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I only had a few sampling of Jin Yong's novels myself.

Most of my knowledge comes from comics which I have read, TV serials which I have watched, Chinese computer games and some research done in my free time. Commentaries consulted include "Discussing Jin Yong's Kung Fu" (ISBN: 962-357-7591) and this: Jin Yong's Kung Fu. Unfortunately, both are in Chinese. ----Concept: Inner Strength Technique One problem with emulating Jin Yong's wuxia universe with WoTG is that the concept of "Inner Strength Techniques" which are not a feature of the rulebook. Inner Strength basically represents the various Chi that a martial artist has. Those Inner Strength Techniques are the source of the fighter's various Chi, and is important as they form his "foundation". One of the key plot elements in Jin Yong's novel is the hunt for a powerful, long-lost Inner Strength technique. Compounding the problem is that in Jin Yong's stories there are only seems to be largely two types of Chi - Yin and Yang. So one of the challenges is to fix an element to each of Jin Yong's Inner Force Techniques. So what I have decided is to map Gold and Fire to the Yang techniques, and Water, Wood and Earth to the Yin techniques. What good are Inner Force Techniques? They act as a pool of extra Chi which you can distribute to fuel a Kung-Fu technique, replenish your Chi Pool, to modify your Chi Modifier or improve your Favored Chi, if and only if the Inner Force technique you are using are of the same color. Chi spent in any of the ways above is lost till regained. The Nine Solar Stance Inner Force Technique is yang in nature, and allows Zhang Wuji to distribute Chi from his Inner Force Technique for the purpose of using a technique, replenish his Gold or Fire Chi, modify his Gold or Fire Chi modifier, or improve his Favored Chi Modifier, if his Favored Chi Modifier is Gold or Fire. Usually, a wuixa fighter's Favored Chi is the same as the dominant Inner Force Technique. Game-play wise, the player's Favored Chi is a) the highest Chi pool (due to attribute) or b) one of his Inner Force Techniques Pure Inner Force Techniques "Pure" Inner Force Techniques are Techniques which involves the entire five elements. Those are usually very rare, or highly-guarded techniques. An example would be Shaolin Sect's Yi Jing Sutra, or literally translated as "Tendon Transformation"

"It's the Star Absorbing Stance!! My Inner Strength is being drained out from my nerve points like a dammed river being drained. Unlike Chi from personal Attributes. along with a feeling of horror. . take a good look at who I am!" The scholar panicked. though it could happen unwillingly.Proud Smiling Wanderer (loosely translated from the manga verison) Jin Yong's stories are always filled with nerve-wracking scenes of two top martial art fighters pitting their Inner Strength. One important thing is that once a character learnt a Yang or Ying technique. Once a switch is made. Usually. such as the unfortunate Mr. excpet that each turn you will choose a suitable Chi and add the Chi Modifier to your roll. "Mr. then progressed to the extremely brutal Star Absorbing Stance Only one Inner Force Technique can be activated at one time. The resolution is the same as a combat roll. "Why are you clutching at my wrist?" Linghu Chong chortled." . Black-White. he must stick to Yang for the rest of his lives. the player chooses which is in-play and regress the others.. feeling his Inner Strength being drained out of him.Multiple Inner Force Techniques Throughout Jin Yong's stories. For instance. The higher the score. Chi for Inner Force Techniques recover at a rate of 1 per day. Linghu Chong starts off with knowing the basics of Huashan's Inner Force Chi breath is becoming more and more chaotic. This means that only Chi from one type of Technique can be used at one time. Linghu Chong grabbed his wrist and he gasped. You can re-distribute Chi from your Inner Force Technique as needed. while more Uncommon Techniques give 2 while Rare ones give 3. until he learns certain techniques which allows him to mix.. Black-White has discovered. the more Chi he has in that Technique. Common Techniques usually gives 1 Chi per rank. Pitting Inner Strength As Black-White handed the wine into the prison cell. Mechanics An Inner Force Technique is ranked the same as an Attribute. this happens as a conscious act of will. Usually. effects of all Chi from the previous technique is lost. there are occasions when a character gains more than one Inner Force Technique. Suddenly the realisation dawned.

