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One important way students build vocabulary is to learn the meaning of word parts One make up many studentswords

.vocabulary isparts consistmeaning of word parts that important way English build These word to learn the of prefixes, suffixes, that make up many English words. These word parts consist of prefixes, suffixes, and roots, or bases (see the list of common Greek and Latin roots below.) A useful and roots, or bases. A useful strategy for determining the is to “takeof an unknown strategy for determining the meaning of an unknown word meaning apart the word wordthink about apart” the word and think about the parts. and is to “take the parts. Following is a list of common prefixes. Knowing the meaning of a prefix can help students determine the meaning of a word in which the prefix appears. Prefix bicom-, conde-, disfore-, preil-, im-, in-, ir, non-, unCopyright © by William H. Sadlier, Inc. Permission to duplicate classroom quantities granted to users of Vocabulary Workshop.

WORD STRUCTURE: Greek and Latin Roots VOCABULARY STRATEGY: Word Structure

Meaning two together, with lower, opposite before, ahead of time not in, into middle wrongly, badly again, back under, less than above, greater than three

Sample Words bicycle compatriot, contact devalue, disloyal forewarn, preplan illegal, impossible, inactive, irregular, nonsense, unable inhale, import midway mistake, misbehave redo, repay submarine, subzero superimpose, superstar triangle

in-, immidmisresubsupertri-

Following is a list of common suffixes. Knowing the meaning and grammatical function of a suffix can help students determine the meaning of a word. Noun Suffix -acy, -ance, -ence, -hood, -ity, -ment, -ness, -ship -ant, -eer, -ent, -er, -ian, -ier, -ist, -or -ation, -ition, -ion Verb Suffix -ate -en -fy, -ify, -ize T36 Meaning state, quality, or condition of, act or process of one who does or makes something act or result of Meaning to become, produce, or treat to make, cause to be to cause, make Sample Nouns adequacy, attendance, persistence, neighborhood, activity, judgment, brightness, friendship contestant, auctioneer, resident, banker, comedian, financier, dentist, doctor organization, imposition, election Sample Verbs validate, salivate, chlorinate weaken liquefy, glorify, legalize

8029-5_TED_T12-T40_FM.indd T36 Vocabulary Workshop, Level D

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-meter-morph-micro-naut-morph-phon-. -ive. -ous -al. and Latin Roots without GreekMany roots come to English from Latin. people order hidden. Inc. -graphy-. telephone. telephone. marked by characteristic of like. telegram analysis logic. asteroid. write kind. across. birth know speech.indd T37 7/28/11 3:30 PM 2 8029-5_TED_T12-T40_FM. -ive. romantic poisonous foolish. -demo-cryph-. -phone-.-dox-gen-graph-.secret between people opinion. romantic believable. dialogue metric.Level D 7/28/11 3:30 PM . star astral. incredible Sample Adjectives natural. -meter-lys-micro-metr-. A base or root is the main part of a word to which prefixes and suffixes may be added.Adjective Suffix -able. Knowing Greek and Latin roots can help students determine the meaning of a word. -phone-. kind. -gram-lys-log-. relating to. telegram diagnostic logic. cryptographer diameter epidemic. chronological apocryphal. -bio. given to. shape sound. chrono-cryph-. Sadlier. -ic. through.indd T37 VocabularyWorkshop. -gram-gnos-log-. -astrofrom them. childlike beautiful. voice sailor sound. -ible -ful. -less -ish. characteristic of able. incredible beautiful. kilometer analysis microchip metric. cryptographer microcosm.Root -astr-. -able. democracy apocryphal. capable of Meaning relating to. orthodox dogmatic. cosmopolitan epidemic. order time hidden. natural. between race. -crypt-cosm-. phonograph T37 T37 8029-5_TED_T12-T40_FM. -astr-. diagnostic orthodox generation graphite. secret universe. childlike A base or root is the main part of a word to which prefixes and suffixes may be -less lacking. -astro-auto-chron-. voice Sample Words autograph astral. cosmopolitan chronic. the English words that derive from them.of. shape small sailor form. without Sample Adjectives believable. protective. resembling foolish. dialogue graphite. origin. given to. reasoning write break down speech. -ic. asteroid. Many with Classical Roots from Latin. -like like. poisonous careless Copyright © by William H. In the Building with Classical Roots sections of this book students will learn more about Root Greek some of these Latin and Greek roots and about the English words that Meaning Sample Words derive-aster-. full resembling marked by lacking. -logue-metr-. -phono-naut-phon-. -crypt-dia-dem-. word. autobiography. -demo-dog-. -dox-dia-gen-dog-. -cosmo-dem-. -like Meaning able. -ish. teaching know race. reasoning break small down measure form. democracy diameter generation dogmatic. -phonoMeaning self star life self time life universe. measure word. astronaut Greek -auto. protective. capable of full of. birth opinion. phonograph nautical phonics. -cosmo-chron-. chrono-bio-cosm-. teaching through. -ous -ful. origin. kilometer amorphous microchip nautical amorphous phonics. across. chronological biography microcosm.-aster-. astronaut biography autograph chronic. Knowing students will learn more In the Buildingroots come to English sections of this book Greek and Latin roots can help students determine the meaning and about about some of these Latin and Greek rootsof a word. -ible Adjective Suffix -al. -gnos. autobiography. -graphy-. Permission to duplicate classroom quantities granted to users of Vocabulary Workshop. -logue-graph-. careless added.

go believe speak. captive. -script-spec-.-pol-. conduct. distant put or place Meaning take happen. -scribe-. -fect-. -scope-tele-theLatin Root -cap-. compulsive pendulum. decease. missile. look at far off. -mitt-note-. concept. -mit-. cessation incredible indicate. -tin-temp-ven-. -duit-fac-. -vert-voc-. artifact. place carry break write look. -ceed-. Permission to duplicate classroom quantities granted to users of Vocabulary Workshop. -cess-cred-dic-. -capt-. state watch. conspicuous contact. transmit. -tang-. -ceas-. convention reverse. -miss-. set aside put. Level D 3  . recipient precede. tenure. draw make throw send know. clarify eject promise. -spic-tac-. -pos-port-rupt-scrib-. describe. -duct-. contagious. -cip-cede-. intermittent denote. -ten-. inscription spectator. -fic-. retinue tempo intervene. diction educate. -teg-tain-. yield. -dict-duc-. -vent-vers-. -polis-scop-.indd T38 7/28/11 3:30 PM Vocabulary Workshop. -pens-pon-. position portable bankrupt scribble. notion expel. defect. tell lead. weight. conduct. metropolis microscopic. -cept-. integral contain. keep time come turn call police. -fact-. -tag-. tangible. see touch hold. -vok- city. Sadlier. -not-pel-. telescope television parentheses Sample Words capitulate. -fy-ject-mis-. proceed. say. invert vocal. conduit faculty. T38 8029-5_TED_T12-T40_FM. Inc. beneficial. -puls-pend-. pension component. invoke Copyright © by William H. recognize drive hang.