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Make It Rain

Chapter 1
There was too much chatting in the canteen today, the shouts and whispers combined sounded like a steam train, the whispers- the smoke dispersing itself into the air and the shouts the wheel’s grinding against the track-although it felt more like the inside of my skull. Usually all you could hear was murmurs shared on tables and the occasional over enthusiastic laugh from the ‘cool kids’ table, where Joey Sanchez was attempting to win over one of the year 11 girls, who would rather be biting her perfectly manicured nails than being seen with him. But today was different because it was the first rugby match of the season and it was being played at home after school, so everyone was going to watch. To me, it was just another day. I didn’t plan on staying after school to watch the match as the noise would be even more unbearable than the canteen but I suspected that cat-my best-friend who was in love with the whole rugby squadwould have an ace up her sleeve, which would require me to go. Catherine felicity le Grande and I had only met 3 years prior to this day, yet we were inseparable...sometimes. You see cat’s one of those, sporty, actress, singer types-not that you can’t tell that from her name-and I I was one of those loner type people. The kind that liked the peace and quiet of the country side or looking at the stars with a flask of hot chocolate and imagining the harsh flame that emanated from them. Don’t ask me how we ended up being best-friends, because honestly, I don’t know. But somehow when the stars aligned, our paths crossed and we became inseparable.

As my mind wondered to my plans for later that day-doing homework, laundry and reading-I noticed cat’s eyes dart to the door. It wasn’t an unusual thing, cat liked to be nosy, but the way her whole body stood to attention and she began to flick her hair in a movie star attempt, caught my gaze. I turned my head to look back at the door and saw the whole rugby team swagger through, with eye candy dangling on their arm. And walking through behind them, with his eyes on the floor, was Thomas king the third member of our trio. He was such an adorable guy and fancied the pants of cat, but would never bring himself to ask her out. Tom had been my friend since year 1 and since he lived next door, we had grown up together. But that’s all we were friends. We had tried going out in year 7 but it became awkward when everyone would try and force us to kiss everywhere we went, so we decided just staying friends, was the best idea. As he strolled toward us now i saw that his face was drawn and he looked angry and depressed. I didn’t like it when tom was upset, ‘cause that made me upset and right now with this agonizing headache, i couldn’t be dealing with it. He slumped down in a chair across from me and cat, slamming his bag down on the table, which brought cat’s attention back to our table and the question in her head which she was debating on asking me, She then seen tom’s face and seemed to store it away for later. “What’s up hunk?” cat asked brightly, tom snapped to attention at the nick-name she used for him and rewarded her with a warm smile, before remembering he was upset and slouching back in his seat. “Nothing” he mumbled back and scowled at his bag.

“Awww, come on tom whatever it is, it can’t be that bad!” cat rushed round the table to give tom a bear hug- which practically made tom’s eyes bug out of their sockets-before planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek which made him recoil from the embrace. “Come on Tommy, tell auntie catty what’s the matter.” I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips then, which tom rewarded me with by staring daggers at me. However he couldn’t keep up the charade whilst cat was planting sloppy kisses all over his face, so he grabbed cat and gave her a nuggie, a grin spreading across his face. “I can’t help but love you cat!” All laughter stopped abruptly at the table and awkwardness filled the gap. Cat was still in tom’s arms as he was in Cat’s but they were both looking in opposite directions as they detached. Cat wasn’t clueless to the crush tom had on her, but it wasn’t a popular topic of conversation the three of us shared. When the awkwardness really did start to get ridiculous, I decided to step in. “So, what’s up?” I asked hoping tom would answer me and rid our table of the awkwardness. “i got grouped with almost the whole rugby squad for our drama assignment! I don’t see how out of a class of almost thirty i get the only 6 rugby squadrons in the class in my group. It’s ridiculous i mean...” Tom had gone into awkward talking mode-rushing to get words out and make a conversation, even if it was with himself-which overfilled the silence and just made everything awkward again, Which is why I was thankful that at that precise moment the bell decided to ring and I remembered all of our next classes were separate.

Hoping to avoid the question that i knew from cat’s face had began brewing in her head the second the silence started, i hurriedly gathered my thing’s and made a bee-line for the door. “LUCIE!! LUCIE!!” I tried to pretend I couldn’t hear her but she had managed to catch up to me and slipped in front of my path. “LUCIE! I just thought I’d tell you, Were going to the match after school, and there’s nothing you can do about it! catch Ya later!” She practically ran from reach before i could tell her i wasn’t going, and danced into the fog that was the student body. I only had two more lessons before the match and each of them had no chance of cheering me up. This may have been because they were both the same subject not to mention the subject I hated most but then again it may be because my outlook for the rest of the day wasn’t great. The reason i hated my history class so much was not because of the subject, after all i found history fascinating but because of the pupils in my class. Basically history was the option everyone chose to get out of doing everything else, things like physics, French and textiles. However i was the only one in the class, except from Jeremy-nomates in the opposite corner, that chose the class because it interested me. I walked through the history room door frame and shuffled to my seat whilst everyone else barged in behind me rushing to theirs in feigned anticipation of the class. This term we were learning about the myth of Frankenstein which would then tie into the myth of Dracula and so on. I find Mary Shelley is a brilliant author but authors never produce fact. Fact is what I thrive on. I like to know things that are real

instead of entertaining the thought of imagination. For me imagination is for sad people who can’t find anything good in their life so attempt to make an alternate universe in which the impossible is possible. Imagination bores me. Mr bax-pratt walks in at that moment and yell’s at the class to quieten down. This has a unique effect on my head as instead of my headache causing pain in my head, my right eye is now causing me excruciating pain and i can’t open it. “Guy’s and girls quieten down! We have a lot to do in the next two hours!” And there goes my left eye.

“Lucie are you alright?” I strain to open my left eye, it being the last thing I felt and find Mrs Williams the school nurse hovering over me. Damn, I must’ve blacked out. My eye’s drooped closed again and I’m left in darkness, but I can still hear. I think I’m in Mrs Williams’ room, but I can’t be too sure as I don’t pay her a visit too often, there’s a car humming slowly around the front car-park and student’s running round the netball court to the side of the building but from the corridor i hear nothing. Interesting, where am i? I force my right eye to open this time, as i try to assess the situation and find three other people in the room, including miss Williams. One I recognise as Neil Jones who Sits behind me in history class. He looks really awkward sat there and when Mrs Williams sees me looking at him with my one eye and tells him he can leave, he

She would have also have been happy she got out of her GCSE Spanish class as she still after a whole year only knows yes and no in Spanish. The third person i do not recognise. i know is Cat. He has black shaggy hair that dangles down to a well defined jaw. The second person who i find is holding my hand. . He’s the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. This however does not mar his beauty one bit. he looks almost like a god as the light shines through the window and brightens up his face. Also he has a scar that spans from his right temple to the left side of his jaw line. but immediately think he is the finest thing i have ever seen.couldn’t look more relieved. which when you follow the strong carved line with your eyes. you become entranced by his full pink lips which compliment the brown of his eyes. when he gets back to history. a text would have gone around and inevitably found Its way to Cat’s phone. knowing he’ll get teased. As soon as i collapsed or whatever happened to me. So just as i come out of my trance like state i was in whilst i was staring at his face i am very surprised to find him staring right back at me. for having to be the one to help me. he bolts to the door and scampers down the corridor putting as much space as he can between me and him. She would have over exaggerated and told the teacher i was dying to get her out of her class so she could check on me.

” She seemed to freeze where she laid.. may i ask who you are?” ..” Such a sweet voice. not many people trust the boy with the huge scar. But i already know why. The other girl is still glaring. “hello. . but the girl beside her is reluctant to let go of her hand. though i fear i have become. yes thank you.Chapter 2 “Hello.. I slowly withdraw my hand whilst looking at the girl.. Wondering as her gaze shifts why she reacted like that. it’s good to know she is okay. what if she’s gone into shock? She’s not responding to me.. “um.” I held out my hand for her to shake. i hope she was not very ill. For some reason she is upset by this. i would not be able to see her. “ are you okay?” Oh my goodness. like fresh honey on a summer afternoon. I am sorry I did not introduce my person to you. “uhhhh. are you feeling better?” i hope she doesn’t think i am obsessed by her being.oh so much! “oh. her eyes smouldering into mine. I am Adam.. she was just so beautiful. i would not want her to become sick and have to stay off school. I see a tear leak from the corner of her eye which she immediately wipes to the side. hi. whilst looking confused as to why it appeared.

even though i am.. I’m Lucie sorry about my friend here she’s a little protective. which is good. until now..” I laugh and smile at my own answer..” “who are you friends with?” she’s going to think I’m some kind of freak. i haven’t seen you around.” She seems shocked at the word i just used to address her. “oh..“hi Adam. it is not the answer she wanted.” lucie shoots daggers at her friend as if to tell her to back off however her friend feigns innocents and looks away. “no mevrouw. “oh. um may i ask. “i am playing the rugby. you have not seen me i have been trying to be inconspicuous. so you are playing for the opposite team?” she decides to continue the conversation in the way in which i turned it however i know she will be curious as to what the real answer is. What is else did she say. i also do not think she has noticed me around school. i do not recognise those words? “hang out with? I do not know meaning. “so. . i am sure they will continue their silent conversation when i leave. i came to school last month. as for the actual answer i am not sure myself as to what it is yet. except from the fact that now i have introduced myself my whole plan has just collapsed. so who do you hang out with?” Of course. i am playing on the school team. why your here?” her simple question makes me laugh as really i am not sure.

she becomes dizzy and has to lie down again. yeah see you there. “are you not lonely. so i usually sit by myself outside. i feel i can see to her soul. The silence is all encompassing as we each stare into the other’s eyes. Mrs Williams.” She does not acknowledge my presence as she leaves. “i am not. that way people are not tempted to laugh. there is so much to see and hear. i’m going to return to Spanish as i really need to catch up. no. . when you sit by yourself?” Her eyes have grown sincere and she tries to sit up. wrong workings of my soul.. I like to be outside. Yet it’s just so easy to keep talking in her presence.” I’ve started rambling now.” She seems to have been brought out of a trance as she responds.. Lucie i’ll see you after school.” i let the sentence trail of knowing that she knows what i say is true as she has felt it too. Will she see my soul and cringe away or will she be oblivious and continue to stalk toward the danger? The knock at the door brings each of us out of the others eyes and disrupts my train of though. re-enters and is shocked to see me in the corner still. bright and radiant shining straight out of her eyes and into mine disrupting the dark.“i do not have friends at the moment. i’ll get the seats. so much to feel. “um. “well as much as this conversation is lovely and all. however she remains on the bed. though i feel she is angry with me. meet me at the top of the stands. however as the blood rushes to her head. The feeling is not unfamiliar to me.

but being the sweet. I will go now. thank you Mrs. Williams. In the second before I cradle her head in my palm. so many images of her in pieces flicker through my mind that I am too overcome by a force I have no control over and fall to the floor. why are you still here? You should have returned to class 20 minutes ago!” “I am sorry Mrs. both of us trying to recall the seconds that have just passed. I should get going. staring at each other.” I do not want to leave. I need to get away from her. In the back of my mind I can hear Mrs Williams shouting at us both. to be able to think. I see in her eyes she also does not want the moment to end. but for that to interrupt the moment I would have to act irrationally.” Throughout the whole statement she could not take her eyes of me as I could not release mine from hers. .“Leuwenhoek. Williams. thank you again. I rise to leave the room but am stopped by a hand on my arm. We lay there in a stunned silence. The girl has risen and is reaching out her hand for mine. I take it without a moment’s hesitation and feel the weight of a metaphor being placed upon that action. Adam” she nodded slowly to me before fleeing the room. but know I have to. I turn to face her but accidentally make her lose her balance which causes her to fall backwards. “ummm. she returns to her feet and holds out her hand to me to help me up. “are you sure you are okay Lucie?” “nothing I can’t handle Mrs Williams. smart girl she is.

.After saying farewell to Mrs Williams I followed after the girl an unidentifiable pull resonating from within my chest. However as I peered into the corridor I found she had disappeared.

The way he had not stopped staring at me should have made me freaked out. Then when we were lead on the floor staring at each other with Mrs. She had gone into the locker room to change into a vibrant red mini skirt. It was an odd thing and it confused me so. black leather boots and a black high top that exposed half of her toned stomach. like they had leaked from his eyes. Williams shouting. I looked around the pitch wondering how long I would have to endure this torture but really I was looking for Adam.Chapter 3 I was sat at the very top of the bleachers when Cat decided to show up. . I saw his thoughts on his face. but quite frankly. But as soon as I thought that his expression changed from love to fright. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. but hey I’m a sixteen year old girl. I was entranced. for me. And then as I fell to the floor he held my head so that I wouldn’t injure myself causing him to fall also. even though in reality it was 20 minutes since. Since our meeting this afternoon. He cared. hoping to get their attention-she didn’t. but to me that scar just made him more handsome. It was her way of trying to distract the other team whilst at the same time bringing the attention of our rugby squad on to her. I couldn’t stop looking at him either. As she quick-walked across the pitch to the stands she was shaking attempting to wiggle her bottom in the direction of the team. which was the main reason that I left the room so hastily. asking if we were both okay. I seen Cat tear up whilst looking at him and I wondered if that was the affect of his scar on her.

I’m sorry Luce. to give my mind a rest and also focus on the other rugby team that had just arrived. the emotion I felt and I know he felt too. those are not Jimmy Choo’s they are the fake version from Clarks and B. the rugby squad never batted an eyelid. Are those new boots your wearing? OMG are they Jimmy Choo’s? they’re the most beautiful boots I’ve ever seen and you know whilst you were walking across the pitch I swear the whole rugby squad was ogling you. not so much. “oh hi lucie. Just as I finished my scan of the field Cat reached the top of the stands and plopped herself down on the seat next to mine. .Because although he looked like a god and seemed to care for me. scared the bejesus out of me. Cat stopped mid-sentence as she noticed the huge red bus too. your soo lucky!” “Cat you do know that A. just to emphasize the speech and felt her arms around me. so give yourself a break and shut-up. I think Cat thinks that hugging someone will solve everything. it’s just my hormones are playing up and I’ve just had to listen o a conversation between Sophie Reynolds and Marcia Taylor about weather and orange and a lemon are the same thing! I mean they quite obviously aren’t ‘cause one’s orange and one’s yellow but apparently…” I tuned out of Cat’s little rant for just a minute. didn’t see you there. It’s about to start and since your sooo interested in the game I suggest you watch instead of being Catty at me!” I huffed loudly. She seemed moody and angered so I decided that ignoring her was the best. “awww. turned out.

Cat was beside me screaming her head off in excitement as the ball was raced up the pitch by one of the team. Soon though it would be carried back towards the goal just to be reversed once again. Reverting my focus back to the pitch i saw that the opposing team had now began to walk toward our team.The stands quietened as the bus slowed to a stop and the door’s opened. For me rugby was a stupid sport that for some reason fascinated the southwest of the united kingdom imparticularly. Rugby season was always a big event at our school because we had one of the best teams in the county. All i could see from the top of the stands was a blur of people running to and fro on the pitch whilst throwing a ball around. . As the first member of the opposing team stepped off of the coach a huge cheer filled the air which brought my attention to my head. Sure I had to watch the rugby on the television every autumn with the family but so did every other person on this side of the country. Is he really on the school team? Or did he lie? But why would he lie? i then remembered that he had not answered my earlier question properly. I scanned our team once again and again failed to find Adam. The ball continued to be thrown backwards on the pitch further away from our goal whilst the crowd waited in bated breath. why was he there earlier? A whistle distracted me from my train of thought and i noticed the ball being launched into the air. that didn’t subtract from the amount of tension though. Williams must have gave me some painkillers because my headache was no longer there. then it was thrown to a second team member and so on. only to find that Mrs.

Bax-Pratt told Neil and Ben to take you down to Mrs. and now had to continue a totally different conversation. just you being really clumsy but when you started having a fit. “yeah. Mr. who heard from Ben that you just collapsed in the middle of history class and fell off of your seat. you still don’t know? Well. after all the match was holding no interest for me. imagining how bad history class was going to be on Thursday. I began rethinking how I could phrase what I wanted to ask Cat when a huge roar spurted from the crowd. He wasn’t looking overly excited about it so when Mrs. “umm. Williams seen you open your eye she told Neil he could go. who heard from Mackenzie. “oh sweetie. Cat had returned her attention back to the game and started bouncing in her seat as the ball was rushed up field.” I tried to sift through this new information that I didn’t originally want but now had the weight of. “Cat?” she wasn’t too happy that I had interrupted her viewing. so what actually happened to me earlier?” I had chickened out at the last moment. She turned to look at me with wondering eyes. Williams and make sure you were okay. Everyone thought it was really funny at first. looking for . you could tell from her expression. And then well…you were awake so you know the rest. I heard from Tillie.I turned to Cat to ask her opinion on what happened earlier. what’s up?” I paused wondering how to phrase my question. I studied the field. who heard from Sarah. but she answered me all the same. but when I got there Ben had bailed and left Neil to check on you.

The team was going crazy and kept slapping him on the back earning them a grin from him. I couldn’t identify who it was though.the source of all the excitement. I focused my eyes on the player trying to figure out from his speed and style of stride who it was. Harry-in my English class-has a loping stride making it easy to step over players who have tried and failed to tackle him. He flew over the try line and crashed into the floor. . defiantly touching down the ball. At this point I stood up for no reason. It was what gave them an advantage over other teams. However there was no cockiness about the try or the way he got up and walked towards his next position. to find that the ball was being rushed back up the field. I just thought it would be caught and returned to the opposite side of the pitch. He was here. Ben-who carried me from history class apparently-has a quick stride making it hard for him to slip or get tripped up. I didn’t think anything of it at first. I recognized who it was. but this was different. After all every member of the school rugby team had a unique style of stride. But instead of stopping at the 22 meter line it had breached the boundary and continued being carried toward the try line. Then at that moment. But this person had neither and both of these strides. This weirdly made him faster and steadier than his team mates. after all I don’t normally get excited over rugby.

. Knowing she was watching only spurred on my enthusiasm and I was able to score two more tries before the half-time whistle blew.Chapter 4 ADAM She was here. she would not look away. I continued to look at her for a few more seconds until my team called me over so they could continue with the kick. My team mates continued to walk past me congratulating me but many of them probably though I was nuts. but I would not be the first to break eye contact. However that did not make me a worse player. Harry made the conversion kick and the game continued. which made me grin my over-enthusiastic grin. She was still staring at me. A steady blush began to colour her cheeks and she looked down smiling to herself. Throughout the remainder of the match until half-time I could not get the girl out of my head. I was lost in her presence. I jogged over to join them trying to rid the girl from my head so I could focus. People kept slapping me on the shoulder as they went by congratulating me but I couldn’t respond. Even when her friend started slapping her on the shoulder in excitement. but I was unsuccessful. My legs were stiff beneath me and would not move even when I internally commanded them. I needed to return to the match. seeing as they sped-up as they went past. as I her.

I just had to see her. I mean your even better than Ben and that’s saying something. Couldn’t you think of anything else? Now you’re just going to sound stuck-up. She slowly walked to be 2 feet away and started to shift from foot to foot. I couldn’t waste time like this. you were amazing out there.I began to walk toward the stands. I don’t know what made me do it.I scanned the crowd for Lucie and found her already gazing at me. but what do I know. We only had a ten minute break and half of that was gone already. Neither of us knew what to do next. I didn’t want to run up the stands and through the crowd because I knew I would just get mobbed.” . “How do you think i did?” Such a stupid question. I thought then that maybe she had also just wanted to see me and also didn’t know why. She practically ran down the stairs as i headed around the corner away from view of peering eyes. After flashing a confused expression she got up and made her way down the steps after telling Cat she was going to the loo. “oh. After telling Ben I’d be back-which got me an ‘okay then’ look. that’s what happens at this school so I’ve learned. I needed to hear her voice. so I beckoned her down the steps and pointed to behind the stands. As i turned around i saw her come around the corner and pause.