An unwilling opponent can attempt to withdraw within the first round. this doesn't make for good gameplay. Though in Jin Yong's stories. 4) If your opponent uses a Chi which controls your Chi. you can negate this condition by spending 1 Chi which controls your opponent's Chi. 5) Withdrawing: To withdraw from the contest. you first must be using a Chi which controls your opponent's Chi.such as knowing their medicial conditions. he realised that Zuo has been practising the Inner Strength technique Icy Breath of Extreme Cold. the winner is usually the one with the higher Chi pool. Then you can withdraw safely.5 to your roll Your Chi's is the same as your opponent's: No modifiers If your Chi is elementless. 1) When the contest is initated. both opponents secretly note down what type of Chi they are going to use. or inflicting them with one beforehand. You can spend additional Chi to toggle additional properites of your Inner Strength Technique 3) Roll the dice and apply the modifiers Your Chi's element controls your opponent's : +5 to your roll Your Chi's element progress your opponent's: . Chi contest through swords and other weapons are not unheard off. and he doesn't want one. If your Chi balances your opponent's. That number is equal to how many rounds of Chi Contest you have fought. If you withdraw while being controlled. for instance. to Ren Woxing's dismay. . then you withdraw safely by spending a number of Chi which controls your opponent's. then you are never subjected to rule 3 and 4. 2) You spend 1 Chi of your selected type. It's therefore good to know your opponents beforehands . then your next action suffers a -20 penalty. Ren Woxing (or As-I-Wish) managed to use the Star Absorbing Stance on Zuo Lengchan (Or Icy-Liver). Alternatively.While at times Chi contests just seem to be a matter of who has the higher Chi. However. The extremely cold Chi attacks Ren Woxing's vital systems. and usually both must be willing to do so. some Inner Strength Technique has subtities of their own which makes them dangerous. So here the rules of Elements for Chi Contest: 0) Contest is usually initited by the locking of palms. then you suffer as many dice of damage as the number of Chi you have spent in the contest.You can use Secret Arts to penalise the use of your opponent's most powerful Chi pool. he shall try to use a Chi which could control his opponent's or one which balances his opponent's Chi. causing him to lose the duel. If Zhan Zhao is the target of a Chi contest.

Only the roll of the highest contestant is considered. in a Chi contest with many opponents. you manage to inflict 1 die of damage in the process. then they contributes a bonus which is equal to 5 per individual who has managed to roll higher. Think twice before jumping into one. you are severely weaken. However. If you perform a simple action when you couldn't. Huashan Sect's Violet Twilight influences those in a radius around the user. What you can do during a Chi contest? 0 to 2 points of Chi spent: Free. if they score higher than the highest contestant's Chi Modifier. Some Inner Strength techniques have additional properties which are helpful in a group's Chi Contest. you suffer a Chi loss of 2. If he couldn't or wish not to do. For every other allies. For instance. This makes it one of the most well-kept secret of the Huashan Sect. The biggest advantage of teaming up against a lone opponent is that you have a bigger pool of Chi to draw from. all actions (free. Simple 3 to 4 points of Chi spent: Free 5+ points Chi spent: None. Usually. you suffer a Chi loss (your choice) of 1. take note of the following: 1) Added effects of an Inner Strength Technique (such as Zuo Lengchan's Icy Breath of Extreme Cold) is applied to all opposing contestants 2) Anyone who withdraw from a team causes the whole team to withdraw 3) Damage is split evenly among all team members. it's usually one group vs. another. It's dangerous. . utmost concentration is needed Total Chi spent is inclusive of rule 1 and 4.If you score a critical success. then he takes as many dice of damage as the number of Chi he has spent in the the contest. simple or complex) incurs an additional point of Chi loss. If you have already spent 5+ points of Chi. Pitting Inner Strength is a desperare solution. Multiple opponents in a Chi Contest The "too many cook spoils the broth" rule comes into play here. 6) Losing the contest: The loser of the contested roll has to spend another Chi which balances or controls the winner's Chi to stay in. 7) Go back to step 1 if no clear winner or loser is declared. it could kill you swiftly and even if you do win. If you perform a complex action when you couldn't.

