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The recognition and protection of Human rights in Botswana under the Botswana Constitution 1.1 the right to life Sesana & Others v The Attorney General 2002 1 BLR 452 (HC) Interights and others (on behalf of Bosch) v Botswana (2003) AHRLR 55 (ACHPR 2003) (available at S v Makwanyane 1994 (2) SA 868 1.2 the right to non-discrimination Attorney-General v. Dow [1992] B.L.R. 119 (CA) Serurubele v. The Attorney General [1998] B.L.R. 661 (HC) Attorney General's Reference: In Re: The State v. Marapo [2002] 2 B.L.R. 26 (CA) Good v The Attorney-General [2005] 1 B.L.R. 462 (HC), 1.3 the right to freedom of association Zachariah and Another v. Botswana Power Corporation [1996] B.L.R. 710 (CA)

Botswana Power Corporation Workers' Union v. Botswana Power Corporation [1999] 1 B.L.R. 73 (CA), 1.4 the right to personal liberty Manthe v. The Attorney-General and Others [1997] B.L.R. 1170 (HC), Botswana Co-operative Bank Ltd v. Noor and Others [1999] 1 B.L.R. 248 (HC) 1.5 freedom of expression Media Publishing (Pty) Ltd v. The Attorney-General and Another [2001] 2 B.L.R. 485 (HC) 1.6 protection from inhuman treatment Section 7 of the Constitution Petrus and Another v. The State [1984] B.L.R. 14 (CA) Mzwinila v. The State [1989] B.L.R. 610 (CA) Desai and Others v. The State [1987] B.L.R. 55 (CA), Moatshe and Another v The State [2003] 1 B.L.R. 65 (HC), 1.7 the right to p rivacy Section 9 of the Botswana Constitution 1.8 the right to be tried within a reasonable time Section 10 (1) of the Botswana Constitution David William & Anor v Director of Public Prosecutions & Anor MCHLB-000161-07 (unreported) Sejammitlwa BLR 75 & Others v Attorney General & Others 2002 (2)

Kelaotswe v Attorney General 2006 (1) BLR 229

Alec Thomas v The State CA CRA 032-07 (unreported) Sanderson v Attorney General, Eastern Cape 1998 (2) SA 38 (CC) Mpitse and Another v State [2003] 1 BLR 185 (HC) 1.9 the right to legal representation Basima v. The State [1999] 1 B.L.R. 202 (HC), Maauwe and Another v. The Attorney-General and Another [1999] 1 B.L.R. 275 (HC) 2. Economic, Social & Cultural rights Sesana & Others v The Attorney General 2002 1 BLR 452 (HC) Matsipane Mosetlhanyane & Others v The Attorney General of Botswana CALB074-10 (unreported) C Ngongola Sneaking the aboriginal title into Botswana legal system through a side door: Review of Sesana and Others v The Attorney General (2007) 6 University of Botswana Law Journal at 108. BR Dinokopila The right to water in Botswana: a review of the Matsipane Mosetlhanyane case (2011) 11/1 African Human Rights Law Journal at 282. BR Dinokopila The judicial enforcement of socio-economic rights in Botswana and the case of Basarwa in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR), paper presented at the ANCL-RADC ANNUAL CONFERENCE The Internationalisation of Constitutional Law Rabat, Morocco, January 2011 (available at

3. HIV/AIDS as a human rights issue 3.1 human rights dimensions

3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5

implementation of human rights in the context of HIV/AIDS discrimination at the workplace HIV test pre-employment The right to confidentiality

Hoffman v SA Airways (2000) 21 ILJ 2357 / 2001(1) SA CC Diau v Botswana Building Society 2003 (2) BLR 409 Lemo v Northern Air Maintenance (Pty) Ltd [2004] 2 BLR 317 (IC) Monare V Botswna Ash (Pty) Ltd (Industrial Court 2004) (unreported) 4. Institutions 4.1 High Court - s.18 of the Constitution 4.2 Ombudsman 4.3 Directorate of Economic Crime & Corruption 4.4 Office for people with Disabilities (office of the President) 4.5 Womens affairs 4.6 Possibilities of a national human rights commission CM Fombad The protection of human rights in Botswana: an overview of the regulatory framework in Fombad (n 86 above) 16-21. C.M. Fombad The enhancement of Good Governance in Botswana: A critical assessment of the Ombudsman Act, 1995 27(1) Journal of Southern African Studies (2001) pp. 57-77. EK Quansah The Ombudsman arrives in Botswana: a note on the Ombudsman Act, 1995 (1995) 39 Journal of African Law 222.

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