I was whole as soon as she spoke. it appears she is more stubborn that she seems. “I’m okay now thank you. she’s still wondering about that? I thought she would have forgotten by now. “I got injured during rugby practise so i was sent to Mrs Williams. i think being outside has perked me up! So. she’ll think i’m stalking her.” Where on earth had that come from. think Adam think. it was her sweet. what did you do?” .The smile she was wearing turned into a look of frustration almost like she found her words inadequate. “oh. but then she remembered the information she wanted and turned to defensive mode. but knew i needed to carry on the conversation to hear more. “why were you in the nurse’s room earlier?” Damn it. are you going to answer my question now?” Oh no. not that i didn’t hang onto her every word. uh. sweet voice that made you picture melting honey. “Thank you mevrouw. Are you feeling better?” I hope i was not misjudging her attitude and that she wasn’t actually still ill. But I can’t tell her why. because being outside would only make it worse. But it was not what she said that interested me. it was good to see you in the stands. which i’m NOT! “what question would that be?” i gave her my over-enthusiastic grin which she rewarded me with by blushing and smiling at the floor. uh.

. but still she did not leave me. “Yes?” . Her beauty was entrancing and i found myself stood staring into her eyes. I’m being nosy aren’t I.” If it was possible she had become redder than before. you know. in my attempt to cover my tracks she had put the responsibility of the conversation on her.. male injury. “i guess i should go.” . but still i could not stop looking at her.She had to go and ask me that. I began to feel vibrations within my body. She seemed to be taking my cover and blushed in embarrassment herself. please stay i just wondered uh.. “no. no it’s just. i needed to speak to her for a few more moments. “Sorry. Just as the vibrations moved to a new level she collected herself and returned the conversation.. it was a. uh.” I couldn’t let her leave...” Bless her.. But now i’m going to sound like a complete loser.. enjoying the moment as was I. She stared straight back. “oh..yet.” Well at least it took some of the weight of her shoulders.. I was kicking dirt on the floor trying to look embarrassed about hurting myself whilst in my head i was trying to think of a valid male injury that would make me end up in the nurses room. “No.

I walked out onto the pitch my head held high. I’d like to get to know you better too. “That would be great. I didn’t care that i hadn’t had a drink or stretched or even seen Mr Bunter-our coach. I don’t know that many people but. I took a few breaths and walked out onto the pitch. “uhhh.I shook myself slightly and found now that i wasn’t looking into her eyes the vibrations had turned into a slight humming in my stomach. “See you later. filled with energy and excitement. . tomorrow. I tried to wait patiently.” Where did that last bit come from? i may have ‘over-stayed my welcome’ by asking her this. I was wondering if i could sit with you. I knew for a fact i was not meant to be in this deep. but looking at her facial expression she seemed to be deliberating it. I did not know how my heart was handling the amount of love i held for her already and by getting to know her more.. at lunch. I blinked back to reality just in time to hear her answer. The bell for the second half rang. i would like to know you. I was floating away on cloud nine. hoping and praying that the answer to my unexpected question would be a positive one.. Adam” She hurried along back to the stands whilst i stood motionless staring after her. I felt my heart would overfill.” My heart did a back flip at her words and i couldn’t help but grin at her. it would be dangerous not just for her but me too.

....just as it began to rain.

I waited in the corridor for Cat-she had English in the class next to mine-irritatingly taping my foot and the floor but also dreading her approach. trying to keep my cool whilst writing the developments of Lennie’s character in the story ‘of mice and men’. I hadn’t told her about my-our-arrangement with Adam yet and i was hoping to put it off until the very last minute. I continued my battle between chanting and writing for another five minutes before the teacher told us to clear away. then you can see him. Having seen her expression in Mrs Williams room yesterday i was guessing she wouldn’t be too pleased. Tom on the other hand had been okay with it.Chapter 5 10 minutes and the bell for lunch can go. even though he hadn’t met him. as I packed my things into my bag and i kept catching my hand on the zip. when i told him on msn the previous night. Harry was tapping his pencil next to me in an attempt to annoy me to death i thought but when i looked up it was a subconscious act from thought. In fact for some strange reason he seemed to love the boy. Butterflies were beating against the inside of my ribcage. . I still didn’t know what that was about and i hadn’t had the chance to ask her. For some reason i thought made this fact and the fact that Cat didn’t like him were connected but i shouldn’t make judgements. Pink puckered scar started to rise on my flesh and i quickly rubbed my hand on my trousers before heading towards the door. I chanted the same sentence over and over in my head.

This didn’t go over well with her. you told TOM first?” “that’s a point.. Actually i was scared of what you were going to say after your reaction yesterday. no i don’t think it’s funny. and you know that you scare me when you’re angry! Just give him a chance even if . which was.epically. but don’t try to change the subject! Why wasn’t i first to know?” She looked so much like a pig grunting when she’s angry that i couldn’t help but laugh. don’t laugh at each other when your arguing!” “no. but i felt obliged to let tom know ‘cause after all he does sit with us!” i attempted to get her to smile but failed. may i remind you ‘tell each other first before anyone else INCLUDING TOM!’ you feel you are obliged to betray all of them? Hellooo.Finally she appeared behind the rest of the class with a face of thunder.. “Please don’t be mad at me Cat.. “i’m sorry you think this is funny? Now that you’ve betrayed the first rule of our friendship. I mean me not liking him has nothing to do with it. “ Pardon?” “Why have you failed to tell me that ‘Adam’ will be joining for lunch? Yet you were able to tell tom. You know i love you. why don’t you like him?” “he’s got a huge scar across his face and he’s creepy. She stomped over to me and gave me the filthiest look she could muster before explaining herself to me.. “what the hell do you think your doing?” My ear drum popped at her outburst.

and i felt sorry for him. you fancy the pants off of him!! I don’t know why though cause he has a freaky deaky scar running the length of his face. “hello Lucie. I slowly walked towards him-shuffled more like-until i was at the table edge.he does creep you out. There he was.. “you KNOW. but when you woke up yesterday and saw him there. Come on. that there’s another reason luce. . and wasn’t going to stay quiet about it.. He looked up at me and with a surprised look on his face quickly stood up. I practically skipped towards him. he walked around my side of the table and pulled the chair out from it’s place at the table.. I only offered because he as no-one to hang around with..” I was drowning in his beauty when he did the most weirdest thing. after all. i swear from the look on your face you thought you were in heaven!” I blushed beetroot red before giving her a quick hug and rushing down the stairs. like a marble sculpture. perfect as the first time.. before stopping abruptly 5 foot away when the nerves kicked in.. it was 5 minutes into lunch and Adam was waiting! I froze in the doorway to the canteen and looked around. I could hear her scurrying after me. filled with happiness. ‘cause by the look on her face se already knew. but never slowed my pace.pleasseee?” I wasn’t going to tell her the real reason why i offered.

I stared at him astounded as did many people sat near to us whilst h drew out a sweet smile at me. i expected waiting for me to say something to begin the conversation. keeping his eyes trained on his face-possibly at his scar. why would we hurt them?” Cat smirked at his knowledge and reworded her question. I stared at him mesmerized-thankfully with my mouth closed this time-as he played with his thumbs. Adam reluctantly slide his eyes from me and looked hurtfully at Cat. who set beside Adam wearily. . “hey you guys! How’s it hanging. That was before Cat decided to join us accompanied by Tom. it was only me and Adam. but i was transfixed by his beauty. I had to wiggle my head slightly to shut my cod fish expression whilst he put his hands in-front of him on the table.” She directed a half joking glare toward me before seating herself opposite Tom. we each sat there for what seemed like forever trying to figure out the other by looking into our eyes. they did nothing to us. we did not smash the other team. i quickly smiled back and settled into my seat. uhh Adam i heard you guys smashed the other team yesterday. “No Cat. I could not hear the others in the canteen. couldn’t be better! Hey. I would have know that myself but right before the second half started missy here decided to drag me to my car so i could drive her home. watching him move back around to his side of the table. i’m fine thanks for asking. He drew his head up to see why i was not speaking and immediately held my gaze.

It was a delightful day. I threw a questioning look at him but all he did was look at me and look back at the table.” He flashed a beautiful smile at me before concentrating once again on Cat. that is. We scored 34 and they scored 12. i noticed that Adam had began to scowl and slumped in his chair. I looked to Adam’s face to see what he was doing and i saw him with his eyes closed a peaceful smile on his face. But it started raining pretty bad just before we left. “Yes. But then he opened his eyes and looked into mine. “Well sure the game was good. joy so painful i had to remove my hands from his. filling my fingertips with joy. What i was not expecting was the reaction. who began to chat. . I suppose that was why ‘missy’ here wanted to leave. hug and kiss anyone they could.” As Cat was continuing her joke with tom. i would’ve thought he was dead. what i meant was did you win the game?” This seemed to make Adam more comfortable and he relaxed his tensed shoulders. If i didn’t know better. The atmosphere of joy in the room dissipated instantly. The reaction to the atmosphere. I slipped my hands over his which were still on the table to try and comfort him. we did very well thank you Cat. laugh.“sorry Adam. I was suddenly explicitly happy along with the rest of the canteen. Ahahaha.

which had been staring at the table for the past couple of minutes. but his face was still angled down. “i’ll be back in a minute. just tell me what happened in there?” He slowly lifted his head.” i rushed after Adam not waiting for Cat or Tom’s answer. just leave. “Nothing. Adam. I lifted my eyes. Adam lifted his head just high enough for me to see his eyes. you need to turn around and go back inside. but the unease wasn’t budging. but all i saw was his back passing through the canteen door. Please. His hunched shoulders squirmed through the crowd always pointing toward the exit. I caught up with him halfway across the grounds.” “i’m not going to leave when you seem so upset. and clouds shifted over head darkening with each growing moment.I froze. what’s wrong?” His bowed head turned towards me and he mumbled under his breath. to look at Adam.” . Adam. I never let my eyes leave those chiselled shoulders. What had just happened? I tried to fight of the feeling of unease and pass off what had just happened as coincidence. The air around me seemed to grow cold. “Adam. “Lucie.

His whole body began to shake and his teeth audibly ground together.He seemed to be struggling internally. His eyes were shadowed and he looked afraid. . i grabbed his head in both my hands and lifted his face to mine. Then i kissed him. Something inside me snapped. I stared into his eyes until the pain had gone.

Chapter 6 ADAM The thunder crashed around us. i noticed Lucie’s face in my peripheral vision and became entranced. i didn’t want her lips to leave mine. I would disconnect myself from her now to try and keep her safe but it was like my lips were sown to hers and to be frank. and that would have been bad for both of us. the thunder turned more ferocious with every line drawn. however i did not want to escape-even if it was the wise thing to do. but i couldn’t concentrate on it for long. A hum was travelling throughout my body. She slowly stroked my scar on either side of my face. Then she noticed me looking at her and bit her lip and blushed. filling me with mine and Lucie’s happiness combined. The warmth of her lips on mine was so overpowering i almost lost control. I opened my eyes and noticed the thunder had created an electric field that encased us in its grasp. . She had since removed her lips from mine and began to stare in wonder at the electric bubble that was slowly thinning. It was taking all my effort in this moment to not lose it now. Her hands were wrapped around my head making escape impossible.

I wished we could stay in this bubble for longer but as she removed her hands from mine the bubble dispersed and we were once again in the school grounds. “yes Lucie?” “look at me.” “i am looking at you” She scowled. a light drizzle descended. “not in the puddle!” I put my hood up and raised my head. she smiled. I looked at the puddle on the floor at her expression and saw she was looking straight back at me in it.” . I slowly drooped my head and the rain removed itself from the sky. i needed some way of making her happier. “people are afraid of my scar. I smiled.” “but you don’t have your head down inside. as most people who were brave enough to talk to me usually were. Her face became sad when she saw the bubble disappear.. “adam?” I kept my head down. “yes?” “why are you always looking down?” I couldn’t tell her the truth. I could not see her face but knew she was confused and pondering. just a few more moments to be with her.. not yet.

the big oak tree. I couldn’t see her in the limited view the alcove in the tree gave me..“i. “i need to go.. not caring that i was getting plastered in rain.” I rushed away from her taking deep breaths as i went. big enough for a large man or in this case-me..” I could not fight her. The crunching got louder and from the side view of the trunk i saw a my angel walking through the sun burnt leaves.. i know i wasn’t perfect but i could normally breathe fine. . I ran across the field my head to the sky.. I leaned against the trunk with my eyes closed and breathed-in through the nose and out through the mouth-until my heart had stopped trying to rip my chest open. The sun glowed on her face and her hair drifted around her face. just caring about the big oak tree. but i needed to stay above the flow of questions she had to ask or i would drown in her presence.i. What was she doing to me? I could hear her running to catch up behind me but i needed to be alone. I waited patiently. to try and figure out what was happening. i couldn’t breathe. it was a losing battle. sometimes looking around the forest sometimes letting the sun bath her face. She took small steps. silently willing myself to be invisible. but i could leaves softly crunching near-by. I dipped into the alcove carved into the tree. I went to the only place i could think of. Only then did i open my eyes to see where lucie had got to.

I understood that it was her warm skin against my cold that was causing the pain that was blistering yet gripping. I felt a searing heat across my cheek bone that wrapped me in it’s embrace. I couldn’t let her know me. I didn’t know how to control myself when i was around her. “who are you?” I asked her this in an almost whisper yet i knew she heard-the tree was of course.Her beauty was heavenly. it would revolt her. Ridiculous. all encompassing. . “i was going to ask you the same question?” she said bringing her gaze to mine. she’d run and never come back and that would be the end of my life. I closed into myself. In that moment i wanted to tell her everything about me and i wanted to know everything about her in return. I was gripping the inside of the trunk to keep me in place and forced my eyes closed so i could regain some sanity. I thought of where i had began. I opened my eyes reflexively and saw her big green eyes concentrating on the line she was drawing. hollow. She entranced me. In the forest. It had gotten to the point that i got to school at seven in the morning just to see her. was my whole world. I wanted me to be her everything as she is mine. causing me to flinch. Her face filled my vision and in that moment i chose to stop fighting. Where I had awoken.

lips tracing lips. Yet she didn’t flinch. wrapped in each other’s embrace. For the next few minutes she stared out of the alcove. She drew me in closer as i did her. However she looked content just to lie there and without realising it i began to wrap my arms around her. whilst the lightening immediately ignited from the contact. She pulled away gently as her sub-consciousness caught on to the lightening crashing down outside of the tiny alcove-that began to die down as her touch was removed. I kept my eyes on her knowing if i were to look out the drizzle would get worse. I was not sure whether she had worked it out but i was wondering about her next action. It was a gesture meant to comfort but i did not know how to return the favour.The connection was so strong in that moment that i couldn’t help but kiss her. whilst i was mesmerized by how beautiful she was. thousands of questions burning in her eyes. i would not want her to get ill. We knelt there for what seemed like forever and a day. She did not notice but the noise had haunted me for so long i could not help but sense it. I had no clue where the idea had come form but I was hoping it was the right one. This surprisingly was to push me back so I was sat against the inside of the tree trunk and lean against my chest. She swivelled her pondering gaze to mine. She had not got wet during either thunder storm and for that i was thankful. . She sat gazing at the cloudy sky pondering it’s activities.

Then i looked outside. I looked down to see her asleep and smiled. Gazing out of the alcove.From her expression she was pleased with the action. I wondered how long we could sit there like that. There was no future for me and lucie. “i do not know. dreaming about her beauty and her pure aura. “Who are you. i had no idea how to answer it. Since finding out about the existence of Lucie my world had changed so much. But just the sight or thought of her had me trembling inside. my actions were different. like Lucie and forget about my worries. . Into the rain. she blushed and snuggled closer. And then i would think: you’re a monster Adam. Let her live her life rather than dragging it down along with mine. i was working on impulse rather than logic.” And I honestly didn’t. In this case the logical solution would be to leave Lucie and never come back. But for now i could live in the moment. sharing body heat . i enjoyed the moment. she would never settle for someone like me. and to be honest. Adam?” The question had popped into my head and from her lips simultaneously. enjoying the moment. Laying close. For the few hours she was asleep. when she found out there was better people out there she’d leave and i would die.

I thought back to what had happened before the bliss had me dreaming. We had got caught up in the moment and kissed again. i don’t remember how or even why but it seemed very real. towards a figure stood in the middle of a clearing turned away from me. However i was too lost in Adam to realize when. I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to it. Somewhere in between when the kiss started and it ended i had began to dream. I was walking through the forest we were led in now.Chapter 7 I was startled awake to the subtle evening light seeping into the alcove through the drizzling rain. run or apologize-and began walking towards me. And as i was walking towards the figure it suddenly turned-this was the deciding point in my tiny plan of action. not a happy go lucky. I was cautious as i walked trying not to make too much noise in case i startled them or they turned and attacked me. The bird’s song sounded sad. . It wasn’t a normal dream either. like it had experienced a broken heart. Not like the one beneath me. with their hood down. then the thunder had started up and the lightening had kicked in. that was beating healthily and happily. it was actually more of a nightmare. floaty dream. but it had started suddenly. I could hear a steady thumping in one ear and a muffled chirping in the other.

for a moment i was paralyzed in fright. That was before i saw the scars His whole torso was split in 3 where two huge jagged scars split it. my feet would not move as the figure got closer and closer. . I called out for Adam. i had only known him a couple of days-and was about to shout out again when the figure stopped. hoping he was around-i’m not sure why i called out to him. I wish i could know what he was dreaming of. it looked like someone had done an autopsy on him. my voice only half trembled which was good. “I am a monster. The person began to lower their hood. sewn him together and then brought him back to life. dreaming peacefully. Adam’s face was sweet in sleep he looked like a little boy. His t-shirt was ruffled up where i had slept and i admired his toned body. Then the hood dropped. i was shaking and tiny drops of perspiration were welling up on my forehead. I began to panic. i didn’t want the person to think i was frightened. “who are you?” I gasped through my panic. I was still slightly startled and my forehead was damp where i had been sweating. It was about five yards from me now. wondering what i was going to see.But unlike my plan. i quickly wiped away the perspiration and sat up. It was Adam.” That was when i woke up.

Confused i looked back at Adam to see him peering wide eyed at me. i pretended to look away and not see what he was doing or his scars but i didn’t know whether he knew i had seen or not. that didn’t mean he was a monster. the sky was still drizzling outside but inside the alcove the sun was lighting up Adam’s face returning him to a Greek god. I drew back to find his eyes fluttering open. every minute. But i still could not help but fall for him. This also confused me but i smiled back to assure him nothing had changed between us since earlier. The corner of his lips twitched in an attempt of a smile. but his face had changed from a peaceful boy to a scared puppy cross with a young boy after just hearing superman was real. Did it? I gazed at his peaceful face. The emotion i felt in that moment had me confusingly overwhelmed. one where Adam was a monster. where he had come from. in which he called himself a monster. So many thing’s confused me about Adam.I wondered what had happened to him. I smiled at him and blushed. the fact he had no friends. over and over. I didn’t see how the two could be connected but my heart was telling me a different story. i felt such sympathy for whatever happened to Adam. he smiled back before noticing his t-shirt was riding up and quickly adjusting it. I looked up at the light drizzle that had dissipated as quickly as it had come. but my mind kept going back to the dream. . but i knew he would not talk about it. he was still so secretive. I quickly leaned in and placed a feather light kiss on his lips.

just happy that you are with me. I dropped the smile and gave Adam confused eyes which just brought out the scared expression more. the kiss felt like it was packed with meaning which scared me. “Adam. This of course got deeper after a few minutes.This look really did confuse me. are you okay? Would you like me to ring for an ambulance?” He gazed into my eyes. I rushed over to him. then pressed a sweet kiss against his lips. shouldn’t you be back home by now? I had not realized how late it was. and shook his head slightly. He gently broke it off before we could become to involved and rose steadily to his feet making sure he didn’t hit his head again . “Adam.” This question just turned his face to shock which then quickly turned to a smile. and bent with his back to the roof crawled out of the alcove. i am very sorry. i shall walk you home now fraai Lucie!” He jumped to his feet and hit his head on the roof of the hollow alcove. I raised his eyes to mine to make sure the blow hadn’t knocked him out and saw him crying. are you okay? Let me see!” I held his giant head in my hands and rubbed it soothingly. thank you. He . which quickly brought him back to the floor. “Adam? Are you okay? You look worried.” I brushed a tear away and smiled back. “i am fine Lucie. He smiled at me before holding my head gently like he thought he might brake me and kissed my forehead. so much that i couldn’t keep the charade up. just worried about you. “i’m fine.

