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American Literature: Survey Exam: 9 am – 12am, maximum 12.

30am 2 questions : no extracts will be given Survey: essay question (no introduction or conclusion) eg: discuss the important works written in ‘a certain period’, discuss the author and his works, discuss the novels written in a ‘certain period’. Don’t mention details of the life of the author unless they are relevant for the literature they have written. Have a general idea of the time frame in which books are published, with the exception of the very important dates. 2,5 à 3 pages, 40% of the marks Novel: essay question (real essay). Discuss the importance of that theme in 3 novels (will be given). Theme could be a comment made by a literary critic. Up to 3,5 à 4 pages. 60% of the marks.


Survey: You have to know everything until realism, not naturalism or modernism. Novel analysis: all novels