FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saturday, February 23 2pm CST

(BOERNE, TX) --Texas powerhouse players THE TX LADYBUGS are thrilled to announce their upcoming performance season. After a short holiday hiatus, this all-girl band returns in support of 'SHAKE WHAT YER MAMA GAVE YA!' and resumes tour in preparation for a long-awaited LIVE RECORDING slated for a Christmas 2013 release! The new season features the roll out of KATHERINE DAWN as a solo performer touring behind old and new original music that lends credence to her 'Ladybug' moniker as a child prodigy playing in the shadows of Big Bill Lister and Augie Meyers. Additional TX LADYBUG projects include new sponsors that offer HEALING DRUM Clinics courtesy of Wave Harless and BAND BUSINESS Clinics hosted by Melinda Day, Katherine Dawn, Susan Taylor, and Wave Harless. LOOK TO THE TX LADYBUGS product line for something new each month starting in March! THE TX LADYBUGS found a lot of cool stuff they will be sharing with you! You can visit their brick-and-mortar shop here in the Hill Country, or buy online from THE TX LADYBUGS General Store. Look for product from some of their favorite Texas pickers here, too! IN 2013, LOOK FOR three singles to drop from 'SHAKE WHAT YER MAMA GAVE YA!' -- including two NEW remakes of TWO originals -- and each backed by an independent promotion and radio campaign team that will put THE TX LADYBUGS in juke joints from the Texas coast to the OK border; from the deserts of west Texas right up into the swampland of Caddo Lake. Big cities won't miss out: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston -put your good boots on and get ready to stomp! THE FIRST single drop: ("I've Been Here) ALL DAMN DAY:” -- look for it to roll, proper, on APRIL 15 -- TAX DAY. This song is the frustrated but funny outcry of American workers everywhere ... especially those with boyfriends, girlfriends, dirty dishes, and phone bills! The drop date also signifies that APRIL 17 is considered TAX FREEDOM DAY -- the average worker toils 'til April 17 just to cover that year's tax obligations. "ALL DAMN DAY" is a ralleying cry: either get rid of your cheating lazy partners, get rid of your phone, or find another damn job! And then again, for some folks, it might mean all three! Just remember it takes resilience to make it today -- and THE TX LADYBUGS HAVE RESILIENCE! Nature says so. Since Katherine Dawn's 2010 inception of THE TX LADYBUGS, the band has seen: a fiddle player come and go; a mandolin player come and go; two members fight and BEAT cancer; several car wrecks and injuries by band members; club accounts open and close; a member-owned art studio open; individual and band business plans established; and now -- a band member of three years -- quits two weeks before the 2013 performance season begins. Onward! KATHERINE DAWN, MELINDA DAY, SUSAN TAYLOR, AND WAVE HARLESS bid farewell to bandmate GINGER PICKETT. THE TX LADYBUGS were happy to help her set up and understand the professional mechanics of the music business, and more, since 2010. THE TX LADYBUGS hope that the removed pressure of band obligations results in a better future for Ms. Pickett. While there are a few lingering legal and publishing matters to be disposed of, for all intents and purposes, it is hereby declared publicly that Ms. Pickett is no longer a part of THE TX LADYBUGS. ALL OTHER MATTERS continue unabated and unaffected and THE TX LADYBUGS hope to see YOU soon! www.reverbnation/ www.facebook/

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