. this wasn’t going to be good. being so close. stuttering move. Once up on two feet i stretched my arms in the air and looked around. almost in time to his heartbeat which i could hear. But what was he concentrating on? He began to grind his teeth which got me really worried-it couldn’t be that bad-but eventually began to flutter his eyes open. but stopped in he registered my question. or more accurately chest to face. It was a slow. you won’t know.stretched his arm back inside and grabbed my hand to help pull me out. I looked up into his eyes sweetly but found they were closed in concentration. what’s bothering you? Really?” He had began walking down the path towards the start of the forest. as he did earlier. but eventually we were face to face. Judging from the position of the sun in the sky it was sixish. but i knew if i asked why he would brush it off as something else. I walked up to stand behind him and waited for him to turn around. I saw anger in his eyes along with a hint of fright. Finally his eyes were completely open and his jaw was silent. But then again. “Adam. if you don’t ask. Mum’s gonna kill me! I lowered my arms and huffed bringing Adam’s attention to me. He still looked slightly worried which was bothering me.

he just continued to walk down the path. i am. “but i do not want that to happen. this is why i am dangerous. what we are. I could tear you apart and not care about the pieces. “I can sense your fright now which is making me angry.. towards nowhere.. You are meant to lead a normal life and i am leading you down the wrong path! But i Love having your presence to much to care. the ferocity but i could also the fear and the pain it was causing him to tell me the truth. I do not want you to be hurt and i do not want you to be scared. A light drizzle descended and seemed to beat in time to the heart i could hear before me. . because believe me now that we are this close i will not leave you alone. But before he turned around i saw his eyes. I have a very bad anger issue Lucie. In his eyes i could see the anger.” He didn’t finish his sentence. you should move far away to somewhere i will not find you.. You should leave now and not return.. i am a terrible person.. I am not worried about my fear only yours. i do not want to make you frightened i want to make you happy. Lucie please understand that this is bad! I try to control my anger all i can but sometimes it just boils over! I am not a good person for you. you should not be with me.. we should not even be friends let alone. It was the most fearful sight i had ever seen. But because you are scared i am angry at myself. i love seeing your smile.. I am scared Lucie. I could hurt you.“i promised myself whilst you were asleep that i would tell you the truth from the moment you woke up.. so here it is.

William’s room i thought he was a God which was the exact thought i had in the tree’s alcove. My dream. drenching my clothes through to my skin. from the fear and the love. He began to walk back towards me. From the moment i saw him i was entranced. “Who are you?” The déjà voo crashed over me. but stopped in the middle of a clearing waiting for me. slowly as if his anger had decreased slightly.His speech had caused fear to creep up on me but what he did not sense was the love i felt for him. the panic settled in. My heart would not cooperate. something other than my dream. yes of course. I was shaking from the adrenaline pumping through me. What was he hiding? Then i remembered he had not finished his sentence earlier. as I realized when i had said that line before. but also for wanting to protect me from himself. . i had not stopped loving him for a moment even if we had only just established that we both loved each other. Adam had walked on a little further. i put all of my head into the opposite revelation. I knew what came next. Did he not see that i could not leave now? That he was a mystery i just had to unravel? The rain was pouring now. Yet he still didn’t get that i would not let him go. i didn’t think it would. That first day in Mrs. for telling me the truth. I could see that he was still distressed from his hunched over shoulders and fisted hands. please don’t make this be real.

My heart was going like a steam train. but there were no stations for it to stop at. Looking in my eyes he spoke the words. just like in the dream i was paralyzed with fright. and lowered his hood. He stopped in front of me. “I am a monster.” .

She was still frightened. I wanted her to run so that she could escape.Chapter 8 The storm was raking my inside trying to let the truth escape. she had yet to understand. . She was not making this any easier on me. I looked up into her eyes as my hood fell back.” The lightning struck in the centre of the clearing. so that i would not hurt her. For the past few minutes i had been studying her face waiting for her to take in the information and run. dangerous. she was shaking. I did not want her sympathy. but Lucie’s eyes never left mine. although i did not want it to be easy. “I am a monster. Her fear gradually left her eyes and was replaced with sympathy. My eyes were clenched closed against the anger boiling up behind them. The storm was going to win. The sky over head flashed every now and again illuminating the pouring rain. My head fell as i tried to contain the anger and hatred that i felt toward myself. where i had just been stood. i was a monster.

“you need to run.A shock coursed through me as her palm cupped the side of my face. “NO!” She glared back at me and replaced her hands on my face. i cannot control what is inside of me. I opened my eyes and looked dangerously at Lucie. I grabbed her shoulders roughly. the moment was deadly. The monster wasn’t even out and i was hurting her. Lucie you need to RUN. as soon as she saw my eyes she dropped her hand.” I realized i was gripping her shoulders so tightly there would leave a mark. i could not let him awake. The heat resonating from her hands brought the cells of my cheek to life and s mile involuntarily swept my face. you need to walk straight home now. This action calmed the fire but was a dangerous move for her the monster was stirring in his sleep inside of me. what i am. The sympathy was wiped from her eyes and replaced with determination. “Lucie.” I spoke the words through gritted teeth worried that if i were to open my mouth any wider i’d shout at her. I quickly drew it off again. This fuelled the fire in my stomach that was controlling me. . don’t look back and don’t stop. and let go. you need to go.

the right side of my clothes drenched from the damp earth and my hair in a state of disarray. I could not feel anything. my head another and the gnawing feeling in my stomach was a totally different story. My life was created from cruelty and now i have to suffer the consequences. A bat zoomed over my head. as the sun shone it’s last rays happily in the sky. I didn’t want her to leave. I folded onto my knees and hung my head in my hands. My heart was telling me one thing.I turned my back to her and walked to where the lightening had struck hoping for it to strike again and this time hit me. A few hours later i awoke to the moon highlighting the tiny clearing. I got to my feet and looked around me. all animals hiding from my presence. And now i’m too late. The place was quite. i did not flinch. trying to cling to the horizon. What have i done? I sobbed into my hands an emotion that has never come easily to me. . i could feel a gnawing feeling in my stomach but i could not decide what it was trying to tell me. It may have been cold but i did not mind. I could hear the crunching of the leaves behind me and my heart took on a sad depressed thud.

It would be like having my heart ripped out. i didn’t have to apply the mask and measly human actions. The first thought that went through my head was. . When i thought she had ran home. The one thing that held my emotions as they were. The Alcove was in sight and i jogged along. before realising that was the last sound i had heard from lucie.I could be myself in the forest. to retrieve my book and pen from the tiny crack in the bark in the top of the roof. she had actually ran here. Lucie. is she hurt? I crouched at the entrance of the alcove and peered over her. But she had bags under her eyes and her brows were scrunched up like she was trying to do a hard maths equation. However as i jogged closer i could see something in the alcove. looking for signs of wear and tear. like a little girl. I was not frightened as i walked. for creatures are more frightened than me. and her breathing was normal. She looked sweet. I smiled at this thought and began to walk back down the path to the alcove. enjoying the sound it made. She looked fine. soul and all. I had forgotten about my book and pen and in that moment i wondered how i could ever let her go. i could be Adam. happy at the thought of writing in my book. silhouetted against the tree was a figure curled at the back of the small hole. her clothes were the same as earlier. and stopped. I moved closer and realised what it was. I dragged my feet as i walked.

“Help me run. A gun that has not lost. but for how long would the monster stay sleeping? I crawled into the hole with her. I opened it to the last page i had been writing on and read aloud..Before Lucie. well. I put my arm around her hoping i wasn’t too cold. From this gun. I lay beside her enjoying her sleeping company. Subconsciously she must have registered my presence as she turned to face me. not being able to stay away from her for any longer. I replaced it and with my other arm reached up to get my book and pen from the ceiling. He is a monster” . With no-one. if she couldn’t leave then i would have to try harder to control the monster. He’ll ride alone. At no cost. but i was the only one who knew of the hole.How could we both survive this. but when she shivered i removed it. I must have been cold. but unexpectedly she leant into my side and shivered.. though i only half removed it for Lucie wrapped her arms around me the instant my skin left hers. I wished i would have had a blanket in here for her.

“What kind?” Her voice startled me so. her green eyes peering up through her thick black-mascara free lashes.” I did not mean to speak the words aloud. I had been staring out into the rain that had began when i entered the alcove. How were we going to survive? I promised to tell the truth. in separate worlds but created for one another. wrote over and over at the end of every page.. encasing me in it’s tails.. I looked down to see her looking back up at me. I looked at her for a long time thinking about my earlier question whilst my mouth was hanging open like a cod-fish. that my book fell from my lap and hit the trunk floor with a thud. “I am a monster. The story that haunted my life. We were so different. I sucked in a breath and began. something more than this world connected us we just hadn’t figured it out yet. .The story had a whispering feel that wrapped around me. but now as i came to i felt a deep heat resonating from my stomach. one that has haunted me since i was created. I was happy. even though they were only a whisper.

“Ever heard of Frankenstein?” .

My sharp intake of breath echoed in the tree’s hollow. straining the skin of his fingers. He looked away not wanting to see my reaction.. startled.. I got up to shut the window but ended up staring outside for a while remembering what had happened earlier in the day. his anger.Chapter 9 I woke feeling groggy and disorientated. I had forgotten to shut the window earlier when i had got in. His hands were entwining angrily together. however i was not afraid. His face.” His eyes travelled back up to mine quickly.. i knew that much because it was dark outside. his scars. because quite clearly he was afraid of my reaction and what that meant. “You are not scared?” His question was ironic. unexpectancy written all over his face.. It was late. everything clicked. but when he said those words. I did not mean to make my reaction visible to him. on. “Go. either embarrassed or upset.. more.. But within his eyes was fear. a cold breeze was sweeping across my face but i didn’t wake up outside like i had earlier. .

. just startled. a mixture of anger and bewilderment swirling over his face. i just know a little more about you now.... and as i finished his facial expression turned to frustration. “ Well. what i mean is. i mean. and so many different things went through my head about how you could have got doesn’t mean you are!” “it also doesn’t mean I’m not!” Adam shouted.. “Frankenstein may be dangerous.Frankenstein.. but that is how Mary Shelley wanted people to perceive him. is dangerous?” He seemed to struggle in saying the word Frankenstein. Adam’s eyebrows knitted together. “You don’t think being near..” “You don’t think being a real life Frankenstein is terrible?” I looked up to see him looking at me. becoming frustrated over my unfinished sentence.... i thought it might have been terrible. .. his mind running through different scenarios that were nowhere near to the truth most probably... i just. refusing to break eye contact.” I had been staring at his face throughout my explanation trying to explain my feelings to him. I’m not scared.” I couldn’t explain the feeling of having the puzzle pieces but not being able to put them together. I knew there was something I kept looking at him. nothing about you has changed in my eyes. “i saw your scars earlier whilst you were asleep.“No.

squashed against the inside of the tree. He shuffled me off and got to his feet. “Where are you going?” . or so i thought. He pulled away and stared straight into my eyes. He was caught so off guard. we toppled over together.I knew the only reason he was shouting. I grabbed his giant head and pulled his eyes up to look at me. the impact on me was huge. he still thought he was a monster.” tipping his head down as if it really was funny. “This doesn’t change anything!” Even though he whispered this. so much as say them very sternly. i was always left wanting more. We sat there trying to stare one another out. so i gave him one. His lips were so warm and inviting. In the end. but he clutched me closer. He may be a ‘monster’ but god was he good at kissing. i won. I was waiting for him to fling me off or shout some more. making sure he didn’t hit his head on the roof again. “Your wrong. you’re not a monster!” He quietly chuckled. I kissed him. “Adam. “YOUR NOT A MONSTER!” i didn’t shout the words. was to get a reaction from me. As he bent to walk out the door i grabbed his hand.

“By you not being able to accept that i am a monster. “It’s not going to work this time. “YOUR NOT A MONSTER!” i would say it all day if that’s what it took to get that fact into his head. “Quite ironic isn’t it?” he said whilst looking out at the forest. I lunged for him. i shouldn’t be around you. i have to run. Well one more kiss couldn’t hurt. i’m sorry but i’m leaving!” He turned his back on me. but he was expecting this one. “LOOK. don’t leave. you would be the one running. louder this time and a shiver went down my spine.He closed his eyes briefly before turning back to look at me. Waiting to laugh at my next line.” When saying the last line he looked back at me. a flare of anger flickering in his eyes. I’M LEAVING AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO OR SAY TO STOP ME!” . He dodged but caught me before i could land flat on my face. one step forward before i shouted at him. “Adam. trying to get out of the tree before Adam ran. “If you can’t accept that i am a monster and i am dangerous.” “Why ever not?” He looked at me with a sarcastic expression on his face. Yet if you were to accept it.” He chuckled again. I scrambled against the dry leaves in the hollow of the tree.

The look in his eyes was enough to make even a world wrestler quake in fear. Adam had emotion and from different experiences he had only little feeling. Now i knew for one. but discounting all of that. Adam was here. i had already fallen in love with Adam. stood. he had just climbed the tree swiftly. my head reaching his shoulders. arms by his sides. And that was how things stayed for a few moments me staring at his chest.” I shouted. looking straight back at me. But by the time i had got the courage to say it. sensing him looking down at me. he was still Adam. or how i knew to do it. I was in love with Adam. He did not have any special powers. i had no idea what to do. But i was not a world wrestler. It was only then that i realised i had been staring out the window for over five minutes and during that five minutes the window had become one of two things i was staring at. I don’t know what made me do it. . blank expression on his face. but within a few seconds Adam was at my window sill. He was staring just as i was. “I LOVE YOU. I learnt in history that when Frankenstein was made. My Adam. feet shoulder length apart. he was made without feeling or emotion. He climbed in and stood up. I opened the window again and stepped backward. A sharp intake of breath sent a tear rolling down my cheek. he was gone.

. “i heard you.. worried. His lips parted and he breathed a great sigh. nervous and ecstatic all at the same time. hoping stupidly he would decide to stay. because quite frankly my heart was racing so fast i thought it was going to jump out of my chest. and my chest began to get tight. The silence dragged on. fanning me in the smell of the forest. in anticipation for his reaction to my earlier words. he’s leaving. Ever since he walked away from me in the forest i had dreamt of what could happen if he stayed and now he’s going to leave and all of those dreams will shatter like glass when they hit reality. i fainted .“So?” I was hoping from that word alone he would be able to sense what i was thinking.. making it hard to speak. “and?” I was staring open mouthed now. His face was drawn. He tilted my head up so that i could meet his eyes. I saw a small twinkle in his eyes as he took a breath and then.” It was like the flashback of today’s earlier events were picking up from where they left off. .. his sweet breath sweeping across my face. he’s really leaving.

I was going to have to retreat to the shadows once more. .Chapter 10 ADAM “Lucie. i wouldn’t be able to leave. And she had to forget me. I could not leave her as a sprawled mess on the floor though. peering at her face waiting for any coherence to appear on her face. She had known me for a matter of day’s compared to the lifetime i had had to endure watching her from a distance. i had stood there watching her battle with herself internally whilst i tried to build up the courage to tell her i was leaving. She was completely and utterly still and no matter how much i shook her or whipser her name she didn’t show any sense of my touch or voice. like i was about to. As a classic cliché the only other option i could come up with was to kiss her. That was why she had fainted. that would be cowardly and cruel. But if i kissed her now.. yet from the moment we began to interact i knew it would not be safe for her. Lucie?” She wasn’t answering me. And now i knew she wouldn’t be able to take it. why wasn’t she answering me? Her pale form was sprawled on the floor away from my position..

but the second our lips touched i knew i could not leave. It wasn’t safe for her to be around me and now that i had the comfort in knowing she was fine. Her lips began to move against mine then and i answered her reaction by wrapping my arms around her shoulders and holding tight to her. then sucked in a breath of air. a smile spread her face as though she had won something. but just at that moment i saw her eye’s twitch and lowered my knee’s to the floor again. in an attempt to tell her i wasn’t leaving. It didn’t stay there long. even after countless whispers and numerous shakes of her shoulders she didn’t move again. Goosebumps began to cover her skin and i remembered on my way in i had left the window open. However she didn’t move a second time. I stood up to shut it. it was about 2am and her parents were asleep according to the snores slicing through the silence that cloaked the house. “your not staying. Then my resolve broke and i leaned in to kiss her. But i needed to leave. It was going against all the arguments in my head and all the barriers i had forced up to resist her.” . I broke the kiss and stared at her wide eyed as she slowly opened her eyes.I shook her again and continued to whisper her name. all my resolve’s came rushing back. She slowly dragged herself upright until our faces were at the same level.

Why is that so surprising? What did you not expect to feel anything? Did you not care so much that you had disregarded ever feeling emotion about leaving me? Is that it?” she had said all this in nothing but a whisper.” She whispered it as though half her voice had lost its way to her mouth.She said it as more of a statement that a question. yet that same whisper had held so much emotion that for all i knew she could have been Martin Luther King. that’s what i had been taught all my life. “you were crying. “i was what?” i could not feel emotion. So how could i be crying? “Adam. I didn’t know what she was doing. which didn’t go down well with her. I scrambled to a standing position and backed up against the wall in a defensive position. and i knew she understood that the kiss although pressurising it did not change my answer. “I spent everyday thinking about you from the moment i first laid eyes on you! Adam we have a connection that i can’t quite explain! . from my nose to the edge of my cheekbone. so i flinched and although this made her eyes gloss over with moisture she continued reaching. which she returned yet she accompanied her’s with an answer. her hand was angled toward my face and as her fingers made contact with my cheek she gently wiped across. I was still too in shock from learning about my show of emotion to answer her. She reached her arm out and for a moment i thought she was going to hit me. you were crying. I gave her a quizzing and confused look.

You can’t just toss that aside. But this time i was dead certain. I hung on the window ledge with one hand.. but to find that i could react to emotion meant that i could feel. I’m not letting you leave until you realise. I began to back-off as i heard feet hit the floor in the other room and as they began to head this way i quickened my pace. . I had started crying because i hadn’t wanted to leave Lucie.. climbing out of the window just in time for Lucie’s bedroom door to swing open. I held my hand over her mouth until her silent rant had soaked into the inside of my palm. But now it could. I was still staring at her wide eyed but i had found my vocal chords in order to present her with an answer. My mind was the yolk. I couldn’t leave. “i can’t feel emotion!” it came out as a sort of strangled wail which in all fairness wasn’t a shout but caused Lucie’s mother to stir in the next room. For the second time this night i decided i couldn’t leave. Normally it was like being an egg. I already had limited sense on the outside. I could feel. whilst staring into the pitch black. contemplating my new knowledge. never quite touching the shell because it was surrounded by nothingness.” I didn’t let her finish.

