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A General Reading List for Students of Economics Economic Theory Baran, Paul, The Political Economy of Growth Baran

, Paul, & Sweezy, Paul, Monopoly Capital Dobb, Maurice, On Economic Theory and Socialism Dobb, Maurice, Political Economy and Capitalism Dobb, Maurice, Theories of Value and Distribution Since Adam Smith Keynes, John Maynard, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money Lenin, V.I., Imperialism Lenin, V.I., The State and Revolution Marx, Karl, Capital (4 Vols.) - Includes Theories of Surplus Value Marx, Karl, Critique of the Gotha Program Marx, Karl, Wage, Labor and Capital Meek, Ronald, Studies in the Labor Theory of Value Ricardo, David, Principles of Political Economy and Taxation Ricardo, David, Works and Correspondence (ed. P. Sraffa) Robinson, Joan, Collected Economic Papers Robinson, Joan, Economic Heresies Robinson, Joan, Economic Philosophy Robinson, Joan, Essays in the Theory of Economic Growth Smith, Adam, The Wealth of Nations Sraffa, Piero, Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities Veblen, Thorstein, Absentee Ownership Veblen, Thorstein, The Place of Science in Modern Civilization Veblen, Thorstein, The Theory of Business Enterprise Veblen, Thorstein, The Theory of the Leisure Class Veblen, Thorstein, Essays in Our Changing Order Science and Philosophy Ash, William, "Existentialism and Revisionism," in Review I Ash, William, Marxism and Moral Concepts Ash, William, Morals and Politics Ash, William, "Philosophical Revisionism," in Marxism Today Bacon, Francis, Novum Organum Bernal, J.D., Science in History Bernal, J.D., The Social Function of Science Bruno, Giordano, Cause, Principle, and Unity Childe, V. Gordon, Society and Knowledge Cornforth, Maurice, In Defense of Philosophy Cornforth, Maurice, Materialism and the Dialectical Method Cornforth, Maurice, Science and Idealism Ghernyshevsky, N.G., Selected Philosophical Essays

I.. Karl. Man Against Myth Dobrolyubov. Leviathan Jackson.. Science and Politics in the Ancient World Feuerbach. Philosophical Notebook Lenin. George. Benjamin. "On Practice. Adam.I. The Origins of Christianity Schaff. "Marxism in China Today. The Failure of Psychoanalysis: From Freud to Fromm . T. George. Marxism and Poetry Thomson. "On Contradiction. Joseph. The Materialist Conception of History Plekhanov. George. 1 Mao Tse-tung. The Essence of Christianity Guest. David. Selected Writings of Diderot Dietzgen." in The Stoic Epicurean Philosophers Farrington. N. Howard & Harry Martel (eds). Dialectics of Nature Engels. Reader in Marxist Philosophy Stalin. Fundamental Problems of Marxism Plekhanov. Frederick.A. Lectures on Marxist Philosophy (aka A Textbook on Dialectical Materialism) Horowitz. Benjamin. The Development of the Monist View of History Plekhanov. Vol. 2 Marx. Harry K. On Religion Morton. Collected Works. "The Extant Writings of Epicurus. Machines and History Lucretius. Materialism and Empirio-Criticism Lilley. Ludwig Feuerbach Epicurus.. Barrows. Greek Science Farrington. Ludwig. Frederick. George. Studies in Ancient Creek Society. Men. Frederick.. On the Nature of Things Mao Tse-tung. The Positive Outcome of Philosophy Dunham. The Role of the Individual in History Robertson. The First Philosophers Wells. The German Ideology Marx. J." in Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung. Barrows. A.. A Philosophy of Man Selsam. Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 Marx. Selected Philosophical Essays Engels. V. George. Anti-Duhring Engels. Denis.2 Diderot. F. Joseph. Karl.G.. V. Vol. Archibald. How to Read History Robertson. George. Claude Helvetius Hobbes.A. From Marx to Mao Tse-tung Thomson.. George." in The Broadsheet Thomson. 38. The Poverty of Philosophy Marx & Engels. Historical Materialism and Philosophy Lennin. A. 2. Soviet Genetics Plekhanov. Archibald. & Engels." in Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung.. Irving. Karl. Vol. George. Dialectical and Historical Materialism Thomson. Dialectics Labriola. The Holy Family: The Critique of Critical Criticism Marx & Engels. Vol. Thomas. The Communist Manifesto Marx & Engels. Giant in Chains Dunham.

