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The Story of Karen After almost 4 years of searching God’s word for the answers to what I had been

through I’m compelled to share my testimony. “Rev 12:11 and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Supernatural activity seems to have occurred throughout the history of this world. Fallen angels have appeared in many ways as gods to be worshipped by man. Satan, a fallen angel, and his dominions (demons) have used many different disguises to deceive mankind from worshipping the one true God. Many civilizations, religions and beliefs are founded upon the knowledge that the “fallen angels” have imparted to man to keep us separated from God. They always lead man to death and destruction. As Stephan quoted in Acts 7:42-43, God turned and gave them up to worship the host of heaven. I believe the warnings are being sounded throughout the world that it’s time to decide whom you serve. Joshua 24:14,15. I have asked the Lord to guide over what I write and that nothing but what actually took place to be written down. Acts 4:20, Habakkuk 2:2,3. This is not easy to explain, so I’ll start where things were almost normal. Understand that I was raised un-churched and spent my life as an alcoholic &/ or drug user. I had gone into the military when I was 17years old. The next 16 years was fairly normal. At 33 (May 93) I returned to Oklahoma. I bought the little town bar and business was real good. It was just my daughter Erika and me and we were renting a house in the country. I was offered another bar business in a town 40 miles north and jumped at the opportunity (this one had gambling machines in the back room). I began doing “crank” to help keep the long hours. This is where it began, Aug 1994(approx.). I started having trouble with the police, city department, postal service, and I just knew that I must have been missing something. (I had multiple disturbing the peace charges, natural gas leaks, withholding my mail.) From what I gathered I was running off some of their drug dealers and this was their way a getting the point across. Then the car following began; everywhere I went I was being tailed. It was very obvious and anyone who rode with me noticed. I could do 80, they would do 80. I could slow down to 40 and so would they. They always set off my radar detector with the laser squeal. I could go and park in the middle of nowhere and one of those cars would show up (set off my radar detector). It seemed like I was being bugged. One night Kerry (a friend of mine) and I decided to check the house for bugs. Kerry found something that looked like an in line fuse in the fluorescent light wiring. I was looking through my purse and noticed that the duck emblem on the side had been sewn on but I was able to pull it off and back behind it was a glob of glue with a piece of metal in the middle of it with spider looking wires extending out from it. We headed to my sister Lisa’s house a 7:00am on a Sunday morning with what we had found. I wanted someone who was straight to tell me what we had found. She confirmed what we thought they were. Kerry had the bright idea to wrap them up and use bailing wire and tied them under the hood of my truck. We didn’t want them in the truck with us and didn’t know what else to do with them. We headed to my house and I was going to pack a few things and just get away from there. Less than an hour later we were ready to go. I popped the hood to make sure my company was still there, bailing wire and all was gone. Somehow in the broad daylight someone (thing) had removed them from under my hood. My truck had been locked and I was the only one with any keys. I can only remember feeling totally lost at this point. Where do you take this kind of stuff? I just wanted to know what they wanted from me? I wasn’t a big drug dealer or anything that would bring on these extensive measures. I just kept on in my same lifestyle and tried to figure out what was going on. I didn’t know what else to do. Everyone always called this stuff tweaking, not really happening except in the mind. Every time I pulled in my driveway at night my motion detector light always messed with me. Sometimes it would come on and let me get to the door and then go off. Other times it wouldn't come on till I was trying to get the key in the door. I could imagine someone across the road in the field really having a good laugh at my expense. It always felt like they were out in the woods

I was scared to leave him. We moved into town with my boyfriend Stan. We had a Golden Retriever named Misty that decided one day to follow me as I left for work. One night I was closing the bar in Prague and was sitting down before I left and when I glanced at the phone the light was flashing that I had a message. like things being moved around. No one else knew any of these things about my past that she knew. I guess it scared him off. Strange considering that my nearest neighbor was approx.” He suggested that I get out of there and that he didn’t know what was going on. (May 96 approx. and stuff. At this time I became a full-fledged crankster. She said that I was expecting something in the mail and I would receive it in 5 days and that it wasn’t what I thought it was. “ what was up. She left and I forgot all about it until a couple days later when the letter came. I hated to be alone or to go to sleep. somehow I knew that they would come back if I was alone again. It was my daughter asking when I was coming home. . (July 95) And it seemed like it worked. She started laying the cards out on the bar and began telling about my past (I had never met her before). There had been a friend staying with me that had used my PO box number to file his income tax that made my claim to be invalid. One afternoon my daughter and me were leaving the house to go shopping. I had been worried about the income tax that I had filed the previous year that was being held by the IRS and I couldn’t find out the reason why. I really don’t think she even understood what was going on. It was definitely driving me crazy so I had a private detective try and find out what was going on. “that this line is temporarily disconnected. At this point it all came flooding back.” she said that she hadn't called me.around my house. I thought he was seeing someone else and lying to me about it. She told me about my going into the military when I was young and the reason why I had went in. the bar I had in Prague (405). 