. She didn’t see me at first. Lucie speedily shuffled to the window and peered out. causing our lips to collide again. I climbed into her bedroom once more and held her face between my hands. The whole reason i was meant to leave was to spare Lucie the Battle that i was running from. but if i could feel now then that doubled my chances of feeling strong enough to stay and to protect Lucie. Lucie’s mother was just leaving the bedroom with Lucie trying to shoo her out the door without succeeding. I tuned out of that line of though being the coward i am and tuned into the movement in the room above me. We were locked in the embrace for a few minutes before we both came up for air and leaving lucie stood stunned and panting for oxygen i strolled over to her bed and lay down stretching out with a huge smile spanning the width of my face. Finally though they bid each other good night and after a few minutes of making sure her mother had gone to bed. With this new found knowledge and the happiness brought by knowing i didn’t have to leave Lucie my body took over my reactions. The battle that decided weather i was Adam or the monster. so i pulled myself up quickly to catch her by suprise with a kiss on her neck. I would have to protect her.I was weak when i decided i had to leave.

. her head squashed into my under arm..” i spoke under my breath so that she wouldn’t hear and even though it was a side comment it drove full force to the front of my mind.. If they found out about Lucie they would use her against me. “i have to protect you. . I couldn’t let Lucie get hurt. “We will be Lucie and Adam. it was usually fortnightly visits in each destination. there were going to track me down for sure.” I attempted a smile at her and it must have passed because she chuckled. Peering down i saw her with her eyes closed and her lips arranged into a get to me.When i looked over at lucie again she had a bemused expression on her face. She walked over to the bed and led by my side. They might hurt her.. like she was attempting to be angry but just so relieved that i was staying that she couldn’t care what had gone on before. “So do you want to tell me what’s going to happen now?” she peered up at me a happy grin cloaking her worry. I must have ran the perimeter of America three times now but i had never stopped in one place for over a month. but if i were to stay with Lucie. How was i going to protect her? I had been watching Lucie from a distance for over a year now but it had only been pit stops whilst running. cuddling up to my ribs. lighting up her face.

.“what? As opposed to Lucie and Luke?” she giggled into my side and began to focus on tracing my scars through my drenched t-shirt. “No.. as i answered her in a whisper.” . instead of the girl and the monster..

led in his strong. I would have gladly led there all night. Led there. with an appreciative then questioning look. blocking any escape. I heard Adam shifting on the bed and before i could open my eyes i felt his soft lips on mine. out of the corner of my eye watching Adam stare at me. warm embrace. tracing his scars over and over to remind me how special he was. like i had been kissing these lips my whole life. fiery tension. but there were questions to be answered. The silence stretched between us. My whole world was centred on his lips that felt so much like home. Every now and again he would brush his fingers through my hair or lean down to kiss my forehead. but a sweet calm atmosphere that cradled us in its embrace. His arm’s circled my waste as i straddled his hips. repeatedly checking if i was okay. He mimicked my posture so that we were each on our side staring at the other.Chapter 11 The Silence as we led there was peaceful. I blushed and wiggled up the bed to lean by his head. but still it felt . It was a brief encounter but his taste exploded in my mouth and i leaned in for more. staring at him. I sat up and stretched. We were both waiting for the other to begin. and answers to be questioned. It wasn’t charged with passionate. a rush of questions flooded upon me and i had to shut my eyes to categorize each in my head.

bubbling and squirming with intensity. not wanting to separate.. from head to toe. but instead of causing pain. it just made the moment more intense. Adam had taken his shirt off and his perfectly muscled torso was just above my belly. Even with the scars that ran from the tips of his shoulders to the top of his hips in a thin Y. . I dragged my hands from Adam’s head to his bare stomach and felt the skin that stretched over his well built muscles. like instead of being inside wrapped up in each other’s embrace on the bed. something that was important. I felt a fiery hot flash of desire streak through my body. Adam rolled us over so that he was straddling me. we were stood in a ferocious storm. My tongue swept his top lip and all i could taste was the rain. but as i was just on the brink of retrieving more. it felt like these lips. making sure our bodies never broke contact. I felt like i was meant to be doing something else. I could feel his hands grip my side as he returned the gesture. his mouth was consuming mine and in that moment i could not have thought of a better time or place that i would ever run to. oh so gentle and soft against mine. Our bodies were pressed entirely against each other now. I would always run to Adam.. I gripped his huge head with my tiny hands and pulled his lips closer to mine. Opening my eyes i saw something that made my world spin. which was almost impossible because of how close we already were. his beauty was completely encompassing. coming to a stop in my belly. something to do with Adam. each protecting the other from the furious elements.had been made for mine.

I gripped his torso and led it against mine. His stomach was just as warm as his lips. I gained some sanity just in time to see a shadow at the window. lifting my shirt over my head and throwing it to the floor.. I scrambled to a sitting position and whispered to Adam. I looked down to see Adam placing tiny kisses along my neckline.. I gazed at him adoringly and that seemed to be all he needed to complete the action. His back taught and his fists clenched like he was ready to face an army. dragging his head forward i placed the lightest of touches on his lips.I pushed Adam up and raised my hands above my head. he peered at me questioningly for a moment before his eyes widened and he reached slowly for the hem of my t-shirt. by staring straight into my eyes. he responded instantly and he continued to explore my face and neck following on from where he had got to before. I realized he was scared. “There’s someone at the window. I looked back at the window and the shadow was gone. every now and again brushing his tongue back over the skin he had kissed. He appeared to be trying not to look at my bare torso. Only this time he had much more to explore. His face furious.watching me and Adam. The warmth in my belly writhed at each touch... revelling in the way his skin felt against my bare stomach. off the bed in a flash and stood facing the window. I reached up and held his face in my palms. making it impossible to pretend I was in a rain storm any longer. making my eyes roll. .” Adam shot up.

what i am. Finally after what felt like an hour. looking at the wall behind my head. The smell of rain again. but now i didn’t even have to ask.. He was still peering at the window. but it was only a squeak that came out of me. never breaking eye-contact with the window. fidgeting with his fingers. . He was giving the information to me free of charge. “What do you mean too soon?” it was meant to sound threatening. an odd calculating look on his usually peaceful. It was to ask him about himself. I loved that smell. whilst it groaned in protest. Adam turned back to me. peaceful eyes and blew out a long breath that made the hair around my face flutter. “I swear Adam. I sat on the bed. where i came from. He looked down whilst he spoke. fiddling with my hands. it was right there!” He didn’t answer me but continued to look at the window a now worried look on his face. “I need to tell you about myself.. with a resigned. He gripped my elbow and drove me back to the bed. after all my nerves were frayed and he had just kept me waiting for an hour. a habit that had haunted me ever since i was young. He watched me with his sad. yet sad face.” Now that his lips weren’t on me i remembered what it was i meant to do.Getting to my feet i began to walk toward the place where the shadow was but Adam threw out his arm to stop me. “Too soon. fearful look on his face.” was all he said. but never meeting my eyes.

i learned how to walk and use muscles. I had wandered over to the edge of the thick forest. “That was until he left me in the ground one day whilst he answered a call from one of his associates. the outline of an animal.He was struggling to get the words out.” As he described his home his face grew loving and happy like he could see it there and then. I rummaged for the thick wool blanket mum had knitted for me last year and pulled it over both of us. an peered into the darkness. i was created or “born.” His expression turned pained and angry. I could see a little way in. He hadn’t thought of the emotions and feelings that went with a person he just wanted to create something living and breathing. so i pulled him to me on the bed and we returned to the position we had originally started in-led on our sides. somewhere in Europe. an empty case if you will. . He watched our hands for a minute or two. It all started years ago. Then i held his giant hand in my own tiny.” in a huge mansion type complex. but he never removed his hand from mine.before our passion had interrupted us. it had always intrigued me. surrounded by a thick forest that spanned for miles around the perimeter. to prove it could be done. evening his panicked breathing before he began. instead he held one of my hands in his. Back then i was a robot. pale ones that looked terribly fragile holding his. “I guess i should start with how i came to be. but i was effectively empty. so i wandered in to where it lay. “I started out as nothing. circling the smooth skin of my palm.

threatening me with death. willing me to understand.” . i sank to the floor and sat there for about 3 hours. trying to get rid of the anger. ‘cause this time it was different.” By this time Adam was crying himself. And then My eyes were watering so much i could no longer see the tree. but his eyes were boring into mine. I started to pound the nearest tree with my fists. but i didn’t care what he said. i didn’t start crying again like i had with the faun. I remember looking up and realizing it had started raining just as my eyes began to water. his threats meant nothing.. he began screaming at me.It turned out to be a baby faun. like i was an empty case. i continued to watch it and realized it wasn’t breathing. He hadn’t been happy. I then began to breathe rapidly and walked round in circles with my face in my hands. I was angry at him for the way he was treating me. I thought it was sleeping first of all. “I remember walking back through the forest and across the grounds to him late that night and finding him panicked and pulling at his hair as i walked through the door. this anger was different. It made me angry ‘cause i didn’t know what was happening.. When it didn’t move. I leaned forward and kissed each trail of tears until they stopped. I began to get angry again. then stared into Adam’s eyes with as much love as i could muster. That was the first time my eyes had ever done that and my reactions were all wrong. Then i realized i had felt pain. like i was worthless. so i bent down to stroke it gently. tears dribbled down his cheeks. trying to work out what had happened to me.

I worked up enough breathe to ask what had happened after and he began to explain. but i was still enraged from his earlier attitude.” His words had startled me. I am not worthy of your tears. Ever since I’ve been watching you. “Please don’t cry for me Lucie. however he gripped my hand tighter. The sight of it had shocked me.” Adam leaned into kiss my cheek then and i realised i had been crying. never getting caught. for days on end. However i realized if i carried on he might end up like the faun. The tears were never ending. That didn’t mean anything though.him.. I was created with the strength of ten men. I knew my next question might anger Adam. It turned out to be a scalpel. but i needed to know the answer. trains. Then i found this little town that couldn’t be found on any map i looked at and settled down in the forest. I whipped the scalpel across his face. “i walked toward him and grabbed the nearest utensil i could find in his lab.” I began to wipe my eyes but found it was a wasted effort. “I ran. getting on boats.” . like every moment of my touch was what he lived for. and ended up in here in England.. never to look back. So I fled my home... no boy had ever cared that much for me. but rather than finding it creepy i blushed. “What happened to. it created a huge scar that spanned from the bottom of his right cheek to the centre of his forehead that began to pour with blood.Adam refused to meet my eyes now.

” .. “What do you mean?” Adam stared at me looking just as frightened as i was. he watched me trying to assess my reaction to what he was about to say.Adam’s face grew dark yet wary. “That was him at the window..that was until tonight. then gave a resigned sigh.” I gasped. “He tried to find me i suppose but i never heard anything from him. Well.

changed. So long in fact. I picked up the note and unfolded it and the unease grew stronger. that I did not recognize you at first sight. It has been a long time. I had woke up this morning in the tree’s alcove after walking home from Lucie’s that night to find a note pinned to the tree. You have not aged. Normally the weather was determined by my mood and at this moment i was calm. That was not my plan. I scanned the area surrounding the alcove but there weren’t any signs that anyone had passed through. I was walking to school now. it was pouring with rain. She’s pretty. and a little bit unnerved. the girl... but i wasn’t sure why. . just. A man’s elegant scrawl was spread over the inside of the paper and it read. she was strong. & My plans never fail.Chapter 12 Lucie became upset over the news that HE was back. Boy. for any normal person it would have been so much longer. as you well know. You have become yourself boy. but it had only taken her a couple hours to calm down.

but now with the words on the paper repeating in my head. Your my monster.. I broke into a jog. My hands were bluish in the autumn morning. i was only 2 blocks from Lucie’s house now so i began to relax. that was my reasoning for walking to Lucie’s house this morning to meet her. It was the wrong thing to do. They were his cars. There was an alley way up ahead that took me through to Lucie’s street. as you always will be. Her house was the other side of town from the wood’s and at first i thought walking it off would be a good idea. Remember that. But my anger still had not dispersed. the cars were too close for me to avoid. Two cars rounded each end of the street and began crawling towards me. the cars sped up. half in fear and half out of anger for being fearful. I have come for you.ish. and the alley was too far away even if i did want to use it. . For you will be mine once more. my stride grew larger. but i could only feel the slightest bit of cold. you are after all a monster. i had a strange sense of being watched. but that would be dragging Lucie into it.. I stopped. I had screwed up the paper and punched a tree. when the unease grew to much.She is too good for you. if i could just get there before the cars I’d be safe.

like a video-game from Argos. I will not be played. Four are coming at me this time. I looked up to see two men. . I waited till they were within spitting distance before i flung both arms out. I puncture each man oesophagus and drop them to the ground. slapping both men on the face. four unconscious. six dead. By the time i have finished 10 men lay on the ground. He came to collect me. i snap their strings. I know he’s sat in that car. it was a fight to the death. if not more. one getting out of each car. They began to approach me. like puppets. fracturing their jaws simultaneously. More men climb from the cars. they’ll be dead within 10 seconds. Right now was an example of that. With my semi-permanent numb hands held over my heart which felt like it was bleeding ‘cause of the thought of leaving her.It was odd how much emotion i could feel compared to how little my sense of touch actually worked. i continue to make them dance. Now i wait. they no longer move. they’ll stay that way for near enough five hours. From their jaws to their arms my hands clung to their flesh and twirled them into me curling my arm around their throats as they came. To anyone watching us it would look like we were dancing. but I’m not a toy. but this was no dance. The cars stopped by my feet. probably with two other men. but i had already planned the action i was going to take.

Don’t forget that. I looked back toward the bodies of the men.. I walk steadily toward it and look in. “Surprise!” she grinned at me in a cute yet devilish way as her eyes shined where the sun hit them. but at that moment a pair of lips met mine and i was lost to the world. you have grown..” The window rolled back up and the cars sped off in separate directions. I was NOT his.they had gone. I was wrong. but this time i had no way to calm myself down.I continue to wait and not long after a window rolls down on the car to my left. My angered flared again and i sucked in a breath to shout. . A man’s voice emanates from the car. My anger was on a high again. my hands gripped her waist as hers secured themselves around my neck.that ripped away from mine. Her perfume crowded my nose and her eyes fastened my vision to them. never getting any closer. all i could hear was our hearts beating out of time and all i could taste was the orange she had had for breakfast on the soft caress of her lips. you are stronger. “Very impressive boy. I will be back and next time you will return to me. But you are still mine.

. “Have you heard anything from him?” There was a deep guilt pitted in my stomach as i replied. he must’ve left. but if it was the only thing that would protect her then i would do it a hundred times. he’s probably already back in Switzerland by now! Anyway come on. Probably just checking on me. trying to hide my unease in her warm lips.” I managed to get the word out in a sigh/appealing voice. trying to pretend there was nothing wrong. . We needed to be around people. but with the events of the morning. from what you’ve told me anyway. adding to my building facade of calm and serenity. “mevrouw.” I did not want to lie to lucie. it felt unsafe to go back to Lucie’s house.I kissed her again as a way of greeting. or we won’t make it to school!” A sly grin spread across her face that made me wary yet at the same time made my stomach tighten in a not so unpleasant way.. go back to my house. he would not come when we were around hundreds of people. it’s only a study day. well. after all. “No. I don’t think she noticed. we haven’t got any exam’s.” On any other day i would have picked her up straight away and ran to her house. and mum’s just gone to work.” a line formed between her eyebrows and I brushed it away with my index finger not liking the fact that Lucie was worried. “We could just. “I’m sure. “Are you sure? He has never checked on you before.

. we may not have one today.“No. asking me to never let go. I’d like to at least make that 99%!” Her lips turned into a pout and they were just so appealing that i couldn’t help the tiny kiss i placed upon them. come on.. in a silent question. “Besides. there’s always later!” She brightened up a little at this and we began walking in the direction of school.. her hand gripped mine. but I have science tomorrow and I am almost 100% likely going to fail.i held tighter as the rain slowed to a dribble.

The moment was one that i would never forget.Chapter 13 “How was your day?” Me and Adam were walking back from school in the warm sunshine. but i didn’t make him stop kissing me.. i lived for Adam’s kisses.. so that not even the pencils in my pencil tin could be heard. lips hot yet soft against one another. The only down side was i had to wait the whole day for you!” He span me around until I landed upside down in his arms. with the rain soaking our clothes. He pulled away and stared into my eyes until my breath stopped whooshing to and from my lips. and i got asked to play in Fridays rugby match against Marling Grove. feet in sync. My head was twirling and i couldn’t breathe properly. hands clasped together. trying to outrun the rain. he kissed me breathless then pulled me back to a standing position and kissed me again. When we rounded onto my street he put me down and we ran together hand in hand the rain growing heavier just as i closed the door behind us.nothing could have been better. Stood in the middle of the road. . Adam lifted me into his arms then and set off in a jog. “It was okay. i think i might at least get an F in tomorrow’s science exam. I would have expected to be jostled and jumbled in his arms but he kept a tight hold on me.

uhhh me and Adam are going to go upstairs and study for our science exam tomorrow. just before i went up i gave her a meaningful glare.” My Mother continued to stare at Adam’s face as he stretched out his hand in greeting. I’m Florence. “uhh mother. “Mother?” She quickly composed herself and grabbed Adam’s huge paw with her own. We’ll see you later!” My mum nodded never looking away from Adam while i pushed Adam up the stairs. she was still staring at the scar that spanned across Adam’s face.I turned and found Adam’s lips on mine. “It’s nice to meet you Adam. A tense moment threatened to descend over the three of us but i stopped it not a second after i realised it was there.” Adam stiffened slightly. “well. this is Adam. because just as i was about to ask him why he did it my mother entered the hallway and stopped in her tracks when she saw Adam. “Lucie?” We broke away immediately and Adam took two steps away from me. his strange rain tasting lips swamping mine. . beginning to dance a very hot and erotic dance with mine. His mind was working faster than mine. but it took me a while to realise why. which was supposed to ask ‘why so rude?’ but she continued to stand there in a trance so i just took off upstairs. Adam this is my mother. but my mum didn’t notice. mother. my mind clouded over as his tongue slithered its way into my mouth.

hugging me closer to him until i was hardly able to breathe. It was Adam’s. will you leave me. snuggling into his chest. she’s had no friends. I’m nothing like my mother anyway... dirty. brutally disgusting. since dad left. horrific. Two. I snuck over to him and pounced. or she was just incredibly curious about my scar!” I lifted my head to look at his face which was concerned yet thoughtful and frowned at him. “you know i think she likes me. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. ugly. Adam was already my superman. landing on top of him. it was the only way i knew of getting him to shut up. knee’s either side of his waist. but he still looked like a little boy. “One. I felt a tear slip between our cheeks and opened my eyes. “what? I’m just saying. i wiped it away and held .” I kissed him. my mum doesn’t gossip..When i got to my bedroom. He wasn’t asleep. breathing softly. So i kissed him so hard that it felt like someone had punched me in the face. i’m going to have to make sure they never date because he has a huge. she’s probably started the gossip now! ‘ ooh my daughters just brought home a boy. dreaming of being invincible. then i told him what it was about. that. like superman. eyes closed.” He sat up at that moment and kissed me. Adam was sprawled on my bed. squeamish. rubbing away the leftover tension created by the conversation with my mum. so she can never tell me what to do and i will NEVER give you up! Over my dead body.

” I laughed. you.” He looked at me like a child who had been chastened and i couldn’t help but kiss his button nose. uhhh don’t know how to cook.. just needing him. “Where do you get your food from normally. like he had taken two cookies out of the cookie jar instead of one. he kissed me back.” Adam looked at me worried. When my lips felt swollen i leaned back and stared into his eyes. You know. it worked...” I pulled his mouth to mine then with a feverish need to know whether he felt the same. we’ll just have to change that won’t we.well I get it from the shop.. And I love YOU. your scar is what makes you. “Now that you know that. I couldn’t stand to see him looking like that.. I dragged him .his heavy head in my hands and stared at his face until he opened his eyes. if you can’t cook?” I chuckled but he looked away then and let go of my hands.. “well. since she’s gossiping to all these friends she has.. “well that’s nothing to be ashamed of. “I. i mean plenty of people. The little boy’s face was back but this time he was ashamed. from the shop!” I shut up and looked at him. yet at the same time. Whispering my final point “Three.. i. “uhhh.” I said and kissed him to make him cheer up. we need to go and make dinner.” “i steal it.

why are you so tense? Was it me?” He looked down at me then. finger over my lips in a sign to keep quiet and pulled him down the long hallway toward the kitchen. except from the small black swirly writing that read: As after a calling bird. All the way down i had been checking the rooms slyly out of the corners of my eyes.. hearing his feet thudding behind me on the carpeted floor. Adam froze in place. Instead of continuing on to the kitchen i swerved to a door just before the back door which was painted completely red. When we reached the bottom of the stairs i turned. never looking away from the of the bed and down the stairs. “Adam?” I was worried now and kept jumping to try to look into his eyes. I tried to look at his face to read what was wrong.. eyes boring into mine. His shoulders had tensed up and his fists were in balls. but he kept it well guarded. . but couldn’t see any sign of mum so i took it she was upstairs. A puzzled look covered his face all the way down but i never stopped to explain. “What’s wrong. “mmm?” Well at least he was answering. One tries to repeat the innocent voice It is filled with.

please believe that Lucie...” He closed his eyes slowly. “Oh. well it’s dad’s. but it got all dusty and boring and mum let me change it because she didn’t like to remember. before i opened the door and pushed him through. I stretched up to kiss him quickly.. this was his room before he left.. “Open..“Nothing can ever be your fault. “It’s nothing the writing’s just familiar that’s all. Adam was still stood stock still and his face had turned back to the door. growing weary of my intentions.” . well him i guess. But that’s not what i wanted to show you! Close your eyes. “What’s wrong then? You got all freaky when you looked at the door!” He let out a breath then and his shoulders slumped.” I relaxed then and held his giant hand in mine enjoying the warmth it brought to me.. which made him smile.” Even though that made me smile.

Over the birds i could hear Lucie’s sweet voice calling my name and i focused back into reality. I got up and held her tiny face in my hands. I could smell the pine needles and the rain covered leaves. “Adam. i painted them without a photograph or anything and that was like 3 years ago!” We stared at each other confusion on her face and excitement on mine.Chapter 14 It was the forest.from Switzerland The tree’s surrounded me and bombarded me. It was all the same. It was home. “What?” “The tree’s. . i could hear the birds throwing songs to and from the tree’s. they’re the ones from Switzerland!” “But how can they be. “It’s home!” Her face was puzzled.. are you okay?” I hadn’t noticed until now that i had at some point fallen to my knees. making me feel slightly sick yet at the same time incredibly free.. both stood in a stunned silence.

loving the giggle that escaped her so much that i just had to do it again and again until she was in fits and we had fallen on the floor. what was little Lucie like?” I tickled her ribs gently. Just then i noticed how beautiful she really was. “little Lucie was a minx. before you left. Her smile stayed in place when we made eye contact and she seemed genuinely comfortable in my presence. i was an empty shell. “What was ‘home’ like. “Just wondering if you wanted Dinner?” I looked up from the scuff on my shoes that had been helping me avoid eye contact.realised?” The question seemed so ordinary. not wanting to tell her what it had been like. but you’ve heard that story. as if we had been doing something utterly indescribable.~*~ I settle in the love seat and reach for Lucie’s hand. there isn’t much to tell about it. just like she is now!” We both scrambled up at the quiet. I grasped her closer.. yet the memories it dredged up were anything but. The Silence is peaceful mirroring the scene painted on the walls that resembles my home so strongly.. “Well before the day in the woods.. gentle voice of her mothers. before you.. but there is one sound that i am willing to allow to break the silence. she offers it willingly and settles on my lap. laying her head on my shoulder. what about you. she had delicate tree bark brown hair that . so as not to frighten her again with my scar.

I turned to Lucie and raised my eyebrows mirroring her expression and earning a scowl as a reward. “That would be lovely. rather than Lucie herself. but was still visible none the less.” She laughed gently before leaving the room and going to prep the dinner arrangements.framed her face and her eyes were the colour of emerald held in water. “Not at all Miss. arms on hips in protest. “Of course Adam. i apologize for my rudeness. Leuwenhoek?” her tone of voice scared me slightly because although it was jokey i didn’t know how she was going to pay me back.” I risked a sideward glance and saw Lucie. “Do you think that’s funny Mr. that spanned from the left of her collar bone to somewhere under her t-shirt. would you please accept my invitation of dining as an apology?” . making it difficult not to smirk. glowing from hidden depths. i’m sure i can get more information from you about Little Lucie. mouth open. She had a soft yet angled face and a small button nose that held all the features together. i have plenty of stories to tell. I pulled my eyes back up to her face where the smile was still genuine but was also filled with the slightest concern which had been brought on by my silence. I smiled a small smile that was shy yet genuine to match hers and responded. i also noticed she had an aged scar that was nothing more than indentation in skin. I chuckled under my breathe and smiled pleasantly at Lucie’s mother. and if it was anything to do with keeping my distance i wouldn’t be able to help myself.

my prince. back straight.” I gave her a wink then led her through to the dining room. like they would have in Victorian times and bowed waiting for her to accept my arm.for now. waiting for her to smile back. “no need Adam. i’m an aspiring waitress.. “Come on. Her mother entered the room at that point carrying three large bowls which were balanced up her arms. i went to help her but..” My eyes widened as she grinned at me and i saw a flash of mischief creep across her expression. Hot would suffice. when your being a gentleman..” . hand perfectly horizontal.I held out my arm. “Well you maam.” I resumed my posture with a goofy smile plastered on my face and continued to walk with her until we got to the dining room.. There i discarded her seat from the head of the table so that she could sit down and then returned it once she had sat down. gentle kiss on my lips that was filled with longing. I sat in the chair next to her which would be facing her mother. I felt a gentle pressure on my arm and looked up to see her hand resting there. I stood straight again and smiled down at her. pushed me so that my back was against the wall and pressed a warm. look simply delightful when you smile at me like that. “I think Cute was the wrong word. But before we could get there she stopped me. “Your so cute.” She said and rewarded me with a smile.

I couldn’t understand the meaning of it. as if she had wrapped something in tape warning ‘do not touch’ and then hidden it away within herself.” At the mention of Lucie’s father i saw her mother stiffen from the corner of my eye and i refocused my attention onto her. which just made the prospect even harder for me to understand. Her head was bowed. but i accepted the warning and turned my attention back to Lucie who was nibbling away at the salad on the side of her plate like a hamster... so focused on what had just happened that i didn’t realise what i was eating until Lucie’s mother pointed it out. Lucie insisted we pray before we ate which i was uncertain of until she explained the prospect. “i don’t really get it either. just as if she was peacefully crying to herself. when peering at there’s only a mere 1/8 was gone. As if she had read my thoughts she quickly hide her fists under the table and looked up taking a deep breath as she did. but her fisted hand told me otherwise.She giggled and gave me a wink before setting them down in the three settings we were placed at . “So. As she caught my eyes. .are the meatballs good adam?” I looked up to see her mother smirking at me and then gesturing to the plate. i read a warning in them. Following her example i tucked into to the food on my plate. but not strained. “Dad always used to do it and i’ve done it ever since.” Lucie told me truthfully. I looked down and realised half of my plate was missing. thanking god for all he gave us.

.” I glanced at Lucie to see her smiling into her bowl.” I raised my eyebrows at Lucie. which she was still nibbling out of and then remembered the purpose of the meal. who began to cough on her food and then scowled at me...” “thank you Adam and please call me Florence. I chuckled and then turned back to her Mother. i hope they’re good. but none of it’s a good as this Ms Dove. “Well there is the one about Lucie.” .“Lovely. “So what sort of stories about Little Lucie have you got for me Florence. great for keeping a grown man’s strength up! We have to eat meat all the time when we’re training. the spider and Jamie longfeld.

The moment was so special that the slightest sound would have shattered it but. “you can keep this one. Because no matter how beautiful you are. eyes staring at his lap as if he was exhausted. even for a . offering my mother a warm smile. He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. still with his arms wrapped round me. We sat on the porch for a little while or more.. On the way back to the kitchen she whispered to me. just holding each other and watching the sun drift to sleep. is the moon?” Adam. which surprised me. my favourite thing ever. as much as i wanted him to. yet half of that still.” He lifted his head to look at the moon like he just couldn’t stop looking at it. “Really? I always thought it looked kind of lonely in all its beauty.” as if i brought round guys every day.Chapter 15 “Thanks for having me. Florence. I walked close to him and slid my arms under his so that my hands connected on the other side of him.” Adam said heartily. i knew Adam could not stay the whole night. was staring happily at the sky..” Adam’s head hung. “Did you know. I turned to Adam and seen him watching me with a loving look in his gaze. Any previous thoughts of mine were left to the wind as i concentrated on what he had just said. everyone is-effectively-alone. just like the moon. I watched my mother return the gesture along with a small delicate hug. as softly as a bird’s wing would caress the wind. “That’s the reason i love it. one that told me what three simple words couldn’t.

you make me feel whole. neither one of us speaking. we were practically allies. he was hard-working. i made a vow to never let you feel alone.. romantic. However he then looked at me again and. “and when you kiss me..and love you. only the quiet whispers of our lips against each other disrupted the rain tearing down around us. Adam was many thing’s. the same woody aroma interconnected with it. caring. was Adam.few seconds. until i found you. You were what was missing for me Lucie. just like before. actually there’s only one way i know to describe it. . trying to convey what it meant to him. I gripped his face so hard that it must have hurt him. You’re my moon. i can’t even begin to describe how it makes me feel.. I vowed i would always be here to comfort you. like the rain could continually pound around me but it wouldn’t matter because i’d still see a sunny day with your laugh in my ear. what i meant to him. His breath blowing over my face like a breeze on a cool summer day. putting all his love. his passion into that one kiss. all though left me and all there was.” He kissed me then. This passionate kiss went on for several minutes. when you laugh it’s like. “I was just like the moon. there are no words.. that was. But the most important thing about Adam was that he was mine. and as much as he didn’t want to believe it. he wasn’t a monster. except once i set my eyes on you and found you were even more beautiful than the moon. when you smile at me i can’t even begin to remember the pain that i felt back at home. but he didn’t complain he wanted to feel loved and show me in return how much he loved me.” He took my face in his hands and held it close to his.

..IT is the rain. but about what. Before it was just if i got angry. i was unsure.It was only when we disconnected our lips that my attention turned to the rain. “What is it?” i asked. “I can get very emotional.. shooting me cautious glances every now and again through his arms that were braced on either side of his head. what do you mean. it’s affected by my emotions. always have been. With a resigned sigh he gave in... he was created by a bolt of lightning being struck into his body. they’ve been all over the place.touch. so if i get emotional it changes.. I am Frankenstein. takes shape according to my emotions. You know the tale of Frankenstein. but now it’s whenever you touch me and when you kiss me it. however where I’m a monster.. the thunder... What is IT?” but as i said the words it dawned on me what it was. “IT.” i whispered . and where i was struck by lightning I now have a connection to it. or rather he was’s even worse. for it had not been there before the kiss. “Adam? Have you noticed how strange the rain is? It always seems to start when we. but since i’ve met you...” “NO.” “Wait.” His answer was so quick that I looked to his face and saw in his eyes that he was afraid. the real one..” “You’re not a monster. in fact it always seemed to start raining when we touched.

for you to actually believe me? And by I Love you. the sooner i was ready.. flying through my closet. but he had text to say he was running late and that he would meet me at the usual spot but about five minutes later. As i waited i noticed two black hummers parked at either end of the street. i mean everything about you.” I flew out of bed the next morning.. the sooner i could see Adam.. loveable but that i learn more about you after every kiss we share!” He relaxed then and laughed a shaky.“Okay. When they saw me inspecting each of them. but where others see me as a monster. I saw mum for about 2 minutes whilst eating my breakfast. “How many times do i have to tell you i love you. all the while repeating my words back to me. relieved laugh that soon turned to a goofy. It was a quiet walk to school. He hugged me close then.” His words trailed off as he watched me take this information in. treating me to a second kiss. my emotions tie into accordance with the rain and the thunder instead of the sun. anxiousness spread over his face like butter on bread. embarrassed smile.. despite . normally Adam met me. “I Love You Lucie. funny. not just the fact that you’re cute. sitting in the worry lines that framed his eyes. in which time she expressed her view of Adam and had began to break down his mannerisms as i walked out the door. trying to find clothes to wear to school. looking rather out of place in the almost derelict neighbourhood.

Inside the letter read: Hello Darling Lucie. yet no-one removed themselves from either. but doing that just caused the man to speed up. Yet rather than drive away. I have noticed that you have been spending a lot of time with my Boy recently. giving the crisp white fold nothing more than a glance. The man that was dressed in black from head to toe with a motor cycle helmet on stopped dead in front of me. In his palm was a crisp white envelope addressed to me. Despite the cement that was holding my feet down i tried to back best efforts of being inconspicuous they began to roll down the road. both cars remained in their position obviously waiting for me to open the letter. almost cementing me to the spot. I took it and as soon as i had the man walked back to the car that he had originally exited. Suddenly a man removed himself from one car and began to walk toward me. The chills were still strolling up my spine but they had increased tenfold now. I Don’t Like It! I am writing to you to tell you to stay away from him. holding his hand out. mimicking the slow chills that ran up my spine. They parked head on from one another as they came to a standstill in front of me. Pulling out the letter i realised i was shaking and wished Adam would get here quicker. . so i stayed rooted to the spot. How wonderful it is to see you in person. I began to rip the seal.

As he always will be. You will leave him. As he always has been. to park in front of me. yet i couldn’t place it: “Darling Lucie. one of which had just began to roll forward. I hope you do not need warning again. I would not want to cause him any harm. If you wish for him to live. As he always will be.For he is mine. . So it is in your best interest to leave him be. Unless you wish for me to destroy him. from inside the car a velvet voice drifted out which seemed oddly familiar. Adam is mine. You have been warned my darling. The window whirred down and inside i could see a pair of black shades accompanied by a black tux. Do take my warning seriously. My gaze rose back to the cars. As i doubt you do. You will not speak with him again.

I Do Not Want To See You Hurt. For your own good. Darling Lucie. But it is your choice.” The window rolled down and both cars sped off. He is a Monster. alone in the middle of the road.He is dangerous He is a Monster.” “He’s not a monster!” my retort came out more sharply than i had intended. I hope we do not have to speak of the matter again. “Lucie. And for his. Bad things can happen Lucie. leaving me stood. You must leave him. . but i expect that was from the many times i had had to tell Adam the exact same thing and also because this man was threatening me. You need to follow my instructions. Goodbye.


Chapter 16
ADAM “Lucie?” I could only see her back, she was crouched into a ball on the floor with sobs wracking her entire frame. “Lucie, are you okay?” I began to panic now, what had happened, had she been hurt? So help me god if he had hurt her... I began walking towards her. “NO!” I stopped in my tracks with a grinding sound across the pavement. She whipped around into a crouching position with a snarl on her face. “Lucie, What’s the matter?” Her deep intake of breath made me worry further, but now there was a hint of fear, she was looking at me like that... She slowly stretched until she was standing on two feet, but her expression was one of nothing but pure anger and betrayal. “You said everything would be fine, you said it was sorted... but it’s not sorted, is it Adam? IS IT?”

I stepped back as the full impact of her words hit me. She had found out. But how? She was expecting an answer but i couldn’t give her one, i was speechless. She continued in a much softer and surprisingly desperate moan, staring right through to my soul. “Why, Adam, why didn’t you tell me? You’ve just made it worse...” I didn’t understand what she meant by this so i waited until she continued, this time it was barely a whisper. “He’s coming, Adam...” Ice seeped through my body, hardening the pit of my stomach. “WHAT?” The sky’s overhead darkened and a gentle pattering of rain drifted down from the sky. From the distance a rumble of thunder made its way to our ears.


It was the afternoon by the time Lucie finally stopped crying, tears tracks rode themselves over her cheeks to rest on her chest where there was a huge wet patch from tears previously wept. She was clawing onto my t-shirt like someone was trying to rip me away from her oblivious to any change in her surroundings.

When she had finally allowed me to touch her earlier, after explaining what had happened the day HE came to get me, I had carried her back to her house and upon finding the house vacant had continued onto her room, pushing aside the temptation of returning to the little box of home that was Lucie’s fathers previous study. From then on she had not stopped crying except for when i had told her not to be afraid, that i would protect her, and she had explained that she was not afraid for herself, but for me. I had continually read the letter throughout this time, like clockwork, on the hour, every hour, each time the anger increasing twice as much as it had last time until i had had to bury my face in Lucie’s coconut smelling hair to restart the cycle of frustration. I kept thinking about how he had called her darling, for he had never spoken a kind word to anyone back home except for me, and even though she meant everything to me and she knew that, he would still not have called her darling, little girl maybe, but not darling. That name, to me would only be used in loving relationships, not to someone you had no connection to and that you had just met. As i pondered this, i noticed Lucie had fallen asleep and as much as i wanted to hold her there, could hear her mother’s car outside, signalling that i should hide. I began to gentle extract myself from the bed, trying to make Lucie declaw herself from me, but even in sub-consciousness she would not let go. At the sound of her mother opening the door, my actions grew more frantic and Lucie’s claw grew deeper into the cotton of my shirt. Her mother began to call out and without thinking about what i was doing, i took my t-shirt off so that i could escape Lucie’s grasp. Her

i had a sense of danger from him. opening the door to her room. like he had been through so much and he was just trying . watching her all the while. when he had stayed for dinner yesterday. and although Lucie would not let go. raised my opinion of him considerably. to make sure i hadn’t jostled her. ~*~ Florence “Lucie?” i whispered. trying to make as little noise as i could. The last thing i saw was Lucie’s hands clasping my t-shirt to her. like danger personified had just walked into my house in disguise. looking at it i thought that the sense of danger i was getting from him was actually a sense of despair. When he had first walked in the door. i thought it looked like a man’s t-shirt. She was led clutching some sort of item of clothing to her chest. But as i looked him over i noticed the scar that spanned from his right temple to the left side of his jaw. peacefully sleeping. I had been calling to her. I crept closer and gracefully sank onto the bed beside her. The boy had seemed nice. talking and laughing with both me and Lucie and the loving glances he kept offering Lucie. The piece of clothing looked like a t-shirt and cautious of waking her i tried to remove it to get a better look. panic rising within me with every second that passed that she didn’t answer.mother began to climb the stairs and i hurriedly climbed into the wardrobe. looking like a child. Adam’s. But something about him was off.

to get his life back on track. As my head popped out the top i placed a chaste kiss on her lips to thank her. Whilst i looked at Lucie now. though i didn’t realise it. though i couldn’t pin-point who. I stood up from the bed then. taking one last glance back at Lucie. so that she could rest in the curve of my arm. i left her to sleep. . and what had happened. clutching Adam’s shirt. each waiting for the other to start. However. Sometime during the time i began to replace my shirt and the moment i got stuck. whilst continually watching his past. or to make a move. When i felt hands guiding me i stilled and let her small hands finish the job. ~*~ ADAM When Lucie’s mother’s footfalls had silence on the ground floor. that she had found someone to make her happy and that she could make him happy in return. i couldn’t help but feel happy. and crossed to the door. i snuck out of the wardrobe and went to put my T-shirt on still with Lucie’s hands clutching it. We both sat in silence for a few moments. no matter how much i looked at him i couldn’t help but think that the way he spoke and his mannerisms reminded me of someone. She sank back onto the bed and i clambered on. i accidentally woke Lucie.