Jack London. 1956 Fast. Ralph. 1949 Sprigg. Illusion and Reality. Literature and Reality. Bertolt Brecht. n. Aeschylus and Athens. 1964 Koslow. Art and Social Life. & F... 1946 West. George. Arnold (ed. 1937 Sprigg. Hill.3 Wells.. Philip. Arnold. 1965 Finkelstein. Christopher S.A. Sean. 1937 Zhadanov. Crisis and Criticism. 1970 Sprigg. Andrei A.V. 1948 Lunacharsky.General Chernyshevsky. Literature and Art. Maxim. Selected Philosophical Essays. Essays on Literature. Studies in European Realism.J. The Green and the Red: Sean O'Casey. A. Maxim. Two Vols. 1960 Marx. Engels. George.J. Christopher S. and Music. 1950 Literary Criticism. 1938 Thomson. An Introduction to the English Novel. Romance and Realism. Milton and the English Revolution. 1947 Morton. A Good Man Fallen Among the Fabians (Shaw). George. Studies in a Dying Culture. 1912 Rubinstein. Charles Dickens. The Great Tradition in English Literature. The English Utopia. Pavlov Wells. The Green Crow. Selected Philosophical Essays.J. Shakespeare in a Changing World. n. 1967 Foner. Individual Ewen. Sigmund Freud: A Pavlovian Critique Literature and Literacy Criticism . Pragmatism Wells. Sidney. 1953 Sprigg. 1937 Gorky. Maxim. N. On Literature and Art Mao Tse-tung.. Harry K. 1950 Thomson. 1950 . T. On Literature. 1973 Fox. G. 1956 Plekhanov.L. Literary Portraits. Anatoly. The Novel and the People. Harry K. On Art and Literature. Culture and the People. Karl. 1950 Finkelstein. Christopher.G..d. Further Studies in a Dying Culture. 1948 Kettle. Frederick..). 1946 West.. Alick. Alick.A. Christopher S.. Who Needs Shakespeare?. Marxism and Poetry. N.. Annette.. 1947 Gorky. Philosophy. Howard. 1937 Gorky...J. Ivan P. Harry K. Kettle. 1951 Lukacs... Christopher S. Jules. 2 Vols.d. 1953 Dobrolyubov. 1969 O'Casey. Existentialism and Alienation in American Literature.. Sidney. 1978 Jackson.

Stefan. Foma Gordeyev. Georgi. 1944 Bek. Wind From the South. The Cross of Iron.C. The Hostages. n. 1930 Gibbon. Mukhtar.d. Alexander.. The Eyes of Reason. Lewis. 1925 Gorky. 1926 Fadayev. 1928 Book III . 1958 Heinrich. Maxim. 1965 Bessie. The Un-American Blake. Robert. Goldsborough. Crack of Doom. 1956 Heinrich.. N. Baltic Skies. Europa.The Magnet.Other Fires. Short Works and Stories. Sholom. 2 Vols. Europa in Limbo. Stefan. 1927 Book II . Dimitry. 1906 Gorky.The Bystander. 1930 Book IV . The Last Frontier. Maxim. Chapayev. Abai. Lu. Margaret. 1932-34 Gorky. 1941 Briffault.d. 1953 Dreiser. What is to Be Done Chukovsky. Jews Without Money. 1935 Briffault.Contemporary Aleikhem. 1936 Graham. Michael. An American Tragedy. 1946 Fast. Alexander. The Young Guard. Willi. Elmar. Howard. 1940 Fast. 1950 Chekhov.. My Glorious Brothers Furmanov. Maxim. 1948 Heym. 1952 Heinrich. The American. 1901 Gorky. Freedom Road Fast. 1951 Green. Rhymes of Li Yutsai & Other Stories. Chernyshevsky. Howard. The Crusaders. The Copperheads. (Stalin Prize). Howard. Volokolamsk Highway. The Route. Willi. Autobiography Mother. Robert. N. Howard. William.4 Novels . 1956 . Auezov. A Scots Quair. 1942 Heym.. Vol 1. Theodore. 1923 Gold. Maxim. 1951 Heym. Springtime in Saken. 1947 Fast. Stefan. Alexander.. 1950 Gulia. Willi.The Spectre. Alexander. Howard. Selected Works of Lu Hsun. 1925 Fadayev. 1954 Hsun. Swing Shift. Mark of Shame. The Klim Samaghin Tetrology Book I . The Bewitched Tailor. Stefan. n. (Stalin Prize). 1937 Chao Shu-li. 1960 Heym. Bereshkov. 1950 Bek. A. The Artamonovs. Citizen Tom Paine Fast.

