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Please choose / tick 8 topics of interest and submit with the registration form:

[ ] 16. How to Develop Clinical Practice Guidelines [ ] 17. EBM in Resource Constrained Settings [ ] 18. Evaluating Drug Safety

Quick Survey (important for grouping): 1. Have you attended any EBM workshop given by the Asia Pacific Center for Evidence-Based Medicine Inc. (small group sessions, not just lecture format)? Yes  No 2. Have you had any training in clinical

[ ] 1. Advances in Evidence-Based Medicine [ ] 2. How to Conduct an Efficient Literature Search [ ] 3. Applying the Evidence: From Populations to Individuals [ ] 4. Health Economics for Dummies [ ] 5. EBM & Residency Training [ ] 6. Bridging the Know-do Gap [ ] 7. Evidence-Based Surgery: Defying the Odds [ ] 8. Redefining Relationships with the Pharmaceutical Industry [ ] 9. How to Avoid Being Misled by Published Research [ ] 10. Equity in Health Care: Are we widening the gap between rich & poor? [ ] 11. Executive Check-ups: Which tests should be done? [ ] 12. Effective Strategies for Involving Patients in Health Care Decisions [ ] 13. Appraising Clinical Practice Guidelines [ ] 14. GRADE: A Standardized Approach to Grading the Evidence [ ] 15. Simplifying Tricky EBM Concepts: An Interactive Session

Please register early! We will accommodate 60 participants only. The registration form and preferred lecture topics must be submitted (by email or fax). Confirmation of registration is on a first-come, first-served basis with full payment.

HOW TO PRACTICE AND TEACH EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE An Intensive Training Workshop Basic & Advanced Programs

13-16 June 2013

Antonio L. Dans Overall Course Director .College of St. Benilde (CSB) Hotel Arellano cor. Manila Philippines CALL FOR REGISTRANTS Dr. Estrada. Malate.

00 per participant. AND To choose and prepare materials for EBM workshops in their own specialty. 3. WORKSHOP BOOK REFERENCE “Painless Evidence-Based Medicine” published by Wiley-Blackwell®.     To evaluate articles on therapy. This covers all course materials and handouts. harm. 2. d) assessing applicability. c) appraising the results. who still feel uneasy about teaching and practicing EBM   WORKSHOP FORMAT The program will run for 3 ½ days and contains an intensive course of 8 sessions of small group discussions (SGD) which includes hands-on computerized literature search and/or preparation of evidence based summaries. 4. REGISTRATION FEE The 3-½ day intensive workshop registration fee is P16.To review the principles & skills learned in Basic EBM. There will also be 6-8 lectures on EBM concepts and/or clinical statistics. Dans. Other facilitators include EBM enthusiasts and practitioners who are well-trained and highly experienced in the teaching and conduct of EBM workshops. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: 2. Electronic copies of all lectures will also be made available upon request. Health practitioners have to be equipped with new skills to cope with the avalanche of medical information. Dans L & Silvestre MA and with contributors from the APCEBM faculty. To apply the principles of EBM at bedside to resolve an actual clinical problem. 5. will be provided as main reference for the workshop. 3. this Philippine EBM Working Group has already conducted more than 450 workshops in the Philippines and abroad for more than 15 years. EBM will make sure you are up-to-date. Each small group will only have a maximum of 10 participants and intermittent interruptions by members are discouraged to maximize learning. edited by Dans A. lunch for 3 days and all morning and afternoon snacks. LECTURERS/FACILITATORS The over-all course director is Dr.To understand advanced principles in the practice of EBM. diagnosis. To function as an effective facilitator in small group discussions. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. and systematic reviews by: a) appraising directness. Antonio L.Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the latest development in medical decision-making and is now an essential part of medical education and post-graduate training programs. To learn the principles of EBM To develop the skills necessary to apply EBM in clinical practice To develop the skills necessary to teach EBM LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 1. b) appraising validity. prognosis. Trainors from hospitals or academic institutions who want to teach EBM Clinicians who are interested to know how to apply EBM in their medical practice Researchers who want to learn how their studies can be incorporated into clinical practice Health policy makers who want to know how EBM can be applied in generating clinical guidelines and policy recommendations Pharmaceutical managers who are interested to know how principles of EBM affect decision-making of physicians Previous participants of EBM workshops. It involves learning to appraise the medical literature to identify the best evidence to be used in solving clinical problems. . To define EBM and enumerate its components. 2.500. a pioneer of EBM in the Philippines and a member of the JAMA EBM Working Group.To enhance teaching skills in EBM by identifying and learning various teaching strategies. Together. and e) individualizing the results. To conduct an efficient medical literature search. ADVANCED COURSE An Advanced Course is offered for those who have previously attended an Intensive Trainors’ Training Workshop and would want to further enhance their teaching skills in EBM. 3. 6. Reservations can be made by submitting/faxing the form attached in this brochure to the WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: 1. the “Painless Evidence-Based Medicine” book published by Wiley-Blackwell©. He is the main editor of “Painless EBM” and a contributor to the latest edition of “How to Teach and Practice EBM” and the “User’s Guides to Medical Literature”. This group will discuss more advanced concepts and/or teaching strategies.

The preferred mode of communication is through e-mail. Jing Nethercott & Ms. Odes Zamora & Ms.. Please provide us with your e-mail address as you register for the course. 2013. Malate. 2013. EDUCATIONAL GRANTS Email address: apcebm@yahoo. Jing Nethercott. Ms. corner Estrada St. Please make sure to send the name of the representative to the workshop coordinator at least 5 days before the workshop. Payment for registration must be made on or before Friday. There will be no refund of fee if the cancellation is made after June 4. A cancellation charge of 25% of the fee will be levied if the cancellation is received after May 24. please contact the secretariat.workshop secretariat (thru Ms. Arellano Ave. otherwise your reservation will be cancelled. Odes Zamora). Essie Sulit (Workshop Coordinator) Telefax: (632) 5679740 or (632) 5217793 . a representative may be sent. EBM Workshop Secretariat Ms. The venue will be at the CSB-Hotel International Conference Center. May 17. For details. In case of inability to attend. Educational grants are available for a few participants on a competitive basis. CANCELLATIONS Any cancellation or replacement must be conveyed to the workshop coordinator in writing. Manila. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop and fully refund the participants should unforeseen circumstances necessitate it.