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Privatisation of Healthcare Systems in India

August 21st, 2012, Author: AIPH, Categories: AIPH Think Tank India’s health care system is characterized by a pattern of mixed ownership and with different systems of medicine – Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Unnani, Sidda and Homeopathy. Three major groups in health care in the country, the public health sector, the private health sector and the households who utilize health services. In this scenario if we look into the developmental indices of the health indicators, India has achieved substantial improvements: life expectancy has increased, infant and maternal mortality has declined, and the coverage of most of the National Health Programmes is better. However, this progress is uneven; there are large State-wide variations, and performance in some States is significantly low. The biggest challenge is the productivity of public health sector in India is very poor. In this context it is true that privatisation is equated with efficiency and quality. The issues raised above need to be addressed properly
privatization of Health care is good because people are not satisfied with the government services. In government hospitals infrastructure facility is not available according to the current need. The government hospital is very dirty and very indecent. People will not know which doctor is treating them even his specialization. Where as in private hospital patient gets the proper treatment and every facility we can get in a single roof. As bed, machine for diagnosis, services from specialized doctor, Drugs, hospital cleanliness, privacy and also we don’t have to wait for longer period to get the services. Commercialization of health care is good in the context of India but there is a need of regulation on private hospitals. Positive points of commercialization. 1. Introduction of new technology - our private hospitals are so much technological advance that a lot of foreigners come here for their operations. 2. All the government hospitals are flooded with patients and if there were no private hospitals in India one cannot even dare to think about the condition of health system in India. 3. Availability of large no of technological advance ambulance which can increase the chances of survival of a patient. There are various cons of commercialization of health system but these all can be eliminated with stricter regulation. Some areas where regulation is required are-. 1. Nowadays anyone can open a nursing home anywhere even in residential colonies, this increases the

private company definitely gives more importance to their profit earning . In my opinion it is somewhat true also. And since ours is a developing country. but instead of charging nominal fee for their services they charge so much that only rich people can afford them. more than 42% population are still below the poverty line earning less than a dollar per day. (3) In any of The private healthcare system.chances of medical waste being dumped in residential areas which is extremely dangerous. any hospital can charge anything for their services as they want. Even they are given commission by medical companies. tax exemption etc. . Nowadays it is believed that due to commercialization profession of doctors have become the second most corrupt business after politics. education the healthcare also need a huge amount of investment in terms of money and infrastructure which is mayn’t be entirely possible for private sectors. There is a great need in here for tighter regulation and bringing of doctors under the jurisdiction of states rather than MCI. Commercialization/privatization means providing services for one’s own sake and benefit. (4) like the transportation. Now a days it becomes very difficult for a common man to knock the door of private hospitals for their treatment. There should be a pricing system which should be followed by all the hospitals. 3. agriculture. the Doctors which are available in Govt. there will be one in the top who will handle all type of decisions and have all power . so there is a chances of injustice which in any case can’t be granted when we are talking about a mass public service. in this situation even imagination of commercialization may make ill to any poor. so in that case they are putting a huge burden upon all people of all level in society. then the poor patient will suffer more than anybody else. 4. i am strongly in oppose of privatization of healthcare system. This system of incentives should be immediately ended. Hospitals are much more experienced than the doctors of private hospitals. (6) It has been practically seen that.The private hospitals are for the . Private hospitals are provided various incentives by the government like subsidized loans. It is true that some of the private hospitals are providing good medical facilities but the question is how many people in our country has access to there. In my view . There is no price mechanism. Because (1) when u talk about the developing countries like India where a large amount of population is below poverty line then how can they afford the costly Health care system available in Private sectors? (2) It is a obvious fact that. Many a times they advice patients of irrelevant tests and put on unnecessary medication just only to fill their pockets. 2. So. Doctors today are lured by private hospitals and nursing homes for commissions on sending the patients to them for medical tests and surgeries. So these are few points for which i am completely against of the privatization of Health sectors. (5) If there is any chances of mismanagement in Private sectors .

the doctors appointed are definitely very skilled. and also equip the hospitals with the so called equipment available in private hospitals ! Even the people are not safe after going to private hospitals. They are dependent on the government hospitals but unfortunately these cannot provide the desired services and which are responsible for the reason why commercialisation of health care has come up.not for the MASSES. When the main intention is to make profits. main motive of commercialization is profit. without any wrong intention. but the doctors do not give their 100%. He has only one dream of how early he can get rid of his disease without having any further financial burden. Commercialization of health care has both positive and negative aspects. And even the medicines given are not also efficient to cure the diseases. They are equipped with sophisticated equipment also. A poor man does not need an air conditioned room in hospital. So it is essential for the people to migrate to private hospitals. For them. Rather. In sum. so that he can earn bread and butter for their dependents.CLASSES. we should not be surprised when we are asked to pay hefty private hospital bills. Any compromise on quality of services in the health care sector can prove to be disastrous as it is concerned with the lives of people. in order to keep their costs down and hence increasing the gains. where they are treated very gently. the question that should be asked is what about that section of population which cannot afford to pay such huge amount. In a country like India where there are no prime facilities for health care in government hospitals people prefer to visit private hospitals. They are opening private clinics and advising their patients to meet them in their clinic. Since. The Government should take immediate action and provide genuine medicines and also increase the working hours of the doctors so that they are available to the patients all the time. because many tests are conducted simply in private hospitals which are not at all necessary ! . at some point or the other during their activities there might be a need to compromise on quality. commercialization is of no maximise gains at minimum costs. Because that is how a commercial activity works. does not ever have desire to be surrounded with beautiful nurses.About 70% of the the total population in our country reside in villages and almost all of them are poor. but even collect a huge sum as bill.commercialization of any sector means allowing more and more private players to enter the sector and as we all know that the main motive of the private sector is to earn profits more than anything else. They do not have any socio-economic objectives. And people who cannot afford to spend money in private hospitals?What about them? In government hospitals.