The seconds ticked by. wanting to forget everything and just be with each other. But we knew that we could not avoid it. talking in heated whispers to each other which gradually became quiet talking. We were both knelt on the bed now facing each other. Then she said it. the angrier and more afraid we became. you’ve read the letter a thousand times. I started. he would never kill me. I’m too precious to him. not wanting the thunder to hit.We both stayed silent. but i never let the doubt show on my face. “We have to let go. yet neither of us spoke. knowing what Lucie was trying to say. “I won’t let you get hurt. Lucie’s beginning to tear up again. we both sat staring at each other waiting for the other to say it. he was serious.” “But he’ll hurt you if you stay with me!” “He didn’t mean that.” Her words cut me deep. You will not speak with him again. I wouldn’t let Lucie hurt. we just stared. but not wanting to believe it.” . “Adam. I won’t let you get hurt. my eyes wide and afraid. Unless you wish for me to destroy him.” I doubted what i said.

i would find a way to keep Adam. His tongue dove straight in without even a . I won’t ever give you up and I’ll always keep you safe. well that’s tough. he kept me hidden. trying to pretend i wasn’t saying them. I clasped his giant hands in mine. But he left me to fend for myself. “No. But I would rather die. He responded with just as much intensity swivelling us around and lowering me to the pillow. willing him to see why.. “I have gave up too much to just walk back to him. agony plain on his face.” His words came from between clenched teeth battling to be heard over the thunder rumbling outside. a tear escaping from his eye. if he doesn’t like it. putting every ounce of love into our embrace. I’ve got you Luce. but still knowing they were true. I gripped him to me and wound my arms around his neck in an unbreakable hold. I am not his Luce. I have gained too much. he wanted me all to himself. i was an object to him. willing him to listen to me and know that HE had been serious. in surrender.” Adam whispered. so I did.” At those last words my resolve broke. But he wouldn’t accept it. than give you up. “I won’t leave you. crushing my lips to his. it didn’t matter how much it took. he gave up that right a long time ago. ‘Cause you are my life now.Chapter 17 I forced the words out trying not to believe them. running over his scar and coming to rest on his shirt. to stay together forever. He clutched my face in his hands.

He lowered his body to mine just enough so that i could feel his torso shiver with delight at the touch. His tongue swept across my shoulders and travelled to the base of my neck. but i didn’t care. I gripped his forearm’s.. I looked up to his face when he stopped moving. flinging it across the room. feeling the full expanse of his body vibrate at my touch.thought. which he covered over mine. merging us into one.” As soon as the words were out Adam wrenched my white cami top over my head and began to explore the curves of my skin below my chin with his hands. I gripped the hem of his tshirt and he sat up so that i could reach it over his head. ending at my belly button. I didn’t want him to control himself around me. I rolled him over so that i could lie over him instead. never breaking contact with my skin. and slipping my hands between our bodies to marvel at his muscled stomach. so i did something i had never dreamed of doing. and seen him with his eyes closed trying to hold back another shiver. . Adam’s eyes flew open then and his hands gripped my waist so hard that i was sure there were going to be bruises. He leaned me back onto the bed and began to kiss down the pale skin of my stomach. devouring the happiness and searching for more. “i can’t control myself around you!” He said it almost angrily but i knew it was only at himself. “Let me. i bit his chest. making me smile and laugh into his mouth. trying to bring us closer together. which he suddenly bit.

A fiery ball of hunger and passion exploded in my belly and i pounced back at him pushing him back against the pillow and licking his scar from his right temple to the left side of his jaw. I threaded my arms around his back and he threaded his around mine. clutching me to him tightly. my mother’s voice carried up the stairs. i jumped off the bed at once and ran to the window. lingering kiss on my lips. “And i vow.” I clutched him to me then and set a long. rush up his muscled back. the window of one was open and from within we saw the black sunglasses standing out from the darkness. asking if i wanted dinner. my Frankenstein.” He grinned then and placed a hot. I looked up at Adam. but once he got there i saw a shiver. mevrouw. to make it my life’s mission to make you the happiest and most loved person on this planet. “I vow to never let you go. Adam got up to shut the window. making you the only one i love. making me float on cloud nine. . at the same time keeping the bed sheet from sliding off. making us both jump out of our skin at the same time. passionate kiss on his warm lips as the thunder roared outside swimming in the lightening. forever. Outside the two black cars were parked on the curb once again. but he didn’t take his eyes off of the sunglasses. The window flung open. clutching the bed sheets around me. Adam. you are the only thing that i care about in this world. Whether sun or rain I will never stop loving you. He shivered with delight and growled like a wild animal.

so much that it hurts.” Adam breathed a sigh and a tear escaped his eye. Adam kept his glare concentrated on the cars.” I began to say but Adam interrupted me. I chanced a peak then down at the car. I looked up at Adam. the whole time. I’m your home. i gripped him harder. “He wants me to speak with him.. “I’ll come with you. . forever and always. so that only the glasses were visible. watching them both frozen on the road.” was all i said. he was still staring out at the two cars but a look of loneliness had entered his eyes. When i glanced back at the cars. “I Hate him Lucie. but i did know.I kept my eyes on Adam. and i pressed the whole of my body flush against his side.. that i didn’t want him going anywhere near either of those cars. “I’m here. I didn’t know why his appearance had shook me or why i couldn’t push away why he looked so familiar. from this angle and with the lightening flashing onto his face.” his voice became shaky and a tear escaped his eye but he never let me go. he held me closer to him. trying to remind him physically as well as emotionally that i was here. but continually returning his eyes to the sunglasses. The sub-conscious recognition of him shook me so much i stumbled slightly. I miss home. i could see the angles of the man’s face a lot clearer than i could earlier. the sunglasses. He was hiding.” muttered Adam. the window had rolled up slightly more. “Don’t go. but he’s home. edged in my direction and i was transfixed by them. I Love You. not wanting to look at the man in the car again.

but i still shut the door rapidly.” I asked in a quite mumble. “Hey mum. just in case. arms wrapped around each other. He turned back and shut the window. chin on my shoulder. forgetting the two cars and the sunglasses outside for a moment and thinking about lying in bed with Adam all night. The cars had disappeared from outside. “I would love to stay the night. he could hurt you. I was stood with my back to Adam who was leaning on the door frame. taking one last glance at the car with the strange sunglasses in it before closing the curtains as well. love pouring from his eyes. but i don’t want to speak to him!” he swiftly wiped his tears away and reset his feet on the floor. i won’t go to see him tonight. “Do you want to stay here the night? I’m sure my mum won’t mind.” He smiled and kissed me softly on my lips. He left his things at the foot of the stairs and we walked hand in hand down the corridor toward the delicious smells of food. what are we having?” She looked up at us. flour covering the vast majority of her face and grinned. . He can stay out there all he wants.“No. a tingling feeling brushing my insides. He looked down at me. We made our way down stairs silently after putting our clothes back on and Adam had collected his things. Arm’s wrapping around my waist. I made sure mum wasn’t in view when i opened the door and ‘invited Adam in’.

“Mum. as long as he sleeps on the couch. as long as he doesn’t mind snoring. “I don’t snore!” I exclaimed. please can Adam stay tonight? His parents went to dinner and he doesn’t want to stay home alone. with an expression i couldn’t quite name but then suddenly broke into a smile and laughed. . i don’t want him to be alone. well can i sleep on the other couch then. “Errughh. almost face planting the bread dough she had just made. i knew there was going to be a catch. “Yes. I could feel Adam chuckling behind me and looked up to scold him. “Sure.” My mother peered up at me. but when i seen the smile on his face.” I stared shocked at her. You’re like a steam engine!” at her own joke. ‘cause he lives in the forest and.smiling at my mum.” she laughed. you do. “Your face.” My smile caught and i groaned..” “Sure. that’s fine. Her smile soon turned quizzical as she noticed our puppy dog eyes though. his chest rumbling with laughter. “Yeah. my mother collapsed into laughter.” I glared at her in protest as Adam. standing with my arms crossed. “Really?” i asked excitement in my voice. hugged me tighter.. all my insides melted and i smiled back. still pressed against Adam.

Adam was back with a small white envelope in his hands. “May i have this dance mevrouw?” . Before we sat Adam noticed the stereo huddled in the corner. he proceeded towards the stereo and after fiddling with it for a moment broke away from it and walked over toward me. before leading me into the dining room. “What’s that?” i asked.He kissed my forehead and made me blush. “Wait here!” he said and ran to the bottom of the stairs. but instead of answering me. Before i could even wonder what he was doing.

he had taught me one valuable thing. So holding out my hand in invitation to Lucie now. extended by Lucie’s wariness. as if she would break with the slightest pressure. HE was. And as much as i despised this HE. waiting for a sign to give away what she was feeling. was a dream come true and one of the most nervous moments of my life. I spun her to the stereo and pressed play. But a sudden change in Lucie’s eye made her hold her hand out and place it in mine. my prince. The tempo of the piano playing from the speaker went up at the same time lucie stretched up on her tip-toes and placed the sweetest of kisses on my lips. and that was his love for music.Chapter 18 ADAM I had only brought one thing with me from my old life and that was my love for music. “It would be an honour. Out of all the horrid things. holding her waist with just the tips of my fingers. I swept her to the middle of the room and began to spin her in slow circles. i wanted to share with Lucie the music he had taught me to love. .” I lifted her from her seat and spun her gently into my arms. never breaking contact with her eyes.

but we could see and feel nothing but each other. a place granted only to our bodies. Our lips separated but our bodies stayed intact. when i wished.” I whispered.The kiss lingered and our slow circles came to a stop slowly so that we were twisted around each other slightly.” She whispered I kissed her on the lips. A noise outside of our cave made us split into two and i looked up as Lucie walked toward the kitchen to see what had happened. “Adam?” . keeping her eyes on mine until the walls had severed any contact. My feet took me to the stereo and i turned the sound down just low enough so that it created an atmosphere appropriate for evening chit chat. We could still hear the rain falling on the patio outside and the almost silent yet beautiful keys of the piano through the speakers. creating a small cave with our bodies. wanting to share with only her the emotion that flowed within me that she had created. “I Love You. needing to feel the truth of the moment the absolute certainty that we were not alone in the world. I was rooted to the spot for several seconds trying to pack the moment into a box in my head so that i could forever look upon it. “I Love You. a ghost of a kiss but the truth of my love.

uh. ‘the only things adventurous about televisions are the different colours they come in. with her head in the crook of my kneck. hoping she had accepted my explanation and was surprised to see a smile form itself on her lips. “ummmm. she then proceeded to tell me all her favourite programmes and Lucie’s mother added in the programmes Lucie loved when she was a child. recalling childhood stories. “Lucie’s father was just like that. which was a strange occurrence to me as i had never watched T.” I watched Lucie’s mothers face. The conversation didn’t go without questions. well. my family is very. Lucie after giving me quite a shocked expression explained that it was used for entertainment. they didn’t think it was very educational. he always used to say. then got up from the couch and bid us both goodnights. . Once we were all sat at the table the conversation turned into much the same state as it was the previous night. My eyes darted to Lucie’s but she was too busy watching the television than to take part in mine and her mother’s conversation.V. I placed them gently down before seating Lucie at the table and then pulling out a chair for myself. “So have you really never watched television?” asked Lucie’s mother.V. all three of us watching the T. strict about what i can and can’t do.” She smiled fondly at the memory.I turned quickly to see Lucie in the doorway juggling three plates on her arms and quickly went to retrieve them from her so that they would not shatter onto the floor. The evening consisted of Lucie stretched across my lap. mishap’s and school productions in which a certain someone fell off the stage and cried for hours on end afterwards.

Here is a picture of him now. with long blonde hair and green eyes. as Lucie had explained. He had gone too far. He has been known to impersonate a school boy and has recently been seen with a girl of about average height. I found it odd that what Lucie’s father and what HE had said were so similar. It was a very old picture but if you were to look close enough you could see how the nose. in the middle of the screen was a pixelated picture of me. who knew me from school. The patient has been described as extremely dangerous and we ask you that if you see him to contact the number on the bottom of your screens immediately. We have been informed that a patient has escaped from a mental hospital in New Hampshire. eyes and facial structure of the boy in the photo matched mine. Now. People. I froze. for an important announcement. Before i could ponder this too deeply a great sound erupted from the television and it took me a few moments to register that it was the news.I chuckled and returned the sentiment but was not at all focused anymore. almost identical even. . might notice how similar the picture on the screen looked compared to me. I was stuck.

” “Please don’t say it. a little too hard i think because she wriggled slightly. I’ll always be here. A sense of anger began to rise within me. I will never give you up!” was the answer that escaped my clenched teeth. the sky outside was darkening and the far off sound of rain caught in my ears.The screen suddenly turned black and Lucie turned to look at me a look of worry and something else. I’m s..I. “I’m here. “What are we going to do?” she mumbled against my palm. “Adam?” Lucie was staring at me. She looked up at me the word almost a physical manifestation on her face.” i pleaded. but remained silent. but he’s going to hurt you. I don’t want to let you go this way. holding my hand over her mouth.. but i also don’t want you to get . She was scared. he’s going to tear us apart and. and i don’t want that.. fear clear in her eyes and in the tear that ran down her cheek.. I clutched Lucie to me. “I won’t give you up. to stop the next word from escaping her lips.. The anger rose to a new level.” “He’s not going to stop! He’s going to keep trying to tear us apart until he goes so far that he ends up making us tear ourselves apart. “I. making me loosen my grip.. her breathe hitching on the last word.

hurt. When you were crying earlier, when you told me that you missed home, my heart broke. When i looked at your face when you were looking at him, i could tell you missed him and despite everything he has done to you, you still, somewhere deep down in your sub consciousness, you still love him!” She held my face in her hands, willing me to do what was right-in her eyes. “I’m willing, to break my own heart, if it means, saving yours!” She wanted me to leave her, to break her heart, even though i vowed to her that would never leave her... I couldn’t do it. I would never let her go. I held her face in return and did the only thing i could. I lied. “I won’t let him hurt you and i won’t let him tear us apart. He will have to physically kill me to tear me away from you, and i tell you now he won’t! I am his life’s work, killing me, means he has wasted his life away, creating something just to kill it, like building a tower just to knock it down again. We’re safe!” “For now...” was the muttered reply that was aimed at her knee’s. Lucie snuggled herself into my torso and appeared to be so tired out that within an hour she had fallen asleep, snoring softly into my chest; just like her mother had said. Trying not to jolt her awake as i got up, i carried her to the sofa and wrapped a blanket around her relaxed form. I then stood and grabbed my stuff from the stairs. It was time to go.

Chapter 19
I awoke on the sofa, and turned to look at Adam disapprovingly for moving me. But he wasn’t there. I got up and walked toward the kitchen thinking maybe he had gone to get a drink, or maybe he was in dad’s old study. He wasn’t. I began to panic; Adam had never left me alone before, well, except in the forest and that was because he was running from the monster within him. But this time he was running from a real monster. I scrambled to the front door, noticing that his stuff had gone from the foot of the stairs also. I flung it open and from the lit doorway could just make out a silhouette walking down the dark, deserted road. I ran, not caring that i had no shoes on and that my hair was disarrayed around my head from sleep. I just cared about stopping him. “Adam?” My feet slapped against the pavement, stinging each time but the feeling not getting far enough up my nervous system for me to care. “Adam?”

I was closing the distance rapidly, but it wasn’t fast enough; there was a curve in the road up ahead and from there he could disappear instantly into the tree’s. “Adam?” My scream made the figure stop, or maybe it was my feet slapping so hard on the pavement you could mistake the tremors for an earthquake. Anyhow i ended up running straight into its back; although the motion didn’t jostle the figure one bit. “Adam?” i whispered, my voice choked up from running so hard along with the emotion that was running through me from almost losing him. He didn’t turn around. I tugged on his arm, but he still stood stock still in the middle of the path. I walked around him, trying to look at his face, but he lowered his head from view once i was stood in front of him, hiding his expression from view. “Adam, please?” the tears leaked from my eyes now, unable to stop them i continually wiped my sleeve under my eye until not even that was enough. I set my hands on his chest, feeling the strength that was locked up in muscle. The sky over head that had been dark and drizzling with rain when i had first opened the door now poured with rain, making tears and raindrops unknown from one another. The rain dripped off his hair and onto mine, like the raindrops were following a path to their future, knowing they were meant to be there. I knew nothing of my future, other than Adam was in it. “Adam, please don’t leave.” The desperation was clear in my voice and on my face and the rain began to beat down almost painfully on my back now; the only sign of Adam’s emotion.

“No. trying to scare me. rubbing it gently. Adam’s expression turned to one of frustration and anger. So whatever he was doing now was an act. he turned around.” I looked up from his chest to see that he was looking at me. “You can’t leave me!” What i meant to be a calm sentence came out as more of a shout. on the side where his scar intercepts his jaw. pleading with me to walk away. a silent way of telling him that i couldn’t let him go. He had told me so himself. The wind whipped around us along with the rain which was flinging itself to and fro. I placed my hand on his face. he could never get angry with me. a lie. like a child trying to provoke a reaction from me. the single syllable. his brown eyes boring into mine. But i knew. But then he shouted. He tore his face from my hand and began to walk on. that as angry and distraught as he got. though more slowly than before.. And from his face i could see anguish and fear tearing him to pieces. i could only see Adam.“Let me go. He would never give me up. “I’m trying to save you!” . filled with anger and passion. It did the trick though..” I whispered the cocoon of thunder that we were wrapped in emphasizing the word.

but why?” anger trembled through me.” It was said quietly. tell me it was to protect me.The wind picked up. I couldn’t keep putting you in danger. Rain was stinging my eyes as I struggled to look up at him and read the answer from his lips. SO WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?” I had lost it by this point. My heart sank. . “I lied.. I would not let my life walk away from me just to get itself destroyed. tilting my head up so that i could see his face.. the seriousness that was embedded in the lines that built the sorrow and pain clearly on his face. it was clear he was serious. but i couldn’t care less. But then he tried to get to you and you were so scared. “I didn’t want you to get hurt.” his lip was trembling by the end and he was fighting back tears but he was determined to finish his speech. i had never doubted Adam for one second so why should i now? Even though i wanted him to tell me he was joking.i didn’t want you to be scared so i tried to hide it from you. “B.. but his tone of voice made it clear there was truth in his words. i was trying to keep you out of it. the tears on my face giving away my emotions as always. that he could never kill you because of how special you are to him. thunder rumbled over head and somewhere in the distance a flash of lightening struck devastation onto a tree. He walked closer-anger clear in his steps..and held my jaw in his hand. but then he sent that news flash to the reporters earlier and i knew i had to leave. i didn’t want you to be involved..b. “You said it would be fine..

I’m not meant to be alive.” “You were!” i shouted.I’m meant to be a monster.” I was clawing at the back of his neck.he sees the hunt. tears were streaming down both our faces when he went to clasp my cheeks in his giant hands.. I am a weapon to him. made me into Adam. perfect bate. I’m besotted by you.. but I’m not real. but at the same time trying not to get torn apart by his pain. “I still am.. even though thousands had already run. “HE made me that way. but you fixed me. you never have and he feeds on that to get closer to you.. . I’m not meant to be Adam. But as soon as i saw you. but i still stared up into his eyes. the thunder was blasting our ear drums and he was having to shout over the gale. exciting. but that’s not what he wanted.. When i came to you i was broken... why do you think he has came back? he buried me beneath the monster. I think of you as mine and although you see Adam you don’t see the monster. I love you to the point of obsession and that’s dangerous. clutched in the jaws of agony.” By this point he was shaking. trying to think of a way to make him stay. i should have left. but i managed to surface and bury the monster instead. Huge sobs racked my frame and my knee’s began to give way. “Where i see the beautiful. funny young woman that you are.” He swept at tear from my eye. partially from him.“I’m leaving to save you..

.. “Adam.” At this point the tears had paused. so would you really leave me with a bleeding heart. it doesn’t matter what happens... something to make him stay.. I felt the cold concrete clasp onto the grooves of my jeans which in turn hugged my aching bones. My control was slipping so rapidly now that i had to fight to get the words from between my lips in a last ditch attempt to stop him.00 am on an icy wet pavement in new Hampshire two hearts were healed and two fates were sealed... ...” I watched his face at the exact second that his resolve broke.I will never let you go. your my life now and if you leave i will have nothing. or if you stay.“Please don’t leave me. the tremors running through my body had decreased to twitches in my hands and my voice had become firmer and louder to speak of the possibilities.or so we thought.. you’ve just said yourself that both Adam and the monster love this beautiful. exciting. there will be nothing left of the girl you loved. And in that moment at 2. i want the physical reminder by my side day in day out.. to sit on the porch with me when i’m 80 and look back at these days. “Adam..” my nails scratched at his chest. his desperation spoke in the grip of his hands as my arms wrapped in a vice like grip around his shoulders. if you run.. trying to find purchase. i want you to remember it with me. funny young woman.. his knees crashed to the floor and his lips crashed to mine. but it was the next words that were make or break. so that my eyes could shine with sincerity and truth.. living in an empty shell? For the rest of my life i will have our time together and as amazing as that memory would be.

. ummm. I slowly dragged myself to a standing position and walked to the kitchen ignoring My mothers and Adam's laughter that followed after me. I attempted to open my eyes. . Adam rested his head in the crook of my neck and I couldn’t help but sigh in contentment.” i was hoping that by the end of my stalling i would have formed a coherent thought. but they were sealed shut by sleep that had multiplied with tears as glue. In the end i reached up to push them open forcefully and was met by my mother with a sour expression pastering her face. but it was the only way i could get lucie to stop snoring!” Adam grinned down at me upon finishing his explanation but was rewarded with my world renowned scowl.Chapter 20 We woke the next morning tangled together in our still damp clothes to a soft clucking sound that was positioned over our heads. Just as I had made up my bowl of cereal I heard my mother yell goodbye and a strong set of arms wrap around my waist. but my brilliant idea was put on hold by a deep voice’s response. “uhhhh. “i’m sorry Florence. yeah about that. “When i said you could sleep on the sofa. i did not mean in this manner!” her voice was stern and scary yet a million miles from hostile and i’m pretty sure there was a smile tugging at the side of her face.

demanding he take it off without speaking.. However this proved to be a bit of a nuisance for Adam as he couldn't find his T-shirt.. I don’t get why though the weather report didn't mention anything about it. His hands ran all over my body sending electric currents running through my veins and I yanked on the hem of his shirt.Lucie?. At some point during our make out session Adam had lifted me onto the kitchen counter so that he didn't have to crane his neck to look down at me.Lucie?" Me and Adam had stopped our 'Activities' at this point and were hurriedly trying to right ourselves. The front door slammed. He dragged a deep breath into his lungs through his nose.. He obliged with almost supernatural speed and I was able to look at the scars that ran all over his body. Now though he was too interested in my neck and lower. My grip on him would have bruised a normal man. there's a massive storm starting up. "I couldn't even get out of the street. but with Adam it simply added fuel to the fire.. As I flustered about trying to straighten my clothing and calm my heat stained cheeks. I couldn't help but be fascinated by how his stubble scratched my palm and hid his Scar partially from prying eyes. before fixing his lips to mine. I turned in his arms and reached behind his neck to bring his lips closer to mine." His whisper snaked over my skin and sent a shiver down my spine. I could hear my mothers shoes slapping against . marvelling at the mental and emotional strength he must have had to have to endure them all."I'm Sorry I laughed. He was forceful and ferocious in his actions but I reacted in kind. I couldn't do anything but moan with pleasure under his mouth and watch the storm outside.

like a countdown was bringing something dooming towards us and all I knew was that I needed to touch Adam. It was as . "What were you saying about the weather report?" Later that day Adam and I were in the woods. I turned to hold Adam's hand and saw on his face. of the men who crowded in after 'dark shades guy'. Adam had given up on finding his T-shirt and had decided to make a run for it through the back door when my mother entered the kitchen. Like a movie. I just couldn't bring me attention away from him.. I hadn’t been here since I had found out and it felt ominous and the hair on my arms was stood on end-Adam seemed to notice too. like an expensive table setting. I leant over and kissed him as hard as I could.the wooden floorboards in the hall. too perfect. Then I felt it. coming closer and closer to the kitchen doorway.and then it happened. He wasn't able to relax as he had done last time. but the silence grew more and more awkward so I decided I better say something.. It wasn't just the previous experiences that brought the uneasy feeling either. There was just something about the woods today. of him screaming my name. my attention was captivated by the dark glasses he wore and although I was aware of Adam's hand squeezing mine so hard I thought it might break. they looked too neat. crouched under his tree.. that he thought something was wrong. I made a show of pretending to eat my breakfast and not look guilty as she paused and tried to calculate the situation. a huge gust of wind blew through the woods into the small clearing by the tree and following it was HIM.

His face twisted in Anguish. I swung my free hand at any and all the men that surrounded us..though the rest of the world had. was that of Adam's hand slipping from mine. had its volume turned on to mute and all I got was tunnel vision.. And then the strength in my arm dissipated. There was a sharp pain in my side and I turned to see a man with a huge-empty. keeping a fiery grip on Adam's hand. to make them stand down. that I pried my eyes from HIM and began to fight.needle in his hand staring down at me. He just stood. fright and pain. and watched. shrieking at The Guy to stop his men. but before I blacked out I turned to look at Adam.that and the blackness. My vision began to swim. . The last image I saw. I felt Adam's hand being tugged away from mine and it was then... .

Chapter 21 When i came to. stopping in line with the clay rabbit positioned outside of the door that held the key my hand reached up to it with what seemed like the ghost of energy and i . but about half an hour later i made it to my porch steps. I paused at the top of the steps. My feet drew me across the decking without my command. My feet scratched the ground beneath them and a couple of times lost their purchase. but i had no way to explain the circumstances to her. she would begin panicking soon. It didn’t feel real. snot running from my nose and stared at our blue painted door. hands wrapped in my tear dampened sleeves. the floor was chilly and the woods deserted but the exterior of my body’s state was nothing compared to the inside. as if i was just an empty human shell. after taking several deep breaths i managed to drag myself to my feet. As thick as the numbness was that represented Adam’s absence i had to get home to mum. there was a note stuck to it. no soul. but the ache in my heart was enough to convince me that it was. Adam had become my world and without him in it i was nothing. no heart. it was dusk. I felt hollow inside. Adam was gone.

standing on the heels of my boots and leaving everything in the hallway. i believe he said himself ‘He’s not meant to be real. Adam needs to return home. I smashed open the front door and stomped inside. I am returning Adam to his original state. I flipped the card open and began to read with an intensity that burned. But i cannot let this foolishness carry on. as i discarded the stupid note onto the decking. door still wide open and ran up the stairs. The front of the card read ‘Dearest Lucie’ but what was on the front mattered less than the cold biting into my cheeks which had been exposed to the elements for the past 24 hours. .pinched it between thumb and forefinger to pull it from the door onto which it was stuck with cello tape. I honestly am.. he’s a monster!’ I’m sorry that you fell for him Lucie.. shrugging out of my soaked jacket at the same time. How i wish it hadn’t come to this. I am afraid i have taken Adam away for both of your own good. Tears began to smear the bottom of the card but were marred by the rain. truly. but it has. You cannot stop it. And this time.

With not even a glance around i rushed through the doorway and practically skipped the stairs. She came back with a tin.In my bedroom i changed into dry clothes and began to pack most of my clothes into it. Her face looked slightly confused but mostly upset in a determined sense. including along the way a t-shirt Adam had left on my bed. then pushed me into the passenger side door and went round to get in the driver’s side. . before he ran. and a first aid kit. i’m coming with you. after all that was the last place Adam said he remembered being. did Adam ever tell you where this guy lived?” her face was creased in concentration as she tried to swerve past cars and other road accomplices that were obviously holding her up. While she was distracted i rang new Hampshire airport and got two tickets to Geneva. a torch. I was still glued stunned to the bottom stair when she came back with her own bag. I found my mother in the doorway. “well you don’t know where the hell this maniac lives!” and with that she locked the door and shoved me down the steps faster than i could run down them. “wait for me. She grabbed my arm and shoved me through the door frame then paused and darted in the kitchen to retrieve something else. holding in her hands the rain soaked note.” Was all she said before she too legged it up the stairs. The click of our belt buckles echoed into the tension filled silence in the car. “Call the airport get two tickets for.. framed by the light coming from outside. but was cut off by the roar of the engine. Before she pulled out of the drive she tossed me her phone.

all the memories of me and Adam floated to the forefront of my mind. Whilst thinking of these things I couldn’t help but wonder whether he was thinking them too. the emotional vortex of exquisiteness. who in response pushed the acceleration pedal to the floor. Thoughts raced through my mind. it brought tears to my eyes to think of him reliving that . sweat dripping down my face. treasured memories of the nights he would hold me in his arms till I fell asleep and the most prominent of all. but i flattened them beneath my thighs in an attempt to calm myself. My hands began to shake when we hit the 20 minute mark.I was told that there was one flight every month and that it was leaving in 45 minutes. things such as ‘what if we didn’t board the plane in time?’ and ‘if we do…what then?’ When we turned into the airport car park mom skidded to a halt near a parking space and jumped out of the car with me in tow. I didn’t dare to think about what his situation was but I was not in control of my mind and so It did all the thinking for me. The roads zoomed by at unimaginable speeds as we raced against the clock that was ticking down to the plane’s escape. the bruises and scars that covered Adam’s body already haunted me. all the while my mind was squashed between a rock and a hard place. all the times we visited his cave in the tree. Whether he was remembering the treasured memories we had shared and that I had harboured in my mind. Sprinting our way to the terminals. Creating images of torture and beatings. After hanging up the phone the car ride was nothing but an anxious waiting match between my mother and me. the first kiss we shared in the rain. I relayed the information to my mother in a high squeak. The first kiss we shared was the physical manifestation of perfect.

has just left. being beaten in some dark room with no one to save him. My eyes were blurry and it took a few tries to rid them of the water that was swimming behind my lids.pain.’ My blood ran cold. please?’ I rasped trying to gain back the memory of oxygen. . noone to help him keep his sanity. It was not until I could feel the heat of the sun on my face that I awoke. Her faced suddenly turned down. ‘What?’ ‘The flight to Geneva at 7. her smoothly applied lipstick and eyeliner gleaming from the lights shining down over head. ‘2 tickets to Geneva. my legs were wobbling all over the place and I had to cling on to the counter to stay upright. There is not another one for 29 days now. With this final thought in my mind a new wave of energy surged through me and I overtook mom to get to the gate. My hands were numb and it was as if I could not move my feet for the loss of blood to them. She already had her credit card in hand which I snatched away from her to give to the lady at the desk. ‘I’m sorry ma’am but this flight left about 2 minutes ago. ‘May I help you?’ The lady at the desk looked confused and worried. My legs gave way and the darkness consumed me. but new there was none.30.’ The look in her eyes told me she wanted to find some way she could help. Her uniform was pressed and not a crease was in sight. but her demeanour was the thing that caught my eye.

knees drawn up to her chest. she started and hastily rubbed at her face marring but not ridding of the tears. that I had said were tacky and you had said that they weren't for comfort and then I had said. which turned out to also be set with a cold. "Mom. I think it was the heat and the pressure of the moment. where are we? What's wrong?" my voice was croaky. At hearing my voice. marking the passed time that I had spent unconscious. but with the movement came spinning vision and an acidic taste in my voice. well." "Mom!?" "oh. My mother was sat against the opposite wall.. depending on their state of consciousness. the floor rumbled and groaned beneath me so I accepted the belief that I was in a transportation vehicle of some sort. but out the other side of the cage I could see bodies. people sat or slumped in their chairs. tear tracks staining her pale face. Flipping myself onto my back I tossed my head to take in the view of my opposing surroundings. grey steel. so . she replaced the glum expression with a smile trying to fool both her and myself into thinking she was happy. I made an attempt at shuffling closer to her. I explained to them our situation. at the airport you sort of fainted for some reason. some nice men were walking past when you collapsed and they came over to help. "uh. right sorry started rambling a bit there! well anyway.looking around I examined my surroundings.. Well anyway. asking me what had happened whilst they carried you over to one of those blue couches in the corner. all with a grey steel background to compliment. cause they were very kind and asked if they could help and it just so happened that they were these mega rich people who were on there way to Geneva in their own private jet. My face was squashed up against a crate that contained what looked to be hundreds of mechanical items made out of steel.

Mom. "Florence. I think they pitied us a little for our situation. I could here her panicked breathing and tried not to let it register on my features as strain or panic. Just as I was about to question her however a grating sound echoed from the end of the steel wrapped chamber and the sound of big rubber boots reverberated across the floor of the supposed 'private jet'. I know I've never been on a plane before but this isn't exactly what a picture of a private jet looks like in the magazines. "uh. The boot thumps moved closer and I worked to slow and quieten my breathing. I on the other hand was still a little confused. "Close your eyes and pretend to be unconscious!" my mother hissed at me from across the narrow space and instantly I shut my eyes and let my body go slack. you don't look like your enjoying the ride? what's the problem? Not enough room. trying to work through the puzzle of his words without expression." I said indicating the crate of steel pieces I was laid out next to and for the first time noticing my cable bound wrists. . I accepted! sooo. and the lady I am. Plush pillows? Did you want a free glass of champagne? careful though you might get up to your old tricks!" his wicked laugh rocked me to my bones but I worked to stay looking unconscious. here we are!" she smiled sheepishly and turned her face before she heaved a great sigh and dropped her head. all the while the sound of my mothers rasping breathes penetrated my thoughts of relaxation and calm. I saw the moment of pain flash across my mother's face as she registered my knowledge of the cable ties on my wrist and looked away before I could shoot her a questioning look.they said they would give us a ride there if we would like.

His place is not with a little girl like you Lucie. Hey florence? still just as fiesty as you were all those years ago! ha ha haha.. the way I scampered away from the metal cage behind me. "Never change do ya." the man's quite chuckles seemed to be nearing my ear and a second before he touched my cheek I realised he had focused his attention on me. a whisper promising a shout. His dark eyes followed my movements.. Well. a sharp stinging pain had forced my head to the side and I grappled for my red cheek. your missing your monster. "Awww. does what you tell him. He's a good dog. he's asleep in his cage.. rubbing the place it had been slapped. gotta learn there place. a piercing erupted from his left eye brow and an ugly scar marred his right cheek-like someone had slapped him repeatedly without pause.. Those bad dogs gotta be punished! uh huh. just as fiesty? If only she were awake. his clothes were of a mottled grey and his face was almost completely covered in facial hair. except when he run's off and doesn't give any evidence of where he's going.. are you little Lucie? He's okay. he doesn't bite. "I wonder weather she's the same? Is she the same. Florence. well as okay as a monster can be. HE . I Stared at the man before me. you know HE would not like it."You should not speak to me like that jeoffry. I could feel the rough callouses on his fingers rubbing against my cheek. the smell of dirt and gun powder so strong it filled the air around my face almost suffocating me with its density. then he's a bad dog. my hands still clutching my cheek and finally my eyes stuck on his ruined cheek with a pained expression." before my mother could warn him or scream at him to stay away." my mothers voice had turned dark and dangerous.

My hands began to tremble and I glanced out of the corner of my eye to my mother. the redness beginning to seep out of my cheek..was very upset when he learned his boy been hanging around with his.. watching my reaction to the boy walking towards me. Further down the steel box that we were secured in. squashed into the corner. Framed by raven black lashes his grey-green eyes were pinned to my face. delving into my eyes. her face had returned to normal colour. came the figure of a man. leaving a sheet of chalk in its wake. His leather clad boots thumped against the cold steel floor. his hair gleamed jet black from the blinking light semi-attached to the ceiling. but the voice did not come from her mouth. possibly of about 19 years." "STOP!" Chapter 22 My Mothers face had turned a deep red and the vein in her temple was throbbing. sending vibrations along to where I was curled up. holding me captive. yet her shoulders had tensed up again and she was watching me nervously. who was just seeping into adulthood. Coming closer I could see the man. was not a man at all but in fact a boy. My eyes refocused on said boy and I realised with astonishment that he looked incredibly .

inspecting my face as a lover would when concerned for his woman-his heart. Upon seeing my attention attached to him. my back became taught. My eyes began to inspect his body. under the circumstances it was truly terrifying. It was in there eyes. His eyes glistened and he held out his hand toward me. the absolute sureness in this young man's. gazing at the toned muscles that were partially hidden from . yet I could not comprehend where I had seen him before. The small cabin was incredibly still and silent as a shadow. staring at his hand. the suspense in jeoffry's. who began to slowly lower his hand. It was strangely a very posh English yet had hints of Italian and Dutch thrown in. It began to dawn on me at that moment. which were directed at one another. the boy smiled. so I continued to sit there. that everyone in this small space knew something I didn't. everyone was staring cautiously at one another. a secret that had been passed amongst themselves whilst I was shielded from the answer.fuck you came to mind pretty quickly. but to me. "Hello Lucie. everyone except myself and the person in front of me. how has your ride been?" His voice was not the one I was expecting to come out of his mouth. I straightened up and sat calmly staring at the boy's face. I was not all together sure what was happening. I am Beau. My body took on a response of its own.familiar. waiting for any communication he was willing to offer and already thinking of appropriate responses that I could use. my muscles relaxed and my mouth opened partially trying to inhale the exquisite scent emanating from his. the panic in my mothers and the knowledge. a heart melting smile to any other girl I am sure. obviously an offering to me. He crouched in front of me.

. Looking back at his face I noticed a small red mark at the base of his throat. Jeoffry stood immediately in my way and although I looked at him with as much myrth as I could muster. when faced with this boy/man. his long slender legs coated with dusty blue jeans." such simple words seemed meaningless." with that the spell was broken and I remembered why I was here. Lucie?" his perfect voice whispered at me. I was rewarded with a soul burning smile. which trapped me in its sights. enticed me. Far too late I remembered he had asked me a question. it was obsessive and when he had finished speaking I found myself wanting more. wanting the communication and surety that he was real more than anything. his stubborn cheekbones. "Lucie. "Are you okay. I jumped at once to my feet and walked past the very childlike man in an attempt to walk off the aircraft and find HIM. ripped in certain places like it was the fashion.sight. it was barely noticeable but it gave him a bad boy quality that excited me and my blood adrenaline spiked my blood in reaction. I was too busy falling into his eyes. but I didn't bother to answer him. Mandefinitely a man. Would you like to come with me? I have someone you may want to speak with. I glanced at his Jaw. everyone began to shuffle now that I had spoken. My mind was not as drowsy anymore and this time I could coherently speak to him. the attention was still clearly rooted on me. "I'm fine. he was not waiting on my instruction but rather Beau's. by his black silk shirt. why I thought it was that easy I don’t know. but no further conversation was carried out.

