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60by80 ( : A massive programme of OFF Sònar parties take place concurrently - the most complete list can be found at Resident Advisor, but our picks are: • FACT Music Pool - daytime party by the Piscines Municipals Montjuic pool (Thu-Sun 14-22, best day Sunday)

RA/Mobilee Rooftop - invitation-only daytime party at Hotel Silken Diagonal, do what it takes to get one (Thu-Sat 14-21)

Mac Arena Mar Beach Club - free beach party sessions (Wed-Sun 14-03)

1 Secretsundaze - the London marathon classic at La Terrrazza (Sunday 17-05)


Barcelona underground ( : 10 venues to check out during sonar week We’re all excited about sonar this year. For the whole week around the festival the whole city is electric and there is a special vibe down every street. Lots of the artists booked to play at the festival will also been spotted playing at the local off sonar parties in local clubs, beaches and other outdoor areas. Also often a few other artists that weren’t booked are highly sort after will turn up. For the new people to the city that won’t know the names of the local places heres the ones to keep an eye on that will generally having the best parties with the most talented artists..
1) Mac Arena Mar Beach Club

Free entry beach party, always a couple of thousand will turn up. Beers sold on the beach by cerveza guys for 1,50euro. Always have good lineups around Sonar time and most of the summer. 2) Nitza Club Always have off-sonar parties here. Located the otherside of parellel from Raval. Usually are late to post up there line-ups so we’ll be watching them closely this year. 3) Macarena Club Small intimate club located just off place del real. Big soundsystem, DJ booth in the middle. Nothing but messy dancers and decent DJs through the summer. 4) Becool Probably the best in Barcelona for quality music. They are having Dixon play in April and expecting decent names playing there throughout the summer and especially during sonar week! 5) Row14 A bit further out the city, we recommend getting the bus they provide for 2euros from cataluna square. Dont get a taxi! Row14 throws amazing sunday afterparties with a roof that opens up to the sun, lots of crazy clothes and decent house music! 6) Moog Club Moog supports sonar probably more than the rest. Always on the ball with which djs to book. Good crowd. Located not too far from Place rael. 7) Factory Club Has been putting on decent house parties since the beginning of the year. Expecting to see some good line-ups in the summer. 8) Club4 On a Thursday night is usually when the house/techno kids come out to play. Mainly italian techno with the likes of Marco Carola and Paco Osuna running the show. 9) Hotel Diagonal Often a location specially opened for sonar. A lot of the time its invite only but with the rooftop pool and the view of pretty much everything between the mountain and the sea this is a nice spot for a bop. 10) Hotel Omm Another hotel known for its odd parties. Usually will spot a few of the offparties located here so keep close eye on our last minute updates.

(Foto Moog club)


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Jetair 9 juni 2013 - 16 juni 2013
129 euro Brussel – Barcelona


Ryan Air 9 juni 2013 - 16 juni 2013
104 euro Charleroi – Barcelona

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