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The Standard Model postulates that all particles experience the force of gravity. The existence of the (Graviton) as a mediating force, has not been validated. M-Theory attributes the force of Gravity to a particular type of sub-microscopic strings attaching themselves to the fabric of space-time. The A.D.D. approach postulates the cause of the force of gravity to be particle “seepage” into alternate dimensions. Three approaches, none of which has been validated. Extrapolating from the above hypothesis, this abstract posits that: Gravity is a by-product of mass/energy “flux” resulting from the power/frequency “phase combining” process that occurs when particles interact within the confines of Calabi-Yau six dimensional manifolds.


Standard Model, Quantum, phase combining, flux, particle, interaction, M-theory, virtual string pair interactions, spatial, temporal, gravity generation, strings, loops, bands, six dimensional, Calabi-Yau manifolds, EMF, RF, A.D.D.

the maximum reflected/standing waves. In summary. Some in phase. a ratio of 1:1 describes a line terminated in its characteristic impedance. there is NO reflected voltage. With that in mind. If there are NO standing waves. Figure 1 Two atoms/particles phase-combining to form higher order molecules. we must also accept that when particles interact and their “standing waves” also interact/combine. Let’s also revisit Neils Bohr description of the “states” of the electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom as “standing waves”. In a perfect world. some out of phase (standing waves). But. the standing wave ratio is a measurement of the maximum “useable” output vs. is a perfect match. there are reflections on the line. reflected/standing waves are present.2 INTRODUCTION Whenever the termination on a transmission line is EQUAL to Z0. no standing waves. additional standing waves form. whenever the termination is NOT EQUAL TO Z0. The STANDING WAVE RATIO is the measurement of maximum voltage (current) to minimum voltage (current) on a transmission line and measures the perfection of the termination of the line. Let’s consider (for a moment) the “interaction” between two particles as a transmission line. The amount of “voltage” reflected/standing may be found by using the equation: The measurement of standing waves on a transmission line yields information about operating conditions. the termination for that line is correct and maximum power transfer takes place. .

a “phase correcting”. Furthermore. In manmade combining. . The resulting sum-total propagates onwards to combine further. “line stretching” component(s) is inserted to optimize the “sum total” and minimize the “sum-difference” outputs. P1+P2 = (P1+P2) + (P1-P2) Figure 2 . This “excess” energy compounds in front of the sweeping particles where it forms curvature/warps/mounds in/over the fabric of space-time. in addition to a “sum-total” (in-phase) component. Calabi-Yau manifolds provide “isolation” and sufficient “line stretching” within the curled up dimension chambers to optimize the “inand-out-of-phase” sums.Basic power/phase combining Figure two shows two particles/frequencies interacting/combining. At that level. This abstract posits that the “weakness” of the gravitational force is attributed to the minimal amount of “sum-difference” force resulting from the combining process. The sum-difference is evacuated as excess energy. an (out-of-phase) element.3 Citing available “phase” and “power” mixing techniques we know that when different phase sources combine. their energy states (from rest to variance – most outer shell) also interact and combine. When two atoms and their constituent particles interact and combine. a “sumdifference” is also generated. Gravity. henceforth. this abstract posits that the “strength” of the Electromagnetic force is attributed to the maximum amount of “sum-total” resulting from the combining process.

As a by-product.4 CONCLUSION A four dimensional (three spatial and one temporal) universe populated with Calabi-Yau manifolds promotes/facilitates particle interactions which leads to “mass/matter” generation (congealed energy). The lower rate of interaction yields a decrease in the “sum difference” total being produced henceforth smaller warps in the fabric of space-time leading to less gravitational force and faster inflation. Inadvertently the phase combining process may hint to the reason the universe is expanding faster now than it had in the past. star etc. we may deduce that “charged” particles were more plentiful in the early universe producing more interactions. Quantum particle phase combining provides viable descriptors for a complete “theory of everything”. this process hints to the first “unifying” links between relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Taking the interaction – Quantum phase combining mechanism into account. less free particles henceforth. higher order multi dimensional universe devoid of Calabi-Yau manifolds will yield a drastically different state. a body of mass (planet. producing a denser. Such a universe will prevent quantum phase combining (due to massive seepage into other dimensions) therefore also prevents energy congealment (Mass/Matter). the actually process of generating that force is described by the massive amount of particles phase combining. Presently.. more gravity. This abstracts further validates the reason energy has to come in quanta/packets simply because a continuous form (wave only energy state) cannot be combined with itself. an increased amount of “sum-difference” flux is generated which in turn warps space/time more severely. On the micro scale. Due to energy/phase combining processes at higher rates. Additionally. more intense gravitational force. An expanded. the process limits the speed of particles (sets the speed of light) and forces compliance with existing physical laws. more energy has congealed into matter yielding. Additionally. Aside from describing the generation of the force of gravity. . this also validates/explains why gravity is stronger and denser near large mass/objects such as a black hole. On the macro scale. fewer interactions.) warps space by displacing it henceforth yielding a repulsive force we know as “gravity”.

it may help in understanding why superluminal speeds could/do violate physical laws and are not allowed in our spatial dimensions. Weinberg [5]World Wide Web. to construct computerized. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS [1]Feynman diagram [2]The shape of inner space – Professor Shing Tung Yau and Steve Nadis [3]The elegant Universe – Professor Brian Green [4]The first three minutes – Steven L. Savas Dimopoulos. sub-microscopic space undulation behaviors. . This includes publishing in print and on the internet for commercial or non-commercial purposes. ©PERMISSION: Permission is explicitly denied for any republication of text or photographs of this abstract without the prior express written consent of the author. technologies for long space exploration missions and additional. experimental models of the string interaction patterns at higher octaves. Finally. The 135th harmonic frequency calculates to be: 1435. Youtube [6] Nima Arkani-Hamed. Such experiments will aid further in understanding quantum behaviors and possibly clarify.000000560 represents a photon frequency that exists in the center of the visible light spectrum (560 nanometers). and Gia Dvali – ADD research. and flux/energy density patterns related to gravity generation and speed of light constancy. it may potentially help develop mechanisms to generate artificial gravity. Additionally. possible reflected particles. Stanford University 1998 [7] Steven Hawking – Various books and articles. Eddie A.5 POSSIBLE BENEFITS Based on this abstract. Maalouf. experimental techniques to slow photons down. Example: .21875 Hz which is well within our technological means to generate/produce. it may be possible to use current RF mixing methods with available technologies. specifically the “need” of the constancy of the speed of light. Such harmonics could then be virtually manipulated to reflect/predict actual particle vibration/oscillation patterns.

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