"Its okay Jeoffry, she's in my care now I wont let her out of my sight. The Master wants to see her, I'll take her straight there!" From where I was stood I could only see Jeoffry's face flood with conflicting emotions, however it turned out Beau ranked higher than him as he stood to the side to let me pass. uncertainly I stepped by and when jeoffry didn't make a move to stop me I continued with my mission walk toward the end of the aircraft. my feet sped up as soon as I seen the first sign of daylight, or what I though was Daylight, it actually turned out to be floodlight's-the Floodlight's of a Victorian mansion. Trimmed, perfectly striped grass met my feet as I got off the plane and a cool breeze ran past my face, semi-shocking my senses. My hands which were balled into fists, slowly uncurled themselves tangling themselves in the cool mist surrounding the grounds. A hand met the small of my back and I jumped 3 foot away from my standing point, poised for attack. It turned out to be Beau which did not put me at ease in the slightest. His warm smile smothered me with love and I couldn't help smiling back. for a moment I just stood there, neither remembering my purpose for being here nor caring. Then my mother Walked forward from the shadows of the plane, approaching to my side and touching my arm. It seemed I had a Beau issue. Lacing my fingers with my mothers, we walked toward the daunting structure, that was a house, and stood before the door calming and preparing ourselves. I studied the solid oak of the door with the iron fastenings and pondered all the happenings that had brought me to this moment. Adam. He was everything to me now, it was inevitable that there was going to be complications between us, we were practically still teenagers, but I didn't think they would come on this big a scale. I

would swap my soul for his and HE knew that. And if he didn't, he was pretty damn stupid. I looked over at my mother, I could see she had tears in her eyes as she looked down at her feet, her hand was trembling in mine and I forced back the tears that I was almost choking on. I had never seen my mother so scared, all I wanted to do was hug her but I knew if I did she would crack, she was only just holding it together as it was. Suddenly Jeoffry walked in front of us and on an unknown command opened both doors, portraying the full effect they were created for. the interior of the Huge building was as I had expected, all the grandeur of an original Victorian Castle, grand staircase, stone pillars and walls decorated with oil paintings in gilt gold frames depicting leaders, countryside and any manor of Money wielding matter. The staircase was covered in a burgundy, plum and aubergine patterned carpet which spanned both stairs and interior flooring, seamlessly joining into one. No-one was in sight. My head was both going over the plan I had created on the plane to save Adam as well as taking record of all escape roots-this was kept to a minimum as the only route I could see out of dracula's lair was the one we had just come through. Suddenly a figure appeared at the top of the staircase, dressed in a pressed black, vintage suit, he wore dark sunglasses and a cropped grey head of hair. his frame was thin yet a sense of strength and knowledge emanated from him. It was HIM. "Good evening Lucie, I trust you had a pleasant Ride here? I'm very sorry for the inconvenience of the trip, but if you insist on following Adam, these are the consequences." The direction of his address

then centred on my mother and I immediately tensed and made to edge in front of his view of her. "Return Adam to me and there will be no necessity of me being here, we will leave and you can carry on with your work. but I will not leave without Adam!" I looked directly into those dark glasses during this last sentence hoping to make my plan and future actions very clear. He descended the stairs slowly and carefully, attempting to build suspense I guessed. He didn't fool me. When he had reached the bottom of the stairs I walked straight up to him, shoulders back and head held high. My emotional state was very clear in the tense set of my muscles, I stood before him, scrutinizing the set of his features and the relentless stare hidden from view by his glasses. "I Suggest you return Adam to me now! I am not a patient person and I will refuse and other offers you may give to me... I Want ADAM!" my hands shook at my sides and I knew my cheeks were flaming red with my anger, yet I was determined to break this man and get Adam back. A slow smile crept over His face and he relaxed a little-the set off his shoulders became softer. "Lucie, I will not fight with you, Adam is mine. That is final." his mouth had returned to the stone set line and he awaited my reaction. In that moment he was the single most horrific monster I had ever known. His face was not set for a challenge; he expected me to just give in. He had no idea. My fist raised.

when she suddenly broke down. He caught me in his arms and let me slip through his hands so that I was leant against the bannister of the stairs. The man stood before me was nothing but filth.My mind was working over time and I had no sense of right.maybe jeoffryhad come to defend Him. My inside were on fire and the air wasn't filling my lungs properly. one that knew of the years of love that had been taken from her and returned in the second their . My face was fixed halfway between unbelieving and agony. At first I thought one of the guards. the dread and panic subsiding as the puzzle pieces slid into place within my mind. In my mind it was as though I were watching a terrible soap opera. misery and passion collided with an obstacle. I watched as he walked away from me. The man wrapped his arms around the woman's waste as she trapped him in a desperate embrace. was he that selfish that he didn't want to share his 'toys'? or was it that he truly believed Adam to be a monster. Adam was not a monster.. before he approached. the memories. I could see in his eyes. My fist that had been pent up with rage.but why? was it for the kicks. My eyes were fixed on my mothers face. He had been terrorizing Adam and me since we had met. towards my mother. My world began to rip at the seams. but when I really looked it was the hand of the man who stood before me. the pleading look that was directed at me. morals or forgiveness. The hand of someone I knew. wrong. frozen in shock. neither side having a bigger hold than the other. a mere silhouette of a human being.. the fear and the apologies. one that was sickeningly distasteful.

pondering how to escape with rap itself around the consequences of my desperation for Adam.. who watched me with curious eyes. HE was my father. Physically he looked perfect in every way. I hadn't finalised my plans yet. his muscle's toned to perfection and his eyes the blue of a Mediterranean sea. yet emotional and mentally there was something off about him. My mother had attempted to speak to me when she had stopped talking.and plan. the only thing that mattered to me now was Adam and escape. but I couldn't even let her speak to me let alone touch me. I had been ordered up her like a petulant child by HIM. Chapter 23 The room I was sat in was royally furnished with not a speck of dirt in sight. all the while burrowing for the lost time in her hair. to everyone else. this still applied even with the most recent turn of events. Tears slid down the woman's face. I had attempted pacing but nothing came of it and so I was left with nothing to do but to sit. I sprang . escorted by his men and watched by Beau. I had blocked the revelation out of my mind as soon as my mind had wrapped itself around it. tried to comfort me. whilst the man whispered soothing words into her ear. it was too soon for them to come and get me. looking like he did not understand my connected. Beau I had come to realise whilst. no matter what obstacles got in the way. I watched the sequence of events unravel just like that and it took a good half an hour for my mind. refusing to even contemplate any facts or figures surrounding why or how. was different in some way. almost as if he didn't really understand what he or anyone else said or did. My back straightened as a floorboard creaked outside of the which time this man and my mother became well reacquainted.. The only reason I was here was to save Adam.

. I remember Beau was the one holding me and tried to scramble away. just in time to see him open his eyes and wipe the smile from his face. for a moment I thought it was Adam and my Heart tried to free itself from my chest. unexpectedly tears began to swim in my vision and I crumpled to the floor. on seeing the panic in my eyes he let me go. I struggled harder. but until then I hadn't realised how much I had missed Adam. but he continued to hold me. where I had spent so much time with him it felt like a part of me was missing by him not being with me. When I was finally able to open my eyes to the light coming in through the window. The doorknob slowly turned and a hulking shadow spread itself across the wall. His arms wouldn't let me go. on finding Adam. since this morning I hadn't seen or been able to touch Adam. I could feel the power emanating from Beau's arms and although this frightened me I didn't want to move away. I wanted to be loved. My breath came in short sharp puffs and I felt like giving up right there and then. My mind began to spin as I thought of all the escape routes. my face began to shape itself into a smile and my body responded in kind. or I could x-ray vision through the door to see who it was. due to my pure disgust and denial of her actions.on living altogether. I didn’t speak but instead waited for whoever it was to invite themselves in. using all the energy left within me. But then Beau poked his head around the corner and my whole body slumped. I'm not sure why. silent tears running down my face contrasting with the huge wracking sobs that ricocheted through my chest. as if I thought I could telepathically hear what their intentions were. I managed to turn in his arms to look at him. I didn't know either..up off of the bed and stood in a defensive position. it was the opposite effect I wanted my body to have.. all the places they could be hiding Adam. I sat for a long time on the floor in Beau's arms. A knock sounded at the door and all my senses went on high alert. albeit reluctantly. Then a pair of thickly muscled arms went around me and I relaxed into them. looking as if I either knew karate or how to box.. all the things He would want to do with me and all the things I could not say to my mother.i felt my feet begin to move toward the door. and watched me as I shuffled away from him and .

His eyes regarded me steadily. staring him down as I descended. but hoping it would be HIM. His expression never wavered. As far as i could see the room didn’t have a single window and the only exit was the door i had just walked through. when the a door to the side of the bottom of the stairwell opened I screamed louder. doing a sub conscious inventory of it’s contents. “I want to see Adam!” I was stood at least 5 paces away. hidden cleverly by the white wall which spanned of to either side of the entrance of the building. We entered a room of to the side of the grand staircase. knowing this would be a last ditch effort. My eyes swept the room. but before I could look closer. I had made it to the top of the grand staircase before he caught me. for a moment I thought I saw a flicker of regret and also a flicker of pride. taking in the old oak furniture which contrasted with the titanium closets and green dentist chair all of which was clearly visible as it was situated in the middle of the room. realizing he may have just granted me my one wish. I screamed for Adam. The walls were covered in a . I knew I wouldn't get another chance like this. causing me to fall on to the floor. I crawled to a standing position and held my head high. his efforts ceased. but I screamed anyway. Grappling for the banister with hands and feet I resisted Beau's increasing efforts to get me back into my previously occupied room.” I watched him walk a few steps before hurrying after him. “Follow me. I knew no-one would listen. my ribs aching from the impact. he had slammed a stern expression over it. It was HIM. knowing it would be my only way out. We both stood at the same time keeping eye contact with each other and as I lunged for the door he lunged after me. HE met the eyes of Beau and gave him a short sharp nod. the only thing I’d wanted since getting here. I was faster. making sure he could not touch me even if he leaned forward. from the top of the stairs.toward the door.

which showed no glimmer of emotion. “Very observant my dear. which in the circumstances was probably the case. One almost hairless brow rose at my witty response and his pale white lip quivered into the position of a smile. Where’s Adam?” On mentioning Adam’s name a surge of energy ran the length of my body. but you know white really is my thing and the old oak furniture does provide a homey feel don’t you think? I’d hate to get rid of it. My hands were balled into fists at my side which to anyone else in the room would look like determination. but it was initially in response to my nerves trying to shake their way out of my body. each is a highly prized antique.” “where’s Adam?” . which in my opinion is not very welcoming and actually comes across as bordering the line of hostility. however carefully covering my shock at what I found. some containing instruments which would look much more comfortable in a hospital and some containing samples of what looked suspiciously like flesh and organs of various shapes and sizes. “Do you like it?” I turned to look at him. rather than being disgusted and looking away. A row of glass cases were lined up against the furthest wall. He had on a pair of black slacks matched with a black suit jacket and a white shirt but it wasn’t his clothing that shocked me. settling in the pit of my stomach. Masking my horror of his appearance i held my body straight and pinned my eyes on the almost mirror like shades. His face still half masked by black shades was marred by scars and puckered skin as if someone had experimented with plastic surgery on it. His head was completely bald and his eyebrows were made of 5-6 hairs strung above his eyes.. “I think it looks like someone’s tried to cross a hospital lab with a psycho ward. I suppose the walls could do with a splash of colour.dull white paint which was occasionally broken by a titanium metal strip which ran from ceiling to floor. this time inspecting him. providing me with the will power i forgot i possessed.

It took all of two seconds for me to realise there was a grey heap in the corner of the floor on the other side of the glass. I wasn’t here. At the end of the corridor was a small waiting type area which was met by a thick glass wall which ran the width of the room with no gap.“Darling Lucie. the tears were slipping down my cheeks but this time they didn’t blur my vision. My heart was trying to rip itself out of my chest one crack at a time. it didn’t look connected to anything but after entering a few numbers a light flashed green and one of the titanium metal strips slid away to show a narrow corridor leading to a green lit room. i was undecided of weather you would ever come here or indeed if you would get on the plane. My feet planted themselves shoulder width apart as i watched HIM walk through the room to a keypad on the wall. making it all the more terrifying. my shoulders didn’t quite brush the sides of the titanium walls but i could feel the icy coldness radiating from them. I believe it would interest you a lot!” His blatant disregard for my question sent another surge of energy running through my body concreting my resolve to find Adam. “Adam?” his name slipped out of my mouth and was followed by a sequence of events i would never have dreamed of. I wasn’t searching for the other half of my soul. they refused to distort the nightmare playing out before my eyes. . The grey heap looked like a military style blanket which with a second look revealed it was moving in an abnormal breathing notion. you are a treat to have here. He ushered me to go first but i waited for his lead through to the room before i set a foot on the cold tile of the corridor. Sub-consciously I had walked to the glass wall and when my eyes refocused I found my nose was against the glass my hand caressing it’s surface like a lovers. but in my heart nothing was true.the heap of blanket on the floor was not Adam . my mother wasn’t locked upstairs in a room and…. but it is wonderful that you joined us to witness my latest experiment. In my head the puzzle pieces had slid together.

I am not a monster!” HIS words sparked insane anger deep in my body which rose to overtake any amount of rational thinking that may have remained within me.from my position on the floor he looked like a caged animal.” Adam’s face was a mask of ferocity. Within two seconds the muscle men were surrounding me and the scientist man had crossed the room to a circuit board which after following the wire i found was connected to a wireless device in Adam’s room. The light stopped flashing and Adam’s body stilled as i stared at him. three muscles and one scientist looking. which made us unprepared for HIS next words.The huge blanket flung across the half room on the other side of the glass and in the blink of an eye Adam was stood in front of me.. even if my mind was telling me it was impossible. If not for the glass dividing our bodies we would be in the comfort of each other’s arms.although divided by glass. reassuring and safe. still locking eyes with me whilst he leant against the glass. How was your night? Look who we found on the doorstep only last night. passing unspoken messages of love and despair. My hand stayed glued to . Huge sobs began to rack my entire body as i clawed at the glass desperate to hold him. “Hello Adam. My knee’s gave way beneath me and i clawed at the glass trying to get to him and help him somehow. sending tremors through the entire panel. Dear lucie was. to make it all okay. wounded without saviour. spasming on the floor his eyes boring into mine. “DO NOT HURT HER!” His hands were shaking against the glass . Our eyes stayed locked.. “Lucie?” the strangled whisper escaped his lips and was followed by a soft cry of my own. He dragged himself up to a sitting position. I turned my head to stare straight at the black shades which had turned to watch me when my head had whipped around to pin my glare at him. I watched in horror as a light flashed and Adam collapsed. “How dare you! I would never hurt Lucie. Four more men had entered the room. Neither of us waited for HIS response as Adam’s tone was undeniable making his words a compulsion.

was able to love me back. all the while i ran with him. he is not an experiment.” i whispered. but we will not run forever. we will not be chased by the shadows threatening to retrieve him. the certainty and the love. so that i could whisper in his ear. “He is mine!” Chapter 24 ADAM . uncontrolled actions.” “LIAR!” i shrieked. he is not a toy that you can play with. You have already hurt me by hurting him.. but hell didn’t want to let him go.. i took hesitant steps as my words were carried into the air and found myself two inches from HIS scarred face.” I stood up at this point to make certain my point got through. Silence enveloped the room and the electricity which was directed into Adam’s chambered sizzled with uncertainty where the scientist s hand was shaking. “Lucie i am not a... because i don’t believe the lies you have fed.” I stretched an inch closer. cementing the truth in my words. but i won’t give up.the glass by Adam’s but all eyes in the room had turned their attention to me with my jerky. “Liar... i fell in love with my soul mate. “He is sat in that chamber right there. who despite the hell he had been put through. he is not a monster.” my hand flung out to indicate Adam. “three months ago i found my future. like a wild animal that has been named feral because it’s ‘owner’ gave up on him. hell kept digging his claws in the more he ran. “i will go wherever he goes. hands pounding on the glass..

about her having to go through this by herself. the devotion that she held from me which was mirrored in my own eyes. if that time came I wouldn't know any different anyway. having our little piece of heaven. she was his daughter after all-he had told me this too-but from his facial expression I knew it was a lost cause. He planned on wiping my memory. I looked at her. but I wasn't bothered about that. trying to pretend it was yesterday morning and we were in her kitchen again. yet I know that if I tried to fight back I would fail. I heard her scream in outrage in HIS face before she was restrained by his men. trying to summon the words to let her go. saw the pain that he had placed there. I was however insanely furious about leaving Lucie. I knew there was no way out-no way back. "Can I have a moment with Lucie please?" I asked this politely.. Yet I knew there was no way out." I began. to help her walk away. but that was a lucky strike.. holding back the scream of agony to avoid hurting Lucie anymore. because I hoped he would find compassion. trying to pretend like this wasn't happening. stripping me right down to basics again both physically and mentally and restarting me. but also saw the love. unblinking. to make sure she didn't miss anything. leaning heavily on the glass for support and dragging deep ragged breath's through my parched lips. she just stood watching me. I knew she wouldn't survive this. he also said if this wasn't possible He'd destroy me completely. "Can I at least speak to her without you holding her back then?" I knew this he would grant because it was to do with her comfort and safety. knowing that nothing good was going to come from the words I was to speak. The volts stopped running through my body and I managed to get to my feet again. I just stood there staring at her for a few seconds.Pain lanced through my body and I crumbled onto the floor. I may have gotten out once. He subtly nodded to his men and before I could blink Lucie was flat against the glass in front of me. . "Lucie. He had explained to me earlier what he was to do to me. I'd been through it so many times I knew the protocol.

"I Love You. to know that everything in the world was right and that the other half of my soul was safe and happy. I refused to leave knowing that this was Him. I looked to HIM behind her and nodded. The lights began to flash. to feel her smooth skin beneath my fingers. . but after several seconds my knee's gave way and the currents took me. Behind her. To know that she was mine. for the final words of us. this was my Adam being taken away from me forever. This was the last time we would see each other ever again. her father's face softened. LUCIE As his knee's crashed to the ground a whimper escaped from my lips. It felt pitiful. I looked her in the eye and mouthed 'sorry'. Lucie just stood there after I had explained. was so powerful that tears sprang in my eyes and then in hers. I was lost to the world-Lost to MY world.The love was staring me in the eye while I explained what was to happen. of our very essences. This was the last I would ever see of him." It didn't seem like enough. that she would never be taken from me. I needed to touch her again. that I had given in and that this was it. "I Love You. to be able to run my hands through her hair and to feel her hands on me in return. in shock but also with realization that there was no way out. This was it." The conviction in her words. but I resisted the volts of energy running through me. but when he saw me glance he quickly reconstructed the mask. just wanting one last glimpse of her.

but your enemies closer' came into my head as I collapsed into his arms and we both sank to the floor on our knee's. past the room full of antiques and straight to the main door of the building. Yet it was also the moment I vowed to get him back. That was the one moment I had never wanted Adam more. so I resorted to kicking. Several attempts of the handle and the various locks proved impossible. running down the cold. that was the one moment I needed someone. someone to know me and to love me. "Lucie?" His reasoning voice only rewarded him with another attempt at a black eye which was once again swiftly avoided. hitting and battering at the door. I knew my father would have followed me just as well as I knew that I didn't want to be here. not wanting to burn. metallic corridor. All I wanted in that moment was to escape the hell I had just dived head first into. However he then wrapped his arms around me and the old saying 'Keep your friends close. Although in that moment I realised I had no-one left in the world to trust. whilst he whispered soothing nothings into my ear. but knowing wherever I went I would anyway. knowing that when he awoke he wouldn't be Adam anymore. before I was swallowed by the black. someone I knew wanted me for who I was and how I was. when they stopped flashing I had to leave. began to submerge me and I gripped onto the lapel of his flat black suit. That was. . A hand on my shoulder. I turned and fled.The lights went on for what felt like hours but was probably on a few minutesAdam writhed on the floor. The emotion's roiling through me. received a fist slam to the chest and a knee to the groin which was quickly and efficiently avoided.

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