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Dear Friends, I will just stretch this a bit, but not in details, for lack of time.

Aries - The 11th Lord is known as the house of gains. But he also kills, in this case Saturn. Venus also acquires maraka powers in this case Lord of 2 and 7. Note that the 11th is a badhaksthana for this Sign. Taurus - Jupiter, Moon and Venus can kill. Note that Jupiter is not only the 8th Lord but also the Lord of the 11th. Moon is the 3rd Lord and Venus is the Lagna Lord apart from owing the 6th. Gemini - Mars,Jupiter and the Sun are evil. Mars is again the 11th lord and the 6th lord. Jupiter is the natural maraka Lord of the 7th. Sun is the Lord of the 3rd. Cancer - Venus and Mercury are evil. Venus is again the 11th Lord. Mercury is the 3rd Lord. Leo - Mercury can kill. Note that mercury is both the 2nd and the 11th lord. Virgo - Venus, Moon and Jupiter can kill. Moon is again the 11th Lord. Jupiter is the 7th Lord. Venus is the 2nd Lord. Libra - Jupiter , Venus and Mars can kill. Jupiter is the 3rd Lord. venus the 8th lord. Mars the Lord of the 2nd and the 7th. In above study observe that what we call the 11th house of "Labhasthana" is mostly also very instrumental as the "Killer Planet or House" The Labha would be available only in the youth age of the native whenever dashas of the 11th Lord are activated, but when this same planet comes in the figues at his later stage when he should die, this planet would be instrumental as the killer planet. Also note that the 2nd and the 7th lord also figure in the above study. The 2nd is for family happiness, or wealth creations - Dhan sthana, while the 7th allows marriage to the native in his youth again, but these same planets will be the cause of his death when he should die in old age. Notice that the 8th lord seldom occurs above, whomw e calll as the House of Death - the poor owner of the Death house seldom figures actively, but acts passively when given powers by those same planets which give us wealth, happiness, marriage and gains throughout our Life. Otherwise too - Simple astrology says -

Loss of money. Religious terrth yatra. Problems related to family and wealth creation may occur to the native. The tenant leaving the house etc.Accidents to mother. etc. Laziness. but apart from the negatives mentioned in the above List.Loss of happienss in marriage. Whenever the 3rd is activated strongly .Whenver the Lagna is activated strongly . Health of married partner. Whenever the 6th is activated strongly . Obstructions to gains. Whenever the 8th is activatd strongly . marriages.Change in employment or business. loss of happiness of/from mother. Whenever the 9th is activated strongly . what else it will show ? It will aslo show about the marriage of the younger brother or sister of the native. Whenever the 2nd is activated strongly -. legacy. to the native. Why ? Because the Lagna is 12th to the 2nd house. Business Partner stabbing in bock etc. Whenever the 5th is activated strongly . weakness in body and strength to fight disease and ill health. or Moksha Death . Changing of residence or shifting.Higher education brought to a stop.for instance though the 9th when activatd will give one higher education . Problems in earning money would be there. Gratuity.Abortions. The family cannot expand.Passing away of the significations of the 2nd (Not of the native please) . Loss in partnerships. employment. Long voyages including overseas. It will show ill health to the natives mother. will cause problems in short journeys. Bonus etc. Problems in long journeys undertaken. Breaking of partnerships. Loss in speculations. It wil show about the health of the first child. Success in court cases. loss of duty and responsibilities. Whenever the 11th is activated strongly .Negation of the positives of the 1tth. Loosing rights of Land or property. Loss of prestige. Whenever the 10th is activated strongly .Breaks ine ducation. selfishness. opposite of spiritualism etc. loss of happiness from children.Loss oj job. Whenevr the 4th is activated strongly .It affects the second house and its significations. break in Love affairs. Obstructions in promotion etc. This List can be expanded to one sheet for each house . It will show about short journeys made by the partner in . and causes expenditure of the 2nd house. Whever the 7th is activated strongly . Whenever the 12th is activated strongly .Problems in receipt of Insurance money.

. It will show about profits or gains available to the elder brother or friends.marriage. It will show about fathers health. We use these terms just to lay emphasis on what the Dasha may reveal in a nutshell. (When the 7th is activated strongly . regards. it will also show the bad condition of the bathroom . Thus there is nothing like a good or bad Planet or a Dasha Malefic or Benefic. but the actual results which one may face can be unpredictable and may touch hundreds of areas in his Life. bhaskar. I have spent an hour writing the above mail. hope it is educative and makes sense to few. though it will bring in marriage to the native.Toilet and drainage pipes which may start leaking). It will also show repairs needed to the roof of the house.