Those Chi can be used to replenish your own Chi pools. Only one or two person in the entire Wulin knows them at a time. For instance. those Technqiues are the Star Absorbing Stance and Art of the Northern Ocean. like what Zuo Lengchan has done. But some Inner Strength Technique. is evdient from a number of ways -. One is to have a much better Inner Strength Technique. As long as you avoid direct contact (just dodge!). you can safely avoid the Chi Contest. you gain the Chi your opponent has spent.flashing aura in the eyes. There are two ways to defeat an Absorbing stance. . Avoiding Chi Contest As a general rule. Needless to say. the "wind" of the palm strike or the sword stirke and so on. Those techniques are dangerous too. it is always obivous when you want to initiate a Chi Contest . The other way is to use tactics and trickery. such as Huashan Sect's Violet Twilight can initiate a Chi contest without any apparent signs. used in reserve. or if those are already full. if you win the contest. When using an Asborbing Stance. In Jin Yong's stories.Absorbing Stance Some Inner Strength technique can absorb Chi. those two Inner Strength techniques are highly sought after and are extremely rare. Ren Woxing fails to "asborb" Abbot Fang's Chi due to the latter pracitisng the Yi Jing Sutra.

regardless of what Chi you use. you can inflict Knockdown on a critical success. in the first round.You can initiate Inner Strength contest subtly . you must abide by the rules of Shaolin Sect or to be ostracized. and anyone touching it will be drawn into the contest. You can also choose to cause no damage if you have won. . you might be someone holding an important position within the sect itself.Gain 10 points of Yang Chi . Also.When adding a Yang Chi mod to strike. costing 2 Chi Mastery IV: . 10 Onerous Obligation: In return for the training in this can flick your sleeves. DESTINY * Bonus: You receive a free Art of Breaking and Mending skill level equal to the highest mastery you have learnt. substituting the damage for an Embarrassment or Knockdown instead. you can withdraw. Mastery V: . with no harm. and much is expected from you. If you initiated a Chi Contest. 5 Fortune: You have an affiliation with the Shaolin Sect.The Art of Breaking and Mending (破衲功) Destiny Cost: 15 Uncommon Yang Inner Strength Technique Origin: Shaolin Sect Story: Deer and the Cauldron Mastery I: -Gain 2 points of Yang Chi (Gold or Fire) Mastery II: -Gain 4 points of Yang Chi Mastery III: -Gain 6 points of Yang Chi -Add a Yang Chi mod to strike becomes a Simple Task.Gain 8 points of Yang Chi .

Gain 3 points of Yin Chi . swordplay or Chi techniques. It emphasis on empowering one strikes with the Chi.You can initiate Chi contest.Gain 4 points of Yin Chi . Mastery III: . and the Sword Sect was driven out. while the others termed themselves as the Qi Sect. unless you are in contact with your opponent. many of the Huashan elders and disciples were slain.Gain 5 points of Yin Chi .Adding Chi Modifier to Initiative becomes a Trivial task (Difficulty 10. transfer Chi or aid someone else in a Chi contest within your Favored Chi aura. In the ensuring conflicts. You can withdraw anytime you wish. 5 Affiliation: You are affiliated with the Huashan Sect . DESTINY * Bonus: You gain the skill Violet Twilight at a skill level equal to your highest Mastery learnt. Chi Cost 1) Mastery IV: . holding onto to the doctrines of "Chi Wields the Sword" It has been suggested that the technique is actually based on the Sun and Moon Sect's The Sunflower Treatise.Minor Telekenic Effect becomes a Simple task (Difficulty: 15 Chi Cost 2) Mastery V . a massive conflict erupted within the two factions of the Huashan Sect.Violet Twilight Uncommon Yin Inner Strength Technique Destiny Cost: 10 Origin: Huashan "Qi" Sect In the years before the story of The Proud. Laughing Wanderer took place. Violet Twilight is the culmination of the Huashan Qi Sect. Mastery I: -Gain 1 point of Yin Chi (Water. The issue of contention -which is superior. One called themselves the Sword Sect. Earth or Wood) Mastery II: -Gain 2 points of Yin Chi -You can subtly initiate Chi Contest. without harm.

