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Quartus II Design Software

Quartus II software can easily adapt to your specific needs in all phases of FPGA and CPLD design in different platforms. resulting in compilation time advantages for both Web Edition and Subscription Edition. providing the fastest path to convert your concept into reality. Simulation and system-level tools integrated with Quartus II software design flow are as follows: • ModelSim® software (included with free or subscription package) • DSP Builder (requires additional license) • Qsys (part of Quartus II software) • Other third-party EDA tools Quartus II Software Key Features Faster Compile Time Incremental Compile PowerPlay Power Analyzer TimeQuest Timing Analyzer Qsys System Development Industry-Leading Compile Time Quartus II software delivers superior synthesis and placement and routing.altera.Fastest Path to Your Design Quartus® II software is number one in performance and productivity for . and HardCopy® ASIC designs. FPGA. Additional compilation time reduction features for Subscription Edition include the following: – Multiprocessor support – Incremental compile – Advanced place-and-route algorithms 2 Quartus II Design Software • 2012 • www. SoC FPGA.

C) Step 1 Quartus II Project (No Partitions) Quartus II Project Step 1 A A B B C C Modify Design (in Red) Re-compile Whole Project Step 2 Quartus II Project (No Partitions) Step 2 Modify Design in Partition A Re-compile Only Partition A Quartus II Project A A B B C C Incremental Compile • Compiles only the changes in a partition to reduce compile time by up to 70 percent • Preserves timing in unchanged partitions for performance preservation • Enables team-based designs Quartus II Design Software • 2012 • www.Compile Time Comparison Quartus II Software Relative Compilation Time (Relative time based on fixed designs and fixed CPU) 100% Relative Compile Time (Log Scale) 50% 25% 13% 6% 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Year Compare Full and Incremental Compile Full Compilation Incremental Compilation Top-Down Approach Create Design Partitions ( 3 .altera. B.

TimeQuest Timing Analyzer TimeQuest Timing Analyzer GUI • The only FPGA vendor with comprehensive Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC) support • . easy-to-use timing analyzer • Complete GUI environment and scripting support to create timing constraints and reports • Easy-to-use wizard to create SDC constraints PowerPlay Power Analyzer Flow Design Entry Constraints Speed Area Power PowerPlay Power Analyzer • Push-button power optimization technology • Automated power optimization for an average 10 percent reduction in power consumption Synthesis Placement and Routing Optimize Power PowerPlay Power Analyzer Power-Optimized Design 4 Quartus II Design Software • 2012 • www.altera.

supports team-based design. Qsys is the next-generation SOPC Builder tool powered by a new FPGA-optimized network-on-a-chip (NoC) technology. and maximizes design reuse • Higher flexibility with support for mixing different industry-standard interfaces. such as the AMBA® AXI™ and Avalon® interfaces • IP management capabilities enable designs and systems to appear as an IP for easier reuse • Faster board bring-up with a system-level debug approach using address-based transactions and System Console Qsys – Altera’s System Integration Tool HighPerformance Interconnect Hierarchy IP Management Industry-Standard Interface Real-Time System Debug Quartus II Design Software • 2012 • www. delivering higher performance. • High-performance Qsys interconnect based on the NoC architecture and automatic pipelining delivers up to 2X higher performance compared to SOPC Builder’s system interconnect fabric • Hierarchical design flow enables scalable designs.Qsys System Integration Tool The Qsys system integration tool saves significant time and effort in the FPGA design process by automatically generating interconnect logic to connect intellectual property (IP) functions and subsystems. and faster verification compared to SOPC 5 . improved design reuse.

Quartus II Software Design Flow Quartus II Software Design Flow Availability Quartus II Software Key Features Cyclone® FPGA and MAX® CPLD device support Arria® and Stratix® FPGA device support1 HardCopy ASIC device support Multiprocessor support (faster compile time support) Design Entry IP Base Suite (includes licenses for 15 popular IP cores) Qsys (next-generation system-integration tool) SOPC Builder (legacy system development tool) Rapid Recompile (faster compile for small design changes) Incremental compile (performance preservation and team-based design) Functional Simulation Synthesis Placement and Routing Timing and Power Verification ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition software ModelSim-Altera Edition software Quartus Integrated Synthesis (synthesis tool) Fitter (placement and routing tool) TimeQuest tool (static timing analysis) PowerPlay tool and optimization (power analysis) SignalTapTM II logic analyzer (embedded logic analyzer)3 In-System Debug Transceiver Toolkit (transceiver interface and verification tool) 3 Availability Operating System Support Subscription Edition 3 3 Web Edition (Free) 3 Subscription Edition 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 32 3 3 3 3 3 3 32 3 3 3 3 3 3 Web Edition (Free) 3 Windows/Linux 32-bit support Windows/Linux 64-bit support 1 2 Lowest density devices for Arria II FPGA series is included in Web Edition. Requires additional . 6 Quartus II Design Software • 2012 • www.altera. 3 Available with talkback feature enabled in Web Edition.

ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition Software Free for both Quartus II software Subscription Edition and Web Edition softwares with a 10. with no line limitation. ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition software is recommended for simulating small FPGA designs.495 (SWR-QUARTUS-SE-FIX) $3.995 (SW-QUARTUS-SE-FLT) Renewal $2.995 (SW-QUARTUS-SE-FIX) Renewal $2. Free Want to Dig Deeper? Are you ready to accelerate your design process? Take these steps to gain proficiency in designing with Quartus II software: • Download free Web Edition or 30-day Subscription Edition trial • Get oriented with the Quartus II Software Interactive Tutorial • Sign up for training Quartus II Design Software • 2012 • www.495 (SWR-QUARTUS-SE-FLT) Add seat $3. It’s 33 percent faster than Starter Edition. Pricing $2.Quartus II Software Ordering Information Purchase Quartus II software and increase your productivity today.altera.995 (SW-QUARTUS-SE-ADD) Description Fixed-node license: subscription for one year—Windows only.000 executable line limitation. ModelSim-Altera Edition Software $945 (SW-MODELSIM-AE) Renewal $945 (SWR-MODELSIM-AE) ModelSim-Altera Edition software is available as a $945 option for both Quartus II software Subscription Edition and Web Edition. Floating-node license: subscription for one year—Windows/ 7 .

Unit 11-18.PDF. CYCLONE. CA 95134 USA Altera European Headquarters Holmers Farm Way High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP12 4XF United Kingdom Telephone: (44) 1494 602000 Altera Japan Ltd. 9/F Millennium City 1. Hong Kong Telephone: (852) 2945 7000 ©2012 Altera Corporation. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. HARDCOPY.altera. ARRIA. Tower 1 388 Kwun Tong Road Kwun Tong Kowloon. QUARTUS and STRATIX words and logos are trademarks of Altera Corporation and registered in the U.2 .jp Altera International Ltd. All rights reserved. MAX. Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku. Shinjuku i-Land Tower 32F 6-5-1. MEGACORE.altera. All other words and logos identified as trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective holders as described at www.Altera Corporation 101 Innovation Drive San Jose. NIOS.altera. Tokyo 163-1332 Japan Telephone: (81) 3 3340 9480 www. November 2012 GB-1001-2.