndSection describe further about Monitor.EndSection What is Mode Section? Multi. vsyncend and vtotal describe the flags. ex 65. what does option do? any option used in ServerFlags can be specified here opt ion in serverlayout overrides option in serverflag section Using X Configuration Utility run display settings utitlity to configure video board.. ve ndorName desc manufacturer.0 10 24. Identifier describes unique name for monitor.. vertical timing and flags describe the 4 horizontal timing.

*fail Configure Remote Access to the Display Manager what is a think client? minimal computer system that uses X server software to c onnect and run display manager from remote X server how do you configure on xdm host? need to configure it to listen on the ne twork for inbound connection req from X server software what protocol is used for xdm? xdm Control Protocol (XDMCP) on port 177.greetFont. what other file sto use? /etc/X11/xdm has Xresour ces file(customizes login interface) and Xservers (changes color depth) how to change color depth? open Xservers change line . then restart display manager using /etc/init.d/ init_script stop/st art command to load/not load display at boot chkconfig xdm off/on verfiy that display is disabled chkconfig xdm -l xdm config file /etc/X11/xdm/xdm-config kdm config file /etc/kde/kdm or /etc/X11/kdm gdm config file /etc/X11/gdm openSUSE /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager in additon to xdm-config. *loginfailFont. on /etc/X11/xorg.:0 local /usr /bin/X -nolisten tcp -br vt7 -bpp 16 name 11 Xresources directives.conf. ToggleKeys. MouseKeys. edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanger graphical version xorgcfg what about xFree-86 use XFree-86 -configure. change /etc/X11/gdm/gdm. xf86cfg(graphical u tility) Configuring Display Manger Enabling or disabling the display manager /etc/init.DisallowTCP= to "false".promptFont.SPKA What are possible keyboard configurations? StickyKeys.conf. SlowKeys.DISPLAYMANGER_REMOTE_ACCE SS="yes".conf X. *. login.mydomain. ex .run mouse utility system-config-mouse utility used on X. Configure Accessibility what is the first step needed? Enable Assistive Tecnologies.*greetColor. BounceKeys and Delay Keys lock modifier keys like CTRL and SHIFT stickykeys enable key sequences to use instead of mouse MouseKeys allow to hold key before keystroke is sent(avoids accidental keystrokes) SlowKeys make noise if CAPS LOCK or NUM LOCK is on ToggleKeys allow user extra time to release a key before sending multiple keystrokes RepeatKeys . on OpenSUSe. xorgconfig (automatically detects hardware for you) detect hardware and create config file Xorg -configure which creates /root/xorg .*Background.d/xdm script manually set default color depth add -bpp rename the file cp /root/xorg.mydomain. *greeti open /etc/X11/xdm/Xaccess and ad d *. *login. System|Assistive T echnologies and then mark "Enable Assistive Technologies" keyboard accessibility on Fedora System | Preferences | Keyboard | Accessibility .:0 local /usr/X11R6/binX -nolist en tcp -br vt (remove -nolisten tcp) on gdm. *namePrompt. xlogin*Foreground.:0 local /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp -br confirm configuration file X -config /root/xorg.conf . DISPLAYMANGER_XSERVER_TCP_PORT_6000_OPEN="yes" open which port on xdm? 177 allow access to all domains with or negate with !ws1.conf. *fail Color. make changes to /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers .

non graphical screen reader that works with text-based terminals emacspea k Screen Magnifier types of magnifier Orca. /etc/cron. speak blank lines. GNOME Magnifier and KDE Magnifier access orca screen reader and magnifier System | Preferences | Assistive Technol ogies | Preferred Applications | Visual drop down list select Orca with Magnifie r access orca magnifier from shell orca -e magnifier Magnifier settings Zoomer. Cursor. weekday. Disable End of Line Symbols. PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin and MAILT O=root crontab file fields min. large-text thems System | Preferences | Appearance display information about open windows on GUI xwinfo dispay info with the id nubmer xwinfo -id display capablities of a server.deny use "at" to start script in 10min from now at now +10 minutes. Break Speech into chuncks between pauses . at>write cmd what time is teatime 4pm view list of pending jobs atq remove a pending job from list atrm jobid CronS first 3 lines of crontab file SHELL=/bin/sh.d/atd start. can read text from GNOME desktop. Enable Braille Monitor. Move Up. S peak Tutorial Messges Braille Devices select braille tab in the Braille Options daemon used brltty Braille options Enable Braille Support.delay between keystrokes Configure onscreen keyboard Preferred Applications . color. month. Double Click. cmd where are system cron files saved? /etc/cron.SPAP BounceKeys and DelayKeys System | Preferences | Assistive Technologies | Mouse Accessibility System | Preferences | Assistive Technologies | Mouse Ac cessibilty . Secondary Click action for all 4 type gestures Move Left. Cross-Hair.SPAM send double-click by holding primary mouse button Simulated Secondary Clic k send mouse click when mouse pointer stops for a specific time Dwell Click keyboard shortcuts Mouse Gestures 4 types of gestures Single Click. Speak Child Position. Enable Contracte d Braille.hou rly . day. Abbreviated Role Names. /etc/crontab. Selec tion Indicator. Hyperlink Indicator high-contrast.d. hour. Border. Move Down Screen Reader Most used screen reader Orca Application. Speech Synthesizer. Verbosity. tracking and alignment settings Speech Options Speech System. Voice Settings. Punctuation L evel. Drag Click. or use rcatd start file allows user to create "at" jobs /etc/at. Move Right. Speak Identation and Justification. Speak Multicase Strings as Words. parametes used with communciating with clients/ server xdpyinfo Automate System Administration Tasks what is adv of "at" daemon? good way to run something once in the future how to start atd daemon /etc/init.allow file not allowing user to create "at" jobs /etc/at.

ALL env defines currency units LC_MONETARY env defines formatting of dates and times LC_TIME env defines alphab ordering of strings LC_COLLATE env defines paper size LC_PAPER env defines special var overriding all LC_ALL env tells what chars seen as alpha. etc LC_CTYPE env defines application localizaiton LC_MESSAGES env defines all settings once LANG cmd to show all local settings locate what is the default locale settings posix utility to convert encoding of chars iconv .allow file exists only those users allowed can use at/cron service if only deny file exists only users not in deny can use the service if no cron allow/deny files exist all users have accessto cron if no at allow/deny files exist only root has access to at if empty at. TI ME. numer. PAPER. MONETARY. NUMERIC.deny file exists all have access to 'at" removed crontab file crontab -r display crontab crontab -l edit crontab crontab -e Localization and internationalization what is internationalization? having software adpat to various languages/regio ns without engineering changes what is localization? adapting internz.where are user crons saved? /var/spool/cron/tabs/username if /etc/*. MESSAGES.softw by adding locale-specific compone nts and translating text what sym link is used to set time zone? /etc/localtime (linked to /usr/share/zon einfo cmd to set timezones tzconfig what is the menu based program to set time zone? tzselect print UTC time date -u shwo time zone abbr date +%z locale env variables LANG. cTYPE. LC_COLLATE.