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Lesson Planning Waynesburg University Pre-Instructional Planning: The thought process that leads to the development of quality

, meaningful lesson plans
Guiding questions that will provide the framework for the lesson. (Respond to each question.)
Who will you be teaching? (Identify student grade level as well as academic functioning level and specific needs of individual students) • • • • All Eighth graders N/A Working collaboratively with peers, using technology appropriately, using class materials to conduct research Research a significant figure from the Southern Colonies, creating a collaborative group Prezi presentation, presenting this presentation What prerequisite skills/knowledge will students need to effectively access and participate in this lesson? • Basic computer skills, basic researching skills, basic public speaking skills When within the stages of learning will this lesson be presented? (Is it a learning acquisition lesson, learning fluency lesson, learning maintenance lesson, or learning generalization lesson?) • • This lesson combines each of these learning stages Multiple days (2-3) depending on student completion When will this lesson be completed? (Will it be a one-day lesson or a multiple day lesson?) Where should this lesson be presented to ensure maximum student access and participation? (computer lab, classroom, science lab…) AND what materials will be needed? • • • • • • • • • Computer lab where all students have access to a computer Computers, Internet, textbooks, and student notes needed It is an important aspect within the overall Thirteen Colonies unit, students need this information to complete grasp the colonial unit Early American history Geography Culture, Economics, and aspects of Government This lesson ties into what the students learned about the colonies in previous lessons It relates to future lessons because it is another step in learning about all of the thirteen original colonies Prezi Rubric Who (if anybody) will assist with the presentation of this lesson, and what will their role be? What is the long range goal(s) that is tied to this lesson? What is the specific learning objective(s) for this lesson?

Why are you planning to teach this lesson? Why must this information/skill be presented to the students? How does this lesson relate to the PA Academic Standards?

How does this lesson relate to the previous lesson? How does this lesson relate to future lessons?

How will you determine if students have met the lesson objective? (Think assessment) How should this lesson be presented to ensure maximum student access and participation? (lecture, whole group activities, small group activities, cooperative learning groups…) • Lecture style first, then small group activities and cooperative learning groups

Lesson Planning Waynesburg University Writing the lesson plan: Translating thoughts into a plan of action _____________________________________________
Pennsylvania Academic Standard(s) addressed during this lesson: (Provide Standard number and statement)

8.3.3 A. Identify contributions of individuals and groups to United States History B. Identify and describe primary documents, material artifacts and historical sites important in United States history

8.3.6 A. Identify and explain the political and cultural contributions of individuals and groups to United States history from beginnings to 1824 B. Identify and explain primary documents, materials artifacts and historical sites important to United States history from beginnings to 1824.

Lesson Objective(s) (Stated in observable and measurable terms) • • • Students will be able to use class materials and/or computer resources to conduct research Students will be able to differentiate important information to create a group presentation (Prezi) Students will be able to present the Prezi to their peers

Assessment Plan (What will be done to determine if lesson objectives have been met?) • • Prezi rubric will determine if lesson objectives are met Teacher observation

Materials: • Textbook, class notes, computer, and other research materials

Inclusion Techniques for Students with Special Needs: • • Students will complete tutorial version PowerPoint instead of Prezi presentation Tutorial will show students exactly what to complete

Enrichment Techniques: • If students complete assignment early, they will be instructed to assess their own projects using Prezi Rubric

Lesson Differentiation (What modifications/accommodations will be made to ensure that ALL students have access to and are able to participate in the lesson): • See inclusion techniques

Lesson Presentation
Introduction/Motivational Activities/Anticipatory Set:

• • • •

Students will be presented assignment details Students will be given Prezi tutorial by teacher Students will pick collaborative group members Students will pick their Prezi topic

Detailed Teaching Sequence: (Provide sufficient detail that would enable a substitute to effectively present this lesson. Bulleted statements are preferred) • • • • • After introduction is complete, students will be given time to research their individual using class room materials and Internet resources Once information is found, students will create a rough copy of their presentation on paper Editing Students will then begin to create Prezi Once Prezi is completed they can assess their projects using Prezi Rubric

Guided Practice/Independent Practice/Assessment Activities • Prezi Rubric

Closure: • • • Students will present their projects to the class Question/Answer Remediation