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What police found in the house

3 One cartridge in the



passageway, three in the bathroom

4 Oakley cabinet with

sunglasses and two packets of “testosterone” , needles and injections


Balcony Bathroom 2 Second bedroom

5 Taurus 9mm pistol 6 Two mobile phones 7 Cricket bat 8 Four bullet holes in the
toilet door and one in the wall and a gun holster

Sliding doors

ob dr ar W es

9 Slippers, overnight bag
.38 Special bullets found in the bedroom safe Another two phones

Main bedroom


Main bedroom entrance To stairs and outside

8 Toilet 8

Informal lounge

o rdr Wa bes

o rdr Wa s be

5 3

6 3 7
Representation based on the floor plan presented in court

Bathroom entrance

Two dogs in the surrounding yard



Photo: AP

The state case
Hilton Botha, investigating officer, testifies:
Gunshots look like they were fired downwards No emergency numbers were dialled from mobile phones confiscated by police Witness for the state, who heard arguing, lives 600 m from the Pistorius house Police confiscated two packets of testosterone Pistorius did not lay any complaints with police regarding death threats Pistorius knew Steenkamp was in the bathroom and murdered her

The defence case
Adv Barry Roux submits:
Pistorius fired shots without wearing his prosthetic legs Pistorius called Netcare911 Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp were deeply in love; they were sleeping and Steenkamp went to the toilet while Pistorius was on the balcony It is a legal herbal substance used by many sportspersons, not steroids Pistorius received death threats and was a victim of crime. He went to see the Hawks about this Pistorius thought Steenkamp was in bed and that there was an intruder in the bathroom
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