.You gain 5 points of Yin or Yang Chi .One simple Kung-Fu marvel becomes trivial Mastery V: . The Chi bestowed could be either Yin or Yang.One difficult Kung-Fu marvel becomes simple DESTINY * Bonus: You gain the skill Inner Strength Technique at a level equal to your highest Mastery. Mastery I: You gain 1 point of Yin or Yang Chi Mastery II: You gain 2 points of Yin or Yang Chi Mastery III: You gain 3 points of Yin or Yang Chi Mastery IV: .You gain 4 points of Yin or Yang Chi .Basic Inner Strength Technique This is the template of how the Basic Inner Strength Technique of a sect or a school would be like.

Mastery V: .Gain 3 points of Yang Chi Mastery VI: . The skill is segmented into 13 levels and it is said that it might take only one to two year to attain the first level.Performing an Area Attack allows you to add Knockdown Mastery IX: . then another three years to attain the fourth level.Gain 3 points of Yang Chi Mastery XI: . to rise to the seventh. you gain Knockdown if you are successful.Adding a Chi mod to strike is considered as a simple task Mastery III: .Adding Chi Mod to strike is a trivial task Mastery X: .When adding a Chi mod to strike. Mastery I: .I am writing this from memory).Performing an Area Attack Kung-Fung marvel becomes Moderate Mastery VII: . this is an extremely powerful and brutal Inner Strength Technique which can be used as a powerful offensive kung-fu at the same time. this will require another 30 years.Gain 3 points of Yang Chi Mastery IV: .Images Like Dragon (龙象般若功) Destiny Cost: 20 Rare Yang Inner Strength Technique Origin: Mongolia? Story: Return of the Condor Heroes (aka The Legendary Couple) Taught only to monks from a certain esoteric sect Mongolia (please correct me if I am wrong .Gain 3 points of Yang Chi Mastery II: . eight years to attain the fifth level and so on.Gain 3 points of Yang Chi Mastery VIII: . Once you reached the sixth.

When adding a Chi Mod to strike. may have certain expectations of you. you can gain +1 damage dice Mastery XII: . DESTINY * Bonus: You gain an Images of Dragon skill equal to the highest Mastery of the technique. you gain +1 damage dice Mastery XIII: .When performing an Area Attack.. .Performing an Area Attack is a trivial task.You automatically gain Chi Mod to your attack. along with +1 damage . 5 Affiliation: You are somehow affiliated with Reverend Golden-Wheel 10 Onerous Obligation: Reverend Golden-Wheel or the sect.