Salka Valka. 1936 London. John. Lars. n. V. Nisso.. 1965 Mukhtar. 1942 Sender. Anna. Open Book. Virgin Soil Upturned. The Hoax. (Stalin Prize). Lars. The Seventh Cross. Leaves in the Wind. Lars. 3 Vols. Kuznetsk Land. n. 1938 For earlier novels. Ramon. A. Ira.. 1956 Jesensky. 1953 Tressall. The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. The Crowning of a King. B. 1953 Maltz. 1957 Sholokhov. G. 1924-6 Lawrence.d. Out of the Dust. Voloshin. And Quiet Flows the Don. Before Noon. 1961 Lacis. 1956 Steinbeck.. Old Father Antic. Alexander. A Long Day in a Short Life. Vilis.. 1950 Zweig. 1952 Thomas. 1957 Morris. In Dubious Battle. (Stalin Prize).5 Kaverin. Jack. The Case of Sergeant Grischa. Janko. Tales Seghers. 1940 Sholokhov. 1954 Lawrence. Seven Red Sundays. A. Judas Golovlyov M. 1970 Luknitsky. Ramon. Harvest Polevio. 1960 Steinbeck.L. Alitet Goes to the Hills. 1942 Serafimovich. Arnosd. Boris. . 1949 Pa. 1929 Zweig. 1935 Sender. 1949 Tolstoy. 1923 Syamoshkin. P.. Saltykov-Shchedrin. Sisters. The Family. The Democrats. The Ecstacy of Owen Muir. The Cross and the Arrow. 1958 M. Ring. Saltykov-Shchedrin. 1956 Lawrence. 2 Vols. The Road to Spain. Wild River. 1954 Lavrenyov. Halldor.d.. The Iron Heel. Laxness. Tikhon. Towards New Shores.. Alexander. Kikolayeva. Albert. Grapes of Wrath. A Story About a Real Man. Morning. The Forty First. Alexie. 1960 Lawrence. The Iron Flood.d. John. see those cited in the section of Literary Criticism. 1944 Maltz. 1939 Strong. Mikhail. Lars... Ordeal. Arnold. Chin. Jr. Albert. Gwyn. Noon and Night. Mikhail. 1951 Lardner. Robert. n.

. F. R... Vol. and the State Hubert..... What Happened in History Childe. F.. R. V.. H. 3 Vols. Origin of the Family..G. Complete Works (Hadac. Briffault. Studies in the Agrarian History of England Maitland. French Rural History Chadwick. Studies in Ancient Greek Society Walbank..G.G.. F.. ed. V. B. MacMillan. The Origin of the English Nation Engels. B. The Evolution of Culture Classical Greece and Rome Briffault. The Decline of the Roman Empire in the West Feudal Europe Briffault. M... The Mothers. G.. The English Rising of 1381 Kosminsky. A History of Rome (Hadac and Poe.. The Peasant War in Germany Gronbech. The Prehistory of European Society Childe. The Origins of Christianity Tacitus.D.. V. M. R. New Light on the Most Ancient East Engles. one Vol. E. G. Hellenistic Civilization Thomson. J. A. Science in History.. 1 White. F. ed. L.G.H. Studies in Ancient Greek Society.. H. The Rise of the Celts Hubert. V. The Greatness and Decline of the Celts Morgan.. Rational Evolution Farrington. ed. Scotland Before the Scots Childe.6 History. The Troubadors Bloch.G. Ancient Society Morgan. Greek Science Gibbon. 1. H. Private Property. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Livy..) Tarn.. L.... & Fagan.H..... League of the Iroquois Nesturkh.W. R. Vol. V. Domesday Book and Beyond .. M.. The Aryans Childe. E. L. Science and Politics in the Ancient World Farrington. The Culture of the Teutons Hilton. Feudal Society Bloch. 1931) Childe. V. H. Anthropology and Politics Tribal Society Bernal.. The Origin of Man Thomson. (also.) Robertson. W..

J. & Postgate.. A People's History of England Orwin. Jonathon Wild Hill. and Europa in Limbo . Science in History. The Hussite Movement in Bohemia Michelet. A... 3 Cole. H. B.7 Macek.S. V. 1 Sweezy.. The Barbarian West Capitalist England A. Medieval Cities Pirenne.. C. J. P. Anglo-Saxon England Vinogradoff. Capital. & J. The Formative Period Dobb... F. R. G.. Vol.. E.. F. P.. G. 1800-1850 Thompson. 1789-1848 Lilley. English Society in the 11th Century Wallace-Hadrill. R.. & J.. The Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism Swift. The Age of Revolution. Early Democracies in the Low Countries Stenton.. & C... K. J. Industrial Revolution Bernal. The English Revolution.. 1640 Hill. Labour Migration in England. H. The Agrarian Problem in the 16th Century Unwin. C... R... Vol... Europa. al. The Town Labourer Hammond. & J. A Modest Proposal Tawney. Breakdown Briffault. Robinson Crusoe Fielding. Men. Gulliver's Travels Swift. J. H. Imperialist England Briffault. The Common People Engels. E. The Growth of the Manor Vinogradoff. The Open Fields Pirenne.S.. Century of Revolution.. et. The Making of the English Working Class C. A. Satanism and Witchcraft Morton. Villainage in England Vinogradoff. Studies in the Development of Capitalism DeFoe. The Village Labourer Hammond.. The Rise of Modern Industry Hobsbawm.D. M.. 1603-1714 Marx. R. B. D.. P. Industrial Organization in the 16th and 17th Centuries B. J..L.... Machines and History Redford. The Condition of the Working-Class in England Hammond... C. B.

. The Class Struggle in France Marx. E. C. G. R. A People's History of Eng.P. Her Own Marx and Engels. Fascism and Social Revolution Dutt. The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte Marx. R..P..... World Politics. W. After Robespierre Marx. The Second World War Deborin. Napoleon and the War of 1812 Veblen.. V. Formative Period Balzac. Business as a System of Power Brady. R. Secrets of the Second World War Dutt.. R.. R. R. Germany's Master Plan Deborin. Decline and Fall of the British Empire Dutt. Economic History of France and Germany Tarle. Revolution From 1789-1916 Tressell.... T. The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism Briffault.) France and Germany A. Industry and Empire Jackson. The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Trukhanovsky. E. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany Marx & Lenin. Imperialism and Fascism Brady.. R. Ireland.P. J. The Human Comedy Lissagary. K.. E. Europe: The World's Banker Hobson... Cold War in Germany Borkin & Welsh.. R.. R. The Crisis of Britain and the Britain Empire Feis. Imperial Germany and the Industrial Revolution B.... Civil War in France: The Paris Comune Clapham. Der Fuehrer Henri.. The Paris Commune of 1871 Mathiez. A. E. Studies and Further Studies in a Dying Culture Heiden. H. A. Breakdown Briffault. On Britain Marx and Engles. R.. Napoleon Bonaparte Tarle. T. The French Revolution Mathiez. British Foreign Policy During WW II (For further readings see bibliography in Morton.8 Briffault. G.J.. Hitler Over Europe . 1918-1936 Caudwell... Decline and Fall of the British Empire Burchett. Ireland and the Irish Question Postgate.

Early Economic Development and General Works Aptheker.. 1947 Morais. Robert.. W. The Legend of John Brown. To Be Free. J. Dubois.. 1977 Cox. The Decline and Fall of the British Empire. Class & Race.I. Richard. Philip Foner). American Revolution. Beard.. Imperialism Pertinax.. The Colonial Era. 1937 Aptheker. Then and Now.B. Charles A. 4 Vols.B. & Mary. William Z. Frederick. V. Allan. 1903 Dubois. 1973 Chase. Herbert. The Negro People in American History Gould. the People. 1939 Dubois. The Struggle for American Freedom. 1951 Boyer. Souls of Black Folk.J.E. The Life and Work of Frederick Douglass. American Negro Slave Revolutions. 1935 Dubois.E. Herbert. Outline Political History of the Americas.G. 4 Vols. James.B. The Rise of American Civilization. Foster.1945 Aptheker. The State and Revolution Sasuly. 1943 Aptheker. Imperialism Lenin.E. R. 1960 Aptheker.S. Black Reconstruction. Race Allen. Early Years of the Republic. An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the U. 1948 Douglass. Caste. 1948 Aptheker.E. 1944 B. History of Black American... Herbert. Charles A. W.. The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to America.E.. S. Oliver C. We. Black Folk.B. V. Herbert. The Mismeasures of Man Gutman. Herbert. 1930 Briffault. W. 1976 Beard. Herbert.. The Black Family in American History . William Z. David. The Legacy of Malthus. John Brown. I.. H. W.. 1869 Foner. Essays in the History of the American Negro. Herbert.1951 Horowitz..B..S. The First Frontier. Hitler Over Russia Hilferding. Finance Capital Hobson. Farben United States A. The Grave Diggers of France Lenin. Reconstruction.. 1909 Dubois. W. 1959 Aptheker.. Leo. (includes biography of Douglass by the editor. 1978 Huberman. 1938 Foster..I. A Documentary History of the Negro People of the U.9 Henri. R. E.. Herbert. Philip.

American Trade Unionism. William D. Foner. Clarence Darrow.. M. 1955 Aronson.. Labor History DeCaux.. (biography of Toussaint L'Ounerture). 1977 Mortimer. J.. Bill Haywood's Book. Atomic Imperialism. Samuel... B. Heritability and Racism McWilliams. Monopoly Capital Baran. Ray. 1957 Belfrage. 1941 Yellen. et. C. W. Racial Inequality Stannard. Racism and Psychiatry Tucker. I. P.. J. The Black Jacobin (Toussaint L’Ouverture) Las Casas.. A.... Factories in the Field. 1936 Imperialism (Capitalism in its Oligopolistic Phase) Allen. C. V. 1929 McWilliams. The American Inquisition. N. Organized Labor and the Black Worker Foner. C. The Political Economy of Growth.. 1952 Aptheker. H. and Glauberman.S. The Strange Career of Jim Crow. Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States. 1939 Ginger.. Carey. Vann. L. C... William Z. The Bending Cross: A Biography of Debs. 1973 .. 1935 Woodward. R.. Philip.. The Devastation of the Indies Lawler. Philip. David Walker's Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World. 1971 Moraise. The Myth of Black Progress Reich. Irving. Economics of Racism. and Sillen. al. J. History and Reality.Q. B de. Pages From a Worker's Life. J. D. The Press and the Cold War Baran. E..Y. Paul. American Holocaust (extensive bibliography) Thomas. eds. Wm...R. & Sweezy. Women and the American Labor Movement Foster. 1966 Walker.. Black History and the Historical Profession. The Science and Politics of Racial Research Vinogradov. American Labor Struggles.. Labor Radical Foner. Balck Wealth/White Wealth Perlo.. R.. 1915-80 Oliver and Shapian. World Monopoly and Peace. and Rudwick. David.10 Jacoby. 1949 Haywood. 1955 Stone. William Z. 5 Vols. H. 1947 Foster. The Bell Curve Debate James. 1965 C. Paul. S.. Organize!.L. A.. A. Philip. The Black Consul. History of the Labor Movement in the U.. Labor's Untold Story. 2 Vols. Factories in the Field North from Mexico Meier. USA Pickney. 1946 Allen.. 1937 Mikhailov. & Boyer.

Robert A. On the Damned Human Race. V. Anna. 1942 Schiller. the appendices. 1934 Lundberg. (2nd ed. Thorstein. 1951 Perlo. D. Part I. Breakdown.. C. pp. The Mind Managers. Bruce. Bolshakov.I. 1952 Morray. 1961 Perlo. We Can Be Friends. 1902 Kolko. Semyon. 1934 Economic Concentration and Family Fortunes Catton. The Cold Way and Its Origins. 2 Vols.W.. 1935 Marzani. The Second World War .. Gustavus. Sabotage. Mark. Ferdinand.. USA: Imperialists and Anti-Imperialists. Partners in Plunder. 1935 Budyonny. & Z. John A. E.. The Empire of High Finance.I. The Robber Barons.. The Development of the Societ Economic System. W. 1946 Bettelheim. Thorstein. America's Sixty Families. 361-470. G. The State and Revolution. From Yalta to Disarmament. V.. 1943 Chomsky. V. American Imperialism.. Imperialism.. Sabotage. Alexander. Anti-communism.. 1937 Martin. Essays in Our Changing Order. The Main Line of Zionism.. James S. Philip. 1950 Myers. 1963 Lenin. 1917 Magdoff. Armed Intervention in Russia. H. 1980 Dementyev. 1957 Sayers & Kahn..). V. I. G. 1942 Soviet Union A. Structure of the American Economy. 1953 Brady.F. The Warlords of Washington. Class Struggles in the USSR. 1909 National Resources Committee.. N. 1962 Veblen. J. V. & Herman. 1939 Rochester.. All Honorable Men. The Age of Imperialism. The Political Economy of Human Rights. 1973 Twain. Harry. Charles. The Rulers of America.K. 1948 Josephson.P. Who Rules America? Fleming. Absentee Ownership Veblen. The Path of Valour. 3 Vols. History and Development Baykov.11 Bolsover.... 1969 Matthews & Shallcross. History of the Great American Fortunes. 1961 Hobson.. 1973 Domhoff. 1972 Coates. American Over Britain. The Triumph of Conservatism. Matthew. Business as a System of Power. 1936 Sayers & Kahn. the Highest Stage of Capitalism. Imperialism. G.. Robert. 1918-1922 Deborin. 1972 Briffault. 1917 Lenin.

1936 Isakov. Pub. 1971 Dobb. History of the Civil War in the USSR.. The Baltic Riddle. 1959 Foreign Lang..M. W.. 1968 . Andrew.Z. & Albert Kahn. Theja. 1931 Gunawardhana.). 1952 Foster. The Underground Committee Carries On. William S. 1958 Sayers. 1971 B. 1963 Henri. Albert Rhys. House (Moscow). Economics of the Transition Period.. V. 1966 Dutt.. N. October 1917.. 1946 Strong. False Witnesses. War Economy of the USSR in the Period of the Patriotic War.. Russia.. History of the C. The Development of Capitalism in Russia Lyashchenko. V. The Great Conspiracy. Pub. Joshua. Soviet Communism: A New Civilization.. Vol.K. The Giant that Came Last Lenin. al. 1942 Williams. 1935 Voznesensky. 1918-1936. 1956 Strong. A.P. Petrograd. Gregory. 1967 Robinson. Nicolai I. House (Moscow). History of the Three Internationals. Soviet Economic Development Since 1917. Albert Rhys. Rural Russia Under the Old Regime. Sidney and Beatrice. Through the Russian Revolution. History of the National Economy of Russia Til 1917. Dmity. Documents Reed. Sidney and Beatrice.. The Aim of a Lifetime Zhukov. 1943 Molotov.. Ernst. Lenin. 1. Ralph.. The Truth About Soviet Russia. John. House (Moscow). 1955 Fox. Michael. Geriot T. The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class. Yalta. 1971 Bukharin. 1948 Foreign Lang. M. World Politics. G. Albert Rhys. G. 2 Vols. 1934 Fyodorov. Maurice. Problems of Foreign Policy.N. Ernst. American Siberian Adventure. Ed. The State Department and the Cold War. 1937 Webb.S. 1967 Yakovlev. Stout Hearts. 1947 Kunitz. R. Documents Relating to the Eve of the Second World War. The Red Fleet in the Second World War. Alexander. Secrets of the Second World War. The Tehran. (Bolsheviks). Anna Louise. Memoirs of Marshall Zhukov. A Biography.I. 1949 Pritt. 1949 Medvedev.. et. The Russians Williams. I. Theory and Politics Bukharin.. 1952 Gorky. 1936 Eremenko. 1934 Henri. I Change Worlds. Pub.12 Deborin. The Munich Conspiracy. 1948 Webb. D.& Potsdam Conferences. 1932 Rothstein. The Stalin Era. Reminiscenses. Hitler Over Europe.. Hitler Over Russia. Pub.. Nicolai I.S. Ten Days that Shook the World. Anna Louise. The Soviets Williams. 1957 Foreign Lang. Palme. 1948 Progress Publishers (Moscow). Khruscheivism. 1937 Graves. 1949 Meikins. (Int.U.

1970 Hinton. Imperialism and Chinese Politics..China.V. Anna Louise. William.. Han. Solomon. 1957 Belden. Joan. The New Economics. 1972 Hinton. Han. China A. Anna Louise. Barry. 1965) Strong. V. 1972 (Biography of Mao Tse-tung) Suyin. Iron Oxen. 1966 Hinton. 1961 Strong.I. V. 1962 Foreign Languages Press (Peking). The First Years of Yangyi Commune. 1955 Greene. The Scapel and the Sword. 1962 . Israel. Charles. (Norman Bethune) Adler.I. The Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Kautsky Lenin. Anna Louise. 1949 Bettelheim. The State and Revolution Preobrazhensky.And Six Years After. 1960 Suyin. A Curtain of Ignorance. 1976 . From Opium War to Liberation Foreign Languages Press (Peking). Israel. Documents of the First Session of the First People's Congress of the People's Republic of China.. Han. Isabel and David. Turning Point in China.. Felix. 1955 Foreign Languages Press (Peking). Enver. Joseph V... Economic Management . The Morning Deluge. William. (Cardinal Ed. The Chinese Economy. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat. 1964 Strong. Stalin. 2001. Hundred Days War Horn. Industrial Society in Communist China.. Letters From China. (Sept. The Development of Capitalism in Russia Lenin.). 1947-49 Epstein. 13 Vols. 1964 Hinton. 12 Vols. Lenin. Works of J. 1969 Hu Sheng. The Rise of the Chinese People's Communes .. 1964 Lenin. The Selected Works of Lenin.I. William. 1971 Stalin. 1967 Suyin. The Sino-Indian Boundary Dispute. E. William. 1965 Stalin. Ten Great Years. The Unfinished Revolution in China. Joan. Joseph V. On the Battlefields of the Liberated Areas. The Khruschevites Kautsky. V. China.13 Hoxha. 1952 Crook. Notes From China. Fanshen. Karl. 1955 Richman. Important Documents Concerning the Question of Taiwan... Cultural Revolution and Industrial Organization in China Chu Teh. China Shakes the World. Jack. Wind in the Tower. 1973 Robinson. Away All Pests. Stalin. 1966 Epstein. When the Serfs Stood-up in tibet. 1969 Robinson. Joshua S. V.I.July. Selected Works of Joseph V. 1960 Foreign Languages Press (Peking). 3 Vols. History and Development Allan & Gordon.

