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Making a Colloidal Oatmeal Bath at Home

A homemade oatmeal bath soothes itching and other skin discomfort. If your doctor or other health provider recommends you give your child an oatmeal bath, you have the option to buy the commercially-prepared product at around $6 for eight single-use packets, or you can make your own at home for around $1. Here's how: You'll need a blender, food processor or coffee grinder and 1 cup of oatmeal. You can use instant oatmeal (unflavored), quick oats or slow cooking oats- all work equally as well. For babies, you'll only need about 1/3 cup per bath. Blend or process the oats on the highest setting until you have a very fine, consistent powder. To test the colloid property of the oatmeal, stir 1 tablespoon of the ground oats into a glass of warm water. If the oats readily absorb the water and give it a milky look and a silky feel, you've blended long enough. Giving the bath: Sprinkle the oatmeal into a tub of running water and stir the water with your hand several times to ensure even distribution. Feel along the bottom of the tub for clumps and break up any you find. Take care assisting your child into the tub as the oatmeal will make the tub even more slippery than usual. Allow your child to soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes and pat dry with a soft towel rather than rubbing. You can use this bath once or twice a day or more frequently as your doctor advises.

Common uses for Oatmeal Baths:
Chicken pox Poison ivy, oak and sumac Dry skin Insect bites Eczema Diaper rash Anal itching (often from pinworms) Windburn Sunburn Shingles

splotchy dots erupts. or swelling of the skin. A child with chicken pox may also have slight fever and abdominal pain. clear blisters. the more severe case will be. Symptoms may appear 7 to 21 days after exposure. loss of appetite. . A child who plays with an infected child during this period will almost certainly catch the disease. homeopathy medicine and chicken pox treatment with homeopathy. Chicken pox is a highly contagious disease that is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. A day or two after these early symptoms. the infection is no longer contagious. and legs. medical opinion should be sought. An infected child is contagious from a few days before symptoms develop until all of the blisters are dry and have formed scabs. Very few children escape chicken pox infection. but scratching the rash can produce scars. and form scabs. loss of appetite. usually beginning on the chest. dry out. fatigue. freshly healed skin. These scabs last for one to two weeks before falling off. The rash is very itchy. which then progresses to small. a member of the herpes family. skin infections. and spreading a day or so later to the face and scalp. The red dots of the rash soon come together to form cluster of tiny pimples. ears. sore throat. rash of flat. or brain infection. The rash may also appear on the scalp and genitals. exposing tender. It spreads quickly. Giemsa stain distinguishes varicella-zoster from vaccinia and variola viruses. Chicken pox typically begins with a headache. which are the last phase of the pox. and fever. Scabs. red. Symptoms of chicken pox The main symptom of chicken pox is a rash of small. One the rash erupts. vaccine. crust over. much like any other viral illness. Causes of chicken pox Infection with the herpes zoster virus. Scratching is difficult to resist. it is spread from person to person by airborne droplets or contact with a skin eruption on an infected person. The more intimate and more frequent the exposure to this infection. Diagnosis of chicken pox Diagnosis rests on the characteristic clinical signs and usually doesn’t require laboratory tests. the virus can be isolated from vesicular fluid with in the first 3 or 4 days of the rash. from five to six days after the blister develop. joints pain. A child with developing chicken pox will be contagious for one or two days before any symptoms. fluid filled blister that appears initially on the trunk and then spread to the face. redness. stomach.Chickenpox chicken pox symptoms. except new crops of blister over the next three to five days. the blisters break open. and inside the nose. including pneumonia (especially in adults). delicate. blood infections. After a few days. and mouth. arms. If fever persists or there are signs of infections such as warmth. A new born is protected for several months from chicken pox if the mother had the disease before or during pregnancy. However. Serum contains antibodies 7 days after onset. Coughing and sneezing-even laughing and talking spread the illness. and may feel generally ill. show. and back. Once the scabs have formed. The immunity diminishes in 4 to 12 months. red. irritability. Rare complications There is a risk of complications.

it is enough to keep children comfortable with their own bodies fight the illness. Hyoscyamus. variolinum. Conium. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat chicken pox but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. Oatmeal baths in lukewarm water provide a crusty. Sulphur. However. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned. Safe antiviral medicines have been developed. sensations and modalities of the complaints. DO NOT USE ASPRIN for someone who may have chicken pox. Ledum Pal.Home care in case of chicken pox In most cases. as can topical lotions. the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. but symptoms are milder. Arsenic Album. Cyclamen. such as those who take anticancer or immunosuppressive drugs if they become exposed to the virus. For individualized remedy selection and treatment. an oral anti histamine can help to ease the itching. To be effective. Trim the finger nails short to reduce secondary infections and scarring. . Mercurius. Antim Tart. or those who have recently taken steroids. Pulsatilla. Carbo Veg. Thuja. they usually must be started within the first 24 hours of the rash. Coffea. Sepia. Antim Crude. Silicea. Aconite. several remedies are available to treat chicken pox that can be selected on the basis of cause. There are following remedies which are helpful in the treatment of chicken pox: Antim crude. An immune globulin may be used for high risk persons. Prevention of chicken pox Varicella vaccines for healthy children 12 months or older. It may not completely prevent an infection. comforting coating on the skin. Causticum. the antiviral medicines may be very important. for those with skin conditions such as eczema or recent sunburn. Natrum Mur. lung conditions such as asthma. Homeopathic treatment of chicken pox Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. Belladonna. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. Ipecauc. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.

Let them play. headache. From my2boys [Log on to view on 2005-03-28 profile] . Maybe one level tablespoon disolved in tub. Cough. Variola. etc. dry heat and covering up. RHUS TOX. within a week or so the eating returns to normal. one does not get them twice. may have hallucinations BRYONIA. Blessings. Fresh fruit only. Then into a regular itch and skin misery. for the itch. good for skin description of chickenpox. I had 3 boys with CP at once. URTICA URENS. leave me alone. Choices: BELLADONNA. more restless and complains of burning. Do not reuse towels. Sabra Re: Chicken Pox Relief Thanks so much Sabra. For Chickenpox. ARSENICUM ALB. incubation is 3 weeks. Fever. DULCAMARA. Belladonna. They won't want much to eat at first. From sabra [Log on to view on 2005-03-24 profile] CHICKENPOX: little moist blisters beginning on trunk of body. Lots of water.. When broken. Vaccininum.Chicken Pox Relief From my2boys [Log on to view on 2005-03-24 profile] 14 replies 41981 views My 2 boys are just blistering up with the chicken pox. All under 6. Pat dry. A second bout is NOT chicken pox. Forget the soap for first week. Too much sugar. Thirsty. This is the catching time. 3am symptoms. Dulc good for cold symptoms. Increases daily. Illness progresses very rapidly. (the itch stays at least two weeks or more) ANTIMONIUM TART.. high fever with red cheeks. weeps/itches. Do not give fruit juices. NEVER get Chickenpox shots!! Also. misery. Wash them. Re: Chicken Pox Relief For mothers that are alarmed about SMALLPOX: Always begins on face/hands. Get flavored baby pedialyte to drink.trunk last. Fever subsides in a few days. wheezing. More like bumps. more irritable. Soon the major complaint will be only the itch. uncomfortable. By 3rd day nearly entire body covered. Any helpful advice or directions to find more help????? Appreciated. Many tepid baths with just a LITTLE sea salt in the tub. if Rhus does not work. if there is any chest involvment. Chickenpox does not have the eyes that need a dim room like measeles. fears. Dangerous to treat by yourself.

and I've used a tea tree based gel directly on the spots which seems to have given extreme relief for the isolated itch.. People with compromised immune systems.. I've given Rhus Tox for the itch. Two cases of chicken pox means call your Dr for advice. The vaccine has an 90% rate of granting total immunity and most others get partial immunity which greatly reduces the intensity of the diesease. My three boys all had 2 break outs. Re: Chicken Pox Relief Blessings.. My 6 year old has had three cases. the other seems to be breaking out more slowly with fewer spots. I am 40 years old and I have a terrible case of chickenpox. Thanks again. one mild and two full blown. He continued to play normally. can (and often does) leave a child open for a second break out. you can apply individually. My mother Tried to expose me a child to no avail. one mild the 2nd full blown. By the 2nd day the itching and eruptions stopped. a herpes cream (zovirax) for the pain.. a mild first case. Individually dabs of Eosine lotion on each pox dries them up faster. loss of appetite has not been an issue (not surprising for these two!!!) and life is pretty much normal.WITH NO PRESERVATIVES. relieves the intensity of itching.My one boy is completely covered. The chicenpox vaccine is manufactured in a natural process.. Rhus Tox.. with calendula and Chamomile. and for the larger pox. Sabra From brackton [Log on to view on 2005-09-06 profile] ****YOU CAN GET CHICKEN POX TWICE*** comment that a "second bout is not chicken pox" is not always correct. I am also a nurse. Glad it is going well. Re: Chicken Pox Relief on 2005-03-29 From LILYRAFIK [Log on to on 2006-02-27 view profile] My son just finished with his Chicken Pox.minus the field trips up town. was then administered 3 times a day.. And rubbing a Homeopathic cream for itching. Cheryl From sabra [Log on to view profile] You are most welcome. When I worked in intensive care I took care of a 45 year old father of 3 who contracted chickenpox Re: Chicken Pox Relief . none on the face. Re: Chicken Pox Relief From paednoch [Log on to view on 2006-10-30 profile] Lets see here. taking certain treatments can get two or more break outs of Chicken pox. By the next morning he only had a total of about 40-50 pox only on the torso and a few on legs. Fortunately..I administered Rhus Toxicodendron 5 ch every 2 the first sign of the blisters.. The risks of dying from an adult case of chickenpox are nearly 1000 times greater than even having a mild side effect fromt he naturally occuring preservative free vaccine. which I thought were warts at first. and so did I stop the remedy. Also.. This thread continues beneath the following ad. RIght now I have tears in my eyes for not getting vaccinated..but soon realized after the 4th one popped up that they were actually Chicken Pox. Vaccines have not had mercuricm in them for nearly a decade.

Re: Chicken Pox Relief Re: Chicken Pox Relief From Ryelink [Log on to view on 2007-03-14 profile] Quote from paednoch. he has seen around 15 adults with chickenpox 1 of which died and 5 of which ended up Hospitalized and all of which lost at least 10 days of work. and his chicken pox were the norm. If there is a basis for chickenpox vaccination. Next time you drive without your seat belt. The medical staff are taught by what the pharmaceuticals want them to know and that's how to administer DRUGS! It's all about the money.form his child. they need to educate themselves better. From Shiime Wildflower [Log on 2007-03-14 on to view profile] Just wanted to add my "two cents" Re: Chicken Pox Relief Chicken pox is going around my son's school right now and I have been informed that children that received the vaccine are getting the virus just as often. and to the same degree as those that have not been vaccinated." Thank you for your kind words. My ten year old had the chicken pox two weeks prior. Go figure. more people will get sick and die the allopath way! By the way. not for kids. He lives in a nursing home now becuase of viral encephalitis from chickenpox. Say what you will about the allopath way and justify as much as you want about how good vaccinations are. Re: Chicken Pox Relief From Ryelink [Log on to view on 2007-05-31 profile] Re: Chicken Pox Relief applause!! Re: Chicken Pox Vaccine From stockstradr [Log on to on 2009-09-10 view profile] experience At the insistence of our (traditional medicine trained) pediatrician. Against my wishes I may add and he has a SEVERE case of chicken pox! It's too bad I can't post a picture to verify my statement and show just how miserable he is. not the health of people. Nutrition.. I hope those of you who are anti vaccine get bit by your opinion. it would be older children or adults who managed to miss the disease as a youngster. You do the math of which is safer. my twelve year old got the chicken pox vaccination a few years back. If the medical staff truly want to HELP. Now thats not very nice now is it! From al1366 [Log on to view on 2007-05-29 profile] Well. my opinion is that society would be healthier if young children were allowed to develop a natural immunity.. I'll be one of the first to tell you where to take your statement and your stupid ideas. Nutrition and until the allopaths get that through their heads. I was pursuing a nursing career and was disgusted with what was taught. Nutrition. I hope you get bit by your windshield. What a bunch of MORONS. didn't get the vaccination. From Daisy43 [Log on to view on 2007-03-14 profile] paednoch. our one-year old baby girl received the . " I hope those of you who are anti vaccine get bit by your opinion. Thanks. My physician says his office has administered several hundred doses of the vaccine with 0 complications.

Check out FastChickenPoxCure dot com From Melba [Log on to view on 2012-07-10 profile] To Paedenoch: You are right there is no thiomersal in the chicken pox vaccine but the CDC website says that it is still used for multiple vaccines. and bathing a lot during the day to dry out the skin and let them crust over fast. Make sure to be eating healthy. Oh. He was very miserable for 24 hours. Yes.. I now understand that the MANY traditional medical web sites are LYING in their online articles that push this vaccine and claim "... My son is just recovering from it and had a really painful cluster of blisters next to his groin with shooting pains going into his groin.varicella vaccine NEVER produces an infection." From ChickenPoxCure [Log on on 2010-10-12 to view profile] I'd stay away from drugs or lotions. Then the pediatrician finally admits the vaccine can "sometimes" create the infection it is intended to prevent! Estimates are AT LEAST 1/25 vaccinations produce the infection. I gave him Rhus Tox 30 and varicella nosodes from the outset and not once has he complained of itching except when I put him in an oatmeal bath but then he is very contrary! I am waiting for my daughter to get it and feel reasonable confident (although not totally) that I will be ok since I had it as a child. getting rest. We try not to take antibiotics and excessive painkillers so hopefully one day if we really need them.varicella vaccine. and all of us adults are immune. However. had no interaction with any children in the weeks prior to infection. Are they mutating? I guess the only thing we can do is keep our bodies as healthy as possible so they stand a fighting chance.they are 7)and one boy who was one of the first but only a really mild dose and now he has it again a few weeks later. we thought you could only catch these diseases once.. I'm not suggesting it is typical for the vaccine to produce the full on infection. Six days later she had a FULL blown case of Chicken Pox. Then we tried to eradicate them with vaccines which were supposed to do the same. Now we know that the vaccines don't last forever and it seems neither does natural immunity. fruits and vegetables. Re: Chicken Pox Relief I am sorry for your misery with chicken pox but we have had an outbreak at school and almost everyone in my son's class has had it (vaccinated or not. Now. There are ways you can speed things up and a chicken pox cure in only 3 days or less. and it is IMPOSSIBLE our child could have gotten Chicken Pox via contact w/another infected child. Re: Chicken Pox Relief Best way is to find some natural home remedies on the internet to speed up the process. Also certain oils work wonders for the skin. He had just recovered from a nasty tick bite there so it is a weak spot. they will have some effect. Now they tell us. Our baby never leaves the house. and make those blisters go away! Try oatmeal in a bath. For me that is through diet. lots of water. We are talking hundreds of pox spots.. the vaccine gave our baby a full on case of Chicken Pox. get rid of the itchiness. . doesn't go to day care.. environment and keeping as many chemicals away from us as possible. Once upon a time.