It calls for astute observation of an opponent's movement.Sword Breaker (1) When activated. Movement IV . the prediction is kung-fu oriented and lasts only for the next round. It allows one to adapt the myriad of situations which the swordplay accounts for. with no apparent logical connection between each sentence. save for Wang Shaung. internal/external and paired condition. this kung-fu is hard to pick up.Saber Fiend (1) When activated. it takes time to fully understand the mysteries of the General Index. but those who wield the sword are alive". understanding that "no swordplay is better than any swordplay".one must remember the maxim that "swordplay is dead.The Loner's Nine Swords (独孤九剑) Rare Silver Style Type: Artful (Sword) Default Critical Success: None Destiny Cost: 20 Requirement: Wu Wei 4+ or Genius 4+ The Loner Who Seeks a Loss (Dugu Quibai) sought the world for a worthy adversary. You can use any of following techniques . you add your Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against swords. you get to make a prediction using your Awareness for your opponent's next move. the techniques of any weapons and could even break the flow of one's Chi. you get to make a Prediction using your Awareness too. Usually. nine-ring saber and the kwan dao. He found no one equal to his match. you add your Crimson Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative against sabers. Movement I . such as the usual saber. The first technique already requires one to memorize 3000 words and that's only the beginning . allowing you to make a free prediction at the same time. it means all sort of could counter the kung-fu of any sect. Its description is enough for most Wulin fighters to drool .elemental progression. However. Movement III .Spear Hewer (2) Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against spears. By sabers. the General Index is the foundation of the Loner's Nine Swords.The General Index (0) Consisting of 3000 words. Not just that. However. The Loner's Nine Swords is the zenith of the Loner's awesome skill. being able to adjust one's fighting style and tactics for all occasions and most importantly. the creator of the Art of Nine Yin (九阴真经). . Movement II . Like Sword Breaker.

Only attacking. Movement VIII . which cause Fate to hand you this set of godly sword plays. Loner's Nine Swords becomes a Pure technique. never retreating.Defy Missile (4) You negate the -10 penalty for defending against ranged attacks with an Artful defense. your action shall match the Chi spent.Fist Breaker (3) Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against bare-hand kung fu. only advancing.Movement V . You can use any Chi to power the techniques and use that Chi modifier for that technique instead of the one stated. 10 Secret: You understand the maxim behind the Loner's Nine Swords. Movement XI . you deflect the missile back. For you. for instance." The . A three-section-staff is considered as a "lock". not as a whip. It allows you to adapt at any situation at hands. you add your Crimson Chi modifier to your Strike rolls. "The Loner's Nine Swords. your melee attacks). Against all ranged defense (vs. Yang Guo might have re-created it as his "Dark Fire and Soul Extinguishing Stance". The usual prediction ability applies too.Lock Breaker (3) Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against flexible weapons which range are longer that of a whip.Qi Breaker (5) This is an enigmatic technique which has not seemed the light since the death of the Loner. 10 Secret: You learn the Secret of the General Index. The keyword here is flexible. Qi Breaker allows you to add your White Chi modifier to your Strike. If you succeed in defending. For good role-playing. When defending against attack which strike has been modified by Chi. Movement VII . When attacking someone who is modifying his Block or Dodge with Chi. 10 Entangled Destiny: You are somehow entangled with the world of Wulin at large. You learnt the inner mysteries of adapting yourself to any situation. You can use 2 Chi of the same color to take the place of 1 Silver Chi 10 Secret: Requires the first secret above. The usual prediction ability applies too. Movement VI . using what you have rolled to determine damage. If you do not choose this. never defending.Whip Breaker (2) Gain Silver Chi modifier to all Strike and Initiative rolls against whips. work out with the Sage how you would justify knowing such a set of powerful swordplays. DESTINY * Bonus: You gain the skill Loner's Nine Swords at a level equal to your highest technique. you get to add your White Chi modifier to your defense roll.

and last the effect of the entire fight. The Self Preservation weakness condition is that your opponent must defend himself on his next round. Failure to do so will cause a -10 penalty to the next roll as well as a loss of White Chi. After you make an attack. .if your attacks are powerful enough. always reaching the opponent's vital points. If you score a critical success when parrying/blocking with a sword. never defending". 10 Secret: This requires the above Secret. opposed by what you have rolled. This is a Silver Chi Condition. You fully grasp the maxim of "attacking. you get to inflict damage as per the usual rule. and not attack you. then they will definitely defend themselves. or else suffer a major Self-Preservation condition. You are entitled to the free Confidence roll regardless whether you hit or not. Hence there's no need for you to defend yourself.reasoning is this . All defense rolls you made are actually offence. This condition is unique such that it only takes a Confidence roll (as a free action) of the victim itself to recover. your opponent must make a Confident roll. or alter their course.

