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I. a) Check the meaning of the following words and phrases related to eating out at the restaurant. Which words and expressions you do not know? Which words relate to the various parts of a menu? Report your answers to the whole class. chicken pate, dessert, home-made ice-cream, starter, main course, appetizer, pepper sauce, roast beef, boiled/fried/baked potatoes, rice, fillet steak, chicken wings, apple pie, soft drinks, vegetable salad, seafood cocktail, grilled chicken, drinks, sauted/steamed vegetables, ranch dressing, spinach b) Now, put the above given words and phrases into the corresponding menu categories below: Starter/appetizer Main course Dessert Drinks

II. Listening: Ordering a Meal You will hear a man and a woman (David and Annie) ordering a meal in The Outback restaurant. Listen to what they order and fill in the gaps with the right answer. You will hear the listening text twice. Waiter: David: Waiter: David: Waiter: David: Waiter: Waiter: David: Waiter David: Waiter: David: Good evening sir! Welcome to the Outback! Hi! Do you have a table for two? Yes, sir! Right this way, please. Thank you! Ok. Heres your .Can I get some .started for you? Uh...I need a sec to look. What would you like maam? Ill have a water for now. Do you have? Yes, maam. We do. And you, sir? OK. I think Im gonna have a Budweisser. And would you like me to start some. before your meal? Yes, well have the And what kind of ..would you like with those? With ranch dressing please. Thank you.

Waiter: David: Waiter: Waiter: Annie: Waiter: David: Waiter: David: Waiter: David: Waiter:

Are you ready to order now? Have you figured out what you want Annie? Yeah. Ill have the Alice Springs Chicken. And for your side dishes? Sauteed vegetables and... Great! And for you sir? Uh, I want to have the Sirloin .. And how would you like that cooked, this evening? Uh, Make it Medium rare. Okay, sir. Ill put your order in, right away. Thank you. Youre welcome.

II. Group work. Take turns to act out the role of the customers (John and Peter) and of the waiter in Joes restaurant. Have a look at the menus given and complete the following dialogue: Waiter: Good evening! Are you ready to order, sir? Peter: I think so. John, what would you like to order for the starter? John: Ill have the .please followed by the for the main course. Waiter: And for you sir? Peter: Id like the ..please. And for the main course Ill have the . Waiter: Fine. And for the dessert? John: for me, please. Peter? Peter: Ill have the Waiter: And would you like anything to drink? Peter: Yes, mineral water for John and a cola for me, please. Waiter (several minutes later): Can I bring you anything else? Peter: No thank you. Just the bill. Waiter: Certainly. Peter: I don't have my glasses. How much is the lunch? Waiter: That's $6.75. Peter: Here you are. Thank you very much. Waiter: You're welcome. Have a good day! Peter: Thank you, the same to you. Waiter: Thank you sir HOMEWORK: IV. Imagine you were the owner of a restaurant. What menu would you invent: You may use some of the ideas from the box below: