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AstroWindows Astrological Service.

I provide astrological service to my clients. This includes 1) Simple consultation. 2) Varsh Phal 3)Life Reading. 4) Career consultation. 5) Progeny 6)Health 7)Marriage 8) Numerological Analysis.

higher education. (8) Mobile number (9) Email Id. (3) Date of Birth (day/month/year). Moreover it is most popular. (7) Current place of stay. cheap and hassle free. Life Reading. (6) Time and location when you are asking or writing the question. inheritance. appearance and looks. immovable property etc.If you are interested then send me your (1) Full name/Official name. Life reading means a full analysis of the horoscope. Simple Consultation. . You can mail me at astrosurkhiya@gmail. (10) Full Address. (7) Children. It includes printed horoscopes and answers to the questions. country). The questions should be specific. (5)Wealth and financial status. (6)Education. (2) Pet name/Common name. If you want your full horoscope written then you will have to pay for it. (3)Analysis based on Vedic astrological concepts. (5) Place of Birth (city/Location. The full horoscope will include (1) A full printed Horoscope (birth Chart) (2)Answers to the particular questions asked. (For Postage) For Payment Details :. (8)Marriage. It is effective. (4) Time of birth (xx: xx Am/Pm). A simple consultation will cost only Rs 501 /. (4)Character Here 2 0r more specific questions will be answered (max 3). love life. sex and conjugal relations.

you will be informed of how to proceed about payment. you will be informed of how to proceed. Price is Rs 350 per matching. (10) Loss of wealth. (8) Loss of spouse. Language will be English only. Match Making. This is very time consuming and can take 2 weeks to prepare so be patient if you have ordered for it. (2) Mental and psychological health. (9) Relation with in-laws. Printed/Hard Copy-Rs 2150. (10) Child birth after marriage/ impotency. income. (5) Kuta agreement. (12)Good and bad years. (Recommended to everyone) My match making will be based on (1) Longevity of the aspiring couple. (4) Malefic content and balancing of it. (15)Legal advice if required. (Via Post) . (6) Sex compatibility. This is also recommended for partners in partnership business. 4 This is for those who may marry in the future or are already married. (14) Remedies. Language will be English only.Rs 350 Per matching.(9)Job. expense. (12) Legal advice if required. (3) More than one marriage factor. business. (11) Numerological matching. Once contacted. (13) Personal development. Mail me at vedastro1@gmail. (11) Death. Printed/Hard copy. (Via Post). I don’t use software for matching. Once contacted. Analysis will be send through mail to any part of the India/world. (7) Detection of Dowry Death or any form of dangers.

A numerology analysis will include (1) Signification of and know the details. (6) Expression number. (8) Life path number. (5) Destiny number. Per person-Rs 550 per person (Hard copy/Via post) Email me at astrosurkhiya@gmail. (4) Heart desire number. If you want a combination of life reading (full horoscope analysis) as per Vedic astrology and Numerology analysis then you pay Rs 1450 per person. (2) Signification of birth date. (3) Analysis as per Vedic numerology and Western numerology. . (7) Lucky dates.Numerology analysis. (9) Four challenges in life.