1/10th of a mile north of me. whatever was stalking me had stopped. One night as I sat out on my porch alone the stars started to move. So I called home and asked her. My bookkeeper had contacted them and I was expecting a letter from them. they would move. everything had happened just like Robin had said it would. the bar I had in Drumright (918). We split up and my daughter and me moved out to my parents till we could find a place. He told me that he had tried to call me at my home number (918 area code). I must have been looking at her funny because then she said to confirm it for me to concentrate on a subject. I called him on a Saturday (at his home) to find out why he hadn’t called to let me know what was going on. I did end up pregnant and had an abortion. Everywhere I went the phone would ring and when I answered there wasn’t anyone there. I watched 5 of them. She told me that my dog was going to get ran over and I was going to have an abortion. I was relieved and I didn’t want to think about the rest of what she had said. I must have lain out on the porch all night watching them because next thing I remembered was the sun coming up and those 5 stars all gathered around the moon and then they disappeared. and everyone of them had the same recording. and she told me to look at her bedroom window screen (her window was about 5’ up from the ground). The place I use to rent came open and we moved back out there. nuts and bolts in the floorboard of my car like it was being tampered with. Everything went downhill from the moment Robin came by that first time. candy wrappers. so no audit. Then it started again one afternoon when a lady named Robin came in the bar in Chandler and wanted a deck of cards. Then she started telling me about my future (I really have a hard time telling the rest of this).) Funny things happened every day. I was worried that I was going to be audited. She followed me out into the road and I pulled over to the edge of the dirt road and was telling her to get back to the house when I seen a truck coming over the hill and they ran over her and kept going. It had dog paw prints all over it like it had been down on the ground and our dog had walked on it and then someone had put it back up on the window. Nothing mattered but the dope and being around people who did it. When I would go look around my yard during the day I would find footprints. She specifically detailed things in my boyfriend’s house that I was remodeling and she told me that the things I thought he was doing were true. I had found another bar to operate in Chandler (about 30 miles NW). I pulled out of Drumright thinking that if I got out of there it would stop.

Someone had used the guts of a Zippo lighter to start it. One time I even heard the sound of a keyed mike like a Police radio come from Kerry’s room. This was happening when MG was around too. that they were going to get me busted. It spread out the whole road over into the pasture. This time I asked her what was going on around me. I tried to even keep them closer. The only thing she said to me was that something really important was going on and that it started with an “M”. but it didn‘t scare me like it used to. I went in to check on my daughter and she was asleep. I seen something shine a flashlight back in her face. About the time she stopped. Almost as soon as we stopped to look at it. The next morning when I went out to get out in my car there was a dead raccoon right by my car door. I couldn’t deal with any part of real life at this point. My sister told me about some strange vehicles coming down her road (very obvious because it’s a secluded road). I sent her to my sister Lisa’s house and gave them very little information about what was going on except that I was being followed and possibly still bugged. None of us even brought this up for a long time. I spent most of my time watching them. Couldn’t tell you why. One time I was in the house and walked outside in time to see Kerry running down the fence line with a flashlight. She turned and looked at me and asked if I had seen what had just happened. Robin had stopped by again and I wanted to find out what she knew. it was there. It was about 3:00am one morning when Kerry and me went in town to the store. My boyfriend MG and my friend Kerry that stayed with me were both cranksters. yet I distrusted both of them. (Sept 96) If there was ever a place that you could literally feel evil. Needless to say this all drove me to be reclusive. or what. No matter how much crank I did I would still fall asleep and that’s what I was . The nights became an obsession to me. At this point I sent my daughter to stay with her dad in Georgia. It was blinding and we were in it somehow. I finally closed the bar in Chandler down and just lived there (I didn’t want anyone around). Robin came back around to let me know that I needed to get rid of my friends. MG hit the brakes and we stopped to look at what it was. but I guess I figured if I didn’t believe her maybe it wouldn’t happen. The stars began to be moving a lot more and moving closer. On night I had went to pick up MG from work and when we pulled in the drive at my house there was a fire in the back yard (just a intense concentrated flame burning and pieces of fire rolling up towards my house). thing. This time I was curious about what it all meant. I would run across the house and look out and another one would do the same thing. I could be inside my house and look out my windows and one would drop down so I could see it. I am pretty sure that the lighter had came from inside my house. like it had been put there. MG said he put out the fire and it was nothing more than a Field and Stream Magazine.The cars started following me again and the radar detector started going off again and the motion detector light stared the same stuff. There was no sound whatsoever. It became entertaining to be outside and run and duck under a tree and see how long before one would drop down where I could see it. then the next one would do the same. One night we were coming home from the bar in Chandler and was almost to my house when we were encompassed within a bright white light. I couldn’t explain what was happening and everyone I tried to tell thought I was going off the deep end or thought I was just kidding. it was gone. I was in constant fear and had no idea where to find any answers. When I questioned place. We were fascinated by the things that were happening. It also happened at a later time. one of them had to know what was really going on. Some nights we would walk around outside looking for whoever it was out there watching my house. On the way there I ran over a big raccoon and I made the comment that I was glad it wasn’t any of my relatives. I stayed strung out. my last name being Coon (ha ha). I got evicted from my house and moved to the apartment in the back of my bar in Chandler. all she would say was that it started with a big “M”. I was afraid for my daughter’s safety. One would come down and back up.

There was no breeze blowing whatsoever. While we stopped a couple of miles from Gail’s at a convenience store I seen a tag that was XXX045 and I cracked a joke that he wasn’t a 007. When I went outside at night to leave for work and the stars were still out there. MG stayed around and still was able to work. This time it was restored and in the driveway there was parked a maroon mini-van with the license plate of XXX007. After that I seen 007 license plates all the time. We were trying to get cleaned up.” Due to my distrust of everybody around me. “for many are called. So MG and me went and stayed at a motel for a few days. “you don’t scare me. This time MG and me moved south to Seminole. The front of the shirt was a normal “no fear” shirt. Most of the time I thought MG had to have something to do with all the crazy stuff happening or at least knew more than he was letting on.trying to avoid. but few are chosen”. I wouldn’t have thought any more about except it started moving up towards me coming through the trees. “are you gonna tell me there is little green men in there?” I hadn’t even considered that at all. One day I tried to tell her about the lights that followed me and she cracked a joke. I would look away and try to ignore them. At the apartment in Shawnee all I could do was sleep and I had bad dreams. I didn’t know what it meant. It was secluded area with a lot of black jack trees. (Mar 97). hoping that it would all quit.” and then it took off down the hill where I had thrown the bags of leaves and just dropped right there. Last time I had been by there the house was empty and had been gutted. But the back said. Everyday something strange happened. After a couple of seconds it was up on the edge of the patio 10’ feet from me at stopped there. One night I had had enough and decided we had to get out of there. I put everything I owned in storage and moved up to OKC with my friend Gail. I was staying clean but all the crazy stuff was still happening. like it was an oily substance. I still had my problem following me. MG and I still seen each other. but I just knew it did. I felt things were happening to me while I was asleep. It wasn’t long until I fell back in to the crank and caused major problems within my family and I couldn’t explain to them what was happening to me it cause it wasn‘t making any sense to me.Ha ha! As we left there to Gail’s house I decided that I would have MG drive by my old house where I used to live and show him where I had grew up. So I kept running hoping it would just go away. The apartment and the bar were built half way like a dock underneath for support over a pond. he worked swing shift. One of them followed me all the way to a Travis’s house and when I pulled in his driveway he was standing outside looking up and asked me if that light had followed me there? I couldn’t believe that he had seen it too. still spinning. I just stood there at the edge of the patio watching it maneuver up towards the patio. One day in January when it was unseasonably warm I decided to go out and rake the yard. it kept following me and getting stranger and more far out there that I realized that it wasn’t people doing this to me. (Jan 97). They would follow me real close now. It looked wet but it wouldn’t dry. I had walked off from everything and gave up on a real life and lost it all during this time. I remember thinking to myself. When we had left a couple of days earlier I had packed in a hurry and had thrown a bunch of my clothes over a barstool in my room and left them there. I never considered the . The t-shirt that was on top I had never seen before and it had to have been put there while we were gone. Real strange. It was at this point I went to my parent’s place and tried to stay clean. but it was a messed up relationship of “on one day and off the next. But it didn’t. One morning when I woke up. We decided to get a small apartment in Shawnee and went to go pick-up some of our things from the bar apartment. One time I was taking MG up to Gail’s with me and we were tag watchers due to the tailing that happened all the time. Another one of those things that I knew that meant something. At different times we heard voices and laughing come from underneath. there at the end of the bed was what appeared to be a handprint. MG couldn’t understand it when I would tell him that they were still out there. but at the southeast corner fence line there was a leaf devil circling around. I bagged the leaves up I threw the bags off to the east side of the house. I didn’t understand what I meant.. The only thing I knew was that it meant something important..

Then I remember driving down a street and then I looked up and my car was driving on a winding dirt road through some trees. I had contacted Robin after I had moved out to Prague and she kept stressing that they were going to bust me in that County that I was in. I was really trying to make some sense out of the whole mess. I went from OKC to Newcastle all the time and never really thought it took me very long. As I came to the main road I realized where I was staying was only a couple miles east. So I never brought them up to her again. I was too sleepy to drive cause I was coming clean off the crank. I was the cook and Gail was the dealer. but they never went away. Something told me to tell her to shine the spotlight up and one of those lights would come down. One night I decided to show her the lights. Even to my amazement the clouds all just rolled back like a scroll and there was a full moon and those 5 stars were all around it. Sherry watched them through a pair of binoculars and the stars moved for her. change the pattern of the face. The drive should have only been 30-40 minutes top. She said I needed to get out of there. You know the stop signal of the hand up and palm out? That was it. They both thought I was a little crazy. The one in front of me was signaling for me to stop right there. As I looked up it was cloudy and it seemed like a scene right out of a horror movie. Around 1:00am she drove us back to her house in Meeker. Gail picked me up a pager so she could keep up with me cause I seemed to disappear all the time. pick out the cranksters cause no one will believe them anyhow. she said it looked similar to what an etch-asketch done. My head was hanging out the window and it was misting lightly and I wasn‘t even cold. When she told me the number I knew something was wrong. I was being driven. Actually. Sherry#2. They would take turns moving forward. cause I always knew it meant something important. Gail and me learned the “cooking crank trade”. I did tell her that when I found out what was going on I would tell her. (Trying to anyhow). I never tried to show them the lights. That would be 5-6 hours after I had left Gail’s house. but I do remember looking out my rear view mirror and seeing headlights and thinking that I was fixing to get pulled over (busted). I vaguely remember driving through Prague. XXX-2666.UFO stuff to be real anyway. Then when I opened my eyes I was pulling up to a garage door and two guys were standing in front of my car. I ignored her and stayed. COON.” I just wanted them to leave me alone. one at the right and one directly in front of me. you know the rolling clouds. to find out what was going on. I didn’t even consider that that was what they were. A lot of times Laura would find me parked and asleep in her driveway in the morning when her boyfriend was heading off to work. I took Boyd’s farm truck and we headed out to a secluded road to a high elevation area. I could believe that they were some kind of Government Conspiracy. it was my last name if you dial the numbers on the phone. “I didn’t know. The fear and the crank kept me moving around and I found myself back in Prague living with a friend east of town on a ranch. The cars still followed me and set off my radar detector. It suited me just fine because I stayed secluded most of the night. You know. My friend Laura lived south of OKC in Newcastle and I spent time there with her cooking dope. I picked up one of Laura’s old running friends (Sherry#1) and took her with me to Newcastle one evening. I could not tell you what it was but I used to tell her that. by I don’t know what at this time. matter of fact I thought at one time I was driving on a dirt road cause it was so bumpy. All that I remember is I was not able to drive very well. so I set my brake and rolled down my window and asked the one in front of me why didn’t they open the garage door? The guy (?) on the right looked at the one in front of me and then I don’t remember anything else until I woke up about dawn. After Sherry stopped at her house I got over in the driver’s seat and headed east to Prague. I spent most of the time alone except when I drove to the city to see Gail or Laura. I tried to ignore the lights when I was out cause I wanted them to leave me alone. I always knew that there was something that she had I needed. another crankster friend that hung out with me once in a while. As she was looking at them again through the binoculars she started . When I got in the house I called Laura in Newcastle to tell her that I had just got in and what had happened to me. After a while Sherry asked me what I thought they were and I told her. I knew something really strange had happened and I headed on out of there not even knowing exactly where I was. I was trying not to look at them but this was different than what I was used to.

about 15 police cars. Then she threw the binoculars down and yelled that they had burned her eyes and her legs. In my name they shall cast out devils. I spent 10 months locked down in a 10’X10’ cell. After telling my sister Lisa. I just wanted it all to go away. After I settled my case.” I heard he was sent to be mentally evaluated. They followed as we headed back to the ranch. I tried to get them to move and even shined a light up there to no avail. Kerry had set me up. I had a bad attitude and was very vocal with my opinion.. I was living in the twilight zone and wanted out. Sherry found her Bible and started telling me about Jesus. (She had previously thought I was crazy when I had told her about the stuff I was seeing) But she had taking a 357 and put it to her head and pulled the trigger and missed and shot the wall.. After we went in Sherry was squinting her eyes against the inside light.I believe I’m proof of that.. And these signs shall follow them that believe. Jesus is still sitting the captives free.. Off to jail I went and I had no bond. I needed money to make the trip to Georgia and Kerry was there when I was making one last cook (so I thought).. I was definitely ready. Other people with serious crimes like assault with deadly weapons had a bond. Then came the flood of uncontrollable crying (good feeling). I went to see her and told her what I felt was happening. I had been set free. I repented and asked the Lord to come into my heart.. I was pretty straight at this time and really wanted to get the answers to what was happening. Funny thing happened after that. On Friday nights a biker looking guy from a local church used to come by. The Bible says in Mark 16:17. After I learned a basic knowledge of the Bible then I began questioning him. I became a trustee and jail cook. The first 8 months I was only let out for court. “beam me up. I felt a strange feeling deep in my stomach like a stirring of a thousand butterflies and I felt it come up out of me. Pete was commanding that Satan and his demons had to go and that I belonged to the Lord now.. He laid his hand on my head and led me in the sinner’s prayer. Everybody we told about the lights began to see them too. One in Carney had been picked up by the Police for wandering through the ally yelling up to the sky. The Lord had answered my cry for help. It was about 3:00am when I seen them coming up the driveway.. Something had made me realize that all my answers to what I went through and more were in the Bible. Long way from where I had started. I’m a prime example of Satan doing everything possible to keep me from getting busted which in turn led to my salvation. Another one in Drumright had tried to shoot himself too.telling me that they were evil and not to conform to what they represented.. It didn’t quiet work out like that. Five minutes later I looked outside and it was fully overcast. like it had never happened. She became obsessed with the lights and everywhere we went the 007 tags were there. I was going to make a trip to Georgia to bring my daughter home for the holidays and after that admit myself into a treatment program. (That’s where she worked). That those things were evil and I believed it meant something important was happening and I was trying to find out what it was. (Not exactly my choice of a treatment center. . During these last few years I had heard of others who were seeing the lights.. I wrote Pete a letter to ask what it was. I told her about the license plates (007) and all the other things that were going on. I wasn’t afraid any more. She knows that she should be dead right now. I wanted to know the “why’s” of what had happened. With what little knowledge that I had I knew there was something missing. Laura called one day to tell me that she had something in her attic and something in her house and they were running around her house trying to drive her crazy. In other words she didn’t believe me. I decided to go and see my family and tell them what was going on and that I believed it meant something. At first I didn’t really want to talk to him..) I sought the Lord with all my heart. his name was Pete. The following Friday he showed up and asked me if I was ready to make Jesus Lord of my life. I wanted to show her the lights. She told me that it was her understanding that people coming off of crank were apt to see illusions. Funny thing was. This was what they teach the counselors in prison. Then I felt overwhelming peace come in..

) Even in my ignorance about God. I believe the Lord is raising up a people for this time and has allowed us to see the deception coming so we will sound the alarm. I have a burden to help those who are still suffering in the drug world. it is one of Satan's areas of expertise. I’ve seen many drug users go through one drug rehabilitation after another and come out un-changed. In Christ. I knew something beyond what I could understand was going on. There is no cure through the world. all of this drew me to want to know the truth. (Joel 2:1) All this demonic activity does mean something.4). Karen . That is where my calling and my life are directed now. (2 Corinthians 1:3. free from the fear and terror. The world doesn’t know how to treat the drug epidemic it is much bigger than just a bad habit.I’ve been out of prison for over two years. Those who still don’t know that the things they are seeing and experiencing are of another dimension (demonic). only through Jesus can this battle be won. Through the whole time of my ordeal. (It’s pretty bad when other drug addicts are afraid to come around you. Jesus is coming soon. I know that that we are to comfort others as God has comforted us.