IPA: /ˈmiz.mo/, X-SAMPA: /"miz.mo/

mismo m (feminine misma, masculine plural mismos, feminine plural mismas) 1. same; identical; one and the same; indicates that the two compared noun clauses both represent the one thing 2. similar; alike; practically identical; indicates that the two compared noun clauses have one or more matching qualities 3. (with a personal pronoun) self; myself; yourself; himself; herself; itself; ourselves; themselves; emphasises the identity or singularity of the modified noun phrase

If there’s one thing that I would characterize this band, it’s the love and passion for music… and being good at what we do! It was my dream to come up with a band that would be as passionate, as intense and devoted as I am in music… there have been trials and pitfalls but after a long and exhausting but yet gratifying search… I can say that dream has been realized. Mismo was born. Different personalities, tastes, musical backgrounds would normally spell disaster or animosity within the group but this is in fact the recipe that makes our band tick… I assembled an experienced set of top shelf musicians, Harmony in diversity if you may call it, but it won’t take you long to appreciate the subtle mix of our music once you hear us play. It clearly shows that we enjoy what they do, and we want to make our audience feel the same… warmly welcoming them into our world of music rather than shunning away the audience when we start doing our thing. Mismo will bring you back in time where bands express their love of music… where bands let the people enjoy and have a grand time… where the people’s enjoyment is first and foremost… which results in a good compromise of our musical taste… if you would call it that way. We’ll give you topnotch music, the way music has to be played, the way songs have to be sung, the way a tight band should sound. You may tag Mismo as a retro band… 70’s. 80’s and 90’s retro, but not the typical cliché retro bands in the current scene. Our repertoire can’t be heard from other bands moving along the same musical genre… an example would be the seminal Benny Goodman hit Sing Sing Sing revived as the Club Faces signature song of the 80’s… or Strike it Up and Everybody by Blackbox. I would like to bring back the trend, where bands put on a show every night… where every single night would seem to be the last… and MISMO will be at the forefront of this wave!

has ventured into her own music and continues to amaze her peers with her ever expanding repertoire and versatility. among the many influences in her music are Aretha Franklin. Barbara Streisand. formerly of Mulatto and Route 70. to the 80’s pop hits is just like hitting a switch for this sultry singer.Kearny Baldeviso Just like good expensive wine that gets better with time. Kearny Baldeviso. the Go-go’s. you will surely be enthralled by each song she performs… . share her passion for excellence and the musical ability to give justice to their varied repertoire. Aside from her exceptional vocal range and stage presence. and still one of the best female voices in the country today… … this woman captured the hearts of her audience not only in distinguished venues in Manila like Strumm’s Jupiter. A true diva in her own right… considered by many as. Donna Summer and Patti Austin to name a few…. Gladys Knight. . a luxury cruise ship stint with UK based company Thomson Cruises that exposed her singing prowess to Europeans and brought her to a number of exotic places in the world…. Hard Rock Café and 19 East to name a few… but also in other parts of the country. Listen to her sing songs by Madonna. Kearny has the uncanny ability to make her audience feel her music… be it love songs or dance music… with youthful vigor and enthusiasm. the B-52’s and more. and now as the brains and the driving force behind MISMO. BlackBox. Jumping from the 70’s Motown flavor. including stints in the US and other Asian countries… and recently. she handpicked an exceptional array of musicians that she knows.

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