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Today paper of CS101.The question which i have remebered? Total 52 questions.

Mcq's=40 each mcq carry 1mark.

Short questions= 2 and 3marks Long question=5marks each Q:Diffrentiate b/w TCP/IP in terms os sending and receiving e-mails? Q: Write six string examples of HTML wrapped? Q:Professionals or organizations are using ethical behaviour but some professionals or organizations are not.Give two examples of unethical behavior of pfrofessional or organizationals? Q:Why custom based is too expensive then public based?this is not the complete question but this i have remembered/. Q:There are malicious virus which are harmfull for games.Tell the names of tehse viruses and discuss how they harmful?not completequestion. and there are some questions from HTML and javascript.There were a table and we have to write the HTML code.

Today Final Term Paper Fall 2012 On 21 Feb 2013 Total Questions: 52 Total Marks: 80 Total MCQs: 40 (Each of 1 Mark) Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 2 Mark) Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 3 Mark)

main. (5) 4. Write any three problems a user face in odd modes of presentation. then what will be the types of network? just write the names . Discuss the function arguments with java script code example.g. Write any three test case you implement to test the webpage. Suppose as a tester you asked to test a webpage designed by “user login”. 6. (3) 8. (3) 7. (2) Today's solved subjective paper. so that each app can run most effectively . (5) 3. Ordered list HTML code. Suggest any 5 security measures organization can ensure the security of data.Different types of memory (e. Which protocol enables a user to login to a computer remotely. How many exit and entry points are there in conditional statement. q2 marks 2 if we categorize the networks in termos of the distance they cover... cache) in the system must be used properly. q1 2 marks is it possible to run an application in the private memory space of another application? Ans: No.. HTML code for List. Write javascript code “compare with (value)” which compare value 10 and display alert. (5) 5.Total Long Questions: 4 (Each of 5 Mark) 1. Application can neither run into the private memory space of another app. Discuss main reasons for hiring temporary professionals by computer organizations instead of permanent workers. nor be run into by another application . (3) 9. (5) 2. (2) 10.

border. etc.Ans: LAN: local area network WAN: wide area network MAN: metropolitan area network q3 maris 2 how animation of images is easy through javascript? Ans: Images in JavaScript can be manipulated in many ways using the built-in object. complete. vspace. width.Properties: name. • q4 marks 2 each of javascript method has different functionality. height. src Methods: None  • Event handlers: onAbort. onError. . Image. Discuss the functionality of tostring() method. lowsrc. hspace. onLoad. These all easy statements and command helps in javascript to animate any image .

substring( 0.write( c ) . decimalPos = b. decimalPos + 3 ) . b = a.553478 into a currency format a = 100. A heat sink without a fan is called a passive heat sink. 0 ) . q5 marks 3 how can we reduce the heat effect for processor? Ans: A component designed to lower the temperature of an electronic device by dissipating heat into the surrounding air.Ans: The ‘toString’ Method assigns Explicit conversion to a string EXAMPLE: Convert 100. c = b. a heat sink with a fan is called an active heat sink. .toString( ) .indexOf( ". Some also require a fan.".553478 . All modern CPUs require a heat sink. document.

you are required to briefly discribe its any three sub-categories. Ans a)Neural networks: original inspiration was human brainemphasis now usefulness as a computational tool 1) Genetic Algorithms : based on darwins evolutionary principle .q6 marks 3 suppose A& B are two java script based programs intending to solve the same problem. List any three differences between the program A and the program B assuming that only the program A is coded using the "Function" approach. q 7 marks 3 Artificial intelligence is a wide field which can be further categorized into sub categories.

the two main approaches of finding and removing errors from a program are as follows. In industry: Artificial intelligence . Expert System for Chest Pain Diagnosis. q 8 marks 3 A program is reviewed for finding and removing errors before it is handed over to its clients. Testing: The tasks performed to determine the existence of defects . tele-robots. Ans: A program is reviewed for finding and removing errors before it is handed over to its clients.Expert System for Automobile Troubleshooting In space: Artificial intelligence. Discuss the two main approaches of finding and removing errors from a program.GA requires the ability to recognize a good solution but not howto get to that solution 2) rulebased systems b) the right techniques Examples: In medical: Artificial intelligence.

sends his/her communication info to them Now the user’s & the contact’s IM clients are ready to communicate directly (P2P) . etc) to the IM server IM server finds user’s contacts & sends him/her the communication info for the ones online IM server also tells the contacts that the user is online.Debugging: The tasks performed to detect the exact location of defects q 9 mars 5 explain how does the process of instant messaging from one computer to another cmputer take place? Ans: User launches the IM client IM client finds the IM server & logs in It sends communication info (IP address.

Once the IM server provides the communication info to the user and his/her contact’s IM client. enlist any five aspects which may be considered while selecting an AI technique. matching the right technique to a problem can save on time & resources Characteristics of an optimal technique: The solution contains all of the required information The solution meets all other necessary criteria The solution uses all of the available (useful) knowledge How do we determine the suitability of a particular AI technique for a given task. We look at the task’s requirements and then see which technique fulfils those requirements more completely – the one which does. q 10 marks 5 the appropriateness of a technique of technology can be determined by considering some aspects related to that technique of technology . the two are able to communicate with each other without the IM server’s Assistance. Ans: if 2 techniques produce solutions of a similar quality. is the one we use! .

q 11 5 marks write HTML code for the following output I have a bike : i have a car: i have an airplane: Ans: <HTML> <HEAD> .

The vast quantity of online information and resources should always be utilized . The Web has changed marketing forever.and for this purpose net provide us the best solutions. redirecting it from a mass focus to a single-person of the best sating about bussines is “Want more Business – Knock on more Doors”. Making and using a marketing strategyhas a strong positive impact on profitability.<TITLE> cs101 final exam</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <UL> <LI> I have a bike:</LI> <LI> i have a car:</LI> <LI> i have an airplane:</LI> </UL> </BODY> </HTML> q 12 marks 5 how marketing strategies are being changed with the progress in the field of computer and also describe how new marketing strategies are being implemented.

Some effective marketing strategies are: Perfect Website Title Search engine optimization. One of the few exceptions to this premise is when someone discovers a great “Low Cost” product or service. and is able to market it efficiently and effectively using the internet.intelligently. Business Directory Management TV COMMERCIALS OR RADIO ADVERTISING .