.rather. but it's unlikely as some of Ming Sect's practices clashed with the former) The Inner Strength kung-fu mixes both yin and yang.Revolution of Heaven and Earth (乾坤大挪移) Rare Inner Strength Technique Skill: Any Inner Strength Technique Destiny Cost: 15 Origin: Ming Sect/Persia 乾 = the first hexagram in the I Ching. Form II . combines hardness and softness into one. and those who attained a certain mastery will have their whole body affected! But those who have mastered the 7th level could use the techniques without any visual signs. The essence of Revolution is to unlock the vast. Dragon Saber) Form III . giving some terrible visual effects. the feminine principle Revolution of Heaven and Earth is the most powerful Inner Strength kung-fu of the Ming Sect. He who masters it.You can exchange one dice of your own. with another party. Note: Despite this is an Inner Strength technique. by right and tradition. all the effects are based on what I have watched from the TV serial of the novel. and you are out-numbered.You gain the ability to move Chi from one Attributes to another. you can choose one enemy. from my research I couldn't find evidence that it builds up one Inner Strength . This can be invoked if your opponent uses a dice from his River too. Beginners often will have their faces alternating between red and green. created by the founders of the original Ming Sect in Persia (There some speculations that Jin Yong might be referring to the Zoroastrian sect. but which is only released in times of anger and desperation. will be the Master of the Sect. The opponent you choose must have scored a critical failure against you. it works on existing Inner Strength. Any comments or additions will be welcomed! Form I . at a ratio of 2:1 exchange rate. representing the Sun (heaven) and the Male principle. Secondly. as a Moderate Task. (See Yang Xiao vs. That enemy will be considered as an 'extra attack' against the rest of your foe. . using 4 Chi. untapped strength which is hidden in everyone. the rest of the Ming leaders in Heavenly Sword. 坤 = represents "earth".When in a Chi conflict.The maximum number of Dice you can hold in your River increases by 1. It hails originally from distant Persia.

You can swap one dice from your opponent with yourself as an Everyday task. (Such as the Nine Solar Stance!!) DESTINY * Bonus: You gain the skill Revolution of Heaven and Earth at a level equal to the highest Form which you have learnt. deflect them to your opponents! Form VI .You can use Revolution to defend yourself from all type of attacks. you chance upon it. This can be compared with Mental Summons from the rulebook. and on a critical success. Note: You need a really.You can use Revolution to defend yourself from all types of attacks. or totally crippled. really good Inner Strength technique to learn the full set of Revolution of Heaven and Earth . The creator of this technique never tested the 7th Form himself. costing 3 chi.friends or allies! This is considered as a Moderate task. Even Zhang Wuji has to give up. Negative Medical Arts will not influence you unless you will it. moving and manipulating them as if by telekinesis.You can swap two dice from your opponent with two dice from anyone else . 5 Destiny: You learn the secret why no one has ever mastered the 7th Form. Either you belong to it and are involved in the politics. Hard or Legendary and rules accordingly (See Zhang Wuji catching hold of the various sect members who jump of the pagoda in the novel) From VII No one ever mastered this form. without any penalty. .Form IV .You can manifest your Chi on the surrounding objects. All of Ming Sect looks up to those who have master this sect of skill. your fate is entangled with that of the Ming Sect. and it's nothing but theory. . Form V . .Inner Strength which has 9 or more levels are recommended. Those who committed their mind and soul to mastering the 7th form will eventually tread the path of the Demon. This can be used to catch hold of physical human being too! The GM will judge whether your task is Moderate. or like Zhang Wuji.You have successfully blended both Yin and Yang. costing 4 Chi . 10 Entangled Destiny: For better or for worse. either becoming insane.