The Longer View Briffault.. The Polemic on the General Line of the International Communist Movement. Notes From the Gallows Huberman. 1962 (ed. The Revolution of 1911. The Family.1967 Vladimirov. History of Cuba/The Spanish-Cuban-American War. etc. 1964 Liu Shao-chi. 4 Vols. Zionism: Its Role in World Politics McCoy. and Sweezy. P. H. 4 Vols. Red Sun. Philip. 1961 Lu Hsun. Yu-chang. Leo.14 Tung Chi-ming. An Outline History of China. A Brief History of Chinese Fiction. Theory and Politics Cheng Yen-shis. The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia .. Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung. 1965 Foreign Languages Press (Peking). 1951 Mao Tse-tung.. Selected Readings From the Works of Mao Tse-tung.. J. Lenin's Fight Against Revisionism and Opportunism.. Mao's Betrayal Addendum (Useful things not fitting neatly into other categories) Aptheker. Leo. The Vladimirov Diaries Wu Yu-chang. Foner. The Vladimirov Papers Wang Ming. Literature. 1958 Foreign Languages Press (Peking). Peter. The Battle of Sangkumryung. A. Jack London. Chao Shu-li. 4 Vols. and Sweezy. P. 1961-65 Mao Tse-tung.. Enver. History of the Three Internationals Foster. Mone on the Differences Between Comrade (Honggi) Togliatti and US. Paul. 1963 Hoxha. 1961 C. Rhymes of Li-tsai and Other Stories. 1956-60 Pa Chin. Peter. A Study of Land Rent in Pre-Liberation China.. 1958 Wu Chiang. Rational Evolution Foner.) Wu. Outline History of the World Trade Union Movement Fuchik. American Rebel Foster. Robert. Cuba: Anatomy of a Revolution Huberman.. 1964 Lu Hsun. 1965 Chen Po-ta. William Z. 1962 B. How to be a Good Communist.. William Z.. On the Party. Selected Works of Lu Hsun. The Truth About Hungary Baran. H. Philip. Reflections on China Liu Shao-chi. 1950 Lu Chu-kuo. Socialism in Cuba Lumer. The Great Turning Point. 1959 Vladimirov.

. 1 Farrington. Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky Lenin. Feathers From the Green Crow O'Casey. Edition. On Capital Lenin. Sean. MacMillan. Studies in a Dying Culture . N. World Politics.. Paul.especially "Liberty" Engels. The Communist Manifesto Engels.. B. Sean.. Vol. Christopher. The Mothers. The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class Preobrazhensky. V. International Monopolies and Developing Countries O'Casey.. E.. Studies in Ancient Greek Society.. L. K. Leon. The State and Revolution Morgan.. V. 1918-1936 Briffault. (One Vol. Look for stuff between 1903 and 1923. f.. b.I. c. Most available material is either written after 1930. G. Evolutionary Socialism Kautsky. E. Left-Wing Communism. F.15 Nukhovich.. c.Essential) Read in Order Given *1) *2) *3) 4) 5) *6) *7) *8) 9) 10) 11) *12) *13) 14) *15) 16) 17) 18) Lenin... N. Ludwig Feuerbach Marx and Engels. The Hidden History of the Korean War Sweezy. Sean. R. R.I.H. Facts and Fascism Stone. The Star Turns Red Seldes.. A. Revisionism a. Houses and House Life of the American Aborigines Briffault. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat Bukharin. adding spice occasionally with a novel. d. Behind the Green Curtain O'Casey.. The State and Revolution (again) Lenin.P. Vol. Sean. I.F. Breakdown Then read more history and philosophy. F. Lenin. e.. b. Neocolonialism: Methods and Manoeuvers A Suggested Approach to the Study of Marxism (* . Imperialism Sayers and Kahn. may be difficult for students reading unaided. 19) Attack on Revisionism a. 1. Red Roses for Me O'Casey. Marx. The State and Revolution . an Infantile Disorder Lenin. E. R. The New Economics Trotsky... The Present as History Yakhrushev. 1931) Thomson. Capital. George. The Origins of Christianity Caudwell. The Great Conspiracy Dutt.. or re-written to account for criticism. Bernstein. Science and Politics in the Ancient World Robertson. V. Economics of the Transition Period Bukharin..

Stalin. More on the Difference Between Comrade Togliatti and US. 1963 ..V. of Honggi. e. 1971 Editorial Dept.16 d. Selected Works. J.