.. Scholars and courtiers take note!) .( might have a condition to master the 7th form at all cost.

You get to add a Yin modifier to your Strike and Damage roll. the name of this skill comes from a poem named "别赋". The Ancient Tomb's skills were deep and profound. Flesh Quivering (1) You can attack with your chest muscles . you can add a Yin Chi modifier to your strike. in his lifetime. From Huang Rong and Hong Qigong he learnt the secrets of the Dog-Beating Stick. and gain 1 additional attack for each Yin chi you spent. and everyday he waited for her. Yang Guo has lost his true love. It sounds sad. for he learnt from the best. his foster-father. Flesh Quivering. Heart Leaping. was both terribly unfortunate and fortunate. causing your chest to collapse. learning the Mighty Snap and Jade Flute swordsmanship. at -1 dice penalty.presumably. really. I have no idea what it means.Palm of Despair and Gloom (黯然销魂掌) Style: Palms/Body (Brutal) Destiny Cost: 10 Uncommon Yin Style Origin: Yang Guo Default Critical Success: Stunning Yang Guo. his mentor. Soulless Corpse (3) You attack listlessly and effortlessly. Something within Nothingness (2) Like Heart Leaping. When defending yourself and you roll a critical success. But when it comes to martial arts. You gain 1 free additional attack. Unfortunate. as if you have no interest or care whether it hits or . The loss of his right hand seemed slight by comparison. he learnt Ouyang Feng's Toad technique. which is against the social norms of Wulin. It goes against the major principles taught in most kungfu! Note: According to Jin Yong. Walking Body. It is a set of unorthodox techniques which has impressed the best of many top martial art experts. he was fortunate. he pondered all that he knew and combined it into the Palm of Despair and Gloom. His knowledge was completed by the Art of Nine Yin and by the tutorage of the Loner's friend Condor. but this time you your entire body as a weapon. though! Prerequisite: You must be in a mood of deep despair to use this set of palm moves! The condition is can be a weakness or a hyperactive one and must be at least minor. then suddenly release it. He had the tutorage of the East Heretic Haung Yaoshi. you can inflict damage. From the West Devil. During the time of waiting. Through numerous misunderstandings and the fickle finger of fate. Each time you attack. you channel your Chi. for he lost both his parent when young and he came to love Dragon Girl.

A critical failure means he cannot defend. The effects are: . when seems to be a defense is actually an offence. You inflict upon the enemy a minor weakness condition for a normal success. With a critical success. The effects are: . What seems to be an attack is a defense. your Attack roll. Chi can be spent as a Moderate Task to augment the rolls. The condition is emotional. for instance) . and a major weakness condition for a critical success. A normal failure reduces the skill that he is defending with by 1. Make an Inspire roll pitted against your enemy's Confidence roll. your victim can spend a free action using his Confidence to recover. and must make an Awareness roll first against the attack roll. A critical failure means the opponent is confounded by it.On an attack that fails. you inflict damage as per usual. Passionless Face (4) You attempt to enforce your emotion upon your foe. you cannot be the recipient of any techniques that allows a counter attack (Loner's Nine Swords. DESINTY * Bonus: You gain the skill Palm of Despair and Gloom at a level equal to the highest technique learnt. . 5 Entangled Destiny: You have a wrecking incident which leaves you sorrowfully. . Contrary from the Expected (5) Your postures and movements become extremely baffling to your opponent.Your opponent must an Awareness roll vs.You can activate this as a defense skill.You can wash dice from your River once results have been declared . a normal failure means he must defend at a loss of 2 dice to his defending skill. The Chi you spend must be related to the emotion which you want to inspire. and lasts for the fight. unable to defend himself unless he spends one Joss. Each round.not.You can switch target of your attack once after dice has been rolled . Joss can be spent to negate the result of a failed Awareness roll.You get a Yin Chi modifier to your Strike and Damage .Observers have no idea where the strike will land. a